Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"GDxTaeyang release new teaser image for 'Good Boy'" plus 21 more

"GDxTaeyang release new teaser image for 'Good Boy'" plus 21 more

GDxTaeyang release new teaser image for 'Good Boy'

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 07:10 AM PST

Following the first image teaser of YG's new hip hop project unit GDxTaeyang, they followed it up right away with another image.

The teaser image this time show the two Big Bang members in a formation and seem to be dancing with back up dancers behind. They all raise their right hand under the luminous light. Moreover, additional details about their upcoming single are also revealed.

G-Dragon has worked on their single 'Good Boy' by being the arranger, lyricist, and composer along with Fliptones and Freedo. The single will be released on November 21 along with the MV.

Lovelyz SuJeong cries on a hidden camera for her 18th bday

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 06:15 AM PST

Lovelyz' Ryu Su Jeong is celebrating her 18th birthday today and member prepared something.

The girls and some stuff gather together and sing birthday song which makes the overwhelmed birthday girl cried. In front of her birthday cake, SuJeong wishes success for her group.

Seems like she didn't expect the simple yet touching celebration. Happy Birthday SuJeong!

MelOn releases the list of 2014's Top 20 Favorite Artists & Songs

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 05:44 AM PST

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, MelOn provides a graph comparing the hit artists and songs from 2004 and 2014.

Aside from the timeline of songs/artists who dominated MelOn charts since 2004 until 2014, MelOn also releases a comparison list (2004 vs 2014) of artists favorited by listeners (divided into male and female).

For this year (2014), below is the list of TOP 20 Artists and Songs:

Ulala Session release MV for 'Best Girl'

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 05:00 AM PST

Ulala Session release their first full-length album "reJOYce" today together with the MV for their title track 'Best Girl'.

'Best Girl' is a dance track with pop and RnB beat that pulls out something new from the members. It's funky rhythm will make you move to the groove.

Watch below:

Nicole performs 'Mama' at solo debut showcase

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 04:15 AM PST

Nicole holds her solo debut showcase in the afternoon of November 19 at Ilji Art Hall, Cheondam-dong in Seoul.

Nicole meets her fans and media and performs her first liver stage of 'Mama' and captivates everyone with her leveled up dancing skills and sexy image.

Watch the performance and see photos below:

AOA takes their first win with 'Like A Cat' at 'Show Champion'

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 03:21 AM PST

AOA are making themselves deserving of trending girl group title as they take home their first win with 'Like A Cat' from 'Show Champion' today.

This is the 2nd music show win the girls received after their first win with 'Miniskirt' at Inkigayo this February.

Upon receiving their trophy, the girls are looking undeniably happy especially member ChoA, who even cried because of the overwhelming joy. During the speech, Jimin thanks as many people as she can mention while other members are jumping in joy.

Check out their heartwarming win below and congratulations!

Tiger JK to sing an OST for 'Pinocchio'

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 01:37 AM PST

Tiger JK will be singing an OST for SBS's drama 'Pinocchio'.

Tiger JK will release an OST for 'Pinocchio' on November 20th. Even though Tiger JK is already a well-known hip hip producer but this will be the first time for him to participate in a drama OST, rising everyone's anticipation even more towards the release day of the song.

A drama rep said,"It's rare for a rapper to particiate in a drama OST but we're sure that Tiger JK's participation will bring more enery as well as his musical sense will make the drama look more interesting"

Tiger JK's OST will be released at noon on November 20th.

HI SUHYUN and iKON's Bobby unveil cute behind-the-scenes photos for 'I'm Different'

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 01:00 AM PST

HI SUHYUN and Bobby share fans some of their cute photos on the set of 'I'm Different' MV.

YG Entertainment's official Facebook uploaded the photos on November 19th. The photos revealed to be polaroids which include their own drawings and handwritten captions such as 'Where my luv at?' and 'Party Boy!!'

Meanwhile, HI SUHYUN will perform 'I'm Different' with Bobby on this week's 'M! Countdown'.

TS Entertainment reveals the final name of the fourth member of upcoming girl group SONAMOO

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 12:30 AM PST

TS Entertainment has announced the official name for the fourth member of its upcoming girl group.

Previously the company announced that they would let the fans name the fourth member of the upcoming girl group SONAMOO. After going through 1000 applications, they have decided that the fourth member will be named as D.ana, which means goddess of moon.

According to the company, D.ana is a 20 year old girl who is attending Dongduk Women's University as a theatre and film major. She has impressed many fans with her charismatic rap skill in 'Light the Fire' video.

Up until now, there have been 4 members Na Hyun, New Sun, Eui Jin and D.ana confirmed to be in TS Entertainment's upcoming girl group. Their debut date hasn't been decided yet.

Kim Yu Na and Kim Won Joong reported to have ended their relationship

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 12:00 AM PST

Figure skater Kim Yu Na and ice hockey player Kim Won Joong reported to have broken up after 8 months in a relationship.

Star News released an exclusive report on November 19th saying that according to multiple officials, it's true that the two have recently ended their relationship but the exact time hasn't been confirmed yet.

Kim Yu Na and Kim Won Joong went public with their relationship back in March when Dispatch caught them holding hands while going on a date together. In August, Kim Won Joong revealed to have involved in a massage parlor controversy while serving in the army which have caused many people to question about the two's relationship status.

f(x)'s Victoria to star in new Chinese movie 'Beautiful Secret'

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 11:30 PM PST

f(x)'s Victoria will be having a new movie project under her belt.

According to a Chinese media outlet on November 19th, Victoria has been casted as the female lead for new Chinese movie 'Beautiful Secret'.

'Beautiful Secret' will be in charged by the production team of popular Chinese drama 'Shining Days' from last year. The filming will start by the end of this year.

Victoria will play as a girl named Zhang Mei Li who has a sweet and bright personality but was abandoned by her own mother. The movie will focus on her progress of becoming a famous singer. Her co-star will be Peter Ho who will act as an entertainment producer.

Meanwhile, Victoria is currently filming 'My Sassy Girl 2' with Cha Tae Hyun.

G-Dragon and Taeyang to release 'Good Boy' single on November 21st

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 11:00 PM PST

G-Dragon and Taeyang will release 'Good Boy' single as YG's 1st hip hop project on November 21st.

On November 19th, YG's official blog uploaded a new poster which portraits G-Dragon and Taeyang silhouettes along with the release date and time for the upcoming single.

Don't forget to check out 'Good Boy' which will come out at midnight on November 21st.

Girl's Day's Hyeri is a gorgeous lady for SURE Magazine

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 10:06 PM PST

Girl's Day's Hyeri graces the December issue of SURE Magazine, check out her photos below:

Seoul City Presents Run@Seoul Week for Global Citizens

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 09:38 PM PST

- Seoul Metropolitan Government invites global citizens to participate in interactive campaign to give missions to the runners so they can accomplish various missions given and deliver lively images of Seoul

SEOUL, Nov. 19, 2014 – Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched a global marketing campaign titled 'Run@Seoul Week' over a five-day period from the November 19th to 23rd. The campaign has been designed to allow global citizens to visit Seoul and accomplish missions of finding attractions in Seoul.

Run@Seoul Week has been arranged as a part of Seoul's ongoing campaign called Seoul, My [ ] that continuing the participation of global citizen. If last year's project was designed to convey different global citizens' appreciation of Seoul through a movie, this year's event is designed to promote the dynamic and lively images of Seoul through global citizens' interactive participation.

Five global citizens from the United States, China, Japan and Singapore have been selected as 'Runners.' During the campaign period, the runners will travel through Seoul, carrying out different missions that are given out by 'Controllers' from all over the world.

Activities of a runner will be recorded via an action camera installed on his or her body and will be broadcasted live on the campaign website ( The content may be viewed on the live channel with the preferred language selected from English, Chinese and Japanese.

Controllers from all over the world will give real-time missions to the runners on their preferred language channel, and all the global citizens watching the live video stream can indirectly enjoy the images of Seoul.

The controllers who give the best missions to the runners during the campaign period will have a chance to win various prizes, including a round trip flight ticket to Seoul, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, action camera, digital camera and t-shirts.

Seoul Metropolitan Government stated "The current trend shown by global tourists visiting Seoul seems to go beyond merely visiting the conventional tourist attractions. They actually prefer first-hand tourism through which they can personally experience the daily lives of Seoul citizens, such as going shopping, eating and watching performances. We hope that 'Run@Seoul Week' can be an opportunity for global citizens to newly discover Seoul's attractions and share its beauty with others, by participating directly in the scene or indirectly online."

Jang Hyuk and Kim Yoo-jung, leading stars of Hallyu, also known as the Korean Wave, have been appointed as 2014 Seoul Global Tourism Ambassadors, and they will participate in various meaningful activities with the global runners during the campaign period.

Boys Republic release dance practice video for 'The Real One'

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 08:00 PM PST

Boys Republic release the dance practice video of their latest song 'The Real One' through their Youtube channel.

The boys show their quick dance moves and flawless choreography and formation which fans are impressed with.

Check it out below:

WASSUP release tracklist for 2nd mini album 'Showtime'

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 07:30 PM PST

WASSUP are starting to release more details for their upcoming 2nd mini album 'Showtime'.

The tracklist is unveiled revealing 6 songs the girls have prepared. Along with their title track 'Shut Up U', other tracks include member Nada's solo 'Where Are You Looking At', "Stupid Liar" ft. Nii Hwa, "Showtime", "Hug Me" and a club mix of their title song.

The 2nd mini album will be released on 24th.

Nicole releases MV for 'MAMA'

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 07:02 PM PST

Nicole has finally returned with the release of her solo debut album 'First Romance' and MV for 'MAMA'.

Check it out below:

MBLAQ release teaser image for 7th mini album

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 06:30 PM PST

MBLAQ are releasing special ballad single on November 25.

On 19th, J.Tune Camp releases a teaser image of MBLAQ showing only the lower half image of the boys but their reflection is seen on the floor.

The agency reveals, "MBLAQ's 7th mini album will be filled with member's written ballad songs." The mini album will be released on 25th before their 'Curtain Call' concert on 29th and 30th.

Aoora releases clean version of 'GRAB or BITE' MV

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 06:00 PM PST

Aoora, for once, releases a rather 'clean' version of his R-19 MV for 'Grab or Bite.

For this version, fans could get to enjoy more of adorable Aoora without the suggestive elements.

Watch below:

Rainbow's Woori reveals BTS video for The Star

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 04:14 PM PST

Rainbow's Woori showcases her feminine charm in the BTS video of The Star, check out the video below:

MAMAMOO perform Piano Man on MTV The Show

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 04:07 PM PST

MAMAMOO perform the first live performance of Piano Man on MTV The Show, check out their performance below:

T-ara reveal Little Apple teaser on MTV The Show

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 03:52 PM PST

T-ara release a short teaser for 'Little Apple' on MTV The Show, check out the teaser below: