Thursday, May 21, 2015

"CLC aegyo selca parade" plus 21 more

"CLC aegyo selca parade" plus 21 more

CLC aegyo selca parade

Posted: 21 May 2015 08:00 AM PDT

It appears like the cute girls of CLC are taking 'aegyo class' prior to their upcoming 2nd mini album comeback.

On their twitter account, CLC release members' aegyo selcas promising fans that they are working hard practicing their aegyo.

Meanwhile, the girls are returning with 2nd mini album 'Question' on May 28. See their aegyo selcas below. Who's your favorite?

CL & Diplo to release 'Doctor Pepper'

Posted: 21 May 2015 07:20 AM PDT

CL announces through her SNS the release of her collaborative track with DJ Diplo titled 'Doctor Pepper'.

The track will be released on May 22 (Friday) and will include American rappers such as Riff Raff and OG Maco. Although there's no definite date for her American debut yet, CL is already getting attention and exposing herself through collaboration with American musicians.

Let's look forward to her upcoming release tomorrow! Meanwhile, CL is also schedule to perform at Toronto on August 29 for the Mad Decent Block Party 2015 event.

Sunny removes her make-up on broadcast

Posted: 21 May 2015 06:45 AM PDT

Girls Generation Sunny is confident to remove her make up on broadcast and reveals her bare face to the viewers.

On the recent episode of OnStyle 'Get It Beauty 2015' 'Talking Mirror' corner, Sunny gave make-up tips and revealed her beauty box. You'll be impressed on how similar she looks with and without make up.

Watch the video below:

Jonghyun&Seungyeon's ceremonial pitch at KBO League

Posted: 21 May 2015 06:15 AM PDT

We Got Married's good-looking couple CNBlue's Jonghyun and actress Gong Seungyeon do the ceremonial first pitch today at KBO League's game between LG Twins and Nexen.

Even on the baseball field, the two show sweetness as Seungyeon kisses her ring towards Jonghyun before she throws the ball. After the ceremony, the two walked out of the field with their hands on each other's waist showing their close relationship. Moreover, both are spotted wearing their couple rings and bracelets.

See the video and photos below:

Youngji shows off her in-line skating skills!

Posted: 21 May 2015 05:47 AM PDT

KARA's maknae Youngji is really overflowing with many unexpected skills and fans are very impressed that she is actually very good in in-line skating.

Prior to their group's comeback, DSP is featuring members' daily life which we haven't known through Naver's StarCast. For their first feature, they report on Youngji's habit and it's indeed in-line skating.

Naver and DSP reveal series of Youngji's photos wearing her skating gears and in-line skaters. The staff tried to catch up with Youngji as she had fun skating down the road with her carefree image. Such another revelation of Kara's maknae that would surely adored by  fans.

You can read the full story HERE.

Eric Nam & Chloe Moretz on WGM?

Posted: 21 May 2015 05:00 AM PDT

Eric Nam gave American actress/model Chloe Moretz a warm and friendly welcome as he posted a selca of them together on his instagram account.

Recently, Chloe arrived in Korea and is scheduled to appear on various Korean programs. Eric Nam wrote, "With the amazingly talented and beautiful @chloegmoretz! #wgm #chloeinkorea #ericnam #whynot." His hashtag includes We Got Married raising suspicions if the two will appear on WGM as guests.

Besides, in the photo, the two are wearing clip-mics and probably shooting at the set together. Meanwhile, Chloe is set to appear on SNL Korea during her stay.

AOA's Choa flaunts her alluring sexiness for 'Arena Homme +'

Posted: 21 May 2015 02:30 AM PDT

AOA's Choa impresses everyone with her femme fatale charm in the latest pictorial for 'Arena Homme +' June issue.

Taking off her usual bright and youthful appearance, Choa showcases her exceptional and captivating sexiness by doing provocative poses, which have been emphasized even more with the embedding of saturation background.

Check out the photos below

'We Got Married' denies rumours of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun leaving the show

Posted: 21 May 2015 02:00 AM PDT

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun rumoured to be leaving MBC's 'We Got Married' soon, but the production team has denied all the claims.

According to multiple broadcasters, the couple already filmed their last episode on May 20th. However, the PD denied and said,"The reports stating that they filmed their last episode today is not true. We don't know why this news came out".

Both SM C&C and Fantagio also said that Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are still filming well and their departure is still far ahead.

f(x)'s Victoria in talks to star in 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Chinese remake

Posted: 21 May 2015 01:30 AM PDT

f(x)'s Victoria like to star alongside Shu Qi and Feng Shaofeng in upcoming Chinese remake of 'My Best Friend's Wedding'.

A rep of SM Entertainment said on May 21st,"Victoria has been offered to star in 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Chinese remake and is considering it positively".

'My Best Friend's Wedding' is originally a 1997 American romantic comedy film starring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Alexi Tan will be directing the Chinese version and it's scheduled to premiere on Valentine's Day next year.

Yoo Ah In, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Joo Hyuk, Esom in talks to star in new film 'Happy Facebook'

Posted: 21 May 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Upcoming film 'Happy Facebook' has released some information on its potential cast.

According to the insiders in the film industry, Yoo Ah In, Kang Ha Neul. Kim Joo Hyuk and Esom have been casted for 'Happy Facebook', and they are currently coordinating the details.

Park Shin Hye previously revealed to be positively considering the film.

'Happy Facebook' is said to be an omnibus melodrama film by director Park Hyun Jin, telling the love story of three couples. After finalizing the cast, the film will crank in in the second half of next year.

Happy birthday to NU'EST's Aron

Posted: 21 May 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Stage Name: Aron
Korean Name: Kwak Young Min
English Name: Aaron Kwak
Birthday: May 21, 1993
Label: Pledis entertainment
Group: NUEST
Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper (English Rapper), Lead Dancer
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @nuestaron

-He's from Los Angeles, California, United States

[King of Mask Singer' f(x)'s Luna, Kahi, BTOB's Sungjae, Kim Hyung Suk to guest on 'Radio Star'

Posted: 21 May 2015 12:30 AM PDT

'King of Mask Singer' contestants will be making their guest appearance on MBC's 'Radio Star'.

According to multiple broadcasters, f(x)'s Luna, Kahi, BTOB's Sungjae and composer Kim Hyung Suk participated in the show recording on May 20th.

Many people are looking forward to this episode since they all gained much attention by appearing on 'King of Mask Singer', by erasing people's negative perspective on idols and showcasing their skills as real singers. Composer Kim Hyung Suk was in the judge panel of 'King of Mask Singer', and he's expected to reveal some of the behind the scene stories of the show.

This episode will be broadcasted on May 27th at 11:15PM KST.

Lee Seung Gi to comeback with a new album on June 4th

Posted: 21 May 2015 12:00 AM PDT

Lee Seung Gi has announced June 4th as the release date for his upcoming comeback album.

A rep from Hook Entertaiment revealed on May 21st,"Lee Seung Gi will be releasing a new album on June 4th. It's an album after 3 years since 'Return' in 2012".

It was said that Lee Seung Gi originally planned to release a new song last month but it got pushed back due to the health problems of Hook Entertainment's president. Fortunately the president's health is now fully recovered and is able to focus again on Lee Seung Gi's album production.

In particular, June 4th is a significant date for both Lee Seung Gi and the fans since it was the date when he made his debut with 'Because You're My Girl' 11 years ago.

Are you excited for Lee Seung Gi comeback?

Happy birthday to Girl's Day Sojin

Posted: 20 May 2015 11:30 PM PDT

Birth Name: Park So Jin
Stage Name: Sojin
Birthday: May 21, 1986
Label: Dream T Entertainment
Group: Girl's day
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Cleaning, searching for a good song, writing music, browsing YouTube video, shopping, eating snacks, playing piano
Skills: Piano, calligraphy
Favorite Color: black, white, purple
Siblings: younger brother

She likes to eat!
She's the oldest in the group but she acts like a magnae :)
She has big eyes!
She's the 2nd tallest in the group
She had difficulty doing the splits on her first performance of NLF but she's getting better at it
She knows how to put together a car. (She has welded/soldered before.)
She is one of the 8 girls among 800 students in her engineering class.
She has a really cute eye smile
She can impersonate a 'Yorkshire Terrier' dog sound.
She can impersonate a monkey.
Her waist is only 20 1/2 inches
She has rapping skills.
She likes to knit.

Happy birthday to KARA's Gyuri

Posted: 20 May 2015 11:00 PM PDT

Stage Name: Gyuri
Birth Name: Park Gyu Ri
Nicknames: Gyul, Goddess, Mirror Princess, Shikshin, Carrot
Birthday: May 21, 1988
Label: DSP Media
Group: KARA
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Height: 160 cm
Instruments: Piano
Instagram: @gyuri_88
Twitter: @gyuri88
Education: Dongduk Women's University (majoring in Broadcasting Communications)
Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Watching Movies
Favorite Color: Purple
Pets: KingKangie, Nadia, Popo (puppy)

- She came up with the group name KARA, which means Sweet Melody in Greek
- She is the daughter of popular voice dubber Park Sohyun
- She is the only child
- She's allergic to dogs but takes medicine so she can be around dogs
- She is a huge H.O.T fan
- Originally called Yeoshin, Goddess by fans
- She is a child actor
- She's known to be extremely witty
- She trained in SM for awhile, was even asked if she wanted to join CJSH
- One of her closest friends is Eunjung (T-ara)
- Unlike her Goddess image for tv, she is actually really humble

Jessica is a mature&confident lady for 'Marie Claire'

Posted: 20 May 2015 09:03 PM PDT

Jessica took part in Marie Claire's June issue pictorial making it her first ever Korean photoshoot after withdrawing from SNSD.

In the photos released through Marie Claire Korean website, Jessica is a lady of confidence flaunting her curves and slender body. She expressed a more mature feminine image spiced up with sexy and sophisticated concepts.

See more of her photos below:

f(x) candid photos from 'Baskin Robbins' CF filming

Posted: 20 May 2015 08:48 PM PDT

Four bubbly ladiese of f(x) had so much fun under the sun in the filming of their newest CF for 'Baskin Robbins' CF for Ice Cream Bingsoo.

The photos below captured the girls in their most beautiful candid moments as they naturally enjoyed the summery atmosphere of the outdoor set.

See more below:

HALO drop Dino, In Haeng, & Ooon's solo teaser images

Posted: 20 May 2015 08:17 PM PDT

HALO continue to hype fans with their upcoming comeback with 3rd single album 'Grow Up' with the solo teaser images and we have Dino, In Haeng, & Ooon's for the first batch.

The boys are beaming with boy-next-door charisma despite of the dark atmosphere as background. Wearing stylish outdoor outfits, the three project certain poses along the streets in the middle of the night.

See other photos below:

Hara's 'CUPID' teaser

Posted: 20 May 2015 07:27 PM PDT

Last but not the least, the solo teaser of Hara for 'CUPID' MV is now released.

Fans would surely be overwhelmed with 30-seconds of Hara's doll-like beauty in this clip. Just like the others, Hara is also surrounded by relaxing mint-colored set as she effortlessly projects for the camera showing her sexy gaze and beautiful image.

Meanwhile, KARA is returning in 26 with new album 'In Love'.

Fans 'Might Just Die' in new HISTORY's MV

Posted: 20 May 2015 07:09 PM PDT

HISTORY showcase their overall musicality in their newest track 'Might Just Die' accompanied with its music video.

The majestic melody of a grand piano introduces the intense chorus of the song along with the powerful dance performance of the boys. The lyrics expresses the love, anger, and regret of lovers parting apart.

The choreography itself interprets the song's plot and the vocals and rapping skills of HISTORY are emphasized showing another level of their talent. You would surely expect their live stage while watching the MV below:

GFRIEND are summer girls in new pictorial

Posted: 20 May 2015 06:44 PM PDT

GFRIEND greet fans with their summery pictorial for Arena Homme+'s June issue.

The girls are dressed in various casual and comfy summer outfits and flash bright and lively expressions that would definitely lift your summer atmosphere. See more photos below:

Lee Jong Suk is a good-looking beachboy

Posted: 20 May 2015 02:56 PM PDT

Lee Jongsuk transforms into a good-looking beach boy!

He's seen posing confidently for the latest issue of Allure Magazine, check out for more photos below