Saturday, March 21, 2015

"MFBTY reveals audio for 'Hello Happy'" plus 24 more

"MFBTY reveals audio for 'Hello Happy'" plus 24 more

MFBTY reveals audio for 'Hello Happy'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 08:00 AM PDT

'Hello Happy' is one of 17 tracks from MFBTY latest album 'WONDALAND.'

Listen to the audio below:

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SOURCE: YOU and Me 4 XO 8 OFFICIAL Channel

IU's invitation for '2015 LOEN & STARSHIP Entertainment Global Audition'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 07:30 AM PDT

IU invites everyone to join the '2015 LOEN & STARSHIP Entertainment Global Audition.'

The audition will be held on March 28 in Los Angeles, U.S. and on April 4 in Toronto, Canada. Participants can be from different ethnicity and nationalities, between the ages of 12-25. You can apply via email for positions of vocalist, dancer, rapper, actor or songwriter/lyricist.

Watch below:

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Girls' Generation bring the 'boy' out!

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 07:03 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon, Yuri and Sooyoung pose for an adorable photo during SMTown's concert in Taiwan.

The girls pose with the 'boy' Siwon in their latest photos. Siwon is seen closing his mouth while posing dorkily with the girls.

In addition, the girls also recorded a video to greet fans, watch it below:

Min Hyo Rin, Seo Min Ji & Sunmi dance on 'Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 07:00 AM PDT

Min Hyo Rin and Seo Min Ji had a dance battle on the recent episode of 'Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra.'

They performed AOA's 'Miniskirt.' After that, Sunmi made a cameo to perform 'Full Moon.'

Watch below:

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Boyfriend's dance practice for 'Bounce'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 06:30 AM PDT

Boyfriend released a dance practice video for 'Bounce' featuring SISTAR's Bora.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: starshipTV

B.I.G's dance practice for 'Between Night n Music'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 06:00 AM PDT

B.I.G came back with 3rd single 'Between Night n Music' early March. The song is a funky retro genre with cheerful and lively melody. The lyrics describe a guy's feelings towards the lady he likes.

Watch the dance practice below:

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SOURCE: Official GH Entertainment

Suzy provides eye candy with new selcas!

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 05:49 AM PDT

Fans are excited to see more pretty selcas of miss A's Suzy.

While counting down to miss A's much anticipated comeback, fans are treated with some eye candy by Suzy.

She updated her Instagram with some pretty selcas of herself, greeting fans with her angelic smile, meanwhile, miss A is gearing up for a perfect comeback after almost 15 months, let's view Suzy's selcas while waiting for the girls' grand return!

MADTOWN reveals fan club's official name

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 05:31 AM PDT

MADTOWN's fans has their official name already.

They can call each other as Mad People.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: jtunecamp

CNBLUE’s Minhyuk may lead in 'Who Are You – School 2015'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 05:00 AM PDT

CNBLUE's Kang Minhyuk got an offer for a male lead for an upcoming drama series 'Who Are You – School 2015.'

He's currently reviewing the offer. If he will grab it, he'll play the role of Han Lee Han, a popular and handsome student.

The script of 'Who Are You – School 2015' is co-written by Kim Hyun Jung and Kim Min Jung, and directed by Baek Sang Hoon. 

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K.Will's tracklist for upcoming mini album 'RE:'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 04:29 AM PDT

On March 19th, Starship Entertainment uploaded the tracklist of K.Will's upcoming mini-album, 'RE:'

The album includes six tracks including 'Flower Bloom,' 'Time Flows Backwards,' 'Written By Him,' 'If I Had,' 'Holding Onto the Left Hand,' and 'We're Too Far Away.' 

It will be released on March 25th at noon KST.

See below:

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AOA's Choa looks 'Like A Cat', with colorful nails!

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 03:49 AM PDT

Choa attended the 2015 Seoul Fashion Week representing her group AOA.

She sports a new hairstyle with brighter color at the event, appearing in matching white outfits and a mini handbag, showing her bright smile posing to the cameras.

She then shows the adorable cat gesture during the show, which garners more attention from both netizens and fans, check out her photos below.

G-Dragon's teaser video for hologram concert 'Awake'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 04:06 AM PDT

On March 19th, BIGBANG released a teaser video featuring G-Dragon's upcoming first hologram concert 'Awake.'

'Awake' will be held on April 1st in the Klive venue in Dongdaemun in Seoul.

Watch below:

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U-KISS makes it on 1st spot on Oricon Charts with 'Action'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 03:33 AM PDT

U-KISS released their 4th Japanese album 'Action' on March 18th, and topped the Oricon Daily Album Charts.

On the first day after its release, the album landed already on the second spot. But on the second day, U-KISS got the 1st spot with its additional 4,217 copies sold.

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SOURCE: Oricon

N-SONIC's audio preview for 3rd mini-album 'Another Progress'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 03:04 AM PDT

On March 20th, N-SONIC uploaded an audio preview of their upcoming 3rd mini album 'Another Progress.'

The audio album preview teases with the five featured songs and unreleased concept photos. The songs include 'Black Out' as the title track, 'Real Love,' 'Reality,' 'Going Going' and an album version of 'I Miss You' from the OST of 'My Lovely Girl.'

'Another Progress' will be officially released on March 24th.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: N-SONIC (Official)

CNBLUE's PV of their new Japanese song 'White'

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 02:43 AM PDT

On March 19th, Warner Music Japan uploaded the music video of CNBLUE's latest offering 'White.'

'White' is a Japanese track, and will be officially released on April 8th in Japan.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Warner Music Japan

Dok2 to drop a new song produced by DJ Mustard

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 01:30 AM PDT

On March 20th, Dok2 uploaded the photo above on his Instagram. 

The photo informed that Dok2 will be releasing a single 'Multimillionaire' that will be produced by the American hip hop producer DJ Mustard

'Multimillionaire' will be released on March 28th.

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SOURCE: @dok2gonzo

f(x)'s Amber to host upcoming 'SNL Korea' episode

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 01:00 AM PDT

On March 20th, the production crew of 'SNL Korea' shared that f(x)'s Amber will become the main host for the upcoming episode of the show.

The crew said that Amber fits to be the host because of her wacky personality which is very appealing to the audience. She's expected to host on the March 28th episode.

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SS501's Kyu Jong and Crayon Pop's Way casted in new musical

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 12:30 AM PDT

On March 19th, it was reported that SS501's Kim Kyu Jong, Crayon Pop's Way, gagman Moon SeYoon, gagwoman Jang DoYeon were casted for the 20th anniversary musical performance "Singin' in the Rain – SABITA Since 1995″.

SS501's member as well as solo artist Kim Kyu Jong has made his name in musical industry as Lee Shin in "Goong" in 2011. He will be playing the role of Donghyun in "Singin' in the Rain" alongside Crayon Pop's Way as the role of Yoo Miri.

With the popularity of Kim Kyu Jong as a part of Hallyu wave and Crayon Pop's rising trend, the musical is raising many fans' expectation.

The musical will be premiering from June 6 to Aug 30 at Seoul Daehangno Uniplex Building 2 and the tickets will be on sale through Interpark and Auction on March 25.


The 'Beautiful' transformation of Park Boram!

Posted: 21 Mar 2015 12:14 AM PDT

'Beauty can be achieved with hard work', this statement sounds debatable but it applies perfectly in Park Boram case.

When she first contested in Superstar K2, she was way more chubbier than how she looks right now, double chin, fat arms, thick waist and etc, i was impressed with her singing of course, but seeing her effort in losing 30kg to make her singing debut makes me respect this beautiful singer even more.

In her recent photoshoot, she displays her well-maintained figure, looking confident and beautiful, just like what the lyrics of her hit song 'Beautiful' suggests, 'I like how i'm changing everyday', be positive!!

Happy birthday to The SEEYA's Youngjoo

Posted: 20 Mar 2015 11:30 PM PDT

Name: Heo Young Joo (허영주)
Real Name: Heo Ryeong Joo (허령주)
Label: MBK entertainment
Group: The seeya
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthplace: Seoul
Birthday: March 21 , 1992
Education: Sungkyunkwan University
Height: 168cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood Type: A
Skills: flute, piano, singing indian song, rap, sing
Hobbies: composing, piano, reading
Twitter: @good7919
instagram: good7919

Happy birthday to Hello Venus's Alice

Posted: 20 Mar 2015 11:00 PM PDT

Stage name: Alice (앨리스)
Real Name: Song Joohee (송주희)
Date of Birth: 21st March 1990
Star Sign: Aries
Label: Fantagio
Group: Hello Venus
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader
Height: 166 Cm
Weight: 47 Kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Playing The Guitar & Styling
Specialty: Computer Programming

"It's as of Alice possesses the magic to take you to the fantasy world like the story of 'Alice in Wonderland'. In contrast to her comfortable Korean looks, she radiates unpredictable charm with an extraordinary personality and values. Also, her sweet voice is like extra sugar covering the Hello Venus songs, further tempting anyone who listens to her to fall into her fantasy."

EXID Hani's predebut pic, no PS!

Posted: 20 Mar 2015 10:37 PM PDT

An old school photo of EXID's goddess Hani has become a hot topic among netizens.

Hani has become the center of attention lately with her appearance on various variety shows. EXID's popularity skyrocketed since Hani's Up and Down fancam went viral online, the video has recorded 11 million views and continues rising on Youtube.

Netizens then discussed about her schooling pic and discovered her beauty during her school days, they came to a conclusion that Hani did not have any plastic surgery, that's a great news no doubt to Hani and fans, let's wish Hani the IQ 145 idol more success in her career.

More hot pics of Hani below

This is 'that' million views fancam

XIA Junsu's mind blowing 'Flower' performance

Posted: 20 Mar 2015 10:27 PM PDT

XIA Junsu performed his latest hit song 'Flower' in his 3rd Asia Concert held in Seoul.

CJES uploaded the video on JYJ's official Youtube channel, Junsu displayed strong live performance and Tablo's rap added more perfection to his live performance, check out the video below:

Super Junior D&E scream out their happiness!

Posted: 20 Mar 2015 09:47 PM PDT

Super Junior D and E revealed videos on Instagram to celebrate their Music Bank victory.

Eunhyuk and Donghae screamed out loud in their latest Insta videos with backup dancers, they express their happiness and pose with their Music Bank trophy, check out the videos below:

Crayon Pop is back to save the world (first live)

Posted: 20 Mar 2015 06:06 PM PDT

Crayon Pop draws much interest with their Power Rangers themed comeback track, the girls are yet to perform the song on music shows in Korea but US fans already had a glimpse of the choreography of their upcoming title song 'FM'.

The girls performed at the Elysium in Texas on 19th March, they received warm welcome from fans attending the concert, check out the video below:

Netizens' Comments
1. Crayon Pop is back and WILL save K-Pop!

2. Boring...if they are going to keep going with this gimmicky choreo/styling the song could at least be interesting.

3. My god...this might be the catchiest tune I have ever had the pleasure of hearing..

4. My is life is better for Crayon Pop!!!!

5. Soyul is back to Rap yo!!!