Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Daehan, Minguk & Manse form an idol band in new CF" plus 23 more

"Daehan, Minguk & Manse form an idol band in new CF" plus 23 more

Daehan, Minguk & Manse form an idol band in new CF

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 07:47 AM PDT

Did you have thoughts of what would it be like if Daehan, Minguk and Manse end up becoming an idol?

Well, as early as now, we could imagine this through a very cute CF from Hana Bank. The ever adorable triplets form a three-member (youngest) boy band equipped with their respective instruments. They are also wearing uniformed outfits making them look like a real band.

Moreover, the CF also features Kim Soo Hyun and Ha Ji Won. Check out this cutest CF of the triplets ever.

MBLAQ to return as trio in May

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 07:15 AM PDT

After the withdrawal of Lee Joon and Thunder, MBLAQ are continuing as trio and they plan to return in May.

The former 5-member group MBLAQ will be reconstructed to fit the trio's concept. They are planning to announce their comeback by the end of May and starts promotions in June.

Seungho, G.O and Mir are making some musical adjustment in their upcoming song to suit the new atmosphere. According to a representative, "In this new challenge, the members are preparing diligently with more determination. You can expect their new song by June."

Are you excited?

Tritops to return with a digital single 'Missing You'

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 06:45 AM PDT

Charting high on Oricon chart with their 1st Japanese single, quartet male vocal group Tritops have gathered fans support with their numerous activities in Japan.

In regards to that, the boys are returning to Korea to release a digital single and a group's teaser image is released. In the photo, the boys are looking charismatic groomed in suits.

To tease fans even more, Tritops release a cover of HIGH4 and IU's 'Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms' to give you a sample  of their beautiful harmonies.

Their digital single 'Missing You' will be released on April 15.

Jaejoong's photo from training camp

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 06:15 AM PDT

Are you missing Jaejoong?

A group photo of new recruits are posted through the official blog of Jaejoong's training camp.

Along with other new trainees in the 1st Division, Jaejoong is photographed giving a salute while wearing his military uniform and beret. He looks outstanding with his intense gaze and serious face among other trainees who were smiling and making V-signs.

According to Jaejoong's sister on Twitter, he is training well and promises to be an admirable soldier of Korea and courageously finish his service until the day of his discharge.

2PM Taecyeon is the global model for SK-II

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 05:30 AM PDT

2PM Taecyeon is chosen to be the global ambassador for cosmetic brand SK-II, which is the prestige line of skin care products by Procter & Gamble.

Taecyeon is going to be the face of SK-II's product Pitera Mist. The 2PM member is selected as the new global face for his healthy and attractive looks despite his busy schedules. His self-management impresses the brand.

According to the product's marketing manager, they thought that Taecyeon fits perfectly for the product's image. Aside from his charming looks, Taecyeon has a healthy-looking skin and very masculine. He also reveals that they are planning to have a '2PM Mist' in the future.

Niel is ready for 'Spring Love' in concept photos

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 05:00 AM PDT

Teen Top Niel is following up his solo debut with a repackage album 'Spring Love' with title track 'Heart-pounding' and the concept images are released.

In the photos, Niel displays a combination of homme fatale and sweet guy ready to spread love for spring. In this comeback, Niel is going to captivate his fans with his sweet and romantic music.

The repackage album will be released on 14th See more photos below w

Lee Yoo Bi in talks for the female lead role in 'Scholar Who Walks The Night'

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 03:00 AM PDT

Lee Yoo Bi has been added as an potential cast for MBC's upcoming drama 'Sholar Who Walks The Night'.

According to SidusHQ on April 9th, Lee Yoo Bi is currently considering the role positively, her appearance has yet to be confirmed.

Up until now, only Lee Jun Ki and TVXQ's Changmin have confirmed for the drama, while it's still struggling with the female lead.

'Scholar Who Walks The Night' is based on a manhwa of the same name, telling the love story between a beautiful vampire scholar and a young noblewoman who has to disguise herself as a man to sell books due to the downfall of her family. The drama will go on air in July.

ZE:A's Hyungsik to take his first leading role in 'The Chaebol's Daughter'

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 02:30 AM PDT

ZE:A's Hyungsik will join the cast of SBS's new drama 'The Chaebol's Daughter'(working title).

Star Empire announced on April 9th that Hyungsik has been confirmed as the male lead for 'The Chaebol's Daughter'.

He will be playing as Yoo Chang Soo, the director of the department stor who has grown up in luxury. He's someone with good looks and confidence that the department store would be handed down to him. He lives a carefree life until he encounters a girl who works part-time at a food market store and has a crush on her.

Hyungsik has proven his decent acting in 'The Heirs' and 'What's With This Family' so people are looking forward to see his improved preformance in this new drama.

'The Chaebol's Daughter' is scheduled to broadcast in June.

JYJ's Yoochun to join the cast of 'Lucid Dream'

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 02:00 AM PDT

JYJ's Yoochun has been confirmed to join upcoming movie 'Lucid Dream'.

According to multiple movie representatives, Yoochun will make a surprise appearance in 'Lucid Dream'. He will be playing as an assistant for Go Soo's character.

In this regard, a rep from 'Lucid Dream' said,"As the movie will focus on Go Soo and Sol Kyung Gu, Yoochun will only make a brief appearance as a cameo. It's not enough to say that his casting will be his return to the big screen. He's preparing for his military enlistment after his drama ends, so it will be difficult for a big screen comeback now".

'Lucid Dream' is a thriller about a father trying to find clues with the help of an assistant regarding his kidnapped son. It's already cranked in at the end of March and scheduled to premiere later this year.

Gummy reveals Park Hyo Shin's 'Something I Can't Do For You' as the title track for her remake album

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 01:30 AM PDT

The title track for Gummy's upcoming remake album has been revealed.

C-Jes Entertainment announced on April 9th,"The title song for Gummy's 'Fall in Memory' remake album is Park Hyo Shin's 'Something I Can't Do For You'. The original feeling of the song is still being kept while adding it with Gummy's emotional and captivating voice, making it even more appealing".

The original song by Park Hyo Shin was released ín 1999 and received much love from the public, so upon the news of it being remaked by Gummy, many music fans are very ecxited and anticipating towards the release.

A rep said,"Gummy has received much popularity when she singing her own version of songs from other artists. Her version of 'Something I Can't Do For You' will bring in another attraction than the original song so please give her a lot of your interest".

'Fall in Memory' will be available on April 17th.

EXID releases the last individual teaser image featuring LE

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 01:00 AM PDT

EXID's LE has wrapped up the individual teaser streak with her own teaser image.

The image revealed LE with curly brown hair as it was put on one side while closing her eyes, giving off a somewhat calm yet charisma expression.

Meanwhile, EXID will release 'AH YEAH' MV and mini album on April 13th at noon.

Happy birthday to Brave Girls' Hyeran

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Birth Name: Noh Hye Ran
Stage Name: Hyeran
Birthday: April 9, 1993
Label: Brave entertainment
Group: Brave Girls
Position: Rapper, Maknae
Height: 168 cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby & Specialty: Cello, Piano

Jinusean releases teaser video for 'Tell Me One More Time' + new teaser image featuring a mysterious woman

Posted: 09 Apr 2015 12:00 AM PDT

The teaser video for Jinusean's upcoming title track has been revealed!

According to the latest teaser image released by YG Entertainment on April 9th, the song is called 'Tell Me One More Time'. It's co-composed by Tablo, Jinusean and co-written by Tablo, P.K and Fraktal.

The MV has attracted much attention since it will feature various big names in the industry including Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Kim Hyun Jung, Kim Sung Soo, S.E.S's Shoo, Epik High and iKON's Bobby.

Don't miss the release of 'Tell Me One More Time' on April 15th.

Happy birthday to Block B's Ukwon

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 11:30 PM PDT

Stage Name: U-Kwon
Real name: Kim Yu Kwon
Birthday: April 9, 1992
Label: Seven Seasons
Group: Block B
Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, reading
Specialties: Dance, Playing electric guitar

- He once tried out for JYP Entertainment

Happy birthday to After School's Uee

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: UEE
Real name: Kim Yu Jin
Birthday: April 9, 1988
Birth place: Incheon, Korea
Label: Pledis entertainment
Group: After School
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: AB
Star Sign: Aries
Instagram: @uieing
Twitter: @uuuei

- In 2007, she was supposed to debut with G.NA, Yubin (Wonder Girls), Hyosung (SECRET), and Jiwon (SPICA) as girl group 'Five Girls' but they disbanded
- She is Yubin's, of the Wonder Girls, best friend
- She is a former swimmer
- She is in After School's sub unit A.S. Red
- She is known for her good acting. She acted in many dramas
- She is known for her honey thigh and healthy body shape

Dalshabet are sexy 'Jokers' in MV teaser

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 09:00 PM PDT

Dalshabet release the MV teaser for 'Joker' previewing their sexy choreography and stunning visuals.
Meanwhile, the girls' new album 'Joker is Alive' will be released on 15th.

Watch the MV teaser for the meantime.

JJCC are in the 'Flower Garden' with Jung Hoon Hee

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 08:25 PM PDT

JJCC release the remake single and MV for 'On The Flower Bed' featuring its original singer Jung Hoon Hee.

The sensitivity of the song performed by the legendary female vocalist Jung Hoon Hee who didn't just lend her voice but also made appearance in the MV matches well with JJCC's trendy and emotional musicality which made the song even more beautiful.

Watch the relaxing MV below:

M&D to comeback with 1st mini album on 20th

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 08:08 PM PDT

Super Junior Heechul and TRAX Jungmo are returning as M&D with their first mini album 'I Wish'.

The duo has participated directly in this album as the lyricist of the songs, jacket design, concept and even directing the music video wanting to show their distinct and diverse musicality. In the released teaser photo, the duo are wearing matching red and black checkered suit and put on sneakers for a more casual look. Jungmo is especially striking with his pink hair while holding his guitar.

The album will be released on April 20 but Heechul and Jungmo are having their comeback stage on 16th at M!Countdown.

Bobby & Kang Sora have some playful skinship for 'Sprite'

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 07:51 PM PDT

iKON's Bobby and actress Kang Sora take it to the next level as brand models for 'Sprite'.

The two recently filmed their promotional ad and it's very summery and full of skinship. Kang Sora is very sexy in her two piece Sprite bathing suite while Bobby is casually dressed in white sleeveless and black shorts.

The two were captured having outdoor scene playing hard with some other models. In particular, photos of Bobby reaching Kang Sora's hand and eventually hugging each other caught attention making netizens anticipate how the whole ad would turn out.

Bastarz drop MV teaser for 'Manners Zero'

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 07:37 PM PDT

Block B's sub-unit Bastarz release their MV teaser for debut track 'Mannerz Zero' and get fans anticipating.

The trio gets sexy and intense showing their sharp rapping and dancing along with sexy female models. The boys are going to start broadcast promotions on April 16.

Minah & Lee Guk Joo's dance collaboration?

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 06:45 PM PDT

Girl's Day's Minah appears as special guest on Lee Guk Joo's Youngstreet.

Minah appears with Girl's Day's Expectation playing as the background music. Lee Guk Joo who's known for her amazing dancing skills joins Minah for some dance steps, check out their collaboration below

Nana, hot figure for Miero Fiber

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 05:58 PM PDT

Nana reveals her secret to slim and hot figure.

She poses for the new photoshoot of Miero Fiber and showcase her slim figure and slender legs in the posters. She rocks all kinds of clothes and prove that figure is important to look good in various fashion.

Check out for more photos below

Berry Good VS GFRIEND on Weekly Idol

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 05:31 PM PDT

It's gonna be a fun episode of Weekly Idol!

New generation idols Berry Good and GFRIEND will appear in the upcoming episode of the show, from what we can see in the preview the girls enjoy the recording so much, check out the full cut below

Cross Gene, Play With Me MV teaser

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 04:53 PM PDT

Cross Gene unleash their darker selves in the MV teaser of their upcoming hit song Play With Me.

The boys go crazy in the MV teaser and are imprisoned, watch the teaser below: