Monday, February 9, 2015

"T-ara, Speed, The Seeya, Seunghee to release winter project single 'Don't Forget Me'" plus 24 more

"T-ara, Speed, The Seeya, Seunghee to release winter project single 'Don't Forget Me'" plus 24 more

T-ara, Speed, The Seeya, Seunghee to release winter project single 'Don't Forget Me'

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 05:00 AM PST

MBK Entertainment artists will gather together for a special winter song.

T-ara, Speed, The Seeya and Seunghee will release winter project single 'Don't Forget Me' on February 10th. The song is said to give off a winter scent and will make your heart flutter, It creates a warm atmosphere with the mix of acoustic guitar and piano, as the lyrics describe the faith in waiting for lovers to comeback after being seperated.

'Don't Forget Me' composed by Ahn Young Min who made Sistar's Hyorin's 'Driving Me Crazy' and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's 'I Love You'.

Don't miss the release of 'Don't Forget Me' on February 10th.

CNBLUE's Jonghyun in talks for new drama 'Orange Marmalade'

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 04:30 AM PST

CNBLUE's Jonghyun is likely to make his acting comeback in new KBS's drama 'Orange Marmalade'.

According to FNC Entertainment, Jonghyun has received the offer to star in 'Orange Marmalade' and is currently looking over the role. Nothing has been decided upon his appearance in the drama.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, 'Orange Marmalade' is a romantic fantasy drama telling the story about a transfer student named Baek Ma Ri who hides her real identity as a vampire and a popular high school boy named Jung Jae Min. Yeo Jin Goo is also in talks to star as the lead role in this drama.

'Orange Marmalade' will follow 'Spy' and broadcast in May.

Wheesung to join 'I Am A Singer 3'

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 04:00 AM PST

Wheesung will make his appearance on MBC's 'I Am A Singer 3'.

According to MBC, Wheesung will participate in the first recording of the show on February 11th along with Yangpa and Park Jung Hyun.

A music insider said on February 9th,"Wheesung was reluctant to appear on the show due to the ranking system based on vocal ability and the singers will be eliminated, he finally agreed to join after receiving a long persuation from the production crew".

With the participation of Wheesung, 'I Am A Singer 3' is expected for a rise in rating since the first two episodes only recorded 5 - 6% which is lower than other shows airing in the same time slot.

f(x)'s Amber releases 'Beautiful' lyrics video

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 03:49 AM PST

Amber captures everyone's hearts with her sweet voice in 'Beautiful' lyrics video.

The video is even more meaningful as it consists of photos of Amber from her childhood to her various activities as an f(x)'s member. Amber also commented on the song through her Twitter,"This is a song ive held onto for three years. I hope everyone knows they are beautiful inside out no matter what you do.".

Check out the video below

VIXX releases group and individual teaser images for upcoming comeback

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 03:30 AM PST

VIXX has officially kicked off their February comeback with the release of teaser images.

The photos were revealed through the group's official SNS along with the comeback date set to be on February 24th, which quickly caught the attention of many fans since the members were revealed in a bright and youthful image, unlike their previous dark and fictional concepts.

VIXX will make their comeback with a special album on February 24th while their concert ''VIXX LIVE FANTASIA UTOPIA' will be held on March 28th and 29th.

Check out the photos below

Block B's Zico to release 2nd solo single 'Well Done' on February 13th

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 02:30 AM PST

Zico will make his solo comeback with a new single this week!

A teaser photo was unveiled through Zico's official Twitter as well as Block B's Facebook which shows the idol immersing in listening to music while drowning in sweat, giving off a mature vibe.

'Well Done' is a hip hop track composed and written by Zico. The lyrics are said to be his autobiography as he looks back on himself after being an artist for 4 years. Rapper Ja Mezz will also feature in the song.

The teaser for 'Well Done' will come out on February 11th while the official release will be available on the 13th.

SONAMOO to launch first reality show 'SONAMOO's Pet House' in March

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 02:00 AM PST

SONAMOO will have their first exclusive reality show since debut this March!

The show is titled 'SONAMOO's Pet House' and will be broadcasted on SBS MTV and SBS funE. The seven members will transform into pet sisters and throughout the show, they will have the chances to meet with various kinds of dogs and learn how to take care of them.

Before the shooting, it was said that the members prepared for the show by buying various books related to pet care and also visited veterinary hospitals as well as dog cafes.

The first filming for 'SONAMOO's Pet House' is currently being taken today while the first episode will be on air in early March.

2NE1's CL continues being model for 'HAZZYS ACCESSORIES'

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 01:40 AM PST

CL has re-signed with 'HAZZYS ACCESSORIES' and continues her position as the advertising model for the brand's new collection this year.

According to a rep, CL possesses a strong and charisma image with her rap skills which makes her extremely popular to the young generation as well as a wannabe fashion icon for women. To strengthen the brand's image, 'HAZZYS ACCESSORIES' decided to continue working with CL as they believe she's the best when it comes to represent their concept.

CL recently participated in the new shooting for the 2015 S/S collection with the theme of 'British Urbanity', adding a more luxurious and sophisticated feel to the youthful and trendy image of the brand.

Meanwhile, CL is preparing for her U.S debut which will take place some time this year.

'Grandpas Over Flowers' chooses Greece as the next destination for the new season

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 01:17 AM PST

tvN's hit show 'Grandpas Over Flowers' will head to Greece for its third season.

PD Na Young Suk revealed through various media outlets on February 9th,"Greece has been confirmed as the final destination for the new season of 'Grandpas Over Flowers'".

He continued,"Since it's currently winter so we decided on warm Greece for the grandpas. Safety was considered and also there are many things to see in Greece so we chosen it as our final destination". It was revealed that they planned to visit Jordan but decided to cancel due to its current chaotic situation.

The PD also added,"50 percent of the opinions belong to the grandpas. The grandpas all suggested Greece earlier so we are expecting for another kind of fun during this trip".

The crew and cast of 'Grandpas Over Flowers' are scheduled to leave for Greece for 9 days and 10 days this month. The show will follow 'Three Meals a Day' and broadcast at the end of March or the beginning of April.

'Grandpas Over Flowers' follows the backpacking concept and consists of Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyung, Baek Il Sup and potter Lee Seo Jin. The show gained a hugh popularity and received much love from many people which later led to the two spin-offs 'Noonas Over Flowers' and 'Youth Over Flowers'. The first season was broadcasted in July, 2013 while March, 2014 was for the second season.

Ahn Jae Hyun becomes the new model for 'Clarisonic' in Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 12:53 AM PST

Ahn Jae Hyun has been chosen as the new exclusive advertising model for cleansing device 'Clarisonic' for the Asia market.

This is the first time that 'Clarisonic' has chosen a model for promotions in all 4 countries Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Rising as one of the representative Hallyu star after 'You Who Came From The Stars', Ahn Jae Hyun easily surpassed all the rival actresses known for having clear and flawless skin to become the new 'Clarisonic' model for 2015.

Brand manager Chae Yoon Jung of 'Clarisonic' said,"Ahn Jae Hyun has a smooth and bright skin that all women wish to have, that's why he's perfect as our model to deliver the excellent skin care and cleansing effect of 'Clarisonic' that we want to show","His chic and urban image suits well with our product, also his recent rising in popularity in Korea and China is expected to help 'Clarisonic' become a powerful brand in Asia".

 The new commercial video featuring Ahn Jae Hyun will be released on February 13th through 'Clarisonic' officiall SNS.

Infinite's Sunggyu and Girl's Day's Yura to act as lovers in new web drama 'Love Detective Sherlock K'

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 12:31 AM PST

KBS will launch a new web drama starring Infinite's Sunggyu and Girl's Day's Yura.

According to the officials from KBS on February 9th, Sunggyu and Yura has been casted for the new web drama called 'Love Detective Sherlock K'(working title) in which they will act as lovers. Actress Han Chae Young will likely star in the drama as she's currently reviewing the role.

'Love Detective Sherlock K' will be about a dating psychology profiler named 'Sherlock K', who is a woman but disguises and lives herself as a man. The role will be played by Han Chae Young if she accepts the offer to appear in the drama.

Sunggyu will take the role of the heir to a conglomerate company who is a playboy while Yura will play as a top star named 'Yura'.

'Love Detective Sherlock K' will have a total of 8 episodes and will be available to stream online through Daum at the end of March.

DSP Media to debut new girl group 'April' in the first half of 2015

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 12:15 AM PST

DSP Media will soon come out with their new girl group in the first half of this year.

A rep from the agency revealed on February 9th,"Our rookie girl group 'April' is scheduled to debut in the first half of 2015".

Previous called as 'DSP Girls', they were said to have already gained thousand of fans even before their official debut. DSP Media said the group will consists of members with splendid visuals and skills, and they will soon reveal the official line-up as well as the group's concept for their upcoming debut.

DSP Media previously launched 'KARA Project' with the participation of their own female trainees in order to choose the new member for Kara, which presented us Heo Young Ji as of now.

MC Mong to release a new mini album in March without any promotions

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 11:51 PM PST

MC Mong will make his return to the music industry with a new mini album this March!

Dream Tea Entertainment announced on February 9th,"MC Mong will release new music on March 2nd. The new music is able to come out due to the great love that fans gave him through the release of his 6th album last year".

A rep stated,"Just like the 6th album, MC Mong will continue communicating with the fans through his music and there is no plans for broadcasting activities or performances. The album will be released as a mini album and he is currently working on the songs".

MC Mong's 6th album 'Miss Me or Diss Me' came out in November 2014 and all the songs immediately swept all the online music charts just shortly after the release.

Are you excited for MC Mong's comeback?

Amber unveils the fourth teaser image + to release 'Beautiful' lyrics video today

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 11:39 PM PST

f(x)'s Amber has unveiled the 4th teaser image for her upcoming solo debut.

Amber shows her boyish charm by dressing in a long red jacket and matching it with a black top hat, while showing a serious look towards the camera.

In particular, Amber will release the lyrics video for the track 'Beautiful' in the afternoon today on February 9th. The song is said to be accompanied by the warm sound of an acoustic guitar and it will showcase Amber's unique charm through her self-written lyrics.

Meanwhile, Amber's 1st solo mini album 'Beautiful' will be available on February 13th. The title track 'Shake That Brass' will feature Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.

Yuri, Jaekyung, Brian and more confirmed to appear in new KBS show

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 11:30 PM PST

On February 9th, KBS confirmed the final guests who will make appearance on special reality show "Stars Are Moonlighting" to be aired during Lunar New Year.

The program will be hosted by MC Jung Hyung Don with six confirmed guests: Girls' Generation Yuri, Rainbow's Jaekyung and Fly to the Sky's Brian, actors Ki Tae Young, Jo Dal Hwan,  and actress Lee Bon.

The show's concept is making the guests try their hand in other professions. Yuri is expected to show off her yoga skills as an instructor and Jaekyung will show her amazing skills with hands.

The program was reported to start filming this week and will air around Lunar new year.


Happy birthday to Brave Girls' SeoA

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 10:40 PM PST

Stage Name: Seoa
Birth Name: Park Seo Ah
Birthday: February 9, 1988
Label: Brave Entertainment
Group: Brave Girls
Position: Vocalist
Height: 170 cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby & Specialty: Acting, Exercising

Happy birthday to ZE:A's Junyoung

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 10:14 PM PST

Stage Name: Junyoung
Real name: Moon Jun Young
Birthday: February 9, 1989
Label: Star Empire
Group: Z:EA
Sub-unit: ZE:A 4U
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies/Specialties: Bowling, soccer, likes to watch movies, games, running
Instagram: @zeajunyoung
Twitter: @ZEA_leader

- He was a former Ulzzang

Nana flaunts her flawless figure for Miero Fiber

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 08:26 PM PST

After School's Nana impresses with her flawless figure at the filming set of Miero Fiber CF, check out the photos here:

BerryGood return with MV for 'Because of You'

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 08:00 PM PST

The revamped girl group BerryGood release their 2nd digital single 'Because of You' today along with its MV.

This time, the girls take on some mid-tempo song with their lovely and sweet vocals and harmony. Have some time to soothe your mind with their MV setting as well.

Son Ho Jun & Kim So Eun deny dating rumors; WGM won't be affected

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 07:42 PM PST

Both Son Ho Jun and Kim So Eun have offered their official response to the dating rumors after their 'late night date photos' were published.

Shortly after the dating reports broke, So Ho Jun's agency Core Contents tells Osen, "They are introduced through acquaintances. Although Ho Jun has a good feelings, it's definitely not a romantic relationship. They are just close like brother and sister."

On the other hand, after checking the rumors to Kim So Eun, her agency Fantagio states, "They are not lovers." Both also clarified that the photos published were from a certain event where their managers were also present.

In relation to that, Kim So Eun, who is currently appearing as a virtual couple with Song Jae Rim, could have some effects to the show. However, We Got Married PD clearly explains, "Since Kim So Eun and Son Ho Jun have strongly denied the dating rumors, there's no reason not to continue with the broadcast. "

Sources: 1, 2

Kim So Eun and Son Ho Jun spotted in a late night date

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 07:22 PM PST

THE FACT releases photos of their featured couple today and they are We Got Married's Kim So Eun and singer turned actor So Ho Jun (Reply 1994).

According to THE FACT, they have obtained information about the two since last month when Son Ho Jun (31) visited Kim So Eun's (26) mother who is admitted to a hospital in Gangnam-Gu, Seoul. The actor has shown affection and sympathy to So Eun.

In addition to that, THE FACT spotted the two having a late night date on 7th after Ho Jun had picked So Eun up at her house in Hannam-dong. Ho Jun and So Eun then went to a French restaurant in Gangnam and enjoyed chatting and drinks together for 3 hours.

The site also described that the two were very cautious of the surroundings and maintained space to each other before getting on the car.

Source: 1

4MINUTE release MV for 'Crazy'

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 07:01 PM PST

The 4MINUTE girls are indeed back with the release of their new single 'Crazy' and MV. watch the girls slaying their new choreography and appearing very sexy and cool at the same time.

Wu Yi Fan and Luhan spotted together for the first time

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 06:30 PM PST

Wu Yi Fan and Luhan were spotted together in China for the first time they they've arrived in the country from Korea, according to Chinese media.

The two are reported to have attended the rehearsal for CCTV's upcoming 'Spring Festival Gala' on February 8, which, the two confirmed their attendance.

Some fantaken photos were uploaded on weibo showing Luhan and Wu Yi Fan walking down together and chatting. It appears that Luhan and Wu Yi Fan are going to perform a collaborative stage for the event.

BerryGood release more eyecatching group photos

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 06:13 PM PST

BerryGood release more group photos for their comeback single 'Because of You'.

The eyecatching pink and white concept and the lovely girls are looking so attractive. Meanwhile, their new single will be released at noon today.

Luhan reveals audio commercial for Baidu Maps

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 04:42 PM PST

Luhan lends his voice in the new commercial for Baidu Maps, check out the audio below: