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"Girls’ Generation’s 'The BEST' re-appears on Oricon daily album chart" plus 24 more

"Girls’ Generation’s 'The BEST' re-appears on Oricon daily album chart" plus 24 more

Girls’ Generation’s 'The BEST' re-appears on Oricon daily album chart

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 08:00 AM PDT

Girls' Generation released their Japanese album 'The BEST' in July of this year, and it immediately ranked first on the Oricon album chart after selling 37,000 copies. 

On October 16th, 'The BEST' re-appeared on the chart, and landed on the second place of Oricon's daily album chart.

'The BEST' is the compilation of all their Japanese hit songs.

Congrats SNSD.

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SOURCE: Oricon

AlphaBAT reveals 'BOYLONDON' BTS video 2

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 07:30 AM PDT

On October 16th, AlphaBAT uploaded the second behind-the-scene video for 'AlphaBAT x BOYLONDON.'

On the video, the boys of AlphaBAT are all wearing a matching denim jeans and yellow boots. The video was shot in a construction site.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: AlphaBAT Official

CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa turns as a radio DJ

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 07:00 AM PDT

CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa is now a radio DJ.

On October 13th, his first episode was shown through the app 'Beat.' On his first episode, he played 13 songs which included songs of Adam Levine, Bruno Mars, and Keira Knightley. His episode garnered 10,000 followers and listeners. 

Yonghwa is expected to release new episode every 2-3 weeks.

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SOURCE: Tenasia

AlphaBAT shows MV for '#A Ya'

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 06:30 AM PDT

On their official YouTube channel, AlphaBAT uploaded the music video for '#A Ya.'

'#A Ya' was shot in Malaysia, and it is also included in their second mini album 'ANSWER.'

Watch below:

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SOURCE: AlphaBAT Official

Singer Kim Woo Joo pre-releases MV of 'The First Day We Met'

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 06:00 AM PDT

Ahead of the scheduled release of his album in November, singer Kim Woo Joo uploaded the music video of a ballad song entitled 'The First Day We Met.'

Watch below:

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1theK's '#Hashtag' features VIXX

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 05:30 AM PDT

On October 14th, 1theK's '#Hashtag' uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel featuring VIXX.

VIXX returned on October 14th with their second mini album 'Error.' It has seven tracks including 'Intro,' 'Error,' 'After Dark,' 'Youth Hurts,' 'Time Machine,' 'What U Waiting For.' 'Error' has an instrumental version also.

Watch below:

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Arirang Radio features MINX

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 05:00 AM PDT

ARIRANG RADIO uploaded a video that features rookie girl group MINX.

On the guesting of MINX with Sound K's MC Stephanie, MINX dropped their cover of Beyonce's 'End of Time' and sang their own song 'Why Did You Come to My House?.'

Watch below:

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G.NA lends voice for 'The Night Watchman’s Journal' OST

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 04:21 AM PDT

G.NA lent her voice for the OST album of MBC's 'The Night Watchman's Journal.'

G.NA sang a ballad track entitled 'Secret.' Aside from G.NA, Kim Tae Woo, EDEN, BEAST's Yoseob, TVXQ's Changmin, and 4Minute's Gayoon have contributed their original soundtracks.

'The Night Watchman's Journal' is about the four night watchmen in the Joseon Dynasty who try to catch ghosts. It airs at 10 PM KST.

Listen below:

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SISTAR's Hyorin sings 'Missing You Now' on Immortal Songs 2

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 04:14 AM PDT

SISTAR's Hyorin performs Missing You Now on Immortal Songs 2, check out her performance below:

Etude House's largest flagship store is in Singapore

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 04:01 AM PDT

ETUDE HOUSE opened its largest flagship store in Singapore, which is larger than its store in Myeongdong, Seoul.

The ETUDE HOUSE in Singapore is standing on a 2,300 square meters of space. It has makeover studio, photo booths and posters of f(x) as the brand's ambassadors, which will make all the ladies feel that they are princesses the moment they stepped in the store.

Look at the photos below:

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ISAtv’s 'East Meets Morgan' to feature SPICA

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 03:35 AM PDT

ISAtv's 'East Meets Morgan' will feature the girl group SPICA.

On October 15th, ISAtv released a teaser video featuring SPICA with Morgan Lynzi. On the video, it was showed that SPICA and Morgan had a great time talking about fashion, K-Pop and SPICA's American debut.

The full episode will be shown on October 22nd.

Watch below:

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Girl's Day on 1theK's '#hashtag'

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 02:53 AM PDT

On October 15th, Girl's Day sat down on 1theK's '#hashtag' for an interview.

On their interview, Girl's Day talked about their latest emotional ballad song 'I Miss You,' which is also known as 'Want To See.'

Watch below:

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SM Entertainment's project group S joins SMTOWN concert in China

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 02:03 AM PDT

SMTOWN concert in Shanghai, China is happening today, and one of the performers is the SM Entertainment's project group S.

S debuted in 2003 and was only active during that year. The group is consisted of Kangta, Shin Hyesung, and Lee Jihoon. They  released their first album entitled 'Fr. In. Cl' (Friends In Classic) with 'I Swear' as its title track. 

S will be coming back with their new album 'Autumn Breeze' on October 27th. It was also announced that Girls' Generation's Yuri will appear in their music video. 

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SOURCE: Sports News

Actor Song Seunghun & singer-actress Uhm Junghwa to work together for the 1st time

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 01:39 AM PDT

Actor Song Seunghun and pop singer and actress Uhm Junghwa will be having a project for the first time.

They will be making a movie with a working title 'Splendid Nightmare,' which will be directed by Kang Hyojin. They will start filming in November.

Uhm Junghwa will be playing as a lawyer who died and reincarnated as herself eventually, but as a normal housewife only. Her husband will be portrayed by Song Seunghun.

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SOURCE: Star News

Still cuts and promotional posters of Rain's Chinese film 'For Love or Money' released!

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 01:11 AM PDT

Still cuts and promotional posters were released for the upcoming Chinese romance movie of Rain and Chinese actress Liu Yifei entitled 'For Love or Money.'

The still cuts showed Rain while having a conversation with his co-star in a restaurant. The other featured him while enjoying a carousel ride. 

'For Love or Money' is based from a book and is directed by Gao Xixi. It will premiere on November 7th in China.

See the photos:

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Jaejoong wows fans with his driver license's photo

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Jaejoong still looks perfectly handsome even in ID photo.

On October 18th, he updated his Instagram with caption,"Chungnam Class 2 Regular.." and uploaded a capture of his driver license's photo. It soon caught the attention of netizen as he still managed to stand out with his clear features and natural look even though it's just an ID photo.

Jaejoong recently made his appearance as special guest at Gummy's 'Fall in Fall' on October 10th.

Kim Dong Ryul Profile

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 12:30 AM PDT

Real name: Kim Dong Ryul (김동률)
Birthday: March 15, 1974
Horoscope: Pisces
Height: 177cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: A
Label: Music Farm
Occupation: singer, songwriter
Education:  Yonsei University
Debut year: 1993
Debut album: An Essay of Memory

- He is a popular artist who composes, arranges, writes lyrics, produces, and performs his own music.
-  He and Seo Dong Wook won first prize in MBC University Song Festival in 1993 with duet "In Dreams"

His latest track:

Yoo Jae Suk to parody Tae Yang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' MV

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 11:38 PM PDT

On October 17, a photo of Yoo Jae Suk with title "Tae Yang's Eyes, Nose, Lips Yoo Jae Suk version" was shared widely on the Internet, receiving a lot of attention.

In the photo, Yoo Jae Suk is dressing like Tae Yang and parodying his music video for "Eyes, Nose, Lips". His expression and pose made fans can't help laughing. 

It is believed to be a part of "Infinity Challenge" mission and the music video was said to be released at 6:20p.m on October 19.

Do you like this special version?

Photo credit: Realmudo

Happy birthday to RaNia's Di

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: Di
Birth Name: Kim Da Rae
Birthday: October 18, 1991
Label: DR Music
Group: RaNia
Position: Rapper and Sub-Vocalist
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Hobbies: Listening to music
Specialty: Singing
Music Genre: Ballad
Favorite Artist: Whitney Houston
Favorite Food: Fried Rice
Family: Parents, younger brother
Favorite colors: Black, Red
Education: Muhak Girls High School
Instagram: @daraeda
Twitter: @rania_didid

The organizer of the Pangyo Techno Valley Festival reported to have committed suicide

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 10:00 PM PDT

Following the tragedic incident at Pangyo Techno Vallet Festival which occured on October 16th, today it was reported that one of the organizers of the event have committed suicide.

According to the police on October 18th, one of the organizers named Mr.Oh(37) was found lying on the street next to a building in Bundang, Pangyo Techno Valley at 7:15am kst. The act was revealed to have happened when he went home for about 1 hour and 20 minutes after receiving investigation from the police yesterday.

On the 17th, a ventilation window collapsed during 4Minute's performance at Pangyo Techno Valley Cultural Festival which cause many people to fall from the height of 10 meters. 16 have been confirmed dead and 11 have been seriously injured.

Haha flaunts his manliness for K WAVE Magazine Hongkong edition

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 09:00 PM PDT

Haha surprises everyone with his charisma in new pictorial for the October issue of K WAVE Magazine Hongkong edition.

Many people are used to see Haha with his funny and naughty character on various variey shows, but for this new pictorial, he has take of his usual image and showcased a manlier plus more luxurious charm as a gentleman.

Check out for more photos below

Seo Taiji unveils rehearsal photos from upcoming comeback concert ''

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 08:32 PM PDT

Seo Taiji has pre-released some of the photos on the site of his comeback concert '' which will take place later today on October 18th.

The photos show Seo Taiji in the midst of discussing with the staff about the concert facilities and also give everyone the overview of the concert set. In particular, the stage setting has attracted much attention from many people as it includes standout elements from both Christmas and Halloween, which is the main theme for the concert.

'' concert will kick off at 6pm kst at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul tonight while his 9th album 'Quiet Night' will be released on October 20th.

Strawberry Milk releases cute choreography version for 'OK'

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 07:41 PM PDT

Following the release of 'OK' MV few days ago, Strawberry Milk has released the dance version of the MV.

The MV shows Strawberry Milk in their farming clothes and dancing in front of a greenhouse, showcasing their unique charm with a cute and easy-to-follow choreography.

Check out the video below

BEAST release '12:30' MV teaser

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 05:00 PM PDT

BEAST release MV teaser of their comeback song titled 12:30, check out the teaser below:

EXO's Chen releases remake MV for BoA's 'No 1'

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 04:44 PM PDT

EXO's Chen shows off his acting skills in the remake MV for BoA's popular song 'No.1', check out the MV below: