Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Stellar make seductive poses!" plus 23 more

"Stellar make seductive poses!" plus 23 more

Stellar make seductive poses!

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 08:00 AM PDT

Stellar release the jacket making of their newest single 'Fool' where they pose sexily for the camera in their skimpy outfits.

The girls combined sexy and cute concept in this comeback but we're treated with a behind the scene clip of the ladies as they monitor themselves after each pictorial. We can also spot the girls having candid moments and being playful with each other after they seductively pose and give alluring expression during the photoshoot, showing their professionalism.

'Who are You-School 2015' cast confirmed!

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 07:00 AM PDT

The main cast of the upcoming 2015 series of 'School' are finally decided and they're going to have actress Kim So Hyun, BTOB's Sungjae and model/actor Nam Joo Hyuk.

Kim So Hyun is playing the female lead Lee Eun Bi, a Sekang High School student who eventually becomes a princess from being an isolated girl. Nam Joo Hyuk is Han Ian, a cold, popular, handsome and swimming genius. Lastly, Sungjae is taking the role of Gong TaeGwang, the school's leader with a very interesting and unpredictable personality.

The new series will be totally different from the previous 'School' plots and producers promise to create story that everyone can relate to. The drama is taking over the timeslot of 'Blood' and airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Amber is Jonghyun's & Donghae's poser

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 06:00 AM PDT

Oh yeah we know you Amber! You wouldn't let April's Fools Day passed without being mischievous.

So as soon as the clock striked midnight, Amber has become SHINee Jonghyun's and Super Junior Donghae's poser by changing her SNS accounts to their identities completed with the boys' selca and greeting.

On her twitter account, Amber wrote, "Hello I'm SuJu's Donghae, Taco go go~" she even went on like Donghae promoting his Taco business :). On her Instagram as well, she uploaded Jonghyun's selca and captioned, "Hello I'm SHINee's bling bling Jonghyun~ Stay, Oh It's a deja boo~~ I think I've seen you somewhereeeee"

Such a loyal poser that even Jonghyun and Donghae wouldn't even mind. So don't be fooled today!

Teen Top babies on April Fools'

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 05:30 AM PDT

Angels are very delighted today not because of a silly and mischieovus prank from their favorite Teen Top boys but because of their cute baby pictures.

The boys seemed to have all agreed to change their Twitter accounts' profile display photo to their baby pictures and it's the cutest thing more than clever pranks on April's Fools!

Each members of Teen Top picked their cutest photo and proudly posted them up on Twitter making fans wanting to pinch their cheeks. These cute babies have grown up but can they keep these for a bit longer? XD

BEG's comeback!

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 05:00 AM PDT

Brown Eyed Girls are slating their comeback date is definitely a big joyous news to every BEG's fans.

It is known today that the ladies are currently working on their comeback album, which is described to be as great enough to be their 10th anniversary album. BEG are most probably releasing their new album around May-June after Gain finishes her solo promotions.

BEG are in hiatus for two years after their latest album 'Black Box' in 2013, but members, who have been busy with their individual careers have strong bond and are very close with each other. Like the fans, Narsha, Jea, Miryo, and Gain are also anticipating ther group promotions as well.

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han show various expressions in couple still cuts for 'Ex-Girlfriend Club'

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 02:30 AM PDT

tvN's upcoming drama 'Ex-Girlfriend Club' has released some of the still cuts featuring Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han.

The photos revealed the two sitting together on a couch with a yellow background, showing various poses and expressions. There's also one still cut in which Byun Yo Han lying on Song Ji Hyo's lap, showing their great chemistry together.

'Ex-Girlfriend Club' will be about a popular webtoonist(Byun Yo Han) who makes a webtoon based on his past girlfriend, and a director(Song Ji Hyo) who will be in charged of the webtoon-turned-movie adaption. It's scheduled to be broadcast in May.

EXO's D.O in talks for a special appearance in 'Hello Monster'

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 02:00 AM PDT

EXO's D.O reportedly to make his acting come back in KBS's drama 'Hello Monster'.

According to the officials, D.O is currently positively considering to cameo in 'Hello Monster'. He is said to act as a young man in the lost memory of the male lead. He will also make his appearance only in the first two episodes of the drama.

If he accepts the role, it will be his return to the small screen after 6 months since his starring in SBS's 'It's Ok, It's Love' last September.

'Hello Monster' is a romance thriller telling the story of a dangerous  man and a woman who hide their true feelings while solving crimes together. It's scheduled to broadcast in June following 'Who Are You - School 2015'.

Brown Eyed Girls reportedly to comeback with an album on their 10th annniversary

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 01:30 AM PDT

Brown Eyed Girls' Gain previously stated that the group will probably make a summer comeback, and more credits have been added to her statement since today Brown Eyed Girls were revealed to be planning for a new album while aiming for the release to be on their 10th anniversary.

A rep of Brown Eyed Girls told the press on April 1st,"It's true that Brown Eyed Girls are preparing for their comeback, but the exact date hasn't been decided yet".

The rep continue,"Since this year will be their 10th anniversary so it's true that we are discussing about a 10th anniversary album, but nothing has been confirmed. The comeback time maybe around May or June, but it could be pushed further".

Brown Eyed Girl' latest release was the best album 'Special Moments' in August, 2014.

EXID to comeback with second mini album on April 13th

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 01:00 AM PDT

EXID has officially announced their comeback date.

According to Yedang Entertaiment, EXID will comeback with their second mini album on April 13th, which is 2 years and 8 months since the release of their debut mini album 'HIPPITY HOP' in August 2012. The group is also revealed to have finished filming for their new music video and is gearing up with the preparations.

Since this is their comeback after the sudden burst in fame of 'Up & Down', many people are paying attention to what kind of music they will come out this time. Also this will be the chance for EXID to prove that their popularity isn't just some kind of bubble and they will be able to remain their position.

The title track revealed to be a track by Shinsadong Tiger and the choreography is by Yama & Hot Chicks, who created the the phenomenon 'Up & Down' dance.

Park Shin Hye and Yoo Seung Ho become new faces of Lotte Department Store

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 12:30 AM PDT

On March 31st, it was reported that Lotte Department Store has chosen actress Park Shin Hye and actor Yoo Seung Ho as their new muses. 

The two celebrities will star in Lotte's commercials as well as promotion events and fan meetings for one year, starting from March.

Lotte will kick off its first donation campaign named "Lovely Hands" in which every time an user clicks "like" on Lotte's social network, he/she will help donate 1,000 won ($0.9) to children with incurable diseases.

Park Shin Hye already promoted the campaign through her Instagram account, which got over 300,000 "likes".

Please look forward to their further promotion!


15&'s Park Ji Min releases teaser photos for upcoming solo debut

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 12:00 AM PDT

15&'s Park Ji Min is now ready to come out as a solo singer.

Following Park Jin Young's announcement about hers solo debut on his Twitter on March 31st, today JYP Entertainment has released the teaser photos showing Park Ji Min's more mature and feminine beauty, earning her praise from many people.

In particular, Park Ji Min will have her first solo debut stage with 'Hopeless Love on SBS's 'K-Pop Star 4', the audition program in which she was the winner of the first season. Her debut stage as the song will be release on the same day which is on April 5th.

Are you excited for Park Ji Min's solo debut?

Rainbow's Woori dances to EXID's 'Up and Down' in her drama

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 11:30 PM PDT

On March 29, in the latest episode of MBC's 'Flower of the queen', Rainbow's Woori danced to EXID's hit song 'Up and down', drawing a lot of attention.

In that episode, Woori's character Seo Yura had fun time dancing in the club in the cheering of the crowd. Her sexy dance move mesmerises everyone, especially men.

Check out her dance cut here:


Happy birthday to DMTN's Donglim

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: Donglim
Birth Name: Lee Dong Lim
Birthday: April 1, 1990
Label: Monkey Funch Entertainment
Group: DMTN
Position: Vocalist
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies/Specialties: Watching movies, dancing
Instagram: @leedonglim

Jessica has appeared at a concert?

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 11:20 PM PDT

Oh typo! It's Heesica! This feminine physique would not give you second thoughts that this person could be 'Jessica'.

But it's none other than the ever gorgeous Heechul of Super Junior who stays faithful to his Heesica crossdressing after Elsa and Anna. Heesica appeared at their Super Show 6 concert in Nanjing wearing that familiar red Qipao we first saw back in 2009.

Heechul's petite body frame perfectly fits to that of a girl. Can we also mention that he does have that beautiful visual in addition? It's not Jessica but have a feast on Heechul's undeniably beautiful appearance as Heesica!

Happy April Fool's Day! Beware of pranks XD

Credits on photos' watermarks

EXO is wrecking records with MV views

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 10:02 PM PDT

EXO just continue to prove that their comeback is very much anticipated as seen on the reaction of fans viewing their 'Call Me Baby' music videos.

The MV views of their new song has broken their own record of 'Overdose' which garnered over 4 million views in two days. However, 'Call Me Baby' (Korean version) takes the same number of views in a dramatic 23 hours since its release.

When combined (Korean and Chinese MVs) the total number of views as of now (writing this article) is over 6M views. We also need to consider that Youtube is banned in China so the amount of views the Chinese MV is getting adds to the overwhelming interest and popularity of EXO.

Meanwhile, EXO are having their first comeback stage tomorrow at M!Countdown! Are you excited?

Siwon's photo is trending today!

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 09:20 PM PDT

Super Junior Siwon is known among fans to have so much sense of humor and cracked up jokes especially when he makes SNS posts.

However, this time, his comical level reaches netizens as he has been trending in Nate's photo stream for a while. Why? It's because our super handsome oppa just posted a photo of him taken from the concert. But it's not as shallow as that.

The photo which he so naturally captioned "have a good day all :^)" showed him standing in a very 'innocent' position with a beaming spotlight just right on the spot. Need I say more? It's not the first time though as ELF had this photo below too. He is indeed the 'Soldier of Light' and he's living up to it.

SNSD to return with a Korean single!

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 08:45 PM PDT

Japanese fans must be rejoicing as Girls's Generation announced that their are releasing new single 'Catch Me If You Can', however seems like domestic fans are getting this too.

It is reported that SNSD are also releasing a Korean version of 'Catch Me If You Can', complete with a music video and single. The Korean version will be simultaneously with the Japanese version on April 10.

If you are doubtful if it's kind of an April Fool's prank, here are the girls who've just started their countdown! Taeyeon captions on her instagram, "D-9✨ #CatchMeIfYouCan #GG"

Let's wish they have plans to promote the song in Korea as well. Agree?

Kyuhyun is so clingy

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 08:00 PM PDT

KBS releases still cuts of Super Junior Kyuhyun for 'Fluttering India' to make fans anticipate the first broadcast.

In the photos, Kyuhyun is being clingy with Jonghyun and Sunggyu, resting his head over their shoulder or giving them a back hug. Well, aside from him being naturally clingy to the members of his infamous 'kyu-line', we also see the super bright expression in his face as he was captured flashing big smiles.

By the look of it, Kyuhyun seemed to be having much fun in this show aside from being a super organized and perfectionist guide. Let's anticipate him and other casts Minho, Jonghyun, Suho, Sunggyu, and Changmin on the show's first episode at 9:30PM on April 10.

VIPs anticipate every 1st starting in May!

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 07:48 PM PDT

VIPs are finally getting what treatment they deserved as YG finally names Big Bang in their new tease image.

Moreover, it doesn't only confirms but seems like Big Bang is gonna be active through the 2nd half of the year as the teaser lists the every 1st of month starting in May until September.

Although there are no exact details what are these dates for or when is actually their release date, VIPs are getting hyper as they comment, "WOW! Are we getting releases every month?","Worth the long wait if we are getting it every month.","Finally! I've waited for long" and so on.

Pray that this isn't a lame April Fool's prank XD

SMTOWN goes Chok Chok!

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 07:24 PM PDT

Not only fans, SMTOWN's artists seem to love the Chok Chok dance very much.

SMTOWN uploads a video showing SMTOWN artists including TVXQ, SHINee, f(x) and more doing the Chok Chok dance of Super Junior D and E.

Who did the best? Watch the video below

MAMAMOO's mysterious Ahh Oop woman is.........

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 07:04 PM PDT

MAMAMOO have been teasing fans with images and video for their comeback track.

In their latest teaser image, the girls reveal the mysterious woman who is working with them for this comeback. That person is none other than eSNA.

eSNA is a talented singer, besides performing on music show, she sings the OST of 'The Heirs' titled 'Biting My Lower Lip' which receives much love from fans worldwide.

The full MV of Ahh Oop will be revealed on 2nd April, do you anticipate their collaboration?

BEAST, Hands Up!

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 05:17 PM PDT

BEAST will make a comeback with Japanese single!

BEAST reveal a short teaser video on their official Youtube channel with the title Hands Up, although the teaser is short, fans seems to be curious for its full release.

Check out the short teaser below

Nana's S-line, superb!

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 05:11 PM PDT

After School's Nana is known for her beauty and well-proportioned figure.

In her latest pictorials for Miero Fiber, she poses confidently and shows off her S-line and slender legs. Besides posing in sports outfits, she also poses in elegant dresses.

Check out for more photos below:

Adorable Red Velvet girls

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 05:02 PM PDT

Red Velvet girls are having a real good week!!

After claiming another victory on music show MTV The Show, the girls pose happily at the backstage. The girls can't hide their happiness in their latest group photos and pose with various adorable expressions in their latest photos.

Fans commented, 'so cute', 'congratulations' and etc.