Friday, April 24, 2015

"Jimin N J.Don drop sexy teaser for 'GOD'" plus 24 more

"Jimin N J.Don drop sexy teaser for 'GOD'" plus 24 more

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 08:09 AM PDT

AOA's Jimin and N.Flying's Seunghyub join forces for Jimin N J.Don unit and tease us
their upcoming MV for 'God'.

The intense trap beat and rapping from the two are igniting fans' interest. Their sexy chemistry is also oozing making the atmosphere fiercer.

Check it out!

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 08:00 AM PDT

Miss A Jia's episode is up on their 'Real Miss A' and she gets to show her special talent. What could it be?

In addition to that, Jia also bring us to her practice session where she dances impressively. She also plays with her adorable cat Sunday.

See more of what Jia does on her usual day below:

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 07:15 AM PDT

Upcoming FNC hip hop unit Jimin N J.Don have released new concept photos for their single 'God' and they've gotten closer this time.

The photos show the two looking intimate and sexy with Jimin wrapping her hands around J.Don from behind. In their solo pictures, they exude their classy and fierce image.

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 06:45 AM PDT

She might seems familiar to you because she's none other than one of the sisters who joined K-pop Star 3 along with Lee Chae Yeon.

Chaeryeong joined JYP Entertainment in June last year and is now ready to show what she's got as she turns 14 this year.

She's has become more beautiful and more confident this time as she introduces herself as the innocent girl of Sixteen.

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 06:20 AM PDT

It has now released! The hottest and talked about CF featuring Sprite's faces of summer iKON's Bobby and actress Kang Sora.

Join them as they replenish the summer heat with their refreshing and fun bonding below:

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 04:19 AM PDT

EXID sing their latest hit song Ah Yeah live on Cool FM.

Check out their live singing ability below, are you impressed?

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 04:16 AM PDT

T-ara's Jiyeon is featured in new Shu Uemura CF!

She is seen comparing herself in different makeup style, which one do you prefer?

Watch below

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 04:14 AM PDT

Song Il Gook's sons prove that they have great appetite once again!

They impress in the BTS video of Duolac, watch below

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 02:30 AM PDT

Big Bang will be going all out for their upcoming comeback with a large-scale project!

YG Entertainment posted a new poster through their official blog on April 24th, announcing the 'PLAN OF MADE SERIES'. The image includes the first date of every month from May to September and they are tagged along with 'M', 'A', 'D', 'E' and 'MADE', causing much curiosity to many people.

According to the poster, Big Bang will release a project single album on the 1st from May to August, while the full album 'MADE' will be coming out on September 1st. In particular, the project single albums will not release as digital singles, but they could contain more than one songs. It seems the group will follow the same route that they did during their early days.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will kick off their 'MADE' World Tour in Seoul on April 25th and 26th.
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 02:00 AM PDT

Yoo Yeon Suk and Miss A's Suzy are really one of the best visual couples.

'Beanpole Accessory' has released some of the photos and the promotional video for its upcoming 2015 Summer Collection featuring the two stars.

Posing along the brand' products, Yoo Yeon Suk and Suzy also demonstrated the 'dating theme' as they both naturally show skinship towards each other while having bright and lovely expressions.

Yoo Yeon Suk and Suzy got to know each other while working on 'Architecture 101' and 'Gu Family Book'.

Check out the photos and video below

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 01:30 AM PDT

Yesung will resume his activities as a singer through Super Junior's sub-unit K.R.Y following his military discharge in May.

A rep from SM Entertainment revealed on April 24th,"Super Junior's Yesung will join in K.R.Y's Japanese tour that will launch from June to July after his discharge from the military. There's still no plan for an album yet".

Yesung made his enlistment on May 6th, 2013 and has been serving as a public service personnel. He's expected to discharge on May 5th this year.
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Actor Park Bo Gum will be hosting KBS's 'Music Bank' alongside Red Velvet's Irene.

According to KBS on April 24th, Park Bo Gum has been chosen as the new MC for 'Music Bank'. Together with Red Velvet's Irene, the two of them will start their new job on May 1st.

