Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Topp Dogg Malaysia Showcase tickets giveaway" plus 23 more

"Teen Top Niel joins Kim Gura, Sam Hammingtion, and more as host for True Justice" plus 23 more

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 07:00 AM PST

Teen Top Niel is making his debut as variety show's MC for MBC MediaPlus' new show 'True Justice'.

Niel is joining Kim Gura, Yoon Hyungbin, Sam Hammington and Kim BoSung, as they host the new program that will find ways to solve the problems and concerns of people in Korea.

For the pilot broadcast, it is revealed that comedians Lee Gukjoo and Jo Seho have participated in the filming. "True Justice" is expected to air in mid-December and will be broadcast on MBC Media Plus's 4 channels: MBC Every1, MBC Music, MBC DramaNet, MBC Queen.

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 06:30 AM PST

G-Dragon and supposed girlfriend Kiko is spotted once again enjoying time at a chitlins restaurant. On November 25, a netizens uploaded a photo on her SNS and captioned,

"After work, I went to eat chitlins with my juniors and what a jackpot? Saw GD with Kiko. Why they look good together. What a disappointment I saw oppa's face twice only. I'm a regular here. Bye, I'll come here often."

In the photo, Kiko's side view is seen as she seemed like smiling widely. On the other hand, GD, who is wearing a black cap and facing his back towards the camera is also seen.

From the look of Kiko, seemed like they are enjoying some quality meal time together.
Posted: 26 Nov 2014 05:45 AM PST

Kyuhyun has fulfilled his promise to go in Gwanghwamun (title of his solo track) and finds someone who is lonely to cheer him/her up.

Yesterday, some fanaccounts were written on SNS stating that Kyuhyun is spotted at Gwanghwamun strolling around. Then, the accounts were supported with fantaken photos showing Kyuhyun approaching a girl and taking picture with her.

Later on, the girl, named JiEun, whom Kyuhyun approached uploaded on her SNS the album and picture Kyuhyun gave to her. She stated that Kyuhyun approached her and asked, "Are you lonely?" and suddenly sang his song. He also gave a signed album to her and took picture together.

In addition to that, the girl expressed her gratitude towards Kyuhyun for making her day better.

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 05:15 AM PST

MYSTIC89's Kim Yeon Woo drops the MV for his latest single 'Melt Away' ahead of the digital single release on 27th.

Meanwhile, Kim Yeon Woo is holding a Christmas Concert on December 24-27 at Olympic Hall.

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 04:30 AM PST

Shinhwa's commemorative 15th anniversary concert which took place in Seoul in March last year will be shown in theaters.

Starting on December 11, fans and non-fans could relive the moments from Shinhwa's concert in 3D through 'SHINHWA LIVE 3D - THE LEGEND CONTINUES'.

So, for those who missed the live performances of the legendary group, you'll have a chance to join the hype on your convenience. Watch the trailer below:

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 03:36 AM PST

Kyuhyun takes his 1st win from 'Show Champion' today making his 4th win in total on music shows with his song 'At Gwanghwamun'.

Meanwhile, today is Show Champion's last episode as they will come back in mid-January with a new format.

Congratulations! Watch the clip below:

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 02:00 AM PST

Shinhwa has officially enrolled in the preparation for their upcoming album set to be released next year.

It was revealed that the group has been taking the jacket shooting for the new album from November 25th to 26th at a studio in Nonhyu-donng, Seoul, starting the preparation process for next year's comeback.

Shinhwa originally planned to make their comeback in the second half of this year but due to some members' individual schedules, they decided to push it back to early January next year.

As next year will be Shinhwa's 17th anniversary, the members are planning to meet more fans through various occasions such as world tour, festivals,... following the release of the new album.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will premiere 'Shinhwa Live 3D The Legend Continues' on December 11th which is a 3D movie about their live concert held last March.
Posted: 26 Nov 2014 01:30 AM PST

Roy Kim will be the next one to participate in the OST for SBS's drama 'Pinocchio'.

On November 26th, CJ E&M revealed that Roy Kim will be singing the theme song for Lee Jong Suk's character Choi Dal Po in 'Pinocchio'. The song is described to be accompanied by a beautiful guitar melody and heartfelt lyrics, and it helps emphasize on Choi Dal Po's one side feeling for Choi In Na even more with Roy Kim's emotioal voice.

A rep from the OST production said,"Roy Kim did his best during the recording and he also wished for th success of the drama. He took care of the staff well without losing his smile. We could work comfortably thanks to him".

Roy Kim said,"It's a drama with a pretty story so I sang with a joyful heart. I hope it will become another fun for the viewers".

Roy Kim's OST will be released on November 27th.
Posted: 26 Nov 2014 01:00 AM PST

Actress Han Ye Seul and YG's producer Teddy assure everyone that they are still dating well with each other.

Recently there have been some rumours speculating that both Han Ye Seul and Teddy are no longer together, but the actress has claimed that their relationship is still going strong as her side stated,"We've checked with them and there's no problem between the two".

An official also said,"Han Ye Seul didn't have any filming schedule on November 24th so the two of them went on a date. They still maintain their good relationship cause they communicate with each other well".

A rep from the drama also revealed that the actress talks to her boyfriend on the phone during her break time, making everyone envious.

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul is staring in SBS's drama 'Birth of a Beauty'.
Posted: 26 Nov 2014 12:30 AM PST

Ailee and global pop singer Eric Benet will be having a joint concert this December.

The concert is titled 'Winter Concert' and will take place at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on December 13th. It will featured exclusive performances by both the singers as they will present their solo as well as collaboration stages, raising the anticipation of many people.

Ailee and Eric Benet attracted much attention for their perfect hamornization through 'Almost Paradise', which was included in Eric Benet's remake album released in June. Upon the news of their upcoming collaboration concert, the expectation for their performances has gone up even more.

The ticket sale for 'Winter Concert' will be opened through Interpark.
Posted: 26 Nov 2014 12:00 AM PST

Jaejoong has been confirmed to play the lead role in upcoming KBS's drama 'Spy'.

C-Jes Entertainment announced on November 26th that Jaejoong will be staring in new KBS's drama 'Spy and will take the role of a genius analyst named Sunwoo.

'Spy' is based on an Israeli drama called MICE(or Gordin Cell), telling the story of a mother who is an ex-spy from North Korea and her son, who is an NIS agent. The drama will take on the new concept as it will be a  ix between spy thriller and usual family drama.

'Spy' will be broadcasted in January 2015.
Posted: 25 Nov 2014 11:30 PM PST

Recently, Gall Up Korea has conducted a survey on over 1000 random people all over the country to find out TOP favorite TV programs of November, 2014.

The results showed that MBC's variety program, "Infinity Challenge" continue leading with 7.6%. Regardless of the recent scandal of No Hong Chul, the show is still loved by most of people. 

The second most favorite program surprisingly belongs to tvN's drama, "Misaeng" with 5.6%. The drama received a lot of positive reactions right from the start and maintained its highest ratings among various programs on the cable channel.

Standing at no.3 is KBS2's 'Superman is Back' with 4,6 %, followed by weekend drama, "My Dear Cat" (KBS1), Non-Summit (JTBC), 1 Night 2 Days (KBS2).

The rest positions respectively belong to KBS2's 'What's With This Family' (3,4%),  KBS2's 'Gag Concert' (3,3%), SBS's 'Running Man' (3.1%) and MBC's 'Real Men' (2,3%).

What is your favorite program of November?

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 11:00 PM PST

Luhan and SM Entertainment reported to enter a court-referred mediation to dispute about their current situations.

According to Seoul Central District Court on November 25th, it was decided that EXO-M's Luhan's lawsuit will be brought to a mediation appointed by the court. The two parties will have to enter the session to compromise in order to reach mutual agreements. If the mediation is not successful as both side can't come up with a solution, the case will be brought to court.

Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on October 10th claiming that there was a discrimination between the Korean and Chinese members as EXO-K was fully supported by the company while EXO-M wasn't properly promoted and had a difficult time. SM Entertainment later stated that as Luhan is using the same method and law firm to sue them with no particular reason while ignoring the understanding of the people included in the contract after gaining popularity through group promotions, it's certainly that he has put his personal profit first.
Posted: 25 Nov 2014 10:30 PM PST

According to some inner sources on November 25, Joo Won would participate in the OST of "Tomorrow Cantabile" and has already finished recording.

Joo Won is not only a famous actor in many dramas and TV shows, he used to be a musical actor with his own talent in singing. Fans are expecting to listen to the OST this time to feel his sentimental voice.

The song is said to be played in the last two episodes of "Tomorrow's Cantabile" which will air the final episode on December 2.

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 10:00 PM PST

LOVELYZ, a rookie girl group of Woolim entertainment is receiving a lot of attention for their cute image in school uniforms as well as the scandal of member Seo Ji Soo.

On November 22nd, LOVELYZ debuted at #1 on Japan's Tower Records without any promotion, which is a surprising success for a rookie group. It was said that Lovelyz's image looks like Japan's famous group AKB48 then they easily gain Japanese's support.

On November 25th, LOVELYZ's debut album, 'Girls' Invasion' ranked #9 on Taiwan's FIVE MUSIC Korea-Japan Weekly Chart (November 14th~20th), showing their popularity overseas.

A representative of Woolim Entertainment said, "We are getting a great number of offers from overseas. We are very grateful for those offers, but we will focus on their promotion in Korea first."

Meanwhile, LOVELYZ is busy promoting their title track 'Candy Jelly Love' on various music stages.


Posted: 25 Nov 2014 08:00 PM PST

Songwriter 40 releases his self-produced single album 'Hold Me' along with its MV.

40 writes the song to touch listeners' hearts about their past lovers. Watch below:

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 07:23 PM PST

T-ara have announced that they are finally having domestic concerts right on Christmas day.

Although T-ara have gone overseas for concerts, the girls haven't performed for their domestic fans through a concert. Fortunately, this time fans are receiving special Christmas gift as they announced their upcoming "Merry Christmas T-ARA Family Concert".

The concert is happening on December 25 and the concert happens twice in Coex Auditorium. One at 3PM and the other at 7PM.
Posted: 25 Nov 2014 07:11 PM PST

2BIC release the MV for their 3rd mini album 'Genuine's title song 'If We Love Again'.

The MV plots the story of a man who is longing for his former girlfriend. The song is composed by Rocoberry along with 2BiC's Joohyung, and the music is performed by an orchestra.

Check it out below:

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 06:30 PM PST

The lovely girls of Lovelyz shared what happened during the filming of their MV for 'Candy Jelly Love'.

The girls were being candid and adorable playing with each other and just having fun. Watch below:

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 06:07 PM PST

Hello Venus has a special fanservice for you.

During their training session, the girls wearing their skimpy outfit dance to Jason Derulo's hit 'Wiggle' shaking their hips making their fans daze.

Check it out below:

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 05:20 PM PST

T-ara is back with new song Little Apple at MTV The Show, enjoy their performance below:

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 04:17 PM PST

9Muses' Hyuna poses for the latest issue of BNT International, check out her beauty in the BTS video below:

Posted: 25 Nov 2014 03:46 PM PST

Check out Big Bang's transformation in the latest CF for Tower of Saviors below: