Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"141216 APink won 1st place with Luv on MTV The Show" plus 19 more

"141216 APink won 1st place with Luv on MTV The Show" plus 19 more

141216 APink won 1st place with Luv on MTV The Show

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 07:08 AM PST

APink won their 3rd successive victory on MTV The Show with their latest hit song Luv.

Check out their performance and winning speech below:

JYJ's Jaejoong to hold a fan meeting for his birthday in January next year

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 05:01 AM PST

Jaejoong will celebrate his upcoming birthday with the fans through a fan meeting event.

On December 16th, C-Jes Entertainment announced that Jaejoong will hold '2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY IN SEOUL' on January 26th at Jamsil Gymnasium.

Before the Seoul fan meeting, Jaejong will greet Japanese fans through '2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY IN YOKOHAMA' at Yokohama Arena on Janary 21st and 22nd.

The agency said,"We are expecting to receive a lot of inquiries from many fans around the world including Asia and Europe as the news about Jaejoong's fan meeting is being spreaded widely".

The ticket sales for the fan meeting will be opened through Interpark on January 5th at 8pm kst.

Luhan and SM Entertainment fail to reach agreements during the first mediation

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 04:30 AM PST

Luhan and SM Entertainment reported to have attend their first court-referred mediation.

Their first mediation today on December 16th at 2pm kst at the Seoul Central District Court . Neither Luhan nor CEO Kim Young Min were presented and the mediation was held in private with the attendance of the attorneys from both sides. However, they failed to reach a compromise while sticking to their own stance and ended it after just 30 minutes.

The court has decided that the second round of mediation will be scheduled next year, same for Kris and SM Entertainment' third mediation.

After School's Lizzy reported to make her trot solo debut next year

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 04:00 AM PST

After School's Lizzy is likely to make her solo debut with trot music next year.

An official from the industry revealed through an exclusive report by Sports DongA on December 16th,"After School's Lizzy is planning to release her first solo album early next year. It's rare for an idol singer to come out with a trot song".

In particular, Lizzy revealed in an episode of MBC's 'Quiz To Change The World' broadcasted last May that she's interested in trot music and passed the After School audition by singing a trot song. She has gained much popularity for her cute charm and satoori through variety shows as well as her promotions as a member of After School and Orange Caramel.

J.Tune Camp confirms that MBLAQ will continues as a trio + to release new album next year

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 01:30 AM PST

Following the previous report about Lee Joon and Thunder' departure from the group, and also whether MBLAQ will continue promoting with 3 remaining members, J.Tune Camp has released their official statement regarding the issue.

J.Tune Camp stated,"At the end of a long discussion between the members and the company regarding Lee Joon and Thunder' possible contract renewal, we have decided to respect their opinions to go their seperate ways. The two members have expressed their desire to focus on their individual acting and music careers so we sincerely wish them to fulfill their dreams in a good enviroment in the future".

"In addition, regardless of the end of the two members' group activities, MBLAQ will continue in the future. MBLAQ is planning to release a new album as a trip in the first half of next year, and also proceed with solo albums and individual activities. We thank all the people who have given much cheer and support for MBLAQ once again, and we ask that you continue to show a lot of love and interest'.

Sistar and BTS to guest at Homme(2AM's Changmin and 8eight's Lee Hyun)'s upcoming concert

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 01:00 AM PST

Sistar and BTS will make their guest appearances at Homme's upcoming concert.

Homme will hold their first concert titled 'When Homme Meets Femme' at Sejong University's Ocean Hall on December 23rd and 24th at 8pm kst. BTS will be appear as special guest on the 23rd while Sistar will be on the 24th.

Sistar previously made their guest appearance at 2AM's concert in 2012 and now they have agreed to guest at Homme's concert as well, expressing their loyalty. For BTS, despite being busy with their Asian tour, they still spend time to appear at the concert, showing their support for their labelmate senior.

For 'When Homme Meets Femme' concert, the duo will be perfoming their previous hits 'I Was Able to Eat Well' and 'Man Should Laugh', as well as 2AM and 8eight songs.

Ailee and f(x)'s Amber are the next stars to appear in 'One Fine Day'

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 12:30 AM PST

Following SHINee and B1A4, Ailee and f(x)'s Amber will be the next one to join in MBC's reality show 'One Fine Day'.

This might be not a suprise to many fans as the two were spotted filming together at Jeju island last month and were speculated that they might have been filming for 'One Fine Day', a show in which celebrities are given opportunities to go on holidays on their own.

Fans will be able to see how Ailee and Amber spend their times having fun while being on a 6-day vacation together. Since the two of them are from America, they didn't know much about Jeju island aside from its infamous hallabong(an orange-like fruit) and black pig pork. They were said to be like students on a field trip as they learned many new things about the island.

Ailee and Amber 'One Fine Day' will be broadcasted on December 30th at 12pm kst.

SM Entertainment Indie Label BALJUNSO's new singer Rico releases new digital single 'Til The Sun Comes Up'

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 12:00 AM PST

SM Entertaiment Indie Label BALJUNSO presents everyone their new male R&B singer Rico through digital single 'Til The Sun Comes Up' today.

Rico made his official debut in 2013 with the first single 'Work That' under independent label Daze Alive Music and has been active in the underground hip hop scene. He also released songs 'Shawty' and 'Bad On The Bed', showcasing his unique color as anR&B singer.

In particular, the new song 'Til The Sun Comes Up' is said to be included in his first full-length album 'The Slow Tape' which will be released in January next year.

Check out the MV below

DIA Profile

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 11:30 PM PST

Stage Name: Dia
Birthday: June 12, 1992
Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
Label: Winning InSight Music
Occupation: singer
Genres: K-pop, dance, pop, R&B
Height: 163 cm (5'3")
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @jieun8255

- She debuted as a solo artist in 2009 and  has collaborated with many artist including IU, The Black, D'Nine, H-Eugene, PD Blue,...
- In January 2014, she joined kpop group Kiss&Cry but after only 1 digital single, the group disbanded in September 2014. After that, she came back as a solo artist

Her latest song:

AOA transform into sexy cats for Ceci

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 11:01 PM PST

AOA had a successful run of promotions with 'Like A Cat'.

The girls received love call to appear in the January issue of Ceci Magazine, Seolhyun, Choa and Jimin transform into sexy cat women for the popular magazine.

Who do you think has done the best job in the photoshoot?

JYJ's '7th World Water Forum' CF to be broadcast worldwide through BBC, CNN, Arirang TV and more

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 11:03 PM PST

JYJ's '7th World Water Forum' CF has been unveiled.

C-Jes Entertainment said on December 16th,"For 2 weeks from December 15th to 28th, JYJ's '7th World Water Forum' CF will be broadcasted worldwide through BBC, CCN, Arirang TV. It can also be seen in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa".

JYJ has been appointed as ambassadors for various campaign thanks to their global popularity such as in 2011 they become UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific, Korea-Japan Exchanges Exhibition and Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Ambassadors in 2012, they're also the ambassador for 2014 Incheon Asian Games and they're now honorary ambassadors for World Water Forum 2015.

Meanwhile, JYJ is proceeding with their '2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour'

Fly to the sky and Gummy to hold a collaboration concert

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 10:30 PM PST

A ballad duo Fly to the sky, made up of Brian and Hwanhee and solo singer Gummy who share 14 years of friendship will team up for their first collaboration concert. 

The concert named "The Cclim", which means a feeling of attraction toward someone, will take place at Kyung Hee University's Great Peace Palace for three days from Dec. 23 to 25. Fly to the sky will sing their latest song, "You You You" and "Shall We Love," in which Gummy featured, and Gummy will go on with "I loved ... with no regrets". In addition, they also prepare other special joint performances with dance choreography.

Gummy, who said she hesitated to work with her long-time friends in the past, was glad when Hwanhee suggested the idea. 

Brian shared, "There were so many good things happened to our group this year, but I feel burdened for next year. It will be more concerning for us".

Meanwhile, the ticket price of concert will range from 77,000 won to 132,000 won and people can purchase from Interpark and Yes24.


g.o.d to guest at Psy's year-end concert

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 10:00 PM PST

On December 15, it was reported that the 15-year veteran idol group g.o.d. will appear as special guest in Psy's year-end concert at Seoul Olympic gymnasium.

Psy's concert tour, "All Night Stand" will have five shows from December 19 to 24, but g.o.d. will only appear as guest just once and the time five of them appear have not been revealed yet. 

In the past, Psy and g.o.d. used to featured in each other's concerts as guests. g.o.d. joined Psy's concerts in 2003 and 2004. In return, Psy attended g.o.d's 100th concert in 2003 and 15th anniversary performance in July 2014.

Meanwhile, Psy's concert is said to be suitable for all ages and will not last too long.


A Pink to hold first solo concert 'Pink Paradise' in January next year

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 07:30 PM PST

A Pink will have their first solo concert after 4 years since debut in January next year.

According to A Cube Entertainment on December 16th, A Pink's 1st solo concert titled 'Pink Paradise' will be held on January 30th & 31st at Olympic Park Olympic Hall. The concert is said to be a promise of the group to the fans as they are the only girl group of this year to win on all 3 major broadcast music programs for 2 consecutive weeks.

The agency said,"In order to repay all the fans' interest and love, they're currently gearing up with the concert preparations. A Pink will show 200% of their hidden charms which they weren't able to show through music programs and variety shows, so you can look forward to it. As this will be their 1st concert in 4 years, we ask for a lot of your interest".

The priority concert tickets will be available for fanclub members on December 22nd via YES24 while the regular tickets can be purchased via YES24 and Interpark on December 23rd.

Lee Joon and Thunder officially announce their departure from MBLAQ + the group may continue with the remaining 3 members

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 07:01 PM PST

It has been officially announced that Lee Joon and Thunder will be leaving MBLAQ to focus on their individual careers.

On December 16th, attorney Na Hyung Jin from the law firm Hae Sol released an official statement regarding the matter,


This is Lee Joon and Thunder' law firm Hae Sol(attorney Na Hyung Jin). On behalf of our clients Lee Joon and Thunder, we would like to make clear of our position regarding these recent speculations and reports about their exclusive contracts as well as their future plans.

First, Lee Joon and Thunder' contracts with J.Tune Camp have ended at the end of last November along with the Curtain Call concert, as well as their activities with MBLAQ.

And for their future activities, Lee Joon will focus on the filming of 'Mr.Baek' drama, while Thunder is planning to focus on his music studying for the time being.

Finally, our clients would like to thank all the fans who have given them support and love for the past 5 years, and they will repay fans with a more mature image. Thank you"

With the departure of 2 members, many fans are wondering whether MBLAQ will continue promoting with the remaining 3 members. In regard of this matter, J.Tune Camp assured fans by stating that the group will not disband and there might be new members to be recruited,"We are still discussing whether MBLAQ will continue with 3 members or the group will be reorganized. However, it's still early to talk about anything regarding the matter".

Roy Kim to release new single 'It's Christmas Day' on December 19th

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 06:30 PM PST

Roy Kim will greet the fans with a new single for this winter season.

On December 16th, CJ E&M unveiled the cover image of the single titled 'It's Christmas Day' and announced that it will be released on the 19th.

According to the agency, 'It's Christmas Day' was composed and written by Roy Kim himself and is described as a sweet love song. In particular, everyone who will go to his live concert this week on December 20th and 21st will be able to own the limited edition CD of the single.

Don't miss the release of 'It's Christmas Day' at noon on December 19th.

Suzy is a goddess in The Face Shop CF

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 06:07 PM PST

Suzy showcases her charm in the latest CF for The Face Shop, check out the video below:

Hello Venus release the making of Immortal Warrior

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 04:45 PM PST

Hello Venus reveal their adorable side in the making of Immortal Warrior CF, check out the video below:

EXO release teaser for December, 2014

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 04:21 PM PST

EXO have a special Christmas gifts for EXO-L.

A teaser video featuring Chanyeol having fun with games is released, check out the teaser below:

Clara releases digital single 'Happy Happy Song'

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 04:13 PM PST

Clara shares the happiness with fans by releasing a new digital single.

Check out the Christmas version Happy Happy Song below: