Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"EXID perform Up & Down at Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time" plus 17 more

"EXID perform Up & Down at Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time" plus 17 more

EXID perform Up & Down at Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 02:44 AM PST

EXID perform their popular song Up & Down at Choi Hwa Jung Power Time, check out their performance below:

Yoon Hyun Sang and Maybee are a beautiful couple in new wedding pictorial for Marie Claire

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 01:14 AM PST

Yoon Hyun Sang and Maybee look beautiful together in the latest pictorial for Marie Claire Weddings magazine February issue.

The photoshoot was said to have taken place in Hawaii. As a soon-to-wed couple, both Yoon Hyun Sang and Maybee created a romantic atmosphere during the shooting as they exchanged loving gazes and smiles to each other, also their superior appearances as they dressed in wedding attires received much praise from many people.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hyun Sang and Maybee will hold a private wedding ceremony on February 8th.

Yoo Seung Woo in talks to sign with Starship Entertainment

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 12:45 AM PST

Yoo Seung Woo is likely to join Starship Entertainment, the current agency of Sistar, K.Will, Boyfriend...

Starship said on February 3rd,"We had a meeting with Yoo Seung Woo when his contract with his previous agency expired. Our topic revolved around music and we had a positive discussion about working together in the future".

The agency continued,"If we sign with Yoo Seung Woo, we are expecting that our musical spectrum will be expanding. He has an excellent musical talent despite his young age, and we hope to delivery you a good news soon".

Yoo Seung Woo signed with CJ E&M and UK Muzik after making his appearance on Mnet's 'Superstar K4' in 2012.

Tablo, Park Shin Hye, MYK to release collaboration single 'Perfect'

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 12:25 AM PST

Epik High's Tablo, Park Shin Hye and MYK will come together for a collaboration song.

On February 3rd, Tablo tweeted,"SALTNPAPER (MYK) ft. Park Shin Hye 'Perfect' | Composer: SALTNPAPER, Lyrics: Tablo | It will be released on February 4th at noon. Endless RT please!", and uploaded along a new photo of the three in the recording studio.

If you're the fan of the three of them, be sure to check out the song on February 4th at noon.

'K-Pop Star 2's McKay Kim to release first solo single 'Angle 2 Me' on February 6th

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 12:13 AM PST

'K-Pop Star 2's McKay Kim will be the first singer of Shin Seung Hoon's rookie training project 'Neo-Artist' to release his first solo single this month.

Shin Seung Hoon's agency, Dorothy Company uploaded a new profile photo of McKay Kim on their official website on February 3rd and announced that the singer will release his first single 'Angel 2 Me' on the 6th.

'Angel 2 Me' was said to be the single that Shin Seung Hoon personally wrote for McKay Kim, from whom he has received trainings for the past two and a half years. As McKay Kim is slowly taking his first steps into the industry, Shin Seung Hoon is giving him full support from the back.

This will make the first time for Shin Seung Hoon to write a song for someone else after having been in the industry for 25 years. It was said that Shin Seung Hoon gave his all in producing McKay Kim's first single.

A rep from Dorothy Company said,"This single is not McKay's debut single but rather a pre-promotion song for his upcoming debut. McKay Kim is currently preparing to make his debut in a group, not as an soloist. The day the group debut will be McKay's official debut day.

McKay Kim received a lot of love during his 'K-Pop Star 2' days as a member of project group 'Racoon Boys' and made it into the TOP 5 on the show.

Uhm Jung Hwa signs with Mystic89 + to return as a singer

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 11:30 PM PST

On Feb 3rd, singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa was reported to sign a contract with Mystic Entertainment, home of Yoon Jong Shin, Lim Kim, Park Ji Yoon,... in order to prepare for a new album. 

Uhm Jung Hwa is believed to release her new mini-album in June. If it goes as scheduled, it will be her first album in seven years. 

Uhm Jung Hwa debuted as an actress in 1992, but after releasing her debut song, "Pupil" one year later, it became a huge hit, leading to a successful career in both singing and acting. After her album "D.I.S.C.O.,"in 2008, she only focused on acting and has been active in variety shows.

Recently, she also made an appearance in a special episode of  "Infinite Challenge", in which singers from the 1990s got together and performed their hits. She still proved her presence on the stage as well as popularity regardless of time.

Many fans are expecting to the return of a legendary sexy queen.


Brown Eyed Soul's Naul releases teaser video for 'You From The Same Time' featuring Yoo Seung Ho

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 11:26 PM PST

The teaser video for Brown Eyed Soul's Naul's upcoming solo single 'You From The Same Time' has been released today.

In particular, Yoo Seung Ho was revealed to be the main character in the MV. It was also said that Naul strongly recommended Yoo Seung Ho to appear in his new MV and the actor willingly accepted it. Many people are looking forward to his performance as this is his first MV ever since his military discharge in December last year.

Santa Music said,"The music video for 'You From The Same Time' mostly consists of the close-ups of the actor's face, focusing on the actor's facial expressions to raise the intensity of the story. Yoo Seung Ho's delicate expressions and his emotion stands out, leading the video".

'You From The Same Time' audio and MV will be available at noon on February 5th.

AOA becomes the new models for Smart Bike's 'Black Cat'

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 11:09 PM PST

AOA has been chosen as the new advertising models for bicycle brand Smart Bike.

On February 3rd, FNC Entertainment revealed that AOA will be endorsing for Smart Bike's new bicycle line 'Black Cat', which is the new sentimental model with reasonable prices and stylish designs for people who enjoy a creative life.

A rep from Smart Bike said,"AOA has been receiving much love from many people of all ages, also their positive and youthful charms fit well with the image of 'Black Cat', so they were selected as our new models","After we created the 'Black Cat' model, AOA came out with their song 'Like A Cat' with a cat concept, which is by change matched with our image".

With their rising popularity, AOA has been selected as advertising models for over 10 brands from cosmetics, sneakers, nails polish to chicken within a year.

Happy birthday to Miss A's Jia

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 10:30 PM PST

Stage Name: Jia
Birth Name: Meng Jia
Birthday: February 3, 1989
Label: JYP entertainment
Group: Miss A
Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Nationality: Chinese
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 166 cm
Instagram: @mjbaby0203
Twitter: @missA_jia

- Before debuting in miss A, Jia and fellow member Fei, as well as Wonder Girls member Lim, were in a JYP girl group entitled 'Sisters' or 'JYP Sisters' and where known as the Chinese Wonder Girls, but the band split after the two other members quit.
- She is known for her flexibility

Happy birthday to Super Junior's Kyuhyun

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 10:00 PM PST

Stage name: Kyuhyun (규현)
Birth Name : Cho Kyuhyun (조규현)
Chinese name : Gui Xian (趙 奎 賢)
English Name : Markus Cho
Nicknames: Game Kyu , Jumong Kyu , Chic Kyu
Birth Date : February 3, 1988
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Label: SM entertainment
Group: Super Junior
Position: Lead Vocalist, Sub-Dancer, Maknae
Sub-units: Super Junior M; Super Junior K.R.Y
Religion : Christian
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 68 kg
Blood Type : A
Siblings : Older Sister, Cho Ara
Hobbies : Singing, Listening to music, Watching movies
Education : Kyunghee University
Instruments : Piano, Clarinet, Harmonica
Twitter: @GaemGyu

- He has a solo career
- He is known for his sweet voice for ballads
- He is the latest member to join Super Junior
- He really likes playing game and is really good at it. Kyuhyun Favorite Games are: "Thousand Years", Sudden Attack, "Starcraft" and "Diablo" .. 
- He is now hosting Radio Star and has been known for his "sharp tongue"

Mr.Mr Tey releases dance practice video for 'Dangerous'

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 08:00 PM PST

Mr. Mr vocalist Tey debuted solo with his single 'Dangerous'.

His powerful and sexy dance choreography quickly got into his fans so he's releasing a dance practice video to showcase more of his dancing skills.

Hong Jing Young releases MV teaser for 'Love WiFi'

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 07:20 PM PST

The trot diva is releasing a new song and the MV teaser is out!

Her upcoming single 'Love WiFi' is a retro-trot track. The MV teaser shows a cleaner's tough duty who suddenly dances to the music.

Hong Jin Young's 'Love WiFi' will be released on 4th.

Niel releases teaser image for solo debut

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 06:45 PM PST

Teen Top Niel' drops the first image teaser concept for his nearing solo debut.

Niel is paying tribute to his role model Michael Jackson by striking the King of Pop's signature pose added with smokey setting.

Meanwhile, Niel will release his solo album 'oNIELy' on February 16.

EXO's Tao and GOT7's Jackson sustain injuries during ISAC

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 06:16 PM PST

EXO's Tao and GOT7's Jackson both sustain injuries during the recording for this year's MBC Idol Star Athletic Championship yesterday at Goyang Indoor Stadium in Gyeongi.

According to reports, Jackson slipped and complained of ankle pain during a basketball game but received first aid immediately. JYP Entertainment updates, "Jackson is going to receive new treatment today to check his condition. It's not a serious injury so it won't affect his future activities."

On the other hand, EXO's Tao also got a wounded ankle but immediately treated in a hospital nearby. SM Entertainment updates, "He has gone to the  hospital for treatment for his ankle and returned home. He is now resting at the dorm. Fortunately, he's fine and it doesn't seem like a serious injury so he doesn't need additional treatment."

Get well soon!

4Minute preview 'Show Me' in a teaser clip

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 05:59 PM PST

4Minute give you a preview of one of their tracks from their upcoming 6th mini album 'Crazy'.

The track 'Show Me' has a reggae-pop beat and repeatitve lyrics that is surelu catchy.

The songs will be released on February 9.

GFRIEND sing Love Me & Glass Bead on Shim Shim Tapa

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 03:43 PM PST

New girls GFRIEND sing Love Me and Glass Bead on Shim Shim Tapa, enjoy their performance below:

EXID's Hani poses for THE STAR

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 03:35 PM PST

EXID's Hani graces the latest issue of THE STAR Magazine, check out the video below:

TAHIT model for MAXIM Korea

Posted: 02 Feb 2015 03:31 PM PST

The hot ladies of TAHITI graces the latest issue of MAXIM Korea magazine, check out the photos below: