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"Teen Top to release 1st season album 'Snow Kiss'" plus 24 more

"Teen Top to release 1st season album 'Snow Kiss'" plus 24 more

Teen Top to release 1st season album 'Snow Kiss'

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 07:00 AM PST

Teen Top announce that they will be releasing their 1st season album 'Teen Top Snow Kiss' on December 10.

The album will include a total of three songs such as its title track 'Snow Kiss', 'Merry Christmas' which is composed by Changjo, and 'Winter Song', composed by C.A.P.

The tracks are described to be filled with sweet and exciting melodies suitable for winter season. Moreover, the album is personally designed by members themselves. There are also Christmas cards with handwritten messages from the members for their fans.

The tracks will be available online on 10th and will be released offline on 12th.

LABOUM celebrates 100th day since debut

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 06:15 AM PST

LABOUM has reached their 100th day since debut and commemorate it with a group photo.

The girls posted the photo on their SNS account and wrote, "Today is LABOUM's 100th day since debut! Always thank you for supporting us!".

In the photo, the girls are posing with their cake and making V and thumb up signs. Congratulations!

Kye Bum Joo releases MV teaser for '28.5' ft. Jung In

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 05:45 AM PST

Kye Bum Zu releases the MV teaser for '28.5' from his upcoming 2nd mini album '24' which will be released on December 12.

The title track features Jung In and stars Kaeun and Mingyu. Check out the promising RnB harmony from the teaser below:

Baskin Robbins releases CF making of EXO's CF

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 05:15 AM PST

Baskin Robbins releases the CF making of EXO's Christmas CF 'Open Your Ice Cream Cake'.

The boys show their cute and awkward aegyo while following their respective tasks. Check it out below:

SHINee are the new face of 'The SAEM'

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 04:00 AM PST

Korean cosmetic brand 'The SAEM' has unveiled idol group SHINee as their 2015 endorser and released a promotional image.

According to 'The SAME', "We picked a model who would be able to relay the brand's message with the concept of eco-friendly to our consumers all over the world. Therefore, we chose SHINee to take in charge with their bright and energetic image.

SHINee will engage in the domestic and global advertisements of 'The SAEM" as it's global eco star. In fact, last weekend, SHINee already participated in the pictorial shoot as the new models after their overseas schedule. Despite that, the boys had shown bright and lively atmosphere in the studio and showed curiosity and interest to the brand's products.

Meanwhile, 'The SAEM' is releasing making film of the said pictorial to commemorate SHINee as its newest endorser.

APink win with 'Luv' at Music Bank #Luv2ndWin

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 03:57 AM PST

APink take home their 2nd win with 'Luv' today at Music Bank. Bomi, Namjoo, and Chorong thank everyone who helped them for this comeback.

Eunji, in particular, mentioned her dad who is working in Saudi Arabia during encore and said, "Dad do you see this from Saudi?". Meanwhile, Apink competed with Park Hyo Shin's ' Happy Together' for this week.

Congratulations girls! Watch their performance below:

TS Entertainment releases their second official statement regarding B.A.P's lawsuit

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 02:30 AM PST

Following the first official statement regarding B.A.P's lawsuit to nullify their contract, TS Entertainment has released a more detailed statement while remaining their stance that they're not at fault in the issue.

The official statement was posted on B.A.P's official Facebook on December 5th:

"Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

First, we bow our heads in apology for unintentionally worrying those who have been watching over out label with love.

After TS Entertainment was founded in 2008, we have put out artists such as Untouchable, SECRET, and B.A.P for the past 7 years, and we will soon be launching a rookie band. As K-Pop becomes a flow of worldly culture, we put our goals in increasing our label artists' capacities, introduce them to the world, and grow together with them.

B.A.P was our label's first ambitious boy group, and our investment and preparation for them was big enough not to be lagging when compared to any other label. Thankfully, the six B.A.P members that stuck together through talent and effort also worked hard, and B.A.P members distinguished themselves as a K-Pop artist who could even have 2 world tours.

While we were running hard together, around October, the members told us through their management team leader that they wanted to rest. We respected their intentions and cancelled all schedules including their South American tour and their Japan tour, and gave them a long rest. During this, the members went back and forth between the dorms, their homes, and overseas to recharge, and continuously kept in contact with the label. And recently, we confirmed with them that they wanted to restart their promotions starting with the award shows in January, and we were planning their schedules for next year, and we were abruptly told of the news of their lawsuit through a media company's article on November 27th.

Our company was in great shock when the news article on the lawsuit came out on the 27th because even up until the afternoon on November 26th, when the complaint was filed, the label employees and the members contacted each other and made every day talk. Immediately, the label tried to contact the members through the management team leader, but we could not get in contact with them. Afterward, we tried to contact their parents, and the parents who we were able to get into contact with confirmed the filing of the complaint, and requested that we "talk to the lawyer." To this, we decided that the company would only be able to understand the details of the situation after we received the complaint, and had been waiting to receive it.

However, even before the label received the complaint, we were put to question because of the continuous, one-sided points that a small number of media sites reported. Because B.A.P hit the break-even point in 2014 and had been facing imminent high profit, the situation looked even more serious. Finally, we were tipped off by credible sources that there are a de facto power behind the media reports to make the relationship between B.A.P and our label worse to recruit B.A.P with advantageous conditions for the new label.

To this, the label will thoroughly grasp the identity of the de facto power and take strong action. As soon as we are able to confirm it, we will demand strict responsibility of those who have violated business ethics and depreciating K-Pop.

In fact, our company didn't receive the complaint formally. It turned out that the law firm representing the plaintiff didn't pay the right amount of the fee in filing the complaint and so the court sent "the correction order" to the lawyer. Even though our company didn't receive the complaint, we were able to acquire the copy of the complaint by asking the court. And hereby we'd like to make our official statement in those points raised by some press. 

Point 1) 10 billion KRW in sales for 3 years, for 17.8 million per member

TS->Reached the break-even point in about 2 years. During the second half of 2014, the predicted total profit is 285 million KRW. If the schedules were carried out as expected, the predicted total profit in the 2nd half of 2014 was 600 million KRW. 

Our investment in B.A.P started during their trainee years, and the large costs were used starting in the second half of 2011, with leader Bang Yong Guk's solo single 'I Remember' and BANG&ZELO's unit 'Never Give Up' album production costs. As you can see from the above chart, even until 2013, costs were bigger than profits. This is because instead of immediate profit, the B.A.P members worked for their own dream and the company's goal in "taking over the world through music." Thanks to these bold investments, B.A.P was able to mark their place as the next-generation K-pop artist, and they reached the break-even point in about 2 years since debut in early 2014, and were able to make results that the industry had to pay close attention to. 

As you can see from the chart, after they reached the break-even point, B.A.P's costs and profits margin keep largely widening, and B.A.P should have been able to create exponential profit. As you can see immediately from the second half of 2014 (July-December), if they went through with the schedules such as the South American tour, the Japanese tour, and the Chinese events, they were predicted to bring in a total of 600 million KRW in net-profits. However, because these were sadly cancelled, we predict their total net-profits for the second half of 2014 would be 285 million KRW.

Also, depending on their activities in 2015, we were predicting 1.8 billion KRW for their net-profits, which is 15 times the amount of their 1st profit distribution.

Point 2) Profit ratio 1 (B.A.P): 9 (TS) ?

TS-> Their average profit ratio during the contract period is predicted to be 4 (B.A.P) : 6 (TS)

Before we explain the "profit ratio," let us explain how our label calculates profits. In accordance with the contract, the label calculates profits every 6 months. Firstly, we deduct all the investment fees that we used for B.A.P from all the sales related to B.A.P. And then we divide the leftover profits according to the sales type, and then again with the artists' profit ratio. The reason why we do not deduct each cost per type but from the total first is because there are a lot of costs that cannot be deducted from a specific category, such as their dorms, their transportation, their food, their tuition, their lessons, their culture activities, their workouts, their massages, their hospital costs, their T-money, etc.

The reason why the album/song/MD (1:9) profit ratio is lower than the performance/advertisement/event (5:5) profit ratio is because the latter uses low costs compared to the artist fee and the costs that come from outsourcing is counted as a joint cost. But in the former case, we sometimes do outsource, but the personnel costs in using specialty staff in the label (contents planning/design/production, video, MD planning/production/sales, fan marketing, etc) is not counted as joint costs, but because the label has to pay it ourselves after dividing costs with the artists.

The profit ratio calculated in the first half of 2014 was measured low because it was mostly on album promotions through albums and songs to secure the popularity in the beginning stages of their debut. After this, through everyone's effort, B.A.P was able to successfully finish 2 world tours and have confidently placed themselves as a remarkable K-pop artist, and so their profit creation composition and average profit ratio is also changing. This is as the members and the label aimed for, and it was faithfully devoted to the goal of reflecting the artists' level of contribution in the success in the profit composition. We were predicting an average profit ratio of 4 (B.A.P) : 6 (TS) as their concerts, events, and advertisements would be the main activities from now on.

Point 3) Slave contract? 

TS -> The same contract as set by the Fair Trade Commission + Details

The "slave contract" as said through one media outlet is all based on the standard contract set by the Fair Trade Commission, and included details that materialized the contract.

Also on the contract period, if you see the contract period as specified by the Fair Trade Commission's standard contract, it is based on 7 years. However, in cases where it is "necessary because of signing and fulfilling contracts with a foreign management company for long-term overseas promotions," or "when the contract needs to be maintained for longer for other proper reasons", it can be extended through "agreement in written."

B.A.P's exclusive contract period is set for "7 years based on when the album (solo album, digital album put out as a group, full-length album) was first released." The members signed the exclusive contracts in March, June, and September of 2011 individually. Because leader Bang Yong Guk and member Zelo were active as solo and unit before B.A.P, all of the members' contract termination date is different.

Point 4) Problem of trust

TS -> Problem of communication

In July, even after the profit distribution, the B.A.P members carried out schedules without saying anything. However, because they acted emotionally unexpectedly such as suddenly disappearing in mid-September, plans to carry out promised schedules such as variety shows fell apart. However, the label apologized multiple times to the broadcast stations and their employees and asked for them to be excused, and worked hard to protect the members.

Also, the label paid attention and tried to find a fundamental solution by talking through the management team leader and executive staff to the emotional situations that the B.A.P members had been through. When the members responded that they wanted to rest, on October 23rd, we agreed to minimize official promotions and canceled the South American and Japanese tours, and took actions so they could rest abundantly until the end of the year. 

Even after this, the B.A.P members had continuous communication with the label employees, lived in the dorm, went together to hospitals, and ate together, like nothing had changed, so we had believed that they would prepare for their next promotions while resting and waited. As we have said before, we were told that they wanted to restart promotions in January, and were planning schedules for next year, and suddenly received this news.

The label's official response to the points will end here, and the label will provide the court with detailed, transparent material for all the problems the complaint brings up to bring clear light to all the facts and truths. What is certain is that TS Entertainment did nothing illegal, and we have never treated B.A.P unfairly or forcefully.

TS Entertainment's company motto is "honest, diligence, modesty." Perhaps our intention to make an environment where the members could make a warm home away from home as well as one their talents were well-matched instead of focusing on immediate profit was wrongly relayed. If we were not able to figure out the members' hurt emotions, this is also a mistake from trial and error because our label's employees are not experienced enough.

Lastly, TS Entertainment hopes B.A.P members can tell us frankly what they want and look again at the dreams that we aimed for together early in their debut. However, if the members continue to block conversation even with continuous attempts for communication and want to take matters to court, the label will respect their decisions and find a clear solution in court.

Once again, we bow our heads sincerely for worrying many people, and will work hard to do our best in finding a solution for this situation."

Kris and SM Entertainment to have the third court-referred mediation early next year

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 02:00 AM PST

Kris and SM Entertainment revealed to have once again failed at reaching mutual agreements.

On December 5th, the attorneys from both sides attended the second mediation which took place at Seoul Central Distric Court at 10:20am kst. Just like the first mediation, they were unable to come with a compromise and court decided to hold the third mediation in the first half of next year.

The first mediation was held on July 8th which resulted in both sides being given the second round mediation as they couldn't reach a settlement.

SHINee encouters and takes photos with Jack Black at airport

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 01:30 AM PST

SHINee is one of the lucky people that has the chance to encounter and even took photos with Hollywood star Jack Black at airport.

On December 5th, Jonghyun updated his Twitter,"Hul I saw Jack Black at the airport.....................","He asked me if I was a rock star and we started talking then he told me he was a rock star's Jack....are you Jack?!? oOo?!?!?!?!? Jack Black!?! School of Rock?!?!?!? I didn't even expect that.....He said he's having a concert in Korea!! 1".

Onew later also uploaded a photo of him with his members Jonghyun, Minho with Jack Black and tweeted,"21...........!!!!!!!!!!!!", which fans assumed that he was using '21' as in referred to the casino card game 'blackjack' which sounds similar to the star's name.

SBS's 'Gayo Daejun' reveals the possibility of bringing back its awards ceremony this year

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 01:00 AM PST

SBS's 'Gayo Daejun' may bring back its awards ceremony that has been abolished 8 years ago.

A rep revealed on December 5th,"In preparation for SAF(SBS Awards Fesival), the production crew for 'Gayo Daejun' is discussing about bringing back the awards ceremony","It hasn't been confirmed yet, we just consider it as a part among various possibilities. The final decision will be released later".

SBS's 'Gayo Daejun' had proceeded with its awards ceremony until 2006, due to some issues regarding the fairness and reliability. Sarted from 2007, it no longer included as a segment in the event.

Meanwhile, SBS's 'Gayo Daejun' will be held on December 21st.

Kim Yoo Jung's older sister surprises everyone with her beauty on 'Happy Together 3'

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 12:24 AM PST

Kim Yoo Jung's older sister made her appearance on KBS's 'Happy Together 3' and has quickly attracted much attention for her beauty.

During the broadcast of the show on December 4th, as the topic of the day was about eating, Kim Yoo Jung's older sister Kim Yeon Jung talked about her little sister through an interview video which was prepared beforehand. She said,"My sister comes out really pretty and cute on TV, but she eats really well at home. My mom always makes food according to the three siblings, but when she comes back from school she always eat all of them so I remember we fought over food a lot".

Kim Yeon Jung added,"Yoo Jung is on a diet these days so she can't eat lunch at school but instead she eats cucumbers and tomatoes. I found it really sad". She later sent a message to her little sister,"Yoo Jung ah, you must be going through a hard time and I'm sorry that I can't do anything about it. I hope you will become a good actress, Unnie will always cheer for you".

Park Shin Hye to sing an OST for 'Pinocchio'

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 11:45 PM PST

Park Shin Hye will lend her voice for the next OST of SBS's drama 'Pinocchio'.

According to an industry insider, Park Shin Hye already finished recording for the OST on December 4th. The song is said to be a medium tempo ballad which has become more lyrical thanks to Park Shin Hye's sweet voice.

A rep said,"Park Shin Hye's new OST will let the viewers feel emphathy with Choi In Ha character's feeling in the drama".

Meanwhile, 'Pinocchio' is currently being broadcasted every Wednesday anf Thursday.

Yoon Mi Rae releases album jacket photo for upcoming single 'Angel'

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 11:15 PM PST

Yoon Mi Rae wow fans with her beauty in new album jacket photo for upcoming single 'Angel'.

The photo is deemed in monochrome which emphasizes on her beauty and charisma aura, yet it also gives off a warm feeling which is perfectly fits with the winter season.

Many music fans are anticipating for this new single as this will be her first release after 3 years. 'Angel' is said to be an R&B pop ballad composed and written by Yoon Mi Rae herself featuring her husband Tiger JK and Bizzy.

'Angel' will be released on December 8th.


Posted: 04 Dec 2014 10:55 PM PST

TAEYANG, member of "Kings of K-Pop" BIGBANG, will hold his first ever world tour in Malaysia on 2015 February 07 (Saturday) , 6:30p.m. at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur, organized by IME Productions.

TAEYANG 2nd solo album [RISE] unveiled this year swept across music chart all across the world. His title track "EYES, NOSE, LIPS" was even ranked #1 on Korea Gaon's Karaoke Chart for 9 weeks in a row, which is the longest for any artists. His first solo tour kicked off on August 12 in Japan, touring 6 cities with 13 concert and about 70,000 spectators, and it's ended in incredible success. On 2014 MAMA, TAEYANG won The Best Vocal Performance Male, Best Male Artist and Song Of The Year. IME Productions is the lead promoter of 2015 TAEYANG WORLD TOUR [RISE] IN MALAYSIA

Ticket launch will be held on December 07 (Sunday) 2014 at Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall from 11:00a.m. till 4:00p.m. First 1000pcs tickets comes together with a limited edition giant poster which only for ticket launch day in Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall.

Online sales will begin on 2014 December 07 (Sunday) at 4:00pm via TicketCharge website ( TicketCharge ticket hotlines will begin on 2014 December 08 (Monday) at 10a.m., please call (603) 92228811 to purchase your ticket.

Outlet sales will begin on 2014 December 08 (Monday), please visit TicketCharge office, Speedy music store, Rock Corner music store, Victoria music center, Neway Karaoke outlet and Celcom blue cube outlet.

Tickets for 2015 TAEYANG WORLD TOUR [RISE] IN MALAYSIA are priced at:
• VIP RM599 (VIP zone / Number seat)
• RM499 (Rock zone)
• RM399 (Number seat)
• RM299 (Free seating)
• RM199 (Free seating)

** First 1000 comes with limited edition giant poster. ONLY for ticket launch day in Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall.

TAEYANG will release [RISE] World Tour edition for Malaysia VIP's ! First 500 tickets purchaser during ticket launch or online entitled to purchase this world tour edition album (RM50 per CD), which you can't buy it from music store. This limited edition [RISE] album will include 3 bonus tracks.

TAEYANG [RISE] World Tour Edition track list
1. Intro (Rise)
2. Eyes, Nose, Lips
3. 1AM
4. Stay with Me (featuring G-Dragon)
5. Body
6. Ringa Linga
7. This Ain't It
8. Let Go
9. Love You to Death
Bonus Tracks
10. Eyes, Nose, Lips (Live from 2014 YG Family Concert "POWER" in Seoul
11. Ringa Linga (Live from 2014 BIGBANG +a in Seoul)
12. Only Look At Me + Weeding Dress (Live from 2013 BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR THE FINAL in Seoul)

For more information, please log on to IME Productions official Facebook (

Kim Jong Kook to guest in 'Running Man' Chinese movie version

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 10:54 PM PST

'Sparta' Kim Jong Kook will make his guest appearance once again in 'Running Man' Chinese movie version.

According to Urban Works Ent on December 5th, Kim Jong Kook is currently filming for 'Hurry Up! Brother'(official name for 'Running Man' Chinese version) movie version in Sanya City, Hainan Province, China.

This will be the 3rd time Kim Jong Kook makes his appearance on 'Hurry Up! Brother' following the 1st episode when he appeared alone and in episode 5 when he guested with the other cast members of 'Running Man'.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook will hold his first solo concert in Harbin, China on December 27th. 'Hurry Up! Brother' movie version is aimed for next year's Lunar New Year premiere.

Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum confirmed for 'Kill Me Heal Me'

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 10:36 PM PST

Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum will reunite in upcoming SBS's drama 'Kill Me Heal Me'.

According to their agencies, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum have been confirmed to play as lead roles in SBS's new drama 'Kill Me Heal Me'. The drama previously went through some troubles in casting process as both Lee Seung Gi and Im Ji Yeon turned down the offer to star in the drama.

This will be the second project that Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum will be working together following KBS's 'Secret Love' last year which received much love from many people.

'Kill Me Heal Me' will be a romatic-comedy drama, telling the story of a heir of an conglomerate company who suffers from multiple personality disorber and a psychiatrist. It's scheduled to broadcast in January 2015.

Henry amuses media with his impromptu shaving at the airport

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 08:33 PM PST

On December 5, Henry appears at Gimpo airport in front of fans and media to depart for Japan for Super Show 6 in Osaka.

However, it seems like Henry wants to appear better-looking with the cameras following them and suddenly brings out an electric shaver from his bag and started shaving his fine growing mustache.

Afterwards, appearing more confident, bright Henry poses happily and all smiles for a shot.

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Dynamic Duo and Lena Park release MV for 'SsSs'

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 08:00 PM PST

Dynamic Duo and Lena Park collaborate to provide you with a winter-themed duet song.

The track 'SsSs' is retro song with hip-hop and R&B music that combines the artists vocal power and melody. A very suitable song to go along in winter.

Watch its MV below:

Brand New Music release MV for 'Brand New Day'

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 07:30 PM PST

Brand New Music releases the MV for their family single 'Brand New Day'.

In this project song, talented Brand New Music artists such as Verbal Jint, SanE, PHANTOM, AsOne, PType, TAEWAN, KangMinHee, Kanto, Champagne&Candle, Da-il Yang, and DJ IT.

The single album also includes another track 'HIGH' performed by Champagne&Candle, Phantom's HanHae, and Kanto.

Check it out below:

Block B's U-Kwon and Taeil to release solo albums next year

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 07:37 PM PST

Following Zico, U-Kwon and Taeil are next members of Block B who will debut as solo next year.

According to some officials on December 5, U-Kwon and Taeil are already under preparations for their album scheduled to be released in January next year. After these solo releases, Blocb B will debut a sub-unit in March.

During the red carpet greeting at MAMA 2014 in Hong Kong on December 3, Block B already mentioned the solo debut of members they kept secret until today.

Are you anticipating new releases from Block B next year?

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BTOB release MV for Christmas single 'You Can Cry'

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 07:00 PM PST

BTOB has finally release the MV for their Christmas single 'You Can Cry' which was released on December 3.

The MV is filled with boys having a photoshoot and recording their song. They all appear lively, energetic, and adorable as ever.

Meanwhile, 'You Can Cry' is a pre-released song from their upcoming Winter album which will be released this month. 'You Can Cry' is a track which lyrics give encouragement and cheer for people who don't have love ones this holiday. The mid-tempo melody will help provide comfort and fun.

SONAMOO's D.ana and NEW SUN showcase their rapping skills

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 06:30 PM PST

TS Entertainment releases an audio showcasing the rapping skills of D.ana and NEW SUN from their upcoming girl group SONAMOO.

The girls have a very sharp rap flow proving what the rapping line is capable of. Listen below while we wait for their nearing debut.

SHINee to release live concert album 'SHINee World III in Seoul'

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 06:05 PM PST

SHINee will be releasing their third live concert album  'SHINee The 3rd Concert Album SHINee WORLD Ⅲ in Seoul' on December 11.

The tracks in the album are from their concert 'SHINee CONCERT SHINee WORLD III in SEOUL' last March 3,8, and 9 which was held in Seoul Olympic Park, Gymnastics Stadium.

Fans could relive the successful concert and hear the vivid live versions of SHINee's hit tracks that they perform on stage such as 'Julier', 'Lucifer', 'Dream Girl', 'Everybody' and more all included in 2 CDs containing a total of 33 tracks.

Fans can also listen to the studio version of their Japanese track  '3 2 1' in Korean version as the bonus track.

Hyolyn & Jooyoung sing 'Love' & 'Erase' on Cultwo Show

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 04:43 PM PST

Jooyoung and Hyolyn show their amazing chemistry on Cultwo Show singing Love and Erase, check out the videos below:

Kim Yoo Jung performs Mr.Chu on Happy Together

Posted: 04 Dec 2014 04:36 PM PST

Actress Kim Yoo Jung shows her cuteness dancing to Apink's Mr.Chu, check out the video below: