Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Tiffany struggles for photo filters" plus 20 more

"Tiffany struggles for photo filters" plus 20 more

Tiffany struggles for photo filters

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 08:00 AM PDT

Just like everyone of us, even fabulous Tiffany struggles with photo filters.

On her latest instagram selcas, she captions, "when trying a million filters to get the perfect picture #CatchGG." In the photo, Tiffany takes selfies with various angles inside a car. She also uses different filters to satisfy herself.

However, fans who are captivated by her beauty commented, "You don't need filters. You're perfect already.","I do this too. It's hard to choose.","Every pictures is perfect.","Filters are not necessary for a pretty face like that."

Do you agree?

Lee Sang Gon & KARA's Seungyeon duet for 'From Now'

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 07:00 AM PDT

Noel's Lee Sang Gon collaborate with KARA's Han Seungyeon for a pop mellow song.

His gentle vocals fit and harmonize well with Seungyeon's sweet timbre making a melodic and emotional ballad. The song is about long-termed friends that develop into lovers. The love out of friendship promises even more affection and not to break apart.

Miss A's 'Colors' Showcase performances!

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 06:30 AM PDT

Let yourself be ahead of everyone else by watching the live performances of Miss A from their comeback showcase for 'Colors'.

Aside from 'Only You' first live performance, Miss A also reveal their various choreography and special stages for other tracks such as 'I Caught Ya', 'Stuck' and 'Love Song' which you might not find in their broadcast activities. They also included performances of their previous hit songs like 'Goodbye Baby' and 'Bad Girl Good Girl'.

Watch now!

Big Bang announce 2015 World Tour!

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 06:00 AM PDT

VIPs are getting more and more Big Bang this year. Talk about 'worth the wait'.
Aside from their May comeback, Big Bang announce that they are also embarking on a world tour starting on April 25 in Seoul.

The poster released details Big Bang's '2015 WORLD TOUR IN SEOUL' dating April 25-26 at 6PM and 4PM. It will take place in Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. Ticket prices are also indicated.

According to YG, the world tour is happening until next year as Big Bang will tour 15 countries with an estimated 70 concerts. This year's world tour is expected to draw 1.4million audiences around Asia, America, and some regions that were not included in their 2012 concert.

Are you excited?

SNSD spoil their comeback outfits

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 05:00 AM PDT

Seohyun and Tiffany are very generous enough to share a bit of spoiler for their comeback concept of 'Catch Me If You Can' which is a Japanese single that will also be released simultaneously in Korea.

Through their instagram posts, the girls  upload group photos with some members while wearing which seems to be their outfit. Seohyun captions, "Catch me If you can..anticipate a lot~♡ #CatchGG" while Tiffany writes, "my friends are cool ..but crazy  #CatchGG".

In the photos, the girls are wearing a luminous firefighter and camouflage outfits with matching hand gloves. Despite of their not-so-feminine- attire, SNSD look very attractive and beautiful. We can assume that the photos were taken from their MV filming.

Meanwhile, 'Catch Me If You Can' will be released in Japan and Korea on April 10.

BoA spotted in a recording studio; currently preparing for a new album

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 03:00 AM PDT

It seems we will get to celebrate BoA's 15th anniversary together with the release of her new album.

On April 2nd, BoA uploaded a photo of her in a recording studio, which has raised the excitement of her fans about a possible comeback. Also according to the music industry insiders, BoA is also said to be preparing for a new album while aiming for its release this year.

Adding more credit to it, SM Entertainment also confirmed that BoA is indeed working on her new album, but the release date is still undecided.

BoA's latest domestic release was 7th album 'Only One' in 2012.

EXID releases first comeback teaser image featuring Hani

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 02:30 AM PDT

EXID has started their teaser streak with Hani's teaser image.

The photo shows Hani dressing in a nude-toned knitted shirt while lying on the floor and gazing sexily at the camera, emphasizing on her voluminous body. The group also revealed the date and time for their comeback by including '20150413 PM12:00 EXID COMEBACK' along with the teaser through their official SNS.

Stay tuned with us for upcoming teasers from EXID!

Jung Joon Young to comeback with a new album in May

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 02:00 AM PDT

Jung Joon Young will make his comeback real soon!

The singer is preparing for his new album which is set to release in May, which is one year later since his second mini album 'Teenager' in June, 2014. A rep said,"If the last album was filled with only rock genre, then for this new album you will be able to take a glimpse of Jung Joon Young's new musical attempt".

Meanwhile, Mnet's mini series 'The Lover' starring Jung Joon Young and Choi Yeo Jin will be broadcast on April 2nd.

Miss A's Suzy, Lee Hi, Kwon Jin Ah to have special stages with the Top 3 contestants on 'K-Pop Star 4'

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 01:30 AM PDT

This week's SBS's 'K-Pop Star 4' will present the special collaboration stages between the star representatives from YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and Antenna Music and the Top 3 contestants

According to the officials, Miss A's Suzy will perform with Jung Seung Hwan, Lee Hi will perform with Katie Kim while 'K-Pop Star 3's semi-finalist Kwon Jin Ah will have a stage with Lee Jin Ah.

With this special set up, many people are anticipating to what kind of song and performance they will come out this time. Since it's an important that will decide who will be able to advance into the final, the three contestants revealed to have been diligently preparing for it.

Be sure to tune in this broadcast of SBS's 'K-Pop Star 4' on April 5th at 4:50 PM KST.

Lee Joon Ki confirmed for 'Scholar Who Walks The Night'

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Lee Joon Ki will transforms into a vampire for 'Scholar Who Walks The Night'.

Namoo Actors announced on April 2nd that Lee Joon Ki has been confirmed for the lead role in MBC's upcoming drama 'Scholar Who Walks The Night'.

Lee Joon Ki will play as Kim Sung Yeol who is the mysterious vampire scholar.

'Scholar Who Walks The Night' is based on a popular manhwa of the same name, telling the romance story between a beautiful yet mysterious vampire scholar and a girl who cross-dresses as a boy to sell books due to the downfall of her family, with the background set in the Joseon Dynastry era.

Directed by Lee Sung Joon of 'The Moon Embracing The Sun', 'Empress Ki' and written by Jang Hyun Joo of 'Coffee Prince', the drama is scheduled to go on air in July.

BTS photos of Hani in 'A style for you' revealed

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Recently, some BTS photos of EXID's Hani, who is the MC of KBS program, "A Style For You" were revealed.

In the photos, Hani is seen posing to camera with various fashion styles.

One production staff revealed, "She will show her tips for keeping a slim figure during the show," raising people's expectation.

'A style for you' hosted by Hee Chul, Hara, Bora and Hani will air on April 5 at 11:55 p.m. 


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo confirmed for Kim Eun Sook's new drama 'Descendants of the Sun'

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 12:05 AM PDT

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will make their return to the small screen in upcoming KBS's drama 'Descendants of the Sun'.

According to the production crew on April 2nd, aside from Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo confirmed as the lead characters, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won have also been casted for supporting roles in the dramas.

'Descendants of the Sun' written by Kim Eun Sook, is sci-fi fantasy drama telling the love story between an UN's peachkeeper and an army doctor. It's scheduled to go on air in the latter half of 2015.

Happy birthday to Crayon Pop's Ellin

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 11:30 PM PDT

Stage Name: Ellin
Birth Name: Kim Min Young
Nicknames: Elgu, L9, Angel of Smiles, El-genius, Hidden Card
Birthday: April 2, 1990
Zodiac sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Height: 165 cm

Ellin is is the second eldest member in Crayon Pop and was a fitting model prior to training to become a singer. She is a gamer, and plays first player shooters like 'Sudden Attack' and action real time strategy games like 'League of Legends'. She attributes it to having played with her younger brother while growing up.

Happy birthday to A-JAX's Jaehyung

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: Jaehyung
Birth Name: Seo Jae Hyung
Birth Date: April 2, 1990
Label: DSP Media
Group: A-JAX
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Visual
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @Ajax_JH90

- He is the main actor in web drama, 'Vampire Flower'
- He is serving in military now

YG confirms Jinusean in April; why not Big Bang?

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 09:35 PM PDT


After initial denial, YG has finally confirmed that it's indeed Jinusean to have a comeback in April, making the duo their 1st artist this year.

The hip hop duo who are in hiatus for 11 years are finally returning in mid-April with new song. However, it's still being decided if the duo are going to have broadcast promotions as the exact comeback and release dates are yet to be confirmed.

In relation to that, Big Bang fans are throwing questions about the April 1 teasers that were released previously, which they assumed to be Big Bang. However, another teaser confirms that Big Bang are returning in May 1 along with consecutive dates dating every 1st of the month until September.

In this, YG has got to something to say, "Initially there was a plan to have Big Bang's comeback first. Moreover, Jinusean and Big Bang are actually both preparing to return together. But Jinusean value their hoobaes and decided to avoid clashing with them so they are releasing their new song first ahead of the plan."


Fans demand a Hyolyn-Soyu sub-unit after 'Growing' duet

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 09:15 PM PDT

Why are SISTAR fans demanding a HyolynxSoyu sub-unit suddenly?

It's because the two wonderful female vocalists take their own rendition of K.Will's song 'Growing' in a piano cover and it's just wow!

The SISTAR divas soften their vocals in this melodic and mellow track. Hyolyn and Soyu's melodies and harmony flawlessly produce a very aweing performance that blown fans away and make them demand a vocal sub-unit consisting of Hyolyn and Soyu.

Watch their impressive performance to find out!

iKON's Bobby & Kang Sora are 'Sprite' couple

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 08:45 PM PDT

iKON's Bobby and actress Kang Sora are the new advertising models of 'Sprite'. They make such a refreshing pair for a refreshing drink.

In the released promotional photos, Bobby is boasting of youthful charms beside his noona. Kang Sora,  on the other hand, is not going to be left out with a younger and lively partner as she stands out with her petite and beautiful appearance.

The combination of cool and sexy charms from the two models are igniting the summer season. Expect even more charming chemistry from these two in their upcoming CF which will be released in mid-April.

MAMAMOO say 'AHH OOP' in MV with eSNa!

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 08:22 PM PDT

MAMAMOO drop the MV for their newest single 'AHH OOP' featuring eSNa!

The girls take on a retro concept and style as they become hairstylists in the music video. MAMAMOO once again impress with their distinct powerful vocals and musicality and flawless harmony along with eSNa's rap!

Sulli is a woman in love for new photoshoot

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 06:08 PM PDT

f(x)'s Sulli graces the latest issue of High Cut magazine.

She's seen posing romantically with a male model, besides showing her innocence, she looks happy to be in love.

Check out for more photos below

Red Velvet dance to 'Nobody'

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 05:34 PM PDT

The Red Velvet girls dance to Wonder Girls' popular song Nobody!

The girls appear on a radio show recently, they're requested to dance to the popular Nobody dance on the show. Without much hesitation, the girls show the basic choreography with their cuteness, check out the video below.

4Minute annyeong!

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 05:00 PM PDT

4Minute's maknae Sohyun recorded a video on Instagram.

The members of 4Minute take turns to say hi to fans in Korean. Who do you think has the friendliest greet?

Check out the video below: