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"Seventeen's teaser video 'Instagram Launching Video-1'" plus 21 more

"Seventeen's teaser video 'Instagram Launching Video-1'" plus 21 more

Seventeen's teaser video 'Instagram Launching Video-1'

Posted: 02 May 2015 08:00 AM PDT

After so many years Seventeen are finally debuting as 13 members soon and they have released a teaser video with this title 'Instagram Launching Video-1.'

On the video, the members were introduced with a hashtag of their respective name. The official Instagram account of the group was also revealed which is @saythename_17.

Watch below:

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Zion.T to return with 2nd album 'Comedian'

Posted: 02 May 2015 07:30 AM PDT

On May 1st, Zion.T announced on his Twitter that he's coming back with his second album.

On the post, Zion.T revealed that the album will be titled 'Comedian.'

Zion.T released his first album 'Red Light'in April 2013, and dropped an EP in 2014.

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SOURCE: @SkinnyRed

MR.MR's MV for 'She is so Beautiful'

Posted: 02 May 2015 07:00 AM PDT

On April 28th, MR.MR dropped a music video for the song 'She is so Beautiful.'

Watch below:

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UNIQ appears on 1theK’s 'Let’s Dance'

Posted: 02 May 2015 06:30 AM PDT

On May 1st, UNIQ appeared on a 1theK's 'Let's Dance' episode.

On the said episode, UNIQ taught the choreography in their latest upbeat song 'EOEO.' They started teaching the 'Jwibulnori' dance then the 'EOEO' choreography.

Watch below:

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Akdong Musician’s Soohyun to share stage with her senior hip hop duo Jinusean

Posted: 02 May 2015 06:00 AM PDT

After trainee Jang Hanna and 2NE1's Dara shared the stage with Jinusean, it will be Akdong Musician's Soohyun's turn to show that she can collaborate with her seniors.

Soohyun is the other half of the Akdong Musician sibling who won the 2nd season of K-Pop Star, while Jinusean came back after 11 long years with 'Tell Me One More Time.' They will do the stage collab on the May 3rd episode of SBS Inkigayo,

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SOURCE: No Cut News

UNIQ's dance version of 'EOEO'

Posted: 02 May 2015 05:30 AM PDT

On April 30th, UNIQ uploaded the dance version of their latest track 'EOEO.'

As of this writing, it gained more than 40,000 views already.

Watch below:

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IU grants a student's wish

Posted: 02 May 2015 05:00 AM PDT

Netizens are amazed on how generous IU is.

IU has granted one middle school student's wish to have a guitar. IU gave that student a guitar with her sign on it and some other stuff.

Here's the post:

안녕하세요 기타를 띵가띵가 연주해고픈 문제의 중2 학생입니다. 정말 기타를 손가락 부러지도록 배우고 싶습니다. 피아노를 주로 했지만 새로운 악기인 기타를 너무나 연주해보고 싶어요..ㅡㅜ 아무래도 피아노는...
Posted by 수르수르만수르 on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Girl’s Day donates for Nepal earthquake victims

Posted: 02 May 2015 04:00 AM PDT

On May 1st, a representative from Korean Red Cross revealed that Girl's Day lent a hand for the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Girl's Day donated 10 million won to Korean Red Cross to help those victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th. 

The Korean Red Cross will leave for Nepal on May 4th with over 100 billion won.

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SOURCE: 10Asia

BESTie to make their comeback next week!

Posted: 02 May 2015 03:49 AM PDT

The sexy ladies of BESTie announce their comeback through Music Core, check out the teaser below

Hyosung's comeback teaser on Music Core

Posted: 02 May 2015 03:46 AM PDT

Secret's Hyosung reveals comeback teaser through Music Core, check out the video below:

BTS to celebrate 1st anniv of Japan debut with a song 'For You'

Posted: 02 May 2015 03:30 AM PDT

Bangtan Boys will celebrate their first anniversary of their debut in Japan this June.

To mark that momentous event, BTS will be releasing their first original Japanese song called 'For You.' Aside from the CD+DVD 2 limited editions and a regular edition, a special 1st anniversary limited edition featuring the Japanese version of 'Let Me Know' will be solely available via Pony Canyon's online shop. Also, it will feature the B-side single and Japanese version of 'War of Hormone.'

