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"Actor Cha Taehyun shares thoughts on 'My Sassy Girl 2'" plus 18 more

"Actor Cha Taehyun shares thoughts on 'My Sassy Girl 2'" plus 18 more

Actor Cha Taehyun shares thoughts on 'My Sassy Girl 2'

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 08:00 AM PDT

Actor Cha Taehyun shared something about 'My Sassy Girl 2' on his interview for his upcoming movie 'Slow Video' which will be shown on October 2nd.

He shared that he is ready to receive negative comments from the fans of the original 'My Sassy Girl' as Jun Jihyun will not take her role one more time but f(x)'s Victoria instead. He revealed that he really thought twice to star in the sequel, but when he learned that the film will be produced and directed by the same company and director he said yes already.

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SOURCE: Joynews

San E uploads a photo after Mnet’s 'Show Me The Money 3' concert

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 07:30 AM PDT

San E uploaded the photo above on his personal Instagram account.

The photo was taken after the Mnet's 'Show Me The Money 3' concert. San E captioned it with, "Show Me The Money 3 all stars! We are happy that the fans enjoyed our performances." The photo shows "Show Me The Money 3" members like Tablo, Dok2, San E, Swings, YDG, Bobby, Masta Wu and others.

'Show Me The Money 3' concert was held in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea.

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SPEED announces their upcoming return

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 07:00 AM PDT

On September 17th, SPEED announced on their official Facebook account that they are coming back.

They posted, "SPEED will comeback soon." 

SPEED's last appearance was in April 2014 when they released the repackaged album of  'Speed Circus' with its title track "Look At Me Now." In February 2014, they released their mini-album 'Speed Circus' with 'Don't Tease Me' as its title track. 

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100% celebrates 2nd year anniversary!

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 06:30 AM PDT

100% uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel.

It's a video of them celebrating their 2nd year anniversary. Members Rockhyun, Chanyong, Jonghwan, Changbum and Hyukjin took a video while they were blowing the cakes that their fans sent them. They also thanked their fans for the undying support they are giving them.

100% made their official debut performance of "Bad Boy" on September 21, 2012 on KBS Music Bank.

Watch below:

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Kim Yuna is the new 'CF Queen'

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 06:00 AM PDT

Former Olympic gold medalist in figure skating Kim Yuna is now the top CF earner.

She dethroned Jun JiHyeon, who reigned for six months. The top five are the following:

1. Kim Yuna

2. Jun JiHyeon

3. Lee Seunggi

4. Miss A's Suzy

5. Kim SooHyun

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SOURCE: Star News

B1A4 takes 'selfies' in Melbourne

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 05:30 AM PDT

On September 18th, B1A4 dropped a more than a minute video featuring their fun moment while taking a 'selfie' on the street of Melbourne.

B1A4 had their concert '2014 B1A4 Road Trip – READY?' in Melbourne, Australia on September 18, 2014 and in Sydney, Australia on September 20, 2014.

Watch below

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Rookie girl group MINX's 'Why Did You Come To My Home' MV

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 05:00 AM PDT

On September 18th, MINX released the music video for their debut single 'Why Did You Come To My Home.'

The quintet consisting of Jiyu, Sua, Siyeon,Yoohyun, Dami is promoted as Dal Shabet's sister group. The group name MINX is said to represent their 'tomboy' image.
Watch below:

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SOURCE: HappyFace Entertainment

AOA release Choa's teaser photo for Japan debut

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 04:08 AM PDT

AOA is counting down their official debut in Japan with the release of first teaser photo featuring member Choa, check out the teaser video below:

Happy birthday to D-Unit's RAM

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Stage Name: RAM
Birth Name: Jeon Woo Ram
Birthday: September 21, 1987
Label: D-Buisness Entertainment
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper
Group: D-unit
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Watch Movies, Listening to music, Writing
Specialties: Write Lyrics Compose, Dance, Singing, Choreography, Vocal Mimicry
Twitter: @Geranium_87

- She is the little sister of T-ARA's Boram

Happy birthday to AOA's Mina

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 11:30 PM PDT

Stage Name: Mina
Birth Name: Kwon Min A
Angel Name: Minaring
Birthday: September 21, 1993 
Hometown: Busan, Korea
Label: FNC Music
Group: AOA
Position: Vocalist, Bassist, Dancer
Height: 160 cm (5'2")
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)

- She auditioned in FNC on 2009
- Has played bass about 3 years.
- Dreamed to become a singer ever since she saw Lee Junghyun's 'Wa' stage
- She was an ulzzang
- She likes Math & Music.
- FTISLAND's Jonghun is her fanboy.
- Likes Japanese band Mr. Children.
- Mina is in charge of the laundry.

Happy birthday to EXO's Chen

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: Chen
Korean Name: Kim Jong Dae (김종대)
Chinese Name: Jin Zhong Da
Nickname: Orange
Birthday: September 21, 1992
Label: SM entertainment
Group: EXO/ EXO-M
Position: Main Vocalist
Super Power (Badge): Lightning (Scorpion)
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm
Specialties: Singing, piano

- He joined S.M. through Casting System in 2011
- He shares a room with Lay in Korea
- The thing he is best at is singing high-notes
- He has powerful voice
- His ideal type is like a noona, those that would take care of him
- He likes to wear simple clothing
- His favorite music genre is R&B
His role model is Super Junior
- His favorite song from the first mini album MAMA is "Machine"

BTS of After School's Nana & Lee Soohyuk photo shoot for Nylon Magazine

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 10:00 PM PDT

After School's Nana and actor Lee Soohyuk are the cover for NYLON magazine's October issue.

On September 18th, a behind-the-scene video was uploaded on NYLON TV's YouTube channel. 

Watch below:

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Seo Inguk graces Ceci's 20th anniversary issue

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 09:30 PM PDT

Along with idols Girls' Generation's Jessica and miss A's Suzy, Seo Inguk will also grace the cover for Cecis 20th anniversary edition.

Seo Inguk posed with his best facial expression for each apparel. He wore the coolest street fashion. This will be fully released in October.

See the photos below:

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2PM on KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay'

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 09:00 PM PDT

On the September 20 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay,' 2PM had adventures in an amusement park Lotte World.

2PM, who just came back from a more than a year hiatus, rode the extreme rides at the Lotte World. On this episode so much was shared. One was their pay system. Wooyoung revealed that before they divide the bills equally among the members, but now they pay individually 'cause they fought doing the old system.

On th interview portion, the host asked about "I'm Your Man." He asked 2PM which member suits the meaning of the song, and all members said it's Nichkhun. Then the reporter asked Nichkhun, "Are you the type of person who can confidently say 'I'm Your Man?'" He replied with, "I'm confident."

Watch below:

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BTOB's new group jacket photo for 'MOVE' + individual's

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 08:30 PM PDT

BTOB released the new group jacket photo above and their its individual photos.

The latest group and individual jacket photos have a black and white concept. 

BTOB will be coming back on September 29th with their 5th mini album 'MOVE.' Aside from their comeback album, BTOB is preparing for their first ever solo concert 'Hello, Melody' which will be held on October 31 (8:00PM) and November 1 (7:00PM) at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park in Seoul.

See the photos below:








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Actor Lee Jongsuk as NYLON magazine's cover

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 08:00 PM PDT

NYLON magazine uploaded photos of Lee Jongsuk on their official Facebook account.

On September 17th, NYLON teased with the two photos below of Lee Jongsuk without dropping any caption with it. 

After the release of those two photos, it was announced on September 18th that Lee Jongsuk will grace the cover of NYLON magazine for its October issue.

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2PM's 'Go Crazy!' makes it on 1st place on Oricon Chart!

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 07:30 PM PDT

2PM's comeback with 'Go Crazy!' definitely made HOTTEST go gaga.

In Japan, after the release of 'Go Crazy!' on September 17th, it already landed on the second spot. But, the Japanese HOTTESTs want more success for their idol's return. 

2PM finally reached the number one position on the Oricon Chart on its September 18-19th. 

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SOURCE: Oricon

NASTY NASTY's Kevin drops his dance video after Kyungri and Sojin's

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 07:00 PM PDT

Two weeks ago, NASTY NASTY's Kyungri and Sojin dropped a video while having a twerk. Now, it's NASTY NASTY's Kevin's turn to showcase his dancing skills.

On the video, Kevin is wearing a white shirt contrasting his background dancers who are in black. Kevin dances with high quality and his moves were definitely with a swag.

Watch below:

NASTY NASTY's Kyungri and Sojin


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SOURCE: Starempireofficial

Taeyeon performs on Hidden Singer

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 05:22 PM PDT

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon shows off her vocal on Hidden Singer, let's guess the number together!