Friday, January 2, 2015

"Red Velvet perform at the Healing Talk Concert" plus 18 more

"Red Velvet perform at the Healing Talk Concert" plus 18 more

Red Velvet perform at the Healing Talk Concert

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 06:57 AM PST

Red Velvet showcase their live ability at Healing Talk Concert, enjoy their performance below:

Krystal greets fans in new Etude House CF

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 05:54 AM PST

f(x)'s Krystal reveals new CF for Etude House, check it out below:

SONAMOO debut with Deja Vu on Music Bank

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 04:34 AM PST

New girls SONAMOO perform their debut performance on Music Bank, check out their powerful performance below:

Hello Venus return with 'Wiggle Wiggle' on Music Bank

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 04:32 AM PST

Hello Venus perform their new song Wiggle Wiggle on Music Bank, enjoy their performance below:

CNBLUE's Minhyuk and AOA's Seolhyun stay under one blanket in BTS poster cut for 'Brave Family'

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 02:00 AM PST

The production team of KBS's new variety show 'Brave Family' has released a BTS poster cut featuring CNBLUE's Minhyuk and AOA's Seolhyun today.

The photo shows the two of them lying on a same bed together while being covered under one blanket, giving an intimate atmosphere like brother and sister.

'Brave Family' will bring out a brand new concept of family variety show as they cast will have to adapt themselves to the lifestyles of different families around the world. The cast have left for Cambodia for the filming today on January 2nd and will return to Korea on the 8th.

'Brave Family' will take 'I'm A Man' timeslot and broadcast on January 23rd at 11:05PM KST.

'Hyde, Jekyll, I' unveils the first trailer featuring Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 01:30 AM PST

SBS's upcoming drama 'Hyde, Jekyll, I' has released the first trailer featuring Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min.

The teaser video shows how Han Ji Min is treated differently at different times by Hyun Bin as his character suffers from multiple personalities disorber.

'Hyde, Jekyll, I' is a romantic - comedy drama telling the love story between Goo Seo Jin(Hyun Bin) who is the president of a theme park and Jang Ha Na(Han Ji Min), a member of a circus troupe. The drama will follow 'Pinocchio' and broadcast on January 21st.

A Pink's Bomi considered to join 'Real Men' Female Soldiers season 2

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 01:00 AM PST

It seems we will be able to see A Pink's Bomi in the second season of MBC's 'Real Men' Female Soldiers special.

There have been some reports stating that Bomi has been confirmed to join the show along with Park Ha Sun and Ahn Young Mi. However, a rep from A Cube Entertainment has denied and said,"We did met the production crew but we're still discussing about Bomi's appearance on the show".

In addition, Park Ha Sun and Ahn Young Mi have been confirmed for the season 2. The first filming is expected to take place in mid-January.

Girls' Generation's Yoona becomes the member of 'Honor Society'

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 12:30 AM PST

Girls' Generation's Yoona has become the first member of 'Honor Society' in 2015 after continuously donating in secret to help the lower income families since 2010.

A rep from Seoul Community Chest said on January 2nd,"Girls' Generation's Yoona, who is actively promoting as both a singer and actress, becomes the first member of 'Honor Society' in the new year'.

Regarding the news of her charity work, Yoona stated,"At first I just wanted to help the neighbors who are in need quietyly. But I think it's also important to share this with many other people. To celebrate the new year of 2015, I decided to join 'Honor Society' because I want to help spreading the culture of sharing. As I have done until now, I want to continue to give and help those who are in disadvantage".

Lee Yeon Bae, who is the president of Seoul's Fruit of Love said,"It needs a lot of effort and commitment to continuously doing something like that. We are expecting that Yoona, with her unchanging giving for the past 5 years, will become a role model to raise everyone's interest in sharing love to their neighbors".

AOA becomes the new models for cosmetics brand A'PIEU

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 12:00 AM PST

AOA has been chosen as the new models for cosmetics brand A'PIEU for 2015.

A rep from A'PIEU said on January 2nd,"AOA is a rising girl group who has received much love from many people aged between 10 to 20. Their fresh and appealing charm fits well with our concept, that's why we have chosen them to become our new models".

They continued,"This year A'PIEU will meet with the consumers through various forms and continue to strengthen our brand power with AOA as the new models"

Meanwhile, AOA will attend '29th Golden Disk Awards' on January 14th and 15th in Beijing, China.

Happy birthday to Double A's Jinhong

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 11:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Kim Jin Hong
Stage Name: Jinhong  
Birthday: January 2, 1998
Label: Made Star M
Group: AA/ Double A
Position: Maknae
Height: 178 cm (5'8")
Weight: 53 kg (116 lbs)
Blood Type: O

A-JAX's Jaehyung to enlist in the military on January 8th

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 11:00 PM PST

A-JAX's Jaehyung will make his military enlistment next week.

DSP Media posted a message on A-JAX's official fan cafe regarding Jaehyung's enlistment on January 2nd:

"Hello, this is DSP Media.

We are here to make an announcement regarding member Jaehyung of A-JAX.

Seo Jaehyung will be enlisting for his military service at Nonsan training camp on January 8th.

He will complete 4 weeks of basic military training and will serve as a public service personnel for 23 months.

He previously mentioned that he wanted to enlist quietly so we decided to not hold any event on the day of his enlistment.

We ask for a lot of your support and encouragement for Seo Jaehyung, who will be temporarily halting his team' activities to fulfill his military service.

Please continue giving a lot of interest and love for A-JAX' ongoing activities in the future.

Thank you".

Jaehyung also posted a handwritten letter for the fans on his Twitter on the same day:

"Hello. This is Seo Jaehyung.

I'm sorry for suddenly delivering the news of my enlistment.

After thinking about it a lot, I have informed you the news quite late.

I am so happy and grateful when I take a look back at all the memories and love we have received.

Because I had you, who stood by our side and protected us, I was able to always smile and shed tears of happiness.

Whether it's considered a short or a long time, I think I will miss you guys the most.

I will learn a lot and become a more mature person before I return.

Like a tree, I will always be here thinking of you first.

Please spend a healthy and warm winter.

Happy New Year.

I love you all.

-Sincerely, Seo Jaehyung-"

Happy birthday to BESTie's Uji

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 10:30 PM PST

Stage Name: UJi (유지)
Real Name: Jung Yoo Ji (정유지)
Birthdate: January 2, 1991
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Label: YNB entertainment
Group: BESTie
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
-Former trainee of JYP
-She is a former member of EXID

Happy birthday to BOYFRIEND's Jeongmin

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 10:00 PM PST

Birth Name: Lee Jeong Min
Stage Name: Jeongmin
Nickname: Mirror Prince
Birthday: January 2, 1994 
Label: Starship entertainment
Group: Boyfriend
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: B
Specialty: Piano, English

- He likes to chew bubble gum
- His role model is G-Dragon
- He shares a room with Youngmin and Kwangmin
- He can be quiet at times, but he's also funny, very serious and also mysterious
- He used to have the habit of biting his nails
- He is the joker in the group
- He would like to be the romantic type of boyfriend

SHINee's Jonghyun releases the first teaser video for 'BASE'

Posted: 02 Jan 2015 12:49 AM PST

Following the teaser images, SHINee's Jonghyun has once again stired up the fans' excitement by releasing the first teaser video for his upconing solo debut.

The video unveils the image of Jonghyun being chained up in a dark room along with the sound of his whisper "The reason to be more attracted to danger. The reason to enjoy it more inwardly".

Check out the video below

2AM's Seulong to replace SS501's Park Jung Min in tvN's drama 'A Pushover's Love'

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 06:49 PM PST

2AM's Seulong has been confirmed to star in upcoming tvN's drama 'A Pushover's Love'.

According to a rep from rtvN on January 2nd, 2AM's Seulong will replace SS501's Park Jung Min and take the role of a lawyer named Byun Kang Chul who is a perfect and cold city man.

Aside from Seulong, After School's Uee, Choi Woo Sik, Lee Soo Kyung have also been added into the final line up.

'A Pushover's Love' will focus on the love story between Kang Ho Go(Choi Woo Sik) who is a webtoonist's assistant and Do Do He(Uee), a national swimming goddess. The first episode will be broadcasted on February 9th at 11PM KST.

SHINee's Jonghyun releases teaser images for 1st solo mini album 'BASE'

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 06:27 PM PST

The mystery has been unveiled. SHINee's Jonghyun will be the first SM Entertainment artist to make his grand entrance for 2015!

On January 2nd, some of the first teaser images were released through his own official website. According to SM, Jonghyun will make his solo debut with 1st mini album 'BASE' which is set to be released on January 12th.

In addition, he will begin his solo promotions starting from KBS's 'Music Bank' on January 9th, then proceed with MBC's 'Music Core' on the 10th and SBS's 'Inkigayo' on the 11th.

More and more teaser images will be coming out later so stay tuned!

Amber snaps a funny photo with her sister!

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 04:55 PM PST

f(x)'s Amber spent some time with her sister during the new year.

The girls are seen posing with hilarious expressions in their latest photo.

Fans commented, "look-alike", "funny siblings" and etc.

Super Junior perform MAMACITA at Jiangshu New Year Concert

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 04:47 PM PST

Super Junior perform MAMACITA in China during new year, check out their performance below:

Hello Venus release individual images for Wiggle Wiggle

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 04:14 PM PST

Hello Venus continue to tease with individual images for their 5th single Wiggle Wiggle.

The girls will perform their comeback stage on Music Bank today, do you anticipate their comeback?