Friday, June 19, 2015

"V's teaser images for 'Sick'" plus 18 more

"V's teaser images for 'Sick'" plus 18 more

V's teaser images for 'Sick'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 08:15 AM PDT

A young and handsome detective has appeared and he's BTS' V.

Bangtan Boys' V is like a kid detective in his matching suits and shorts. His appearance will remind you of Shinichi Kudo because of his youthful image.

We are now down to the last member, Jimin's teaser images. Are you anticipating this comeback?

Seventeen release fixed cam of 'Adore U'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 07:50 AM PDT

Seventeen release another practice video for 'Adore U' and for some who are really interested to learn the dance moves and formation, this fixed cam version will make it easier for you.

The one-shot angle shows how the boys are skilled dancers. Each members are dancing energetically and passionately while having fun at the same time, not to mention at late midnight. So hardworking.

Watch below:

Aoora releases acapella version of 'Lovestagram'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 06:30 AM PDT

Aoora takes a different turn in music this time after previous provocative releases.

Aoora displays his sweet and romantic image in his latest single release 'Lovestagram' which . With is given sweet and warm voice, Aoora provides eargasm in this acapella version featuring Na Aram.

Watch and listen below:

'We Broke Up' releases Dara & Kang Seungyoon's trailers

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 05:45 AM PDT

The character trailer for webdrama starring 2NE1's Dara and WINNER's Kang Seungyoon is now released.

Dara is playing the role of  No Woo-ri, a bubbly girl while Seungyoon is Ji Won-yeong, a vocalist of an indie band. The trailers of their characters pretty much give a preview of what to expect of the first episode.

The story is about an ex-couple who happen to live in one house because of inevitable circumstances. Meanwhile, the first episode airs on June 29 at 7PM KST.

MAMAMOO 's male dance version of 'Uhm Ah Oh Yeah'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 05:02 AM PDT

Fans are enjoying MAMAMOO's latest music video for 'Uhm Ah Oh Yeah' so much as the girls transformed themselves into gentlemen and bring out an overall performance packed with entertainment.

Fans are curious enough how Moonbyul, Whee In, and Hwasa perfectly transform into their characters. Thus, a behind-the-scene clip is shown revealing the girls' added prostethics to make them even more unrecognizable.

Moreover, we also get to see the male version of Mamamoo dancing to their self-choreographed moves. They flawlessly pulled off everything and were able to be in character all throughout. Total performers indeed.

Secret's Sunhwa relaxing in casual look for 'Grazia'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 03:30 AM PDT

Secret's Sunhwa shows her laid-back look in a latest pictorial for 'Grazia'.

The pictorial shows Sunhwa in various colorful outfits and styles, while featuring the Bali beach as the background, perfectly delivering the summerish atmosphere.

Check out for more photos below

'Producer' to extend the length of its last two episodes

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 03:00 AM PDT

Such a good news to all the fans of KBS's 'Producer'.

According to the officials from KBS, episode 11 and 12 of 'Producer' will be extended for 10 more minutes for each, which makes it a total of 90 minutes in length.

Even though the drama will end its run this weekend, it was said that the filming is still progressing, raising much concern from many people about the cast condition.

Don't miss the last broadcasts of 'Producer' on June 20th and 21st.

Tymee to collaborate with Dal Shabet's Subin for new released single on June 25th

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 02:30 AM PDT

Dal Shabet's Subin will be the featured artist forTymee's upcoming single 'Love Is'.

ASSA Communications revealed a photo of Tymee and Subin from the recording studio on June 19th, announcing the two's collaboration.

'Love Is' will be emphasizing on Tymee's rap as well as Subin's feminine vocal, creating a sweet harmony.

Be sure to catch the release of 'Love Is' on June 25th.

VIXX's Ken releases a moving teaser image for upcoming solo single

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 02:00 AM PDT

VIXX's Ken keeps fans excited for his upcoming solo project by releasing a unique teaser on June 19th.

Instead of an ordinary teaser, a moving image featuring a couple reaching for each other' hands was revealed, giving off a fluttering and romantic feeling.

Even though the name for the track hasn't been unveiled yet, but for sure will be released on June 24th. Don't miss it!

B2ST's Kikwang in talks to star in 'Mrs.Cop'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 01:30 AM PDT

B2ST's Kikwang likely to make his acting return in SBS's new drama 'Mrs.Cop'.

According to Cube Entertainment, Kikwang has received the starring offer for 'Mrs.Cop' and he is positively reviewing the role as the youngest detective.

Aside from Kikwang, Lee Hee Ae, Son Ho Joon and Lee Ha Na are all considering to join the cast.

'Mrs.Cop' will tell the story about homicide detectives. It will follow 'High Society' and broadcast in August.

4Minute to show their daily life in new reality show '4Minute Video'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 12:08 AM PDT

4Minute will be having their own reality show.

Cable channel K-Star revealed on June 19th,"There have been many idol reality shows, but '4Minute Video' will set a completely difference as it will present every details in their real life activities without any lies or false pretenses of the members".

It was said that the 4Minute members showed their enthusiasm by actively participating in contributing various ideas for the show. In particular, fans will be able to meet the members' best friends and siblings throughout the show.

From bodycare, cooking skills, campiing, oversea activities to personal hobbies and their true personalities, 4Minute is expected to reveal them all through their upcoming reality show.

'4Minute Video' will be aired through K-Star and Cube TV on July 6th.

Check out the teaser video below

BTOB's Eunkwang to join the MC panel on 'We Got Married'

Posted: 19 Jun 2015 12:06 AM PDT

BTOB's Eunkwang will be joining the MC panel of MBC's 'We Got Married'.

The idol is said to already finish his first recording in the studio on June 17th. In particular, as the leader and also the oldest member of BTOB, it seems he will have many things to reveal about his member Sungjae as he will be paired with Red Velvet's Joy as the new couple.

Meanwhile, the episode featuring the two new couples Sungjae - Joy and Oh Min Suk - Kang Ye Won will be broadcasted on June 20th at 4:55PM KST.

Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin deny dating rumours

Posted: 18 Jun 2015 11:42 PM PDT

Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin have officially clarified that they are not dating each other.

The two's agency, Namoo Actors released a statement on July 19th,"Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin are not dating each other. They're just simply close colleagues","It seems because of their close friendship that such rumours were spreaded".

Earlier today, Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin were reported by Newsway that they are in a relationship together. They first met each other through KBS's 'Joseon's Gunman' in 2014 and later started developing romantic feelings for one another as they were both exercising at a famous fitness hotel.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ki is currently shooting for MBC's 'Scholar Who Walks The Night' while Jeon Hye Bin is busy with her filming schedule for movie 'Office Romance'.

WGM release preview stills