Monday, April 13, 2015

"M&D's friends appear in ‘I Wish' MV teaser" plus 19 more

"M&D's friends appear in ‘I Wish' MV teaser" plus 19 more

M&D's friends appear in ‘I Wish' MV teaser

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 06:29 AM PDT

Super Junior's Heechul and TRAX's Jungmo are introducing their non-celebrity friends in their upcoming music video for 'I Wish'.

Those who have appeared are GFriend's Yerin, pro League of Legends' player Cho Daegeol, Lee Jin Ho, Gunhee, and Jang Dong Min. The song seems to be cheerful and fun.Let's also not forget Heechul's fabulous fashion and Jungmo's cool pink hair!

The first mini album will be released on 16th.

FT Island sing the 'Kimbap song'

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 05:57 AM PDT

KPOP fans, for sure you know kimbap? Of course you've tasted it and wants to eat it again.

We'll eat your kimbap deliciously while listening to FT Island's Minhwan and Seunghyun's instantly composed 'Kimbap song'.  Have a delicious meal!

SHINee's Onew in talks to join the cast of 'Descendants of the Sun'

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 03:30 AM PDT

Aside from his upcoming web drama, it's likely that we will get to see SHINee's Onew in a regular drama this year.

A rep of SM Entertainment told the press on April 13th,"Onew is positively considering to star in 'Decendants of the Sun'".

If he accepts the offer, he will be playing as a junior doctor of Kang Mo Yeon, played by Song Hye Kyo.

'Descentdants of the Sun' has attracted much attention thanks to its being a large-scale project. The drama is said to follow a sci-fi fantasy genre, focusing on the people in the UN peacekeeping troop and Doctor without Borders through their dream of love and success in extreme situations in a strange land.

The drama will be filmed in both Korea and internationally and is said to be 100% pre-produced before airing its first episode. It's scheduled to go on air in the second half of 2015.

'Warm and Cozy' releases photos from the first script reading featuring Kang So Ra, Yoo Yeon Suk and more

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 03:00 AM PDT

MBC's upcoming drama 'Warm and Cozy' has released some of the photos from the first script reading featuring the main cast.

The reading session was attended by Kang So Ra, Yoo Yeon Suk, Lee Sung Jae, Kim Sung Oh and more as well as Park Hong Kyun director and the Hong sisters script writers.

Before the session started, Park Hong Kyun said,"It seem we have to stay together for a long time since most of the filming will be taken in Jeju. Since this will take a lot of time so we need to take care of each other, and also safety is the priority".

Yoo Yeon Suk and Kang So Ra were said to show their perfect chemistry together as they were sitting across each other and even making eye contact during the reading session.

'Warm and Cozy' will follow 'Angry Mom' and broadcast in May.

AOA's Seolhyun gives Yeo Jin Goo a neck kiss in new still cuts for 'Orange Marmalade'

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 02:30 AM PDT

'Orange Marmalade' has stired up everyone's excitement towards its premiere with the new still cuts.

The new released still cuts featuring Yeo Jin Goo and AOA's Seolhyun and was taken during the scene of their first meeting on a subway. In particular, the thing that captures the attention that Seolhyun is seen giving Yeo Jin Goo a neck kiss even during a broad daylight, raising the curiosity about the reason behind the provocative action.

'Orange Marmalade' is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, about a world where human and vampires co-exist. The first episode will go on air on May 15th.

'Dating Alone' to end with the last episode featuring EXO's Chanyeol

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 02:00 AM PDT

JTBC's virtual dating show 'Dating Alone' will come to an end after 3 months broadcasting.

A rep of JTBC announced,"'Dating Alone' will end with its final episode featuring EXO's Chanyeol on April 18th. No replacement program has been decided".

'Dating Alone' follows the concept of a dating show which allows the viewers to go on a virtual date with stars. A Pink's Eunji, Girls' Generation's Yuri, Davichi's Minkyung, Seo Kang Joon and EXO's Chanyeol have all appeared as the virtual girlfriend/boyfriend on the show.

Don't miss the final broadcast on April 18th at 11 PM KST.

Gummy reveals the tracklist for remake album 'Fall in Memory'

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 01:30 AM PDT

The official tracklist for Gummy's upcoming remake album has been revealed.

The album consists of a total of 6 tracks. Aside from Park Hyo Shin's 'Something I Can't Do For You' which was revealed previously as the title track, Gummy will also include her own versions of Han Dong Joon's 'I Love You', Lee Hyun Woo's 'The Day After You Left', Shin Seung Hoon's 'Romeo & Juliette', Green Area's 'Unready Farewell' in the album. The 6th track will be the instrumental version of 'Something I Can't Do For You'.

'Fall in Memory' will be released on April 17th.

Taeyang revealed to have injured his ankle during practice; YG says it won't affect Big Bang's comeback

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Big Bang's Taeyang has been revealed to sustain an ankle injury.

Few days ago, some photos of Big Bang filming for their upcoming music video in L.A were shared through SNS, which caused fans to rejoice at the fact that the group seems to make their comeback soon. However, fans were quickly to notice that Taeyang was seen using a wheelchair not only at the filming set but also at the local airport, making many fans worry that he might have suffered an injury.

In regard of this matter, a rep of YG Entertainment assured the fans by saying,"Taeyang did sprained his ankle lightly while practicing for the new song in the U.S. But the injury is almost healed now. It won't affect his future schedules including the preparations for comeback and concert tour".

Meanwhile, Big Bang will kick off their world tour in Seoul on April 25th and 26th.

Hyoyeon looks fantastic on 'Me' magazine

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon showed off her chic look on the cover of Hong Kong fashion magazine, 'Me'.

In the photos revealed, Hyoyeon showed various looks, from a rock-chic girl with bold make-up to a luxury lady in a sexy dress and then transformed into a classical beauty, mesmerizing any viewers.

Her full photos will be revealed in 'Me' magazine.


Jessi, AOA's Choa, Jang Do Yeon and more to appear on 'Running Man'

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 12:00 AM PDT

Upcoming episode of SBS's 'Running Man' will feature some of the rising female stars in the industry.

According to multiple broadcasters on April 13th, Jessi, AOA's Choa, Kim Yoo Ri, Jang Do Yeon, Seo Ye Ji are currently filming for 'Running Man' somewhere in Seoul.

Many people are looking forward to this episode, especially toward Jessi's performance on the show.

This epsode of 'Running Man' will be broadcasted later this month.

Actress Gong Seungyeon's sister is a trainee under JYP entertainment

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 11:30 PM PDT

On April 9th, actress Gong Seungyeon, who is under SM entertainment, has just shared a photo of her and her sister Yoo Jeongyeon on Instagram.

Yoo Jeongyeon was revealed to be a trainee of JYP entertainment. She will appear on girl group reality program 'Sixteen' on May 5th ahead of official debut.

In the photo, Gong Seungyeon and her sister are showing off their good visual at a cafe shop. Their slim body in natural casual look drew a lot of attention. 

Meanwhile, Gong Seungyeon is starring in MBC's 'We got Married' with CNBLUE Jonghyun. 


Happy birthday to Sunny Hill's Misung

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 11:00 PM PDT

Stage nane: Misung
Full Name: Lee Mi Sung
Label: LOEN entertainment
Group: Sunny Hill
Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birthday: April 13, 1986
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Twitter: @misung_hill

- She was added to the group in 2011, and officially debuted under Sunny Hill when they released the single "Pit–a–Pat".
- She has two younger sisters.

Hani is a sexy killer!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 10:49 PM PDT

EXID's Hani makes a special appearance on Gag Concert.

She involves in the skit' 'I'm A Killer', she plans to seduce her target with sexy dance in order to carry out her mission smoothly, will she complete her mission?

Check out the video below

Sulli on her way to Bali, lovely airport fashion!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 09:23 PM PDT

Sulli gets busy nowadays with work!

She is seen at the airport as she's leaving Korea for a pictorial in Bali, Indonesia. She garners much attention with her lovely airport fashion. Fans are totally amazed by her simple yet elegant airport fashion.

More photos below

Dal Shabet, sexiest Jokers ever!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 08:18 PM PDT

It's gonna be a real hot week for KPop fans!

After welcoming EXID's comeback, another hot group is making their comeback in this week too. Dal Shabet reveal their sexiness in the 2nd MV teaser for Joker, besides performing in absolutely seductive outfits, the choreography of the song is another hot click.

Check out the teaser below

Ah Yeah, EXID's MV is out!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 08:01 PM PDT

EXID reveal full MV for Ah Yeah!!!

After receiving much love with Up and Down, the girls return with another catchy song Ah Yeah! Expectation is high but after listening to the song which turns out to be as good as their previous hits, the girls will definitely achieve another round of success with this track

Enjoy the MV below

Choa's JYP audition pic revealed, innocent look!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 07:40 PM PDT

AOA's Choa garners much attention with her audition pic!

She auditioned for JYP a few years ago and the photo resurfaces on the internet. Fans are surprised with her adorable look which is quite different from her mature and sexy recent image.

Some fans claim that Choa's face does not change much and believe that she's a natural beauty too.

Sexier and mature Choa

Red Velvet & EXO appear on Hello Counselor!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 06:07 PM PDT

Hello Counselor reveals some stills of EXO and Red Velvet's appearance on the show.

EXO's Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen together with their juniors Joy and Yeri appear in the upcoming episode of Hello Counselor, wonder what happened on the show? Stay tuned for more details

Triplets enjoy snake 'playtime', daddy is worried!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 05:22 PM PDT

Daehan, Minguk and Manse show their brave side in the latest episode of The Return of Superman.

Instead of afraid, the boys enjoy their moment with the snake very much which surprises Song captain, your boys are brave enough to protect you now, haha!

EXID's first Ah Yeah Live, as good as Up & Down!!!!!!

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 05:01 PM PDT

EXID achieved success with their previous hit song Up and Down, so their return is receiving a lot of attention!

The girls perform their first live for Ah Yeah publicly, fans are totally impressed with the song and choreography and claim that it's as good as Up and Down, so will it be as successful as Up and Down?

Watch the video below