Monday, May 18, 2015

"Short hair Hayoung celebrates Coming Of Age Day" plus 16 more

"Short hair Hayoung celebrates Coming Of Age Day" plus 16 more

Short hair Hayoung celebrates Coming Of Age Day

Posted: 18 May 2015 07:12 AM PDT

APink's Hayoung surprises fans with her new hairstyle.

Hayoung has her own way to celebrate the Coming Of Age Day. She is seen sporting short hairstyle in her latest selca.

Fans are totally surprised but praised her new hairstyle as it suits her very well. What do you think, is that a great change?

Absolutely stunning Tiffany for Allure?

Posted: 18 May 2015 05:56 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Tiffany impresses with her amazing figure on Allure magazine.

She is seen posing sexily in her recent photoshoot, garnering much attention with her artistic pose. Check out for more photos below

Eun Ji Won to comeback with a new mini album this June

Posted: 18 May 2015 02:34 AM PDT

Eun Ji Won will be making his return to the music scene after 2 years and 6 months.

GYM Entertainment announced on May 18th,"Eun Ji Won will make his comeback as a soloist with a new mini album next month. We are planning for a digital release only".

According to the agency, the mini album will have double title tracks. The first track will be pre-released on June 1st while the second track and the whole album will be availaber on the 8th.

Even though Eun Ji Won's last release was digital single "Anyone' in December 2012 but this will be his first mini album release in 5 years and 6 months since his 5th album 'Platonic' in 2009.

In addition, there will be also no broadcast promotions for this new album.

'Scholar Who Walks The Night' releases photos from the first script reading featuring the main cast

Posted: 18 May 2015 02:00 AM PDT

MBC's upcoming drama 'Scholar Who Walks The Night' has released some of the photos from the first script reading featuring the main cast.

The first script reading took place on May 18th with the attendance of Lee Jun Ki, Lee Yoo Bi, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim So Eun, TVXQ's Changmin and many other supporting cast members. Director Lee Sung Joon and screenwriter Jang Hyun Joo also presented at the reading session.

It was said that the cast members were quickly to get absobed in their characters and even tried to test out their chemistry together by exchanging eye contacts.

'Scholar Who Walks The Night' will follow 'Warm and Cozy' and broadcast in July.

2NE1's Sandara Park, Winner's Kang Seung Yoon, EXID's Hani to cameo on 'Producer'

Posted: 18 May 2015 01:30 AM PDT

More and more stars will be making special appearances on KBS's variety drama 'Producer'.

According to the production team, 2NE1's Sandara, Winner's Kang Seung Yoon and EXID's Hani will be the next ones to cameo on 'Producer'.

In particular, Sandara and Kang Seung Yoon will act as the new cast members for '1 Night 2 Days' season 4, while Hani will appear as one of the candidates for '1 Night 2 Days' but eventually fail to become the fix member.

'Producer' broadcasts every Friday and Saturday.

Sistar to make their comeback in June

Posted: 18 May 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Sistar will be joining the comeback lineup for June.

An official in the music industry said,"Sistar is currently working on their comeback while aiming for a mid-June release. They're currently undegoing post-production and is entirely focusing on their title track".

This will be Sistar's comeback after 10 months since their special album 'Sweet & Sour' last year.

This new is attracting much attention as they will be up against Girls' Generation who also reportedly to return in June.

Kara's Youngji flaunts her goddess beauty in 'Cupid' teaser video

Posted: 18 May 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Kara's maknae Youngji is the first member to release individual teaser video for 'Cupid'.

In the video, Youngji is seen dancing in a giant perfume box with gift boxes surrounding around her. The pastel mint color and sparkling make-up help emphasize on Youngji's cute and innocent charm.

'Cupid' is the title track for Kara's upcoming 7th mini album 'In Love', which is set to be released on May 26th.

Check out Youngji's teaser video below

2AM's Seulong releases teaser video for 'Mood Swing'

Posted: 18 May 2015 12:05 AM PDT

2AM's Seulong kicks off his solo promotion by releasing the teaser video for 'Mood Swing'.

Deemed in black and white color, the video presents Seulong in a more tough and rough look as he was walking on the street while singing along to the snippet of the song.

'Mood Swing' is the title track of Seulong's upcoming solo digital single album 'Normal'. As it was previousle revealed, the single directly participated in the composing and writing of all the tracks of the album, showcasing his potential as a singer - songwriter.

The MV for 'Mood Swing' will be released on May 19th at midnight.

Happy birthday to 4Minute's Gayoon

Posted: 18 May 2015 12:00 AM PDT

Stage name: GaYoon
Full Name: Heo Ga Yoon
Label: CUBE entertainment
Group: 4Minute
Sub-unit: 2YOON
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: May 18, 1990
Height: 165 cm (5.4")
Weight: 47 kg (103.4 lbs)
Blood Type: O

- She likes to write lyrics in her free time in the recording studio located in the basement of the dorms.
- Because of her small hands, she can't really wear rings.
- She gets very emotional when talking about family.
- She has been singing ever since she was in high school.
- She loves clothes, so during her free time she likes to shop.
- She doesn't express her feelings well.
- She sometimes feels emptiness late at night. During these times, she will write lyrics or expresses her thoughts in her diary.
- She has made asked out by many male idols.
- She doesn't fall for any of the pranks the members try to pull on her.
- She says she doesn't know how to do ageyo.
- She likes to eat noodles.

Happy birthday to BIGBANG's Taeyang

Posted: 17 May 2015 11:00 PM PDT

Stage name: TaeYang
Full Name: Dong Yong Bae
Nickname: SOL (Solar)
Label: YG entertainment
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: May 18, 1988
Height: 174 cm (5'8)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christian
Education: Daejin University in Theater & Film
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese
Hobbies: Music, Basketball, Church

- "TaeYang" is the korean word for sun.
- He has a successful solo career
- He listens to people well and thinks before he says anything.
- Some musicians he likes are Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake.
- When he was in 5th grade TaeYang was a child actor. He was recruited to play the part of mini Sean in JinuSean's A–Yo MV. Being inspired by JinuSean, he later auditioned to join YG Entertainment.
- He and G–Dragon were originally going to debut in a duo hip–hop group "GDYB", but Yang Hyun Suk canceled their debut because he wanted to instead create a 4 to 6 member group (Which is now BIGBANG).
- After the members of BIGBANG were finalized, Yang Hyun Suk gave each of the members pendants. TaeYang's has his initials "YB" with a crown over it. It means:"To become the best in the music industry".
- Though TaeYang is known for his impressive vocal abilities, he was actually trained to be a rapper but debuted in BIGBANG as a singer.
- He is known for his kind hearted attitude and for his faith in God.

HISTORY release jacket pictorial

Posted: 17 May 2015 09:00 PM PDT

HISTORY are days away from their comeback and they tease fans with a clip covering their jacket pictorial and background music that previews their upcoming title track 'Might Just Die'.

Their new mini album will be released on 21st.

IU sings her 'Heart'

Posted: 17 May 2015 08:30 PM PDT

IU sings her self-composed song for 'Producer' OST.

The song ''Heart" is a very melodic and soothing song which will uplift a relaxing mood for listeners accompanied by IU's beautiful and sweet vocals.

Meanwhile, IU is starring in 'Producer'. Are you enjoying the drama so far?

A.Kor form sub-unit A.Kor Black

Posted: 17 May 2015 08:00 PM PDT

A.Kor are returning but as sub-unit this time with members Minju and Kemy.

The duo are debuting in sub-unit called A.Kor Black and will release a single album will title track "How We Do". For a tease on what concept the two are taking on, the making of their jacket pictorial is released.

A.Kor's first sub-unit is expected to debut in June.

Ji Sung is coming to Hong Kong

Posted: 17 May 2015 11:04 PM PDT

Actor from hit drama "Kill Me Heal Me", Ji Sung will be attending a fan meeting at 2pm on 24th May 2015 in East Point City, Hang Hau, Hong Kong.

Moreover, Ji Sung and actress, Lee Bo-young are expected to become parents by the end of next month. Therefore seize your opportunity to meet soon-to-be father, Ji Sung in person.

f(x) enjoy ice party in new CF

Posted: 17 May 2015 07:00 PM PDT

The four adorable and lively girls of f(x) have an ice party in the latest CF for Baskin Robbin's newest Ice Cream Bingsoo.

The girls are having so much fun playing with each other while enjoying the delicious dessert. The CF also comes with a cheerful jingle by the group.

Check it out!

HALO signal comeback

Posted: 17 May 2015 06:00 PM PDT

Six-member boy group HALO have announced their comeback through official SNS account.

The boys update with an image of their group sitting but only silhouettes are seen. Aside from the image, we are informed that their first teaser image will be released in the midnight of May 20.

Thus, something to check upon for HALO fans. Are you ready for their return?

Triplets' 'Little Mermaid'

Posted: 17 May 2015 02:58 PM PDT

Song Il Gook's triplets transform into the characters in Little Mermaid, check out their acting skills below: