Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Zhang Li Yin release 'Agape' MV ft Victoria & Tao" plus 22 more

"Zhang Li Yin release 'Agape' MV ft Victoria & Tao" plus 22 more

Zhang Li Yin release 'Agape' MV ft Victoria & Tao

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 08:13 AM PDT

The long wait is over as Zhang Li Yin release the full MV of Agape featuring Victoria and Tao, watch below:

Heyne releases dance version of 'Red Lie' MV

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 08:00 AM PDT

Female soloist Heyne who returns with her 3rd digital single 'Red Lie' releases the dance version of her MV.

The song is a collaborative work from hitmakers 'Duble Sidekick' and 'Honorable Faces'. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who has been told many lies.

With its refreshing beat and catchy melody, assured that you will be liking the simple but addictive choreography as well.

Pepsi releases full version of Infinite's 'Wanna Live For Now' CF

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 07:15 AM PDT

You'll be calling your friends for a can or bottle of Pepsi after watching this refreshign ad of Infinite.

The boys gather for a free-spirited time while refreshing themselves with Pepsi. With the members' natural youthful moves and appeal, you'll be throwing Pepsi cans as well.

Check out the fun and lively CF below:

B.A.P release Zelo's and Jongup's teaser photos for 'Excuse Me'

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 06:45 AM PDT

B.A.P is releasing 4th Japanese single 'Excuse Me' on September 3.

After pleasing you with Daehyun's and Youngjae's teaser photos, next up are the good-looking  Zelo and Jongup. Let's wait a little more for Himchan and Yongguk.

Like the first two, the boys are also looking neat in their stylish semi-formal suits. The single album will be released in 3 versions; Type A, Type B, and Limited Version. It will include two more tracks 'Coffee Shop' and 'Zero'.

SNSD share photos from their 7th Anniversary Party #9irlsGenera7ion

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 06:30 AM PDT

SNSD or Girls' Generation are celebrating their 7th anniversary debut today, August 5.

The ladies had their 7th anniversary party fanmeeting on July 27  held in DongHae Cultural Art Center, Kwangwoon University at 6pm KST where they met and interacted with fans.

But don't worry, we could peek to what happened at their party as official photos have been shared. Check out the photos below:

Happy 7th Anniversary Girls' Generation!

CNBlue to release new Japanese album 'Wave' and go on for Arena tour

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 06:05 AM PDT

CNBlue are having their 3rd album release in Japan on September 17 just after their 8th Japanese pre-release single 'Go Your Way' on August 20.

The album contains a total of 11 tracks such as Intro, Radio, Go Your Way,Truth, Foxy, Lonely Night, Still, Paradise, Angel, Control, and How Awesome. 

Aside from the album , they are also kicking off their 'Wave' Arena tour starting on October 9&10 at NGK Hall. To get more details visit their Japanese website.

SNSD to release 'Girls' Generation in Las Vegas' photobook

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 05:28 AM PDT

SNSD grab attention with the cover of their upcoming photobook titled 'Girls' Generation in Las Vegas'.

One year ago, the SNSD girls went to Las Vegas and had a holiday but also turned out to be a photoshoot for their upcoming photobook. The photobook 'Girls' Generation in Las Vegas' will be released on August 25 and is now available for pre-order for KRW 49,000. It includes 290 pages mouthwatering photos, DVD, some merchandise, and a poster.

Why not get one when the cover is already this much of tease. Guess who? You can save your slot by pre-ordering here and here.

Taewan perform 'History' & 'Good Morning' live with Verbal Jint

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 05:00 AM PDT

Returning after 8 years, RnB singer Taewan do a special live performances of his songs 'History' and 'Good Morning' which are part of his album 'As I Am' released on July 30.

Check out his performances below:

Miss A's Jia says she wants to join 'We Got Married' with EXO's Tao

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 04:26 AM PDT

Jia showed her glamorous and sexy body through a newest pictorial on International bnt magazine.

She explained about the tattoos on her ankles,"On one ankle, there's a compass inside a heart directs to north, south, west, east. On the other ankle there's a text say 'Follow your heart' which is also inside a heart. The meaning of them is to go the direction where your heart points when you feel lost. Since the meaning is good so I decided to get them".

During the interview, Jia talked about her friendship with Hyuna,"We're close to the point we can meet up in the middle of the night to eat something. We talk about fashion a lot these days".

Jia chose 'Running Man' and 'We Got Married' as the 2 variety shows that she wants to challenge herself. For 'Running Man', she said because she loves Kwang Soo oppa, and she thought it would be fun to appear on 'We Got Married' with EXO's Tao. She also chose Daniel Wu and Lee Min Ho as the actors that she wants to work with in the future.

Check out the full photoshoot below.

FNC Entertainment opens Global Center to search for overseas talents

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 02:40 AM PDT

FNC Entertainment's affiliate company, FNC Academy has announced the official opening of FNC Global Center in order to search and train more overseas talents on August 5th.

The main purpose of FNC Global Center is to target at talents around the world who are interested in becoming K-Pop artists. FNC Entertainment noticed the high demand for foreign talents to go professional but as there hasn't been an established agency to serve for it, that's why FNC Global Center was created in order to recruit foreign talents and teach them about K-Pop culture.

Everyone regardless of nationality, gender and age can participated in FNC Global Center's educational program. Vocal and dance classes as well as basic make up courses and performances will be provided to people who wants to experience training in a short time. After finishing the training program at FNC Global Center, they will be given opportunity to audition for the agency.

Infinite' L and Hoya confirm for 'My Lovely Girl'

Posted: 05 Aug 2014 01:11 AM PDT

Hoya has been added to the cast of SBS' new drama "My Lovely Girl" along with L.

Both Woollim Entertainment and the production team of "My Lovely Girl" confirmed the casting of both the members of Infinite. Hoya will play the role of Kang Rae Hyun who is the leader of the idol group Infinite Power while L take the role of a member of the group named Shi Woo.

Rain and f(x)'s Krystal also confirmed their appearances and they will play the lead roles as Hyun Woo who is the CEO of an entertainment company and Yoon Se Na, a girl who lives a tough life in order to grow as a music producer.

"My Lovey Girl" will follow "It's Ok, It's Love" and broadcast on September 17th.

Crayon Pop to release their first full album in September

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 11:30 PM PDT

On August 5th, Chrome entertainment revealed that Crayon Pop will release their first studio album in September, more than two years since their debut.

The group is currently working hard to prepare the album, after ending a one-month overseas trip in which they performed at Lady Gaga's "artRAVE: THE ARTPOP Ball" North America tour concert.

Crayon Pop is known for their addicting "Engine Dance" in which the girls jump up and down during the track's refrain, which recall the pistons of an engine.


F(x)'s Krystal confirmed to be female lead in Rain's drama 'My lovely girl'

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 11:00 PM PDT

On August 4, production company 'A Story' revealed that f(x)'s Krystal had confirmed to be female leading role 'Sena' in drama 'My lovely girl' as a lover of Rain, who is coming back to drama in 4 years. 

As revealed, Sena falls in love with Hyun Wook (played by Rain) when she goes to Seoul to pursue the dream of her died sister. The production company said, "Krystal and Rain are 12 years apart, but they seem to look good together. Especially, with a chic look and sharp eyes, she fits the female lead Se Na well".

Krystal shared, "I can't believe I'm actually acting with Rain senior. I've never ever dreamed of it".

'My lovely girl' will be broadcasted on SBS on September 17 following 'It's Okay, It's Love'.


AOA Mini Album Vol. 1

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 10:43 PM PDT

This review is sponsored by Yesasia.com

After having a successful run of promotion with Miniskirt, the girls made a highly anticipated comeback with new title song 'Short Hair'.

The girls worked with Brave Brothers again for their new song and garnered much attention with catchy lyrics and amazing live performance.

AOA announced their Japan debut and will promote in Japan soon, check out some photos from their mini album below:

You can purchase the album here

LYn and VIXX's Leo release heartbreaking MV for 'Blossom Tears'

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 09:19 PM PDT

LYn and VIXX's Leo join forces for the Y.BIRD 4th Project Album [Y.BIRD From Jellyfish With LYn X LEO] and release a duet song 'Blossom Tears'.

The anticipated MV shows Leo and a female model acted as lovers with a very sorrowful and heartbreaking love story. Leo's acting provides the drama plot intense emotion along with LYn's harmonized vocals.

Watch below:

SMTOWN releases edited version of SMTOWN Concert poster with Henry and ZhouMi

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 09:00 PM PDT

Fans were quite on stir when SMTOWN releases their official poster for 'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV in Seoul' and found no trace of Zhoumi and Henry.

Fans on SNS started petition to change their poster in reason that ZhouMi and Henry are indeed SM Entertainment's artists. Fans were questioning the agency that the poster even includes the rookies but they didn't include Zhoumi and Henry.

Few minutes ago, an edited version of SMTOWN poster is released with Henry's and Zhoumi's photos along Super Junior's group photo.

Meanwhile, 'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV in Seoul' is happening on August 15 at Seoul World Cup Stadium and will be attended by all SM artists including Kangta, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Zhoumi, Henry, SNSD, SHINee, f(X), EXO, Zhang Li Yin, J-Min, Red Velvet, and SMRookies.

Below is the before-edited poster without Henry and ZhouMi.

KARA release 'night' version of Hara and Seungyeon's teaser photos

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 08:27 PM PDT

We're getting more photo parade from the lovely girls of KARA as they gear for their nearing comeback.

For today, we get to see Hara and Seungyeon's 'night' version teaser photos. Both are looking lovely in their long ruffled gown.

KARA are releasing their 6th mini album 'Night & Day' on 18 with title track 'Mamma Mia'.

Ladies' Code try to kiss a man in 2nd MV teaser for 'Kiss Kiss'

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 08:09 PM PDT

Ladies' Code are longing for a kiss in their 2nd MV teaser for upcoming single 'Kiss Kiss'.

This time, the five girls gather around a sleeping male model and want to kiss while he's asleep. Some solo cuts of members are very quirky just to get a kiss making a hilarious scene.

The funky beat and funny scenes draw more expectation to awaiting fans. The single will drop on August 7. Meanwhile, watch below:

EXO officially name their fanclub 'EXO-L'

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 08:02 PM PDT

EXO (K & M) finally name their fans as 'EXO-L' meaning EXO-Love.

The letter 'L' which is between the letters 'K' and 'M' in alphabetical order symbolizes 'love' basically gives the meaning of fans who love both EXO-K and EXO-M. The fanclub name matches their slogan 'We Are One'.

EXO's newly inaugurated fanclub 'EXO-L' website will be opened at noon today. Register here https://exo-l.smtown.com/ by downloading their mobile app.

Orange Caramel to release 4th single on August 18

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 07:32 PM PDT

Orange Caramel confirm their comeback with the release of a teaser image.

The quirky trio are returning with their 4th single 'Try Doing It Like Me' on August 18. The teaser image uses vibrant colors of blue, yellow, and red so we can expect another lively and fun song from them.

Are you ready?

Secret release solo teaser photos of Sunhwa and Hana

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 07:33 PM PDT

Secret unveil the last two solo teaser photos of Sunhwa and Hana.

Just like JiEun and Hyoseong, Sunhwa and Hana share contrasting appearances in their teaser photos. Both are appearing sexy in white outfit. Another photo of Sunhwa shows her in black dress giving a glamorous appeal in black dress.

Secret are releasing highlight medley of 'Secret Summer' today (5th) through Daum Music while their album will be released on 11.

9Muses Erin reveals more bikini photos from Star1 photoshoot

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 06:48 PM PDT

9Muses' Erin reveals more bikini photos through her blog.

She is seen posing confidently in her latest pictorials, showing off her well maintained body, check out more photos on her blog.

BTS releases photos from practice room ahead of their comeback

Posted: 04 Aug 2014 05:54 PM PDT

BTS(Bangtan Boys) just gave fans a sneak peak of the new choreography for their upcoming comeback.

Big Hit Entertainment released some new photos of the boys from the practice room through BTS official Facebook. It was revealed that they were taken while the group finished their fan meetings in Germany and Sweden at the end of July.

As the photos showed the BTS members standing in new formation and doing some strange gestures, they just raised the fans' curiosity and excitement even more for the group's comeback this August.

BTS will release their first full-length album "Dark & Wild" on August 20th.