A rep said,"Park Bo Gum was chosen not only because of his talents as an actor, but also because of his enthusiastic attitude towards variety and music. Please look forward to his different sides that he has never shown before".

Park Bo Gum made his debut in movie 'Blind' in 2011 and has been starring in various dramas such as 'Bridal Mask', 'Wonderful Days', 'Tomorrow's Cantabile'...
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Stage Name: Nakta
Birth Name: Shin Yoon Cheol
Birthday: April 24, 1993
Label: Stardom entertainment
Group: Topp dogg
Position: Vocalist
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 68 kg

-He is a former trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment and was supposed to debut with VIXX

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 12:00 AM PDT

KBS's upcoming variety drama 'Producer' has released the first still cuts of IU.

For 'Producer', IU will play as Cindy, a top star singer who made her debut early at the age of 13 and has been in the industry for 10 years. In the photos, IU shows her chic and strong charisma with her cold eyes stare and the red lipstick makeup helps contribute to her luxury look.

The staff revealed that IU was also lively and cheerful towards everyone on the set but she immediately transform into the 'ice princess' Cindy when the filming started.

A drama staff said,"Maybe because Cindy is also a singer so IU adapted to it rather quickly. The on-site staff were all surprised when they saw her changing from bright and adorable self to the cold Cindy. Please give a lot of love for IU's character Cindy as well as for 'Producer'.

'Producer' will be broadcasted on May 15th.
Posted: 23 Apr 2015 11:30 PM PDT

Real Name : Lee Hyangsook 이향숙
Birthdate : 1991.04.24 
Birthplace: Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Height : 165cm
Bloodtype: A 
Label: Sidus HQ
Group: 2EYES
Position : Leader, Vocalist
Twitter : @babysugar424
Instagram: @baby_sook

-She used to leave in New Zealand then moved back to Korea to become a singer
- She is close friends with 2AM's Jinwoon
- Her ideal type is BIGBANG T.O.P
- She starring in 'Birth of Secret' with Sidus HQ actress, Kim Sohyun.
- She participated with her boyfriend Park Saehyuk at JTBC audition program 'Made In U'.
Posted: 23 Apr 2015 11:00 PM PDT

 Kwangmin andYoungMin are twin brothers. They are now belong to Starship entertainment. They were once JYP trainees and are friends with the members 2PM
-They are said to look a lot alike SS501's Kim Hyun Joong.
- When they are alone they don't say much to each other.

Stage name: KwangMin
Full Name: Jo Kwang Min
Position: Main Rapper, Visual
Birthday: April 24, 1995
Height: 180 cm
Blood Type: A
Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts

- When he forgets or can't do a dance move he always asks MinWoo for help.
- He is known as a prankster.
- He was in label mate SISTAR's MV for "Push Push"
- He wants to be the type of boyfriend who cares for her silently.
- He is said to be the clumsier twin.
- Before he wanted to be a singer he wanted to be a novelist.
- He loves Pickachu. His whole bed is filled with Pickachu dolls.
- While promoting their debut song "Boyfriend", Kwangmin fractured his thumb and had to perform with a cast for over 3 weeks.
- His ideal girl is someone who is a bit silly, has bright as sunshine, kind–hearted, and have the ability to understand others.

Stage name: YoungMin
Full Name: Jo Young Min
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: April 24, 1995
Height: 180 cm
Blood Type: A
Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts

- He is very prideful.
- When he is angry he almost throws a tantrum.
- He is said to be the laziest member.
- He was in label mate SISTAR's MV for "Push Push"
- He was a back up dancer for K.Will before debut 
- He was once asked out by a guy and he responded with "I already have a boyfriend".
- He wants to sing for his girlfriend after giving her a flower.
- He says that he thinks it's good to open up and let the feelings out even if you have to shed some tears.
- His idol is his vocal teacher, Jang Jin Young.
- He says that even though he really wanted to become a singer, he never realized that it would be this hard and misses school a lot.
- His role model is TVXQ/DBSK.

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 08:30 PM PDT

Fans and avid viewers of MNET's cable drama 'The Lover' are going nuts with the still cuts of Cross Gene's Takuya and Lee Jae Joon.

The blossoming bromance between the two is getting even more intimate as what we see in the photos. Takuya is being pushed in the wall as Lee Jae Joon affectionately staring at him and leaning for a kiss.

Upon the broadcast last night, Takuya was trying to help tying Jae Joon's necktie and pushed him on the wall making Jae Joon uncomfortable and started mocking his reaction. Annoyed, Jae Joon reversed and did the same to Takuya by going farther and leaned over as if he's going to kiss him.

Their bromance story in this omnibus series is getting the attention among viewers for their flawless portrayal of their characters and chemistry.

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 08:00 PM PDT

Mr.Mr. are returning with a new mini album and they've released the MV teaser for their title track 'Out'.

This time, they let fans get a preview of their songs such as 'Out', 'Goodbye', 'She is So Beautiful', 'Finale', 'You', 'Big Man', 'It's You', 'Do You Feel Me' and Tey's 'Dangerous'.

The album is oozing with RnB sould and mid-tempo tracks. Listen below:

Posted: 24 Apr 2015 01:23 AM PDT

BEAST will be holding their "Beautiful Show" concert tour on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong, before heading to Taiwan on 6thJune. The ticket pricing is as follows: HK $ 1380 / $ 1080 / $ 780 / $ 480. The event is brought to you by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

Since it is BEAST's first solo concert in Hong Kong, the organizers decided to interview the members exclusively in South Korea. All the members are looking forward to their upcoming concert in Hong Kong.

In the interview session, Yoseob mentioned that although the members attended events in Hong Kong a couple of times, they actually did not have any chance to go sightseeing, thus, he hopes that he could enjoy Hong Kong's famous night view soon. Moreover, it has been a long time since BEAST met their fans in Hong Kong, therefore, Kikwang hopes that BEAST could present their best songs and performances to their fellow beloved fans.

Furthermore, BEAST members participate in different recreational activities during theri free time: Kikwang will spend his time exercising - no wonder he has a healthy muscular body. Yoseob expressed that exercise and reading will refresh his mind and body. As the member of Korean artists' football team, Doojoon will be on the field weekly. Meanwhile, Hyunseung will meet friends and enjoy bowling with them. As a composer, Junhyung will spend his free time in studio. Lastly, Dongwoon will enjoy his time with aromatherapy in the house. 

Although BEAST does not have any plans to make a comeback in 2015 yet, the members are working hard to develop and improve themselves, and hopefully they could meet their fans soon. 

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 07:00 PM PDT

Known upon their debut as faceless vocal group, Heart B members are now unveiling their visuals for their upcoming comeback.

Heart B who captivated listeners with just only their sensitive vocals didn't disappoint with their visuals. The members release their group photo for the first time and surprise with their youthful looks.

Members's profiles have been released as well. The quartet male vocal group is composed of Byul Ha (17), Chan Yeong (20), Jin Wook (21) and Do Jin (19). They are releasing their 1st mini album 'Remember' soon.

Meanwhile, Heart B debuted with 1st single 'Shine' in December last year and has collaborated with Zia for 'Missing You' earlier this year.

  Byul Ha

Chan Yeong

 Jin Wook

Do Jin

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 06:00 PM PDT

Bangtan Boys release the MV teaser for their track 'I Need You' off their 3rd mini album which will be released on April 29.

The members are going to pour their emotional acting in this drama line of their music video. Fans are getting even more excited with the RnB feel of the song.

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 03:00 PM PDT

Hyunwoo and IU receive a lot of attention with their chemistry!

They collaborate for fashion brand Union Bay. They have a lot of fun posing for its pictorials, check out the video below

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 02:56 PM PDT

SISTAR is one of the sexiest KPop group and the girls really live up to the name!

In the latest photoshoot for Skechers and 1st Look magazine, the girls pose in sports outfits, showing off their curvy figure.

Member Soyou attracts the most attention with her well-maintained figure, check out the photos below

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 02:52 PM PDT

Secret's Sunhwa gets closer to the nature.

She poses for the latest issue of Instyle magazine, showing her feminine charm. Fans praise her elegance in her recent pictorials.

Check out the photos here