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"Davichi release intense emotional MV teaser for 'Cry Again'" plus 19 more

"Davichi release intense emotional MV teaser for 'Cry Again'" plus 19 more

Davichi release intense emotional MV teaser for 'Cry Again'

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 07:00 AM PST

Davichi release the 1nd teaser for their upcoming song 'Cry Again' MV.

This time, Kang Minkyung displays an intense drama act where she and her lover are seen having an argument while Haeri is behind.

Meanwhile, the full MV and new album 'Hug' will be released on 21st.

GFriend release visual training version of 'Glass Bead' practice video

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 06:15 AM PST

GFriend make it easier for you to watch your bias member through the visual training version of 'Glass Bead' practice video.

The clip is divided into six frames featuring each member dancing.Check it out below:

Actor Yeo Jin Goo adorably dances to EXID's 'Up&Down'

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 05:47 AM PST

During the showcase of his starring movie 'Shoot Me in the Heart' , actor Yeo Jin Goo dances to EXID's 'Up & Down' along with his fan.

Surprisingly, the adorable child actor now a best actor of his generation knows the dance moves and gamely danced along with the fan throughout the end although he was a bit embarrassed.

On the same day, Yeo Jin Goo also did fan service like free hugs, games and more. He has some hidden dancing skills! Watch below:

Lizzy releases jacket photo for 'I'm Not an Easy Girl'

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 05:15 AM PST

The cover image of Lizzy's solo debut digital single 'I'm Not an Easy Girl' is released.

The image is in retro concept with a photo of Lizzy in a simple white long sleeves. It is also revealed that comedian Jung Hyung Don will be featured.

Meanwhile, Lizzy's semi-trot single will be released on 23rd at 12PM KST, but she will perform at M!Countdown on 22nd.

Are you excited for her solo debut?

Eddy Kim releases highlight medley for 'Sing Sing Sing'

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 04:30 AM PST

The upcoming EP album 'Sing Sing Sing' of Eddy Kim boasts eargasm tracks previewed in the recently released highlight medley.

Eddy Kim makes this EP special by composing the lyrics and providing music to the tracks. The upcoming album includes a total of 6 tracks which will be released on January 21.

Listen below:

U-Kiss release Kiseop's, Jun's, and Kevin's concept images for 'Always'

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 04:00 AM PST

The concept images of Kiseop, Jun, and Kevin were released following Eli's and Hoon's.

The boys are creating the same subtle atmosphere with their fine and casual images. Kiseop has a dandy feels and flattering look with his round eyeglasses while Jun is just as handsome with his denim top. On the other hand, Kevin is innocently adorable in his white knitted-turtleneck sweater.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss will release their 10th mini album 'Always' soon.

Kim Soohyun reveals new CF for Pizza Hut

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 02:58 AM PST

Kim Soohyun reveals new CF for Pizza Hut, check out the CF below:

SG Wannabe signs with CJ E&M + to comeback soon

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 11:30 PM PST

On January 19, it was reported that popular K-pop trio SG Wannabe will return to the music scene later this year.

The trio recently signed with CJ E&M and beame labelmates with Roy Kim and Davichi. They will start working on a new album. 

Since two of the members were recently discharged from the military, several entertainment agencies were interested in signing the trio but they decided to go with CJ E&M to help them with future career from producing and releasing albums.

SG Wannabe debuted in 2004 and became popular with ballad songs like  "While You Live" and "Timeless".

Fans are looking forward to their comeback after their seventh album in 2011.


Happy birthday to Nine Muses' Hyuna

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 10:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Moon Hyun Ah
Stage Name: Hyuna
Birthday: February 19, 1987
Label: Star Empire entertainment
Group: Nine Muses
Position: Main Vocalist
Instagram: @moongom119
Twitter: @moongom119

Happy birthday to Hello Venus's Lime

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 10:00 PM PST

Stage name: Lime (라임)
Real name: Kim Hye Lim (김혜림)
Nickname: Haley
D.O.B: Jan 19, 1993
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Label: Fantagio
Group: Hello Venus
Position: main rapper, vocalist, main dancer
Education: Youngpa girls high school
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Swimming
Skills: dancing, rap-making

- she was a former trainee at Medialine Entertainment and was suppose to debut in a girl group called 'Viva Girls' which included  Nine Muses Kyungri, Dal Shabet's Woohee, Kiss&Cry's Soyumi & Stellar's Hyoeun but the group disbanded. 
- she was a back-up dancer for Lee Chaeyeon. 
- she was featured in Lee Jung's 'Look At Me' and Honey Family's 'Reversal of Drama' under the name Haley. 
- she helped write the lyrics for After School's 'Time's Up!'.
-  she is the most sensitive member.
-she is most confident with her eyes among all her body features.
- she's really good at cooking spaghetti and other types of non-korean food.
-she's the heaviest drinker in the group.
-she has Acrophobia (fear of heights).
- her ideal type celebrity is actor Yoo Yeon Seok. 

Wa$$up reveal Stupid Liar MV

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 08:44 PM PST

Wa$$up reveal the full MV of their new song Stupid Liar, check out the MV below:

Amber cries, Bomi struggles, and more in the preview of 'Real Men'

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 08:00 PM PST

The preview for the upcoming first episode of the female special of 'Real Men' is released.

The clips shows the first day of the female recruits struggling and crying during their physical challenges. The tough and fighting spirit of the female soldiers, Kim Ji Young, Park Ha Sun, Kang Ye Won, Lee Da Hee, gag woman Ahn Young Mi, Apink's Bomi, f(x)'s Amber, and former announcer Lee Ji Ae are going to be tested in the first episode which will air on January 25.

Watch below:

Yonghwa gives his girl a sweet kiss on 'One Fine Day' MV still cuts

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 07:30 PM PST

Two romantic still cuts from Yonghwa's upcoming MV 'One Fine Day' have been released.

Contrary to the emotional MV teaser, Yonghwa and his heroine share a sweet hug and romantic kiss in the photos. Will it be a happy ending or just part of his past memories?

Meanwhile, we're one day ahead before the released of his solo debut album.

1PUNCH finally teases members' visuals in 'Nightmare' intro

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 07:19 PM PST

Until today, fans have been curious about the anticipated duo, 1PUNCH' which is produced by Brave Brothers and D-Business.

An intro teaser is releasing giving a preview of their debut MV for 'Nightmare'. The duo are exuding a strong hip hop vibe complete with their overall get up and attractive dreadlocks.

Meanwhile, the date slated is January 23. Check out the members below:

Eddy Kim releases still cuts from 'My Love' MV

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 06:30 PM PST

Eddy Kim is looking handsome and stylish in the still cuts of his upcoming MV 'My Love'.

Wearing a white long sleeves and with his coat resting on his shoulders, Eddy has his hair styled and appears very flattering in front of a piano.

Meanwhile, the MV for his 2nd album's title song 'My Love' will be released on 20th at 8PM while his album 'Sing Sing Sing' will be released on 21st at midnight.

G.Soul releases MV for 'You'

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 06:00 PM PST

G.Soul finally releases the MV for his sog 'You' from his debut mini album 'Coming Home'.

The JYP talent who has trained for 15 years finally debuts to showcase his refined talents and skills. Listen to his RnB track which currently impressing listeners with his clear vocals and unique tone.

Watch below:

CNBlue's Yonghwa graces Cosmopolitan magazine

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 05:47 PM PST

CN Blue's Yonghwa who's making his solo debut soon poses for the February issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

He showcases his manly charm in the photoshoot, garnering much attention with his sexy gaze.

Check out the photos here:

INFINITE H reveal MV teaser for 'Pretty'

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 05:28 PM PST

Romantic guys of INFINITE H (Dongwoo and Hoya) reveal MV teaser of their comeback song 'Pretty', check out the video below:

Sohee models for shu uemura

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 05:18 PM PST

Sohee models for cosmetic brand shu uemura.

She's seen wearing makeup and lipsticks of the brand in her latest photoshoot, showing a more mature image, check out the photos here:

9Muses reveal 2nd MV teaser for Drama

Posted: 18 Jan 2015 05:13 PM PST

9Muses' comeback is just a few days left, the girls tease with 2nd MV teaser of their upcoming hit song titled 'Drama', check out the teaser below: