Friday, August 22, 2014

"ToppDogg release special video for 'Why Am I Like This?'" plus 20 more

"ToppDogg release special video for 'Why Am I Like This?'" plus 20 more

ToppDogg release special video for 'Why Am I Like This?'

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 08:00 AM PDT

Topp Dogg release a special clip for their AmadeuS Deluxe Edition album's title track 'Why Am I Like This?' through their 'On Air Topp Dogg On Top'.

The members are enjoying their carefree time wearing school uniforms and doing various activities. Check it out below:

FT Island release jacket photos for new Japanese single 'To The Light'

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 07:15 AM PDT

FT Island are releasing their Japanese single 'To The Light' on October 15 and the jacket photos for the different single album versions have been released.

'To The Light' single album is apparently a work of FT Island which songs are composed by the members themselves. The tracks in the single album such as "To The Light", "Tornado", and "Fish", have been recorded more than once to ensure quality and perfection.

The single album will be released in four editions; Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition, and Primadonna Limited Edition. Check out the jacket photos below:

Tem of debuting girl group '4TEN' impresses with her rapping

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 06:45 AM PDT

JUNGLE Entertainment is debuting a four-member girl group 4TEN on August 26.

After releasing and introducing the members Tem (rap), Hyeji (vocal), Eujin (rap), and Hyejin (vocal) through solo image teasers, they are releasing clips to share the members' individual charms and they started off  by Tem.

Tem raises interest and attracts potential fans with her 30-seconds rapping for 'Who's that', which lyrics are written by herself. She delivers a cool rap smoothly. Meanwhile, 4TEN are releasing their debut single 'Tornado' on August 26.

Check out Tem's rapping below:

TaeTiSeo crown their new leader in 2nd preview of 'The TaeTiSeo'

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 06:20 AM PDT

TaeTiSeo reveal their new leader in the 2nd preview of their upcoming reality show 'The TaeTiSeo'.

SNSD's leader might be Taeyeon but in their vocal sub-unit TaeTiSeo, Tiffany and Taeyeon crown their maknae Seohyun as the group's leader.

As response to Tiffany's nomination, Seohyun confidently accepts the responsibility and said, "Hello I'm TaeTiSeo's leader, Seohyun."

Let's look forward for the maknae-leader Seohyun in the premiere of 'The TaeTiSeo' on August 26.

TASTY release the Chinese MV for 'Addiction'

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 05:45 AM PDT

TASTY has just release the MV for their Chinese debut song 'Addiction' at the same time they made their Chinese debut showcase in Beijing, China today.

Their Chinese debut title song 'Addiction' is a smooth RnB track which showcases their emotional rapping and singing. They also show their synchronized and sleek dancing in the MV.

Check out their MV below:

CNBlue release jacket photos for 3rd Japanese album 'Wave'

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 05:00 AM PDT

CNBlue release new concept photos for their Japanese 3rd album 'Wave'.

The boys are looking good in semi-formal get up. Their 3rd album will be released on September 17 just after their 8th Japanese pre-release single 'Go Your Way' on August 20.

The jacket images for the four album version are designed using various lines from wavy, zigzag, slant, and more representing the different music styles and expression the band are going to show.The album contains a total of 11 tracks such as Intro, Radio, Go Your Way,Truth, Foxy, Lonely Night, Still, Paradise, Angel, Control, and How Awesome.

Aside from the album , they are also kicking off their 'Wave' Arena tour starting on October 9&10 at NGK Hall. To get more details visit their Japanese website.

Nine Muses' Kyungri, ZE:A's Kevin and rookie So Jin in 1st teaser photo for new trio project 'NASTY NASTY'

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 04:04 AM PDT

Star Empire has unveiled the 1st teaser photo for upcoming trio project featuring Nine Muses' Kyungri, ZE:A's Kevin and a rookie member named So Jin.

Yesterday it was reported that Star Empire will launch a new unit project this September featuring the 3 of them and more specific details have been released today. The trio project is called 'NASTY NASTY' and their upcoming single will coming out on September 3rd.

Are you excited for this trio project?

Suzy showcases her flawless beauty in behind the scene cuts of Bean Pole Accessories

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 03:19 AM PDT

Suzy still looks perfectly beautiful even in non-photoshopped photos.

Bean Pole Accessories unveiled some of the behind the scene cuts featuring Miss A's Suzy in a recent shooting. The photos have drawn in much attention thanks to Suzy's youthful and lovely beauty especially with she has captured many people' hearts with her bright and beautiful smile.

Are you also captivated with Suzy's beauty?

WIN Team B to join Mnet's survial program 'Mix & Match' + broadcast on September 11th

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 01:45 AM PDT

WIN Team B will be joining another survival program this September.

According to Mnet, all the members from WIN Team B along with 3 other trainees will appear in a new survival program called 'Mix and Match'. The show will follow 'Show Me The Money 3' and broadcast its 1st episode on September 11th.

The show will follow all the contestants as they will form mixed teams and compete against each other in order to have the chance to make their debut.

4L (Four Ladies) Profile

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Group name: 4L (Four Ladies) - 포엘
Label: Jade Contents Media
Debut date: August 4, 2014
Debut song: Move


Stage name: Chany (차니)
Real name: Park Chanhee (박찬희)
Birth date: February 21, 1993 
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
- Former MoA member

Stage name: Ye Seul (예슬)
Real name: Kang Yewon (강예원)
Birth date: May 11, 1992 
Position: Sub-vocalist, Dancer
Height: 167cm
Weight: 44kg

Stage name: J-Na (제이나)
Former Stage Name: Gina/Zebra
Real name: Jeong Jin Hwa (정진화)
Birth date: September 01, 1992
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 165cm 
Weight: 45kg
- Former MoA member.

Stage name: Ja Young (자영)
Real name: Yoo Ja Young (유자영)
Birth date: November 03, 1994
Position: Maknae, Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 162cm 
Weight: 44kg
- Former MoA member.

Their debut song:

Rainbow's Woori models for lingerie brand 'SolB' on CeCi

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 11:30 PM PDT

On August 21, CeCi magazine revealed new pictorials featuring Rainbow's rapper Go Woori.

Woori models for lingerie brand SolB in the latest issue of CeCi Magazine. The idol wore different bras with an open, unzipped top and various styles of bottoms from dresses, formal slacks, to jeans.

Woori impressed viewers by her chic yet romantic look through many poses and expression.


Shinhwa's Dongwan donates 30 million won to "comfort women"

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 11:00 PM PDT

It has been reported that singer and actor Kim Dongwan has donated 30 million won ($30,000)  to the House of Sharing, a group that provides houses for the "comfort women", who were sexually abused by Japanese soldiers during World War II. 

The money will help build a memorial for past comfort women. Shinhwa company said, "Kim Dong Wan donated saying that it is very painful history, but it should be remembered"

It is not the first time for the celebrity to donate money to help these women. Back in January, he delivered the same amount through the KBS show "Love Request". He also donated a lot of money to to children suffering from cancer.

Dongwan is known for his regular donation since 2003. He was also honored by the government for performing good deeds for the elderly back in 2011.


SS501's Kim Hyun Joong faces lawsuit of violently assaulting his girlfriend

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 09:02 PM PDT

Dispatch shocks with their report today that the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong has been charged with assault by his girlfriend and faces criminal charges.

According to their article, his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for two years, referred as 'Ms. A' in the article, has filed a lawsuit after suffering violent assault from Kim Hyun Joong since late May until July. Ms. A has in fact completed to turn over her evidences and medical reports to the Songpa police for her initial statement.

A friend of Ms. A stated that the two started dating in 2012 and encountered troubles with women and since then Kim Hyun Joong started assaulting Ms. A. Moreover, on her initial statement, beaten with fists and feet, Ms. A also acquired several bruises on her face and body that required her two weeks of recovery. It is reported that the place of assault is in Kim Hyun Joong's apartment in Jamsil. But it got worsen in July, when Ms. A suffered a fractured rib due to violent assault and was diagnosed of 6 weeks of recovery.

Another friend revealed that the situation had been repeatedly occurring with series of apology and forgiveness. However, as it gets worse and worse, Ms. A has decided to press criminal charges.

As of now, Kim Hyun Joong is yet to respond his criminal charges but his agency Key East Entertainment stated, "We just found out by reading the articles. We will confirm it (to him)."

There's no conclusion until everything is responded by Kim Hyun Joong's party, but if proven guilty, Kim Hyun Joong will be imprisoned for seven years or pay the fine of  $10,000.

Source: Dispatch

T-ara release new group photo; still undecided with title track

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 09:00 PM PDT

T-ara update their awaiting fans with a new group photo ahead of comeback and even reveal their phase in selecting title song.

Unfortunately, it is reported that T-ara are still undecided which title track to promote. They are choosing between songs by Brave Brothers and Shinsadong Tiger which are completely contrary to each other.

In comparison, Brave Brothers' song possibly make the group goes on a sexy yet emotional concept. On the other hand, Shinsadong Tiger's song is a club song with powerful beat giving them a cute concept.

However, the agency makes sure that they will thoroughly choose between the songs before their scheduled comeback on September 11.

Which concept do you want for T-ara's comeback? Sexy or cute?

Swings and Ailee release duet song 'A Real Man'

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 08:30 PM PDT

Rapper Swings and Ailee release their collaborative duet single 'A Real Man' through various music portals today.

The song 'A Real Man' is a follow up single from his track 'A Real Lady' featuring Beenzino, Gray, and ZION.T released in May. Because the song received positive reaction from fans and listeners, the rapper releases 'A Real Man'.

With Ailee's distinctive powerful vocals and Swings' smooth rapping, the two harmonize together for this hip-hop and RnB track.

Listen to the track below:

AlphaBAT say 'Oh My Gosh' in new MV

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 08:05 PM PDT

AlphaBAT release the MV for their comeback single 'Oh My Gosh'.

The group release today their 2nd mini album 'Answer' through various music portals. Let's listen and watch their refreshing and cheerful comeback song below:

BEAT WIN release jacket photo for 'Illusion'

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 07:31 PM PDT

Six-member boy group BEAT WIN release the jacket photo for their comeback single 'Illusion'.

Counting down to 5 days ahead of their comeback, the boys reveal their more sophisticated and stylish in the group image.

BEAT WIN debuted in January with 'She's My Girl'. The group are releasing a comeback single 'Illusion' on August 27.

Super Junior release 2nd batch of solo teaser photos for 'MAMACITA'

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 07:08 PM PDT

Super Junior release more eye catching teaser photos of each members for their comeback and 7th album 'MAMACITA'.

Unlike their cowboy outfits yesterday, the boys suit up this time showing their rigid yet handsome look. Super Junior are releasing their 7th full length album which contains a total of 10 songs digitally on August 31 and the offline sale will be on the following day.

Ahead of that, they are going to have comeback stages starting on August 29 at Music Bank, August 30 at Music Core, and Inkigayo on August 31.

Check out the 1st batch of teaser photos here.

Lee Seung Gi says he hasn't prepared to star in a 19+ rated movie yet

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 06:54 PM PDT

Lee Seung Gi revealed he isn't ready to film for a 19+ rated movie yet.

SBS' 'Midnight TV' broadcast its interview with Lee Seung Gi on August 20th when they visited him on a CF filming set. The reporter asked,"What if you get an offer to do some exposure scene in a movie?", to this he answered,"I think I'm not ready to do it yet".

He continued,"Even I haven't prepared for a bed scene yet, and the viewers also don't want to see it so I wish I won't receive those kinds of offer".

Check out his interview below

JYJ's Junsu to open a hotel in Jeju Island this September

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 06:07 PM PDT

Junsu's hotel in Jeju Island will start its business starting this September.

The boutique hotel in which Junsu has invested 4 years and 28.5 billion won will be finally opening on September 25th. C-Jes Entertainment said on August 20th,"While touring around the world with JYJ, Junsu has dreamt of building his own hotel. He decided to worked on it in Jeju Island after being captured with its beauty when he first visited the island".

The Toscana Hotel covers about 20,000 pyeongs which is comprised of 61 standard rooms and 4 pool villas. The rooms are said to be equipped with classic inferior and exotic landscapes which coexisting with medieval European outdoor pool villas, while the hotel exterior still keeps its modern.

Congratulation Junsu on launching your new business!

Kang Ji Young begins her acting career by signing with Japanese agency Sweet Power

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 05:15 PM PDT

Ex-Kara's member Kang Ji Young has been revealed to sign a contract with Japanese agency Sweet Power.

Oricon News reported on August 21st,"Kang Ji Young has signed an exclusive contract with Sweet Power and will be carrying her activities in Japan under her Hanja name "知英"".

Ji Young has been studying English in England after leaving Kara last January. It was said that she signed the contract with the agency earlier this August and is currently staying in Japan for her upcoming activities.

A rep from Sweet Power said,"Kang Ji Young will continue to show you more of her mature charm in the future As someone who is both fluently in English and Japanese, she has the potential to become a global actress".

Ji Young's 1st public appearance will be at 19th Tokyo Girls Collection Runway held at Saitama Arena on September 6th where she will be one of the runway models.