'For You' will be released on their 1st anniversary on June 4th.

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'Voice of ROMEO' feat. Yunsung

Posted: 02 May 2015 03:00 AM PDT

On May 1st, upcoming boy group ROMEO uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel.

The video is titled 'Voice of Romeo,' and the first member to showcase his talent is Yunsung. He sang live Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror.'

ROMEO's debut mini-album 'The Romeo' will be released on May 7th at 12PM KST.

Watch below:

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Debuting N-Bulance's members' teaser photos

Posted: 02 May 2015 02:30 AM PDT

New Planet Entertainment will be debuting a girl group named N-Bulance.
N-Bulance will be composed of six gorgeous ladies namely leader Eunbi, Chinese member Anna, Yeonghyeon, vocal Yejin, Japanese member Rui and maknae Hyejin.

For update, visit their N-Bulance Facebook and N-Bulance Twitter.

See the photos below: 







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ROMEO's album cover for 'The ROMEO'

Posted: 02 May 2015 02:00 AM PDT

ROMEO revealed the cover for their debut mini album 'The ROMEO.'

'The ROMEO' is scheduled to be released on May 7th at 12PM KST.

ROMEO is composed of Hyunkyung, Kyle, Seunghwan, Kangmin, Milo, Minsung, and Yunsung. They are under CT Entertainment and Japanese agency Pony Canyon.

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BIGBANG’s T.O.P bids goodbye to his dog Charlie

Posted: 02 May 2015 01:30 AM PDT

BIGBANG's T.O.P's pet dog named Charlie has succumbed due to its brain tumor, and T.O.P dedicated a message for his loving pet.

On his Instagram, T.O.P uploaded some photos of Charlie and gave him a message of gratitude for being with his family for 15 years, and for holding its pain until BIGBANG's comeback concert has finished.

See the posts below:
A photo posted by choi seung hyun (@choi_seung_hyun_tttop) on

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Verbal Jint, Sanchez & Kang Minkyung to revive 'My Type'

Posted: 02 May 2015 01:00 AM PDT

On April 29th, it was revealed that Verbal JintPhantom's Sanchez and Davichi's Kang Minkyung will be collaborating for a project.

The three will be reviving the song 'My Type,' which was originally sung by Jessi, Cheetah and Kangnam. With their version which will be called 'My Type 2,' expect a different attack as they will utilize Spanish R&B style. The song will be released on May 4th. 

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SOURCE: @freevjfreevj

Dal Shabet the gorgeous Jokers backstage

Posted: 01 May 2015 11:12 PM PDT

Dal Shabet have fun at the backstage of M! Countdown.

Check out the girls in action below

EXO Lay to appear on Chinese Running Man

Posted: 01 May 2015 10:08 PM PDT

EXO will appear in the upcoming episode of Chinese Running Man, check out the preview below:

Yoona's Chinese drama first trailer!

Posted: 01 May 2015 06:26 PM PDT

Yoona is currently busy filming her drama in China.

A great news to deliver as the drama reveals its first trailer, check it out below

Adorable Dara

Posted: 01 May 2015 06:23 PM PDT

2NE1's Sandara is garnering much attention recently with her special performance with Jinusean.

She updated another adorable pic of herself through SNS. She is seen having some food while having herself styled.

She must be really hungry, fans leave some comments to appreciate her cuteness as expected!

Simple yet elegant - Suzy's airport fashion

Posted: 01 May 2015 06:19 PM PDT

miss A's Suzy is spotted at the airport!

She is seen wearing simple and casual clothes at the airport, despite her simple fashion she still garners much attention from netizens.

Fans commented, "simple but nice, only Suzy can do it", "she's really a star, no matter what she wears she shines" and etc.

Prettiest Jessica for Eyemag

Posted: 01 May 2015 05:01 PM PDT

Jessica is featured in new photoshoot for Eyemag.

She is seen posing confidently for the magazine, showing off her feminine charm, check out more photos below