Monday, September 8, 2014

"2PM release album spoiler for 'Go Crazy'!" plus 20 more

"2PM release album spoiler for 'Go Crazy'!" plus 20 more

2PM release album spoiler for 'Go Crazy'!

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 08:56 AM PDT

2PM is set for an amazing comeback with 4th album.

Check out the spoiler of their album below:

Are you excited?

YG releases 2nd teaser spot for 'MIX & MATCH'

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 08:00 AM PDT

YG releases the 2nd teaser spot for the upcoming first episode of 'MIX & MATCH'.

This survival program will determine the final members of YG's upcoming new male group iKON. In addition to the 6 members of WIN's Team B, B.I, Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, Goo Junhoe and Kim Donghyuk, three YG trainees, Jung Jinhyeong, Jung Chanwoo and Yang Hongseok, are going to participate in this survival program.

Watch the teaser spot below to see a closer look of the nine participants. Indeed, who are the four members who will be joining B.I., Bobby, and Jin Hwan to debut as iKON?

'MIX&MATCH' is airing every Thursday with its first episode on September 11 at 11pm through Mnet and Naver.

'My Lovely Girl' release character posters of Rain, Krystal, L, and Cha Ye Ryun

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 07:30 AM PDT

Upcoming SBS drama 'My Lovely Girl' release character posters of its main leads including Rain, Krystal, L, and Cha Ye Ryun.

The four leads are looking good in their promotional photos showing the appearances of the characters they are playing.

Rain is playing the male lead Lee Hyun Wook while female lead Krystal is playing Yoon Se Na. On the other hand, the supporting leads are also boasting good looks where L is playing Shi Woo's character and Cha Ye Ryun as Shin Hae Yoon.

Meanwhile, 'My Lovely Girl' premieres on September 17 at 10PM. See more photos below:

CNBlue's Jonghyun shares his Chuseok holiday from Busan

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 06:50 AM PDT

CNBlue's Jonghyun is having a blast by spending his Chuseok holidays in his hometown, Busan.

On his twitter, CNBlue's guitarist share some photos through his twitter taken from a seashore. He captions, "It's Busan~". Attached photos show Jonghyun appearing very casual and behind him is a scenic view of the shore and beautiful sunset.

In other photos, Jonghyun is eating deliciously wearing apron as he captions, "It's delicious." Have a restful holiday! See his photos below:

HIGH4 release dance version MV of 'Headache'

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 06:15 AM PDT

HIGH4 release the dance version of their 'Headache' MV.

Fans could finally enjoy the boys dancing to their funky choreography in their lively and colorful set.

'Headache' is the group's title song form their 1st mini album 'Hi High' which was released on August 27.

Royal Pirates release making of their Seoul Hillbilly Busking event

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 05:35 AM PDT

The behind-the-scenes of their Seoul Hillbilly Busking event has been released giving fans more of the trio's heartwarming interaction with their fans.

According to the agency, the song is inspired from lead vocal Moon's experiences during his filming with 'SBS Laws of the City in NY'. The song 'Seoul Hillbilly' is going to captivate fans' emotion through its simple melodies and New York hip hop beats.

Check it out below:

Teen Top preview tracks and lyrics from 'EXITO' through music thumbnail

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 05:09 AM PDT

Teen Top treat fans previews of their upcoming tracks from album 'EXITO'.

Aside from the snippets of the audios, we could also enjoy the eyecandies and few lyrics which come along. The album includes a total of  songs including title track 'Missing', 'Alone', 'Cry', 'Love Is..', 'Remote Control', and L.Joe's self-written song 'Love U'.

Enjoy it below:

Kam Woo Sung sends a love call for Girls' Generation to visit the filming set of 'My Spring Day'

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 03:40 AM PDT

Actor Kam Woo Sung sent a love call to Girls' Generation members to make visit on the set of 'My Spring Day'.

In the broadcast of MBC's 'Section TV' on September 7th, Kam Woo Sung, Sooyoung, Jang Shin Young and Lee Joon Hyuk sat down together for a small interview. Sooyoung said,"The members said they want to visit the filming set, but since it's still in the early stage so it might be a little difficult".

Upon hearing her statement, Kam Woo Sung said,"We will get busier later, so you should call for them quickly". When the reporter asked him who is his favourite member, he answered,"I like them all".

Meanwhile, 'My Spring Day' will be broadcast on September 10th.

Minah jokes about how Girl's Day's chicken CF deal got stolen by Jun Ji Hyun

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 02:33 AM PDT

Minah joked about how Girl's Day's chicken CF deal got stolen by Jun Jin Hyun on SBS' 'Fun House'.

During the broadcast of the show on September 7th, Minah found a chicken leg-shaped rock on the ground then she pretended to eat it like in a chicken CF.

Upon seeing her, BTOB's Minhyuk said,"Didn't you shoot a chicken CF?", to this Minah jokingly said,"It already got stolen, by Jun Ji Hyun", and made everyone laugh while acting out like Chun Song Yi from 'You Who Came From The Stars'.

BTOB to comeback at the end of this September

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 01:34 AM PDT

BTOB reveals to comeback with a new album at the end of this September.

According to Cube Entertainment on September 8th, the group is in the final stages of preparing for their new album which is targeted to release at the end of this month. This will mark their comeback after 7 months since 'Ddui Ddui Bang Bang' last February.

The agency also raised the expectations by saying BTOB will work with Brave Brothers this time for their new song, and the boys will be able to present a more mature and exciting stage.

Meanwhile, some members are busy with their individual schedules as Sungjae is filming for tvN's 'Plus Nine Boys' and Minhyuk is joining in SBS's variety show 'Fun House'.

Jang Nara Profile

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Name: Jang Nara (장나라)
Nicknames: Jang Nan Han Ya and Tweety
Chinese name: 张娜拉 / Zhang Na La
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1981-Mar-18
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Weight: 42kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: A
Family: Father/actor Ju Ho Seong (주호성), older brother/actor Jang Sung Won (장성원), and cousin/singer Jeong Jae Yeon (정재연)
Talent agency: Pure Entertainment
Occupation: singer, actress
Debut year: 2001

- She is known for her baby-faced beauty
- Her hit song, 'Sweet Dream' helped her get so many awards including Dae Sang award.
- She is very popular and successful in China for her active working there

Her latest song:

G.O.D's Danny Ahn recalls his happy memory with fans on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 11:30 PM PDT

On September 2nd, G.O.D's Danny An uploaded a few photos on his Twitter after finishing recording for KBS program, Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, recalling his happy memory 12 years ago.

He wrote, "It has been 12 years, but the hall looked the same, we looked the same, our fans looked the same, and we had a great time!"

In the photos, Danny An is taking selfies on the stage with so many fans cheering behind, showing their strong popularity regardless of time.

Meanwhile, the special episode of Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook with G.O.D as guest left audience a lot of feelings. They performed not only new songs from 8th album but also their hit songs back in the day, touching every fan's hearts.


Happy birthday to SPEED's Jongkook

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Birth Name: Shin Jong Kook
Stage Name: Jongkook
Birthday: September 8, 1993
Label: Core Contents Media
Group: SPEED/ Co-ed school
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: AB
Twitter: @Speedsjk

Teen Top demonstrate stuff that are 'Not Easy'

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 09:03 PM PDT

Teen Top make effort in promoting their title track 'Missing' ('Not Easy' in literal English translation).

Members Ricky, Chunji, and Changjo continue their 10secs promotional video clips demonstrating stuff that aren't easy.

For Ricky, peeling apple is 'Not Easy'. While stretching is 'Not Easy' as well for Chunji and Chanjo. How about you? What are the things that are 'Not Easy' for you?

Meanwhile, Teen Top are releasing new album 'EXITO' on 15.

f(x) Vol. 3 - Red Light

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 08:51 PM PDT

f(x) is no doubt one of the hottest KPop groups.

The girls prove their immense popularity once again with their new hit song 'Red Light'. Claiming first place on various music charts thanks to their huge fanbase and unique concept.

Check out some photos from their latest album below, presenting to you the Krystal version.

Purchase the album here

AOA release short PV for 'Miniskirt' Japanese version

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 08:05 PM PDT

AOA release the short version of their PV for Japanese debut single 'Miniskirt'.

Wearing their sexy red and white outfits, AOA dance to their original choreography in this version adding the Japanese lyrics of the song.

Meanwhile, AOA are going to release their Japanese debut single album on October 1.

Teen Top unveil solo teaser images of Ricky and Changjo

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 07:30 PM PDT

Teen Top started off members individual teaser photos for upcoming album release 'ÉXITO'.

In gray-scale effect, the boys  are looking more charismatic and drop their usual trendy and funky style by wearing semi-formal outfits.

Their expressions are also serious and fierce giving off masculine charms. Teen Top are releasing 'ÉXITO' on September 15. Let's anticipate other members' individual photos.

'Tazza 2: God's Hand' starring T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung exceeds 1 million views in just 5 days

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 07:22 PM PDT

Movie 'Tazza 2: God's Hand' starring Big Bang's T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung has officially surpassed 1 million views after 5 days.

According to Lotte Entertainment, from September 3rd to 7th, the movie has attracted a total of 1,000,057 viewers. Despite being tagged as a rated movie, it still managed to draw in 201,044 on the premiere day.

Congratulation to the cast and production team of 'Tazza 2: God's Hand'.

2PM release tracklist for 'Go Crazy' and Grand Edition album

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 07:08 PM PDT

2PM has released the tracklist of their upcoming album 'Go Crazy'.

The 4th album contains a total of 10 tracks including their title song 'Go Crazy' as well as new tracks "She's ma Girl", "Mine", "Awesome", "Rain Comes", "Boyfriend", "Push&Pull", etc.

The are also Korean version of their Japanese tracks "Beautiful" and "I'm Your Man". The album drops on September 15.

Moreover, 2PM are also releasing a "Grand Edition" which will be released online on September 29.

'Real Man' reveals to have some members discharged + recruit new members for season 2

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 05:41 PM PDT

MBC's 'Real Man' will have some adjustments for a new season launching next year.

A rep from MBC revealed,"There won't be any change until December this year, but there will be new members recruited for the new season next year to place Kim Soo Ro, Sam Hammington and Seo Kyung Suk. They have spent 2 years of military life so their discharge is just around the corner, but nothing has been confirmed yet".

Meanwhile, 'Real Man' has attracted much attention for its 'Female Soldier Special' recently.

Yoo In Na gifts the staff of 'My Secret Hotel' 'Mizon' cosmetics for Chuseok

Posted: 07 Sep 2014 04:58 PM PDT

Yoo In Na surprised all the staff of tvN's 'My Secret Hotel' with a large amount of cosmetics as gifts for Chuseok.

According to the staff, Yoo In Na came to the filming set and personally gifted them 'Vita Lemon Triple Set' cosmetics from 'Mizon' which is the brand that she's currently endorsing.

Yoo In Na said,"All the staff are still working hard even on Chuseok day so in order to give them more energy I prepare these cosmetics like vitamins as gifts for them".

Meanwhile, Yoo In Na is currently starring in tvN's 'My Secret Hotel' as Sang Hyo who is a wedding planning manager.