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"Chrome Entertainment's MV for 'Love Christmas'" plus 22 more

"Chrome Entertainment's MV for 'Love Christmas'" plus 22 more

Chrome Entertainment's MV for 'Love Christmas'

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 07:00 AM PST

Crayon Pop uploaded a video on their YouTube channel featuring Chrome Entertainment's Christmas carol.

The music video of 'Love Christmas' featured Crayon Pop, Bob Girls, K-Much, and Zan Zan.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Crayon Pop

LEDApple shares a video 'Ledapple in Europe #1 ~Netherlands~'

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 06:30 AM PST

LEDApple uploaded a video of their '1st LEDApple European Live Tour' which was held early this year.

On the video, LEDApple shared their experiences in the Netherlands, Romania, Germany, and Italy. This first video features their first stop---the Netherlands.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Official_LEDApple

Super Junior’s Siwon wants to keep this as private as possible

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 06:00 AM PST

Super Junior's Siwon is featured on L'Officiel Homme's December 2014 issue.

On his interview, he shared his thoughts about donating. He said, "Donations able me to share. It doesn't have to be money. I want keeping my donations private because after a donation becomes public, the meaning of it changes. It's difficult to feel its sincerity and purity."

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SOURCE: Star News

MBC’s 'One Fine Day' to feature Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Donghae and Leeteuk

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 05:30 AM PST

After VIXX, SHINee, B1A4, Ailee, and f(x)'s Amber were featured on MBC's reality show 'One Fine Day,' it's Super Junior members Eunhyuk, Donghae and Leeteuk turn.

The three went to Switzerland in November to film their episode which will be aired later in December.

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SOURCE: My Daily

AOMG turns one!

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 05:00 AM PST

Above Ordinary Music Group aka AOMG turned one.

To celebrate this milestone, AOMG's CEOs Jay Park and Simon D held a party at Club Fix in Busan on December 6th. Performances came from Jay Park, Simon D, Loco, rapper Ugly Duck, Gray, and DJs such as Pumkin and Wegun.


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INFINITE F's L shows appreciation through an uploaded photo on his IG

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 04:30 AM PST

On December 7th, sub-unit INFINITE F's L uploaded the photo above on his Instagram.

On the photo, L was with his other fellow members Sungyeol and Sungjong. The three expressed their gratitude for their fan's gifts and love. The photo was captioned with, "Thank you for coming and waiting since dawn despite it's cold."

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2PM's concert poster for 'Go Crazy World Tour in Nanjing'

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 04:00 AM PST

On December 7th, JYP Entertainment uploaded the official promotional concert poster of 2PM's 'Go Crazy World Tour' in Nanjing.

The concert in Nanjing will be on January 17th, 2015 at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium.

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SOURCE: @jypnation

Lee Jong Hyuk makes a phone call to his wife and his son Junsu on 'I'm Going To School'

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 12:06 AM PST

Lee Jong Hyuk had an adorable phone call with his wife and son on JTBC's 'I'm Going To School'.

In the broadcast of 'I'm Going To School' on December 6th, Lee Jong Hyuk, Yoon Do Hyun and Nam Joo Hyuk visited Kangnam's house. Later at night, as Lee Jong Hyuk was about to go home, the others asked him to just sleep there together since they would have to go on a picnic with the class tomorrow morning anyway.

Lee Jong Hyuk then made a phone call to his wife to inform about his sleepover, but his wife expressed her frustration and said,"But the kids are waiting for you","They keep asking 'when will appa go home'". His son Junsu suddenly surprised everyone by saying through the phone,"Appa quickly [go home]".

Upon hearing Junsu's voice, Yoon Do Hyun asked,"Do you know who I am?" which resulted in Junsu replying back that he didn't know.

Check out the video below

A Pink wins #1 on this week's 'Inkigayo' #LUV4thWin

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 11:30 PM PST

A Pink has achieved another win for 'LUV' on this week's SBS's 'Inkigayo'.

The girls competed against Park Hyo Shin's 'Happy Together' and G-Dragon x Taeyang's 'Good Boy' for #1 and they came out as the winner in the end, making it their 4th win for ever since 'LUV' promotion started.

Congration to A Pink! Check out their performance below

AOA to appear on KBS's 'The Human Condition' next week

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 11:01 PM PST

AOA to make their guest appearance on KBS's 'The Human Condition' next week.

In the broadcast of the show on December 6th, the members continued challenging themselves in various professions and in particular Jo Woo Jong got himself served as a cordi for AOA. For next week's broadcast, he will invite the group to visit the house of 'The Human Condition' which will surprise all the cast members.

We will get to see AOA showcasing their dance for 'Like A Cat' and the cast members mimicking their 'cat move'. The girls will also reveal which member of 'The Human Condition' cast they want to date the on the show.

Check out the preview below

KBS's 'Entertainment Weekly' crowns EXO's D.O, ZE:A's Siwan and A Pink's Eunji as top 3 acting idols

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 10:30 PM PST

EXO's D.O, ZE:A's Siwan and A Pink's Eunji have been chosen as top 3 acting idols of 2014.

In the broadcast of KBS's 'Entertainment Weekly' on December 6th, the producers of the show gathered 40 idols-turn-actors into a list and gave it to a group of 10 pop culture critics in order to receive their opinions on these idols' acting skills.

According to the critics, EXO's D.O was chosen as the #1 acting idol of this year for his drama 'It's Ok, It's Love' followed by ZE:A's Siwan and A Pink's Eunji. A critic comment about D.O,"He showed an unbelievably deep understanding of his character. He did well in portraiting an unrealistic character in a realistic way. Among the acting idols, he has the fasestt growing rate"

CNBLUE wins 'Best Asian Group' at '2015 iQiyi Night' Awards

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 10:15 PM PST

CNBLUE has been crowned as the 'Best Asian Group' at '2015 iQiyi Night' Awards which was held in Beijing, China on December 6th.

Yonghwa's speech while receiving the award,"Thank you very much iQiyi. We have gained many good memories here through our concerts in China and I hope we can make more in 2015. We will keep doing our best to provide you with good music in the future".

CNBLUE also performed thei hit songs 'I'm Sorry' and 'Can't Stop' at the awards ceremony.

Congratulation to CNBLUE!

Rookie group HOTSHOT reported to have involved in a minor car accident

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 10:00 PM PST

Rookie group HOTSHOT reported to be hospitalized after being involved in a minor car accident.

A rep from Ko Sound revealed on December 6th,"HOTSHOT was involved in a car collision at around 6:20pm kst on Gayang Bridge in North Riverside Highway in Ilsan after finishing their schedule at MBC's 'Music Core' and was on the way to their fan signing event".

The rep continued,"Fortunately the members didn't sustain any serious injury so they were able to proceed with the fan signing as planned. They are currently being examined and receiving treatment at Ilsan Baek Hospital. Member Hojung received a CT scan as he experienced a joint pain in his jaw while other members suffered minor injuries".

Get well soon HOTSHOT!

SISTAR’s Hyorin's BTS video for 'bnt International'

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 09:34 PM PST

Fashion magazine 'bnt International,' uploaded a behind-the-scene video of SISTAR's Hyorin photo shoot for their November issue.

Watch below!

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Alexander seen on MBC’s 'My Tutor Friend'

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 09:09 PM PST

Former member of U-KISS Alexander Eusebio (Xander) had an unexpected appearance on MBC's 'My Tutor Friend.'

The episode was aired on December 5th, where Sung Si Kyung (the English tutor) and actress Kim Sung Ryeong attended an English class. Suddenly, Xander approached them and said, "What are you guys doing here? I'm a student here and I came to attend the class that's about to start." In the end, all of them attended the class together.

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SOURCE: Newsen

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shares a video on his IG

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 08:40 PM PST

Super Junior's Eunhyuk uploaded a video on his Instagram.

On the video,  Eunhyuk was with his fellow member Siwon. The video was taken before their Super Show 6 in Osaka started. The two were drinking an energy drink, and had a love shot where they crisscrossed each other's arms.

Watch below:
A video posted by Eunhyuk (@eunhyukee44) on

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EXID thanks fans with free live street performances of 'UP & DOWN'

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 08:16 PM PST

On December 6th, EXID uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel.

On the video, EXID shared their surprise free performances along the busy streets of Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Daehangno. These free live performances are EXID's treat for their fans who supported their comeback song 'UP & DOWN,' which was released in August 2014 after a two-year hiatus.

Watch below:

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T-ARA to be featured on Chinese talk show 'Day Day Up'

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 07:30 PM PST

T-ARA will be featured on an upcoming episode of a six-year old Chinese talk show 'Day Day Up,' which is hosted by Wang Han.

T-ARA will begin filming in the studio on December 7th, and on an outdoor set up on December 11th. Their episode will be aired on December 19th at 8:00 PM.

On the other news, T-ARA is also preparing for their first concert in Shanghai on December 27th.

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Super Junior-M's Henry is sorry

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 07:01 PM PST

Super Junior-M's Henry uploaded the photo above on his Instagram to express his sincere apology to what happened while he's performing at the Super Show 6 in Osaka, Japan.

Henry was taking a tribute performance for Michael Jackson. He did a violin act for Jackson's song 'Smooth Criminal,' but suddenly his bow snapped.  After his performance, he uploaded two photos. The first photo above is captioned with, "first time breaking my bow while perfo(r)ming ㅠㅠ sorry"

He followed it with the photo below and wrote, "i guess i can go fishing now... ㅠㅠ sorry ㅠㅠ broken bow."

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2NE1’s Dara hits 2M IG followers

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 06:41 PM PST

2NE1's Dara reached another milestone on one of her social media accounts.

On December 6th, Dara uploaded a photo on her Instagram marking the day when she reaches 2 million followers. She captioned the photo with, "Happy 2 million followers!!! ^.^ 감사합니다! Thank you! Maraming salamat! Arigato! Xie xie! To sia! Ce zu tin ba deh! Terima kasih! Kop kun ka! Xin cam on! Gracias! Obrigado! Merci!"

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on
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C-Clown’s Rome's 1st project as a director and producer

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 06:20 PM PST

C-CLOWN's Rome is now venturing as a director and producer. His first project is a music video for an upcoming artist V.HAWK's song entitled 'Pupil.'

Rome announced on his Instagram his latest project offering where he wrote, "Yoooo it's out. Link in my bio. Be sure to watch on pc as well for 4k quality !!! Share it around everyone :) there a lot more coming :) seriously means a lot to me that u are all supporting me :) !! Will keep the drive n passion up. BE SURE TO SUB as well :) #dpinkreel #dpr #romecclown #vhawk #pupil"

Watch below:

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QUEENB'Z perform the Wiggle Dance

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 05:18 PM PST

QUEENB'Z's Jini and Ah Ram challenge the Wiggle Dance, check out their performance below:

Girls' Generation, EXO, BEAST & more perform at Korean Music Wave Concert in China

Posted: 06 Dec 2014 04:36 PM PST

EXO, INFINITE, CN Blue, Girls' Generation and more groups perform at the Korean Music Wave Concert in China, check out their performances below: