Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Monsta X get hyper in new dance video for 'Trespass'" plus 19 more

"Monsta X get hyper in new dance video for 'Trespass'" plus 19 more

Monsta X get hyper in new dance video for 'Trespass'

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 08:00 AM PDT

Monsta X grant fans' request for a dance practice video of their song 'Trespass'.

Much to their delight, the fans also get an extra treat of its beagle version wherein members spice up their dance moves with funny and hyper gestures.

The boys are equally intense and funny at the same time!

Making of Teen Top's dreamy concept

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 07:15 AM PDT

Prior to their 'Natural Born' comeback, Teen Top release photos and behind-the-scene clip of their pictorial where they turn into dreamy young boys.

We get to see the colorful and mysterious solo teaser images of Teen Top so let's go check out what happened during the pictorial where the boys seem to have enjoyed their colorful hair and contact lenses.

See below!

SHINee's 9th win!

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 06:45 AM PDT

SHINee is close to ten trophies by securing their 9th win today at the show with their song 'View'.

This week's chart also have Monsta X, Seventeen, JJY Band and KARA but SHINee fans are eager to give the boys their deserving trophy.

Photos of the happy boys with their trophy are uploaded. Congratulations!

Aloha! Tropical princess Dara!

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 06:15 AM PDT

2NE1 Dara is very generous to share her beautiful photos from Hawaii and we get to see how she perfectly gets along with the tropical country.

Dara makes sure to wear the perfect outfit and enjoy the sun as we see her selfie along the beach wearing beautiful maxi dress and summer hat. She also fascinates her Filipino fans as she shares a photo eating at Jollibee.

More and more of these beautiful photos in summer concept are coming in July issue of Vogue magazine so look forward to it. In the meantime, enjoy Dara's photos below:

Boyfriend Hyunseong thanks fans on his birthday

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 05:45 AM PDT

Boyfriend's vocalist Hyunseong celebrates his 23rd birthday today and he pours his gratitude to their fans.

He writes on his twitter, "It's a grateful day! I spent a fun birthday this year again because of our Bestfriends❤  Everyone thank you very much️~^^."

Along with the message, he also takes photo with the birthday cakes which fans sent him and a lifesize stuffed toy. Happy birthday!

Seventeen release making for 'Adore You' MV

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 05:05 AM PDT

The youthful and skillful boys of Seventeen are going to impress and entertain you in the making of their 'Adore You' MV.

The boys are very focused and passionate once the camera rolls showing how much they have upgraded before their debut.

Check it out!

Girls' Generation's 'blonde' group photo!

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 03:48 AM PDT

Girls' Generation garner much attention with their latest group photo.

The girls pose together in all white outfits, showing off their new hairstyle. The girls started to tease since yesterday for their comeback with new hair colors and hairstyle.

Fans commented, "it's great to see all the girls together again", "nice hairstyle" and etc.

INFINITE's L to star alongside Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook in 'The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days'

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 01:30 AM PDT

INFINITE's L will make his acting return in SBS's upcoming drama 'The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days'.

On June 9th, Woollim Entertainment revealed that L has been casted as a new employee in Oh Ha Na(Ha Ji Won)'s company name Sungjae.

However, we might not be able to see him much in the drama since L is said to make his special appearance only for 3 episode according to TV Report.

Based on the original Taiwanese drama 'In Time With You', 'The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days' will tell the long-time friendship story between Oh Ha Na(Ha Ji Won) and Choi Won(Lee Jin Wook). The first episode will go on air on June 27th.

Goo Hye Sun to release her 2nd new age album on June 12th

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Goo Hye Sun will makes her comeback as a musician with a new album after 6 years.

YG Entertainment announced that Goo Hye Sun will be releasing her 2nd new age album 'Breath 2 - After 10 Years, 100 Years' at midnight on June 12th.

Just like her previous works, the whole 13 tracks will be composed and written by the actress herself. The album will contain the soundtracks from her self-directed movie 'Peach Tree' as well as from her short film 'Pieces of Memories'.

Goo Hye Sun's 1st new age album 'Breath' was released in 2009.

Melody Day's Yoo Min revealed to be Jang Dong Gun's niece

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Melody Day's Yoo Min has been revealed to be related to actor Jang Dong Gun.

