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"Lovelyz release 'Candy Jelly Love' MV" plus 24 more

"Lovelyz release 'Candy Jelly Love' MV" plus 24 more

Lovelyz release 'Candy Jelly Love' MV

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 07:03 AM PST

Lovelyz release the full MV of their debut song Candy Jelly Love, check out the video below:

Jisoo of Lovelyz still recovering from her mental shock

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 07:00 AM PST

On the most latest update of Woollim Entertainment on November 14th, they shared that Jisoo of the new girl group Lovelyz was still in the hospital and receiving continuous monitoring.

Jisoo suffered a mental shock due to rumors spreading about her, which resulted to her pale appearance, falling incidents and loss of appetite. 

According to Woollim Entertainment, Jisoo is expected to join the other ladies to promote their debut album once she recovers her psychological stability.

Wishing Jisoo a fast recovery.

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun can't hide his happiness

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 06:30 AM PST

Super Junior's Kyuhyun couldn't help but to express his overflowing happiness.

On his Twitter, he wrote, "I have to sleep 'cause I'm gonna sing tomorrow. But I can't because I am so happy!"

His happiness is coming from the success of his first solo mini album 'At Gwanghuamun.'

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SOURCE: @GaemGyu

BTOB's Minhyuk covers ‘Sometimes’ by Crush

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 06:00 AM PST

BTOB's Minhyuk dropped his own rendition of 'Sometimes' by Crush.

Watch below.

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SOURCE: United Cube

Kim Sa Eun says "I don't have Twitter"

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 05:30 AM PST

Musical actress Kim Sa Eun informed everyone that she does not have a Twitter account.

Kim Sa Eun used her Facebook as the medium to express that lots of her friends are asking if she really has a Twitter, and she cleared it that she doesn't own any account. Along with her message on Facebook, she uploaded the photo above with ZE:A's Kim Dong Joon and Tiny-G's Dohee.

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SOURCE: My Daily

Be FUNNY Studios drops BTS photos for 'What’s Eating Steven Yeun'

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 05:00 AM PST

Be FUNNY Studios uploaded on their official Facebook account the behind-the-scene photos of their first skit which features AMC The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun and 2NE1's Sandara Park.

Here are some of the photos:

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SOURCE: Be Funny Studios Facebook

Hello Venus' members go back to their childhood innocence

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 04:30 AM PST

On their official Facebook, Hello Venus revealed a throwback photo for each member.

To add some flavor, Hello Venus' members recreated their own childhood photo.

Who made exactly the same?

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SOURCE:  Hello Venus Facebook

Jessica Jung excites fans with BLANC & ECLARE's upcoming events announcement

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 04:00 AM PST

On the official Facebook account of BLANC & ECLARE, the photo above of Jessica Jung was uploaded.

The photo was captioned with, "We have some exciting upcoming announcements, from cool events and new products to excellent partners and more locations. Stay tuned!"

Jessica herself reposted it on her personal Weibo account. 

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SOURCE: Blanc Group Facebook

Kim Yoo Jung dances to A Pink's 'Mr.Chu' on 'Inkigayo'

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 02:00 AM PST

Kim Yoo Jung started her first day as 'Inkigayo' MC by performing A Pink's 'Mr.Chu'.

Even though it was just a short performance but the actress has received much attention for her dance and singing skills. In particular, Kim Yoo Jung has officially become the youngest MC up until now on 'Inkigayo'.

You can check out for her performance below

Lee Bo Young sends a food truck to Lee Jong Suk and the staff on the set of 'Pinocchio'

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 01:30 AM PST

Actress Lee Bo Young shows her support for Lee Jong Suk and the staff of SBS's 'Pinocchio' by sending a food truck on the filming set.

A rep from the production crew said on November 16th,"Actress Lee Bo Young, who has a special relationship with Jo Soo Won director, Park Hye Ryun scriptwriter and actor Lee Jong Suk, sent a food truck to our filming set".

According to the rep, the actress sent the food truck which contained of 100 servings of Korean food to the filming set on November 14th. Ever since 'I Can Hear Your Voice' from last year, she has remained a special bond with Lee Jong Suk, director Jo Soo Won and scriptwriter Park Hye Ryun.

Lee Jong Suk also left a message to Lee Bo Young,"Bo Young noona, I will eat the food well. I will eat a lot to gain strength and make a good drama".

Meanwhile, 'Pinocchio' is airing every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm kst.

Yoon Eun Hye confirmed for new movie 'After Love' alongside Park Shi Hoo

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 01:00 AM PST

Yoon Eun Hye will be staring alongside Park Shi Hoo in Korean-Chinese collaboration film 'After Love'.

On November 16th, Yoon Eun Hye's agency announced that the actress will be playing the lead female role in upcoming film 'After Love'.

'After Love' is described as a melodrama movie which will focus on the sad love story between a man and a woman. The filming will be kicked off next week in Jeju island before moving to Beijing in January.

The movie is aiming to release in the second half of 2015 and will be premiered simultaneously in both Korea and China.

B1A4's Baro to dub for a character in animated movie 'Seven Dwarfs'

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 12:30 AM PST

Baro will make his on screen debut as a voice actor in new animated movie 'Seven Dwarfs'.

According to some officials, Baro will be dubbing for character Bobo who is the youngest dwarfs in the movie, taking his first voice acting challenge.

Baro has received much love from many people through various projects such as 'Reply 1994', 'God's Gift', 'Youth Over Flowers' and recently confirmed for 'Law of The Jungle - Palau Special'.

'Seven Dwarfs' is said to be a spin-off of the original 'Snow White' fairytale which will focus on the stories of the seven dwarfs and how they are going to protect the princess from the witch's curse. Its premiere in Korea will be opened next month.

Yang Hyun Suk to guest on 'Healing Camp' after 2 years

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 12:00 AM PST

YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk will make a guest appearance on SBS's 'Healing Camp' after 2 years and 6 months.

According to multiple officials on November 16th, Yang Hyun Suk will participate in the recording of 'Healing Camp' 19th in the afternoon at Seoul Dongdaemun DDP Center.

His first appeared on 'Healing Camp' was in May 2012 when he opened up about Seo Taiji & Boys and his love story with his wife Lee Eun Joo. Upon the news that he will guest on the show again, many people are looking forward to what kinds of story he will share this time since there have been quite a lot of uncertain things happened to his company artists.

This episode is scheduled to broadcast later this month.

JR Groove Profile

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 11:30 PM PST

Stage name: JR Groove 
Real name: Bae Jin Ryul (배진렬)
Birthday: September 27, 1979
Horoscope: Libra
Occupation: singer, composer, pianist, music producer
Instrument: Piano
Education: Kookmin university
Debut year: 2000

His latest release:

Actress Kim Ja Ok passes away due to lung cancer at age 63

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 11:00 PM PST

Veteran actress Kim Ja Ok revealed to have passed away at age 63 today on November 16th.

Kim Ja Ok was diagnosed with colorectal cancer back in 2008 and underwent a surgery, but it later spreaded to the other parts of her body such as lung and lymphatic glands which caused her to leave the world as of today.

Born in 1951, the actress made her debut in 1970 and had received much love from many people for her various projects from dramas to variety shows such as 'High Kick Through The Roof', 'Ojakgyo Brothers', 'Noona Over Flowers'...

Kim Ja Ok passed away today on November 16th at Seoul Catholic University of Korea. Her funeral will be held on the 19th at 8:30am kst.

We offer our deepest condolences to Kim Ja Ok and her family. May she rest in peace.

Happy birthday to ZE:A's Hyungsik

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 10:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Park Hung Sik
Stage Name: Hyungsik
Birthday: November 16, 1991
Label: Star Empire
Group: ZE:A
Position: Main Vocalist
Sub-unit: ZE:A-FIVE
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies/Specialties: Fencing, singing, games, skiing
Instagram: @phs1116
Twitter: @zea_hyungsik

- He was one of the cast members on the first season of The Romantic & Idol, he paired up with 4Minute's Jihyun on the show
- He is a fixed member of MBC's Real Men
- He acted in many dramas: The heirs, What's With This Family,...

Happy birthday to Teen Top's Changjo

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 10:00 PM PST

Stage Name: Changjo
Birth Name: Choi Jong Hyun
Nickname: Dancing Boy
Birthday: November 16, 1995
Label: T.O,P Media
Group: Teen Top
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
Hobbies: Choreographing and listening to music
Specialty: Self Defense
Instagram: @cjongh
Twitter: @whdgus1004

-He danced to Black Eyed Pea's "Boom Boom Pow" for his audition

Oh Soomin's MV for 'She' ft. REX.D

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 09:00 PM PST

On November 13th, Oh Soomin released the music video of 'She.'

'She' features rapper REX.D.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: romanticfactory

Seo Taiji’s songs to be featured on a musical

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 08:30 PM PST

The songs of singer Seo Taiji, who just came back with his 9th album 'Quiet Night' and its title track ',' will be featured on a musical.

According to Spotlight Company, a musical will be presented at the end of next year. It will be based on Albert Camus' novel The Plague, and will use Seo Taiji's songs.

Congrats! Another medium to showcase Seo Taiji's songs.
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SOURCE: Sports Donga

Girls’ Generation reveals Xmas gift for fans

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 08:00 PM PST

Girls' Generation has a Christmas present for their avid supporters.

SNSD is going to release DVD and Blu-Ray versions of 'GIRLS' GENERATION ~ LOVE&PEACE ~ Japan Third Tour.' There will be four versions which will each have 28 songs: the regular DVD ($47 ), regular Blu-Ray ($56), first press DVD ($60) and the first press Blu-Ray ($67). First press DVD's and Blu-Ray's will include a 44-page photo book, a 'tour diary' and the documentary 2014 Tour Final Day.

'GIRLS' GENERATION ~ LOVE&PEACE ~ Japan Third Tour' will be released on December 24th. The 28 songs are the following:

1. Motorcycle
2. Gossip Girls
5. You-aholic
6. Karma Butterfly
9. My oh My
11. リンガ・フランカ (Lingua Franca)
12. Europa
13. Girls & Peace
14. Time Machine
15. Not Alone
17. Genie
19. Mr.Mr.
20. Beep Beep
21. Flyers
22. Gee
24. Everyday Love
26. I Got A Boy
27. Blue Jeans
28. Stay Girls

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SOURCE: Soshified

GOT7's fans holds Twitter party to celebrate group's 10th month

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 07:30 PM PST


 Exactly this day, GOT7 is celebrating their 10th month in the KPop industry.

GOT7 debuted in January 2014 with 'Girls Girls Girls' as their debut single and 'Got It?' as their first EP. To celebrate this day, their fans went on Twitter party with the #10MonthsWithGOT7, which trended worldwide, to show their love and support for the group.

This November 17th at 12AM KST, they will drop the official music video 'Stop Stop It,' and they will release online their studio album 'Identify' on November 18th.

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Rookie girl group Lovelyz attracts lots of netizens on their social media accounts

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 07:00 PM PST

Rookie girl group Lovelyz from Woollim Entertainment, who just debuted this November, received much love from the netizens.

If we will gauge the support they're receiving through number of netizens following or subscribing on them, Lovelyz is well-followed. As of this writing, their YouTube account has 20, 267 subscribers, Twitter has 21,800 plus followers, their Facebook official page has 15,636 likes, and their fan cafe has 9,870 members.     
In related news, November 17th will be the official day of release of their debut album 'Girls' Invasion.'

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Epik High‘s DJ Tukutz gets a kiss from his son

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 06:30 PM PST

Epik High's DJ Tukutz loves sharing photos of his son Yoon Woo on his Instagram, and the recent one was the one posted above.

He uploaded the photo above on November 15th, and captioned it with, "This is Daddy's kiss #YoonWoo #3rdconcertguest #PARADE2014."On the photo, Yoon Woo gave his father a sweet kiss on his cheek.

Epik High held a successful three-day 'Epik High Concert Parade 2014' from November 14-16 at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul. It will be followed by another concerts on December 7th in Daegu, December 19th in Incheon, and before the year ends on December 27th and 28th in Busan.

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SOURCE:  @realtukutz/

Actress Go Ara captures moment with lion, deer & ostrich

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 06:14 PM PST

Actress Go Ara uploaded three photos with some animals.

On her Twitter, Go Ara spent time with a lion, a deer and an ostrich. Her photos showed her bright smile and her happiness engaging with those animals. But what really caught the attention of the netizens was her photo with the ostrich. She took a selfie with it. The ostrich seemed photo-ready and found its right angle.

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Lee Minho & Yoona release Green Christmas Innisfree CF

Posted: 15 Nov 2014 05:23 PM PST

Yoona and Lee Minho release the new Innisfree CF for Christmas, check out the video below: