Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Yonghwa releases tracklist for 'One Fine Day'" plus 17 more

"Yonghwa releases tracklist for 'One Fine Day'" plus 17 more

Yonghwa releases tracklist for 'One Fine Day'

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 07:09 AM PST

Yonghw unveils the full tracklist for his 1st album 'One Fine Day'.

The album consists of ten tracks including the previously released collaboration tracks with YDG, Verbal Jint, Yoon Do Hyun, and JJ Lin. In addition to that, the track '27 Years' is co-composed and co-produced with American musician and producer Peter Malick.

Other tracks included are 'Intro', his title track 'One Fine Day' , 'Without You, 'Last Leaf', and Goodnight Lover'.

Yonghwa's album will be released on January 20.

Sweet Youngji decorates cake for Hara's birthday

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 06:15 AM PST

KARA's maknae Youngji expresses her love to her sisterly friend and co-member Hara who is celebrating birthday today.

To make it more special, sweet Youngji even decorates a heart-shaped cake herself and writes her message. "HR's 25 Birthday eonnie congratulations! - YJ".

The photos of her while decorating the cake is posted on her twitter account along with the caption, "

♡♡♡♡My beloved Hara eonnie's birthday♡♡♡♡
Happy Birthday to you~Happy Birthday to you~~ 
beloved Hara eonnie, happy birthday to you♡♡♡♡♡
I'm happy because we're together>///< 

In response, Hara posted the photo of the cake and wrote, "The cake Youngji made  πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‚ ThanksπŸ°πŸ˜πŸ’#halfof50

She's very sweet and thoughtful, isn't she?

1Punch release new teaser; members remain secret

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 05:45 AM PST

1Punch has released a new teaser video showing Brave Brothers and DM greeting each other.

Unfortunately, the anticipated duo's visual is remained secret which raises even more curiosity and excitement.

On the bright note, the release date for their debut album is revealed to be on January 22. The young duo is being anticipated for their overall skills, visual, and image.

EXID win with 'Up & Down' at 'The Show' #EXID4thWin

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 05:15 AM PST

EXID continue to sweep music program since last week by taking their 4th win at 'The Show' today.

The girls are finally getting the hang of winning since their very first trophy and continue to strive harder. This is EXID's first 'The Show' appearance this year and they are proven to be the trending girl group among strong contenders this week.


TAHITI release choreography making for 'Phone Number'

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 04:30 AM PST

TAHITI release the making of their 'Phone Number' choreography during one of their practice session.

The girls come back sexier and fiercer and ready to daze fans with their hot point dance moves.

Check it out below:

Yonghwa dazes fans with more concept photos + schedule of releases

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 07:08 AM PST

Following his image teaser for 'One Fine Day' , Naver Music special releases new batch of concept photos leaving fans in daze.

Yonghwa appears very charismatic and handsome in the two-type theme. One is dark and dramatic while the other is more likely light and emotional.

Along with the new concept images is the schedule of his releases. See below:

1/14 - Album tracklist
Highlight medley video (Naver Music Exclusive)
1/16 - Title track 'One Fine Day' MV teaser
1/19 - Jung Yonghwa  1st Album <One Fine Day> Private Showcase
1/20 - Jung Yonghwa  1st Album <One Fine Day> release + MV full version

Girl's Day reveal new CF for SCINIC

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 12:34 AM PST

Girl's Day show their beauty in the new CF for cosmetic brand SCINIC.

Check out the video below as they pose professionally for the new products:

Victoria promotes her new drama 'Beautiful Secret'

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 11:35 PM PST

f(x)'s Victoria greets fans and asks them to support her new drama 'Beautiful Secret', check out the video message below:

Happy Birthday to KARA's Goo Hara

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 10:37 PM PST

Birth Name: Goo Ha Ra
Stage Name: Hara
Birthday: January 13, 1991
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Face of The Group
Height: 163 cm

Jonghyun reveals he wants to collaborate with IU and more on #Hashtag

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 08:00 PM PST

Jonghyun has filmed for #hashtag and talked about his solo album, collaborations, and more.

During the interview, Jonghyun shares trivial things about his 'Base' album and its tracks. He also talks about his DJ role and how he prepared for his solo debut.

When asked about his collaborations, Jonghyun expresses that he wants IU to write him a song and feautre it for him.

Watch below and anticipate Jonghyun&IU collaboration to happen.

Yonghwa releases dramatic image teaser for 'One Fine Day'

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 07:45 PM PST

Yonghwa has finally provide us a look into his upcoming debut album by releasing an image teaser.

In contrary to his pre-release track 'Mileage', the image teaser sets a dramatic and heavy atmosphere along with some dramatic images of Yonghwa.

Meanwhile, this solo debut album 'One Fine Day' is scheduled to be released on 20th.

BEAST Dongwoon to join MBC 'Real Men' next month

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 07:45 PM PST

BEAST maknae Son Dong Woon will be taking the army life as he is confirmed to join MBC's 'Real Men' starting next month.

According to multiple media insiders on 13th, Dongwoon will join the current cast of 'Real Men' and starts filming in mid-February.

Dongwoon has shown his variety and extraordinary charms on his latest guest appearance at 'Radio Star'. At BEAST' recent fanmeeting, he told fans, "This year, I'll show you an active Dongwoon on entertainment."

Are you anticipating his appearance?



MBC representatives respond that Dongwoon's participation is still unconfirmed but he is on the list of the candidates.

B1A4 explain their side and respond to absurd accusation

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 06:55 PM PST

B1A4 received absurd accusation during their latest fanmeeting in Malaysia for kissing and hugging Muslim fans on stage. Local media stated that the gesture left a negative impression on the Muslims and stated that the organizers of the event be held responsible.

In response to this, B1A4 agency WM Entertainment explained on 13th to Starnews, 'We received a consent from the local promoters regarding the winning fans. It is to do a parody of the scenes from the drama 'The Heirs' between members and fans.'

"The atmosphere was good but we also considered the Muslim culture. The MC once again gave approval." They continued, "The situation was seen in different views. In the future, we will take in consideration the different cultures and make effort to create a fanmeeting that fans can enjoy. We will take that in mind."


Eddy Kim releases concept images for 2nd mini album

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 06:30 PM PST

Eddy Kim is making a comeback with his 2nd mini album and concept images are released today.

The romantic singer is looking dandy in his winter attire enough to melt fans heart and keep them warm.

Meanwhile, this album is being anticipated as Eddy Kim has taken full participation in the songwriting, composing and producing. Are you excited to be serenaded again.

SISTAR Hyorin to join MBC's 'I Am A Singer 3'

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 06:00 PM PST

MBC's singinng survival program 'I Am A Singer' is returning with its 3rd season on January 30.

In relation to that, multiple media insiders reveal that SISTAR Hyorin is appearing on the program as one of the participants. In fact, Hyorin is joining the first recording on January 21 along with six other talented singers in the industry.

According to the program staff, the participants of the 3rd season are active and diverse. Hyorin proves that she's not only part of a trending girl group but also a talented singer.

MBC's 'I Am A Singer' premieres on January 30 at 10PM KST.

Mad Clown & Hani show chemistry in BTS video of 'Fire' MV

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 05:05 PM PST

Mad Clown and Hani collaborate in the 'Fire' MV, check out their chemistry during the MV filming below:

TAHITI release 'Phone Number' MV

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 05:01 PM PST

TAHITI showcase their upgraded sexiness in the MV of their new song Phone Number, check out the MV below:

SONAMOO sing Madonna, Love Battery & Gee at Kiss The Radio

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 04:58 PM PST

New girls SONAMOO showcase their singing ability on Kiss The Radio, check out their short cover for popular songs such as Madonna, Love Battery and Gee.