According to Melody Day's agency on June 9th, Yoo Min's father and Jang Dong Gun are cousins, while Yoo in herself is the granddaughter of Jang Dong Gun's aunt(his mother's sister), which makes Yoo Min to be his niece.

The agency revealed that they have a close relationship as Yoo Min attended Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young's wedding and even visit their house a couple of times. Jang Dong Gun also said to be very supportive of his niece's career as a singer.

Melody Day is well-known for having participated in many OSTs for famous dramas such as 'Bridal Mask', 'Master's Sun', 'I Can Hear Your Voice'... Meanwhile, the group has released '#LoveMe' MV at noon today and will soon follow with comeback promotions.

K.Will, Super Junior's Ryeowook, Park Bo Gum to cameo in 'Producer'

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 12:00 AM PDT

More and more stars will make their cameo appearance in KBS's 'Producer'.

A drama's rep revealed on June 9th,"K.Will, Super Junior's Ryeowook and actor Park Bo Gum are scheduled to cameo in the nineth episode of 'Producer'".

Park Bo Gum will appear as 'Music Bank' MC, while K.Will and Ryeowook will act as the DJs for 'Kiss The Radio'.

'Producer' has been gaining much attention thanks to its star-studded cameo line-up such as Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seung Gi, Go Ah Ra, Park Jin Young, TaeTiSeo, Yoo Hee Yeol and many more.

This episode will be broadcasted on June 12th at 9:15PM KST.

AOA's Choa shows off her guitar skills

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 11:28 PM PDT

AOA's Choa showcases her talent on Yaman TV.

She performs classic song Y and Let's Go On A Trip with the guests of the show, check out her amazing live below:

Eun Ji-won says he's forever a kid on hashtag!

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 09:00 PM PDT

Forever young at heart Eun Ji-Won has recently returned with new album after almost 3 years and he's promoting his new song 'Trauma'.

As an extra treat, Eun Ji-won answers questions on hashtag interview and even shares his secret of keeping his youthful and lively appearance and comments "I think I'll stay a kid forever".

Find out more interesting stories about his in the interview below:

Short-haired ladies of SNSD!

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 08:36 PM PDT

Hyoyeon joins Sooyoung as the short-haired ladies of SNSD in preparation for the group's nearing comeback.

Yesterday, Hyoyeon let fans know that she chopped her long blonde and cut it shorter for a new look. She even takes selfie with Sooyoung showing their contrasting hair colors.

Don't they looks so sassy and classy?

Melody Day say 'Love Me' in new MV

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 08:13 PM PDT

Melody Day are showing you new style and music in this comeback with 'Love Me'.

The vocally talented and lovely girls are going to have you swoon over them in this retro pop track which expresses the pure affection of a girl towards her crush hoping for a mutual affection.

Check it out!

TVXQ's Yunho to enlist next month

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 07:32 PM PDT

TVXQ's Yunho is confirmed to enlist as an active duty soldier on July 21.

According to SM Entertainment in a phone call with Dispatch, "Yunho is going to enlist as scheduled on July 21 and there are no plans to postpone."

Yunho is going to receive 5 weeks of basic military training at Yangju, Gyeonggi Province. Moreover, SM states that Yunho wants to enlist quietly thus the exact time and date of his enlistment will not be announced.

Meanwhile, Yunho is holding last concert on 13-14 at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium before enlistment. He will also release special solo album 'U KNOW Y' in Japan on July 8.


Teen Top are colorful in 'Natural Born' teaser images

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 05:48 AM PDT

Teen Top release teaser images for their comeback with 'Natural Born'.

The group and individual teaser images show the members in light and smooth colorful concept. The boys have their hair covered in multicolored streaks as well as their eyes giving a surreal and dreamy mood.

Meanwhile, it appears that Teen Top are returning on June 22. Are you excited? Check out the individual teaser images which is being updated hourly.

EXID are sexy Mizuno surfers

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 06:21 PM PDT

EXID pose for sports brand Mizuno, check out the photos here

Triplets transform into adorable firefighters!

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 05:37 PM PDT

The triplets receive some professional training to become firefighters.

The boys experience some great moment at the fire station, the boys pay full attention on the training and definitely learn some skills from the visit, check out the video below

AOA Chanmi covers Gain's Paradies Lost

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 05:04 PM PDT

AOA's Chanmi does a dance cover of Gain's Paradise Lost, check out her performance below: