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"Song Hyekyo shows support to former acting partner Jo Insung" plus 17 more

"Song Hyekyo shows support to former acting partner Jo Insung" plus 17 more

Song Hyekyo shows support to former acting partner Jo Insung

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 07:29 AM PDT

Song Hyekyo visited the set of SBS' 'It's okay, That's Love' to show support for her former acting partner Jo Insung.

Song Hyekyo and Jo Insung had the chance to star in one show via 'That Winter, The Wind Blows.' On the photo, Song Hyekyo posed with the 'V' sign with actor Jo Insung, Kim Gyutae director and Park Hwan lighting director. The photo was captured and posted on August 16th on SBS company's Twitter.

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f(x)'s 'Red Light' MV surpasses 10 million views on Youtube

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 07:29 AM PDT

f(x)'s "Red Light" has officially reached the 10 million mark today on August 17th

The MV was published on July 3rd, which takes it 1 month and 2 weeks for it to have more than 10 million views on Youtube. Ever since the release, it has been attracted much attention as f(x) presented a more fierce and charismatic image alongside with their unique music, which caused the MV to draw in more than 2 million views within 22 hours.

Let's watch "Red Light" once again

EXO-K's voice messages full version

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 06:00 AM PDT

EXO-K made their own version of 90's way of communication of idols to their fans.

During the 90s, idols communicated to their fans through voice messages that could be heard when you dial a certain phone number.

Here are EXO-K's members voice messages:

Sehun: "I'm always grateful. I miss you. I love you."

Kai: "It's my first time leaving a voice message like this and I am very nervous, but I think it's very nice. If there will be chances in the future, I will make a lot, so please listen to them. I love you."

Chanyeol: "Okay, sleep tight, and I love you!"

Baekhyun: "The monsoon has begun, remember to bring umbrella whenever you go out. Also, a heat wave is expected next week... Please have a lot of samgyetang and take care of your health."
D.O.: "Drink lots of water... Go to sleep."

Suho: "Take care of your health. I love you."

Watch below:

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Tiny-G with Belgian Artist Ian Thomas for 'Love X 4 Remix'

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 05:30 AM PDT

Tiny-G collaborated with Belgian artist Ian Thomas for the remix of the latter's song 'Love X 4.'

The music video is mostly in English, but Ian made his part on singing some Korean lines. It was also noticeable that Myung Ji was still in the MV. It's because the MV was shot in April before revealing her decision of leaving the group.

Watch below:

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Billion to comeback this August

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 05:00 AM PDT

Move Entertainment uploaded a video that teases the fans of Billion.

On August 11th, the video teaser was released for the anticipated comeback of the rookie group Billion this August.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Move Entertainment

SHINee members show up at 'Inkigayo' to support Taemin's debut stage

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 03:10 AM PDT

SHINee members really adore and support their maknae.

On August 17th, Jonghyun tweeted,"Taemdeokus(Taemin fans' name in Korea) tremble tremble tremble. The president of the fanclub is even standing on the right side of Taem-god tremble tremble tremble. It's lottery winning tremble tremble tremble" and attached along a photo.

The photo show Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin and Minho were standing together and posing towards the camera at the backstage of 'Inkigayo'. In particular the presence of Onew in the photo since he hasn't been seen much with the group recently has stired the excitement among the fans even more.

Meanwhile, Taemin is actively promoting for his solo debut on all music programs.

WINNER Profile

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Group name: WINNER (위너)
Label: YG entertainment
Official Fan Club: Inner Circle
Debut date: August 17, 2014
Debut song: 'Color ring' and 'Empty'

WINNER was formerly known as "Team A" from YG's reality-survival program 'WIN: WHO IS NEXT'. They compete against Team B who is younger than them to debut as the first YG boy group in eight years. At the conclusion of the program the title of "WINNER" was given to Team A after they won all three rounds of public voting.


Stage name: Seungyoon (승윤)
Real name: Kang Seungyoon (강승윤)
Birth date: January 21, 1994
Birth Place: Busan, South Korea
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Height: 178cm
Blood type: B
High School Attended: Busan High School of Arts majoring in classic guitar (Graduated-2012)
Actin debut: High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged (2011)

- He placed fourth on the second season of Mnet's Superstar K and was signed as trainee under YG Entertainment in 2011.
- In 2013, he already made his Solo debut.

Stage name: Jin Woo (진우)
Real name: Kim Jin Woo (김진우)
Birth date: September 29, 1991
Position: Vocalist 
Blood type: A

- He is the YG's oldest trainee. He was a trainee for 8 years.
- He attended "Joy Dance - Plug In Music Academy" and "Seungri Academy" 
- Seungri brought Jinwoo to YG after seeing his potential until he eventually got accepted as a trainee.
- He performed as backup dancers at the 2011 YG Family Concert together win Nam Taehyun.

Stage name: Seunghoon (승훈)
Real name: Lee Seunghoon (이승훈)
Birth date: January 11, 1992
Birth place: Busan, South Korea
Position: Main dancer, Rapper, lyric writer
Height: 182cm
Blood type: A
Siblings: 2 Older sisters

- He auditioned for "Korea's Got Talent" as part of the dance group 'Honest Boys.'
- He worked as a choreographer for G-Dragon for a flash mob performance.
- He was a former K-pop Star Season 1 contestant and got in 4th place.

Stage name: Mino (미노)
Real name: Song Min Ho (송민호)
Birth date: March 30, 1993
Position: Rapper
Height: 180cm
Siblings: 2 Younger sisters: Song Dana-member of girl group New. F.O
Blood type: A

- He started out in underground under the stage name "Mino" or "Hugeboy Mino" with former underground rappers turned idols namely Block B's P.O, Zico and M.I.B's SIMS.
- Before he was a trainee to debut as a member of Block B but left the group before debut for personal reasons.
- Back in 2011, he made his debut as a rapper for the ballad group BoM under Y2Y Contents Company but unfortunately the group disbanded 2 years later because of lack of popularity.
- He was recruited into YG through private auditions after being recognized from his acting debut in March 2012 in the cable drama The Strongest K-POP Survival in Channel A.
- He was the leader of Team A until he was injured during a practice during WIN: Who is Next.

Stage name: Taehyun (태현)
Real name: Nam Tae Hyun (남태현)
Birth date: May 10, 1994
Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 179cm
Blood type: A
Siblings: 1 Younger Brother- Nam Donghyun

- He got recruited in 2011 through a private audition.
- He performed as backup dancers at the 2011 YG Family Concert together win Kim Jinwoo.

Their debut track:

(Credit to jongruhae )

ZE:A's Siwan takes a cute photo with Kang Sora

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 11:30 PM PDT

On August 16, actress Kang Sora uploaded a photo taken with ZE:A's Im Siwan on her twitter sharing about their first scene of new tvn drama, 'Misaeng'.

Kang Sora wrote, "First scene with intern Jang Geul Rae! Interesting!" and showed her cute smile in the photo. They look close and comfortable with each other even in their first scene.

'Misaeng' is a drama remade by a famous webtoon of author Yoon Tae Ho, telling about a real story of the young people starting their career as government officer. The drama is produced by famous director Kim Wonsuk, who directed "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "Monster" and writer Jung Yoonjung, who wrote "Arang and the Magistrate", "Monster".

The drama starring Kang Sora, Kang Haneul, Lee Sung Min, Im Siwan is scheduled to air in the middle of October.


Actress Park Shi Yeon to comeback with a new drama after giving birth

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Actress Park Shi Yeon will be returning to small screen through a new drama scheduled to air on TV Chosun in September.

Park Shi Yeon married in 2011, she became a mother in September 2013 and decided to focus on her marriage life and raising her child for some time. She shared, "I'm trying hard to have a great marriage. If you don't want to make an effort, you should live alone," she added, "You must make an effort to live with someone."

Park Shi Yeon also shared her husband's support, "He likes when I work, and he knows that I'm happy when I'm working. He said that it's my decision, and he will support me whatever I decide." 

The new drama starring Park Shi Yeon is about various aspects of love and marriage and she will play a woman who becomes a single mother by choice.  It will air soon in September.


Mayson the Soul's audio for '6 to 9' ft. Loco

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 10:18 PM PDT

Mayson the Soul released the official full audio of  '6 to 9' featuring Loco.

Listen below:

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SOURCE: kt music

Verbal Jint's MV of 'Rare Breed' ft. YDG

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 09:42 PM PDT

On Auguts 14th, Verbal Jint released the music video of 'Rare Breed' which features YDG.

'Rare Breed' is a new single produced, composed and arranged by Verbal Jint himself. His talents in playing keyboards, piano, guitar, bass, trombone, and drums were showcased.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Brandnewmusickorea

Europe, get ready for the upcoming '2014 K-Culture Festival'!

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 09:15 PM PDT

Europe is set to have its own version of America's K-CON.

Europe's '2014 K-Culture Festival' will feature anything under the sun about Korean culture ranging from its music to food. There will also be fan meetings where fans will have the chance to get autographs, shake their idols' hand and hug them. 

It will be held at the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf on September 12 and 13. It will be attended by KPop artists like Ailee, BLOCK B, BTOB, GOT7, MBLAQ and VIXX. Visit this the official website for more information.

Watch the official PV below:

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SOURCE: K-Culture Festival

TEEN TOP's Niel gathers bday wishes for himself

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 08:43 PM PDT

TEEN TOP's Niel celebrated his 20th (international age) birthday on August 16th.

On TEEN TOP's official Youtube, a video was uploaded which shows Niel while he's walking around and gathering birthday messages for him.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: TEEN TOP's Official Youtube

Super Junior's Ryeowook expresses his thoughts on the leaked cue sheet

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 08:11 PM PDT

'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV' was held successfully at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on August 15. However, a cue sheet which shows the artists' name, song to perform and other information was leaked before the event.

That situation made Super Junior's Ryeowook to react, and he expressed his disappointment on his personal Twitter.

He said, "As a performer, but I don't know for the audience, having a cue sheet leaked online makes one not interested anymore and lose his or her morale.. whether you're a family member or a friend of the staff or the staff themselves, I will find you and we'll have a talk! xx"

After a few hours, Ryeowook went on his Twitter to express his apology on what he tweeted earlier. He said, "I'm sorry...I know that my post was rough, but my intention was to deliver the message to the one who leaked the information...I'm sorry and thank you to my fans~!! See you tomorrow at the stadium^^ goodnight"

Hope this unfortunate event won't happen again on 'SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR' at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, Japan on October 4th and 5th.

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SOURCE: X Sports News, @ryeong9

Lee Seunggi shows warm gesture at 2014 KCON

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 07:36 PM PDT

Lee Seunggi was a special guest at the 2014 KCON.

During the event, Lee Seunggi attended the fan signing for KCON's 'Artist Engagement' session where he interacted with his international fans. After the fan signing, it was reported that Lee Seunggi showed a kind gesture for one of his fans.

He came off the stage to sign for his fan who happened to be on a wheelchair. This simple act from a famous Korean actor like Lee Seunggi is definitely worth-remembering and heart warming.

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SOURCE: Dispatch

Haru converses wih GD and Taeyang

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 06:58 PM PDT

On Haru's Instagram, two photos were uploaded showing Haru with two main KPop male artists.

On the first photo, Haru is seen having a conversation with Taeyang. The photo is captioned as "cross one's fingers."

The second photo featured Haru with G-Dragon along with this caption "Go get 'em."

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G-Dragon says Big Bang the will release a new album this year at ‘AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014’

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 06:12 PM PDT

For those fans who have been eagerly waiting for Big Bang to comeback, G-Dragon has assured them by saing the group will release a new album later this year.

On August 15th at Seoul Sports Complex Stadium, YG Entertainment artists gathered together and performed for 'AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014'.

Before the final stage, G-Dragon said to the fans,"Next week is Big Bang's 8th anniversary since debut. It's been a while since Big Bang has released a new album. I still haven't worked on the album production yet instead I was busy playing. I apologize. I will work hard and do my best so that we can release an album within this year".

Sohee's grandfather passes away on August 15th

Posted: 16 Aug 2014 05:33 PM PDT

It was reported that Sohee's grandfather passed away on August 15th.

Her agency, BH Entertainment released statement on the 16th,"Sohee's grandfather passed away on August 15th. Because it's a sad news for both Sohee and her family, we didn't announce it. We don't know any further details about the current situation".

We send our deepest condolences to Sohee's grandfather. May he rest in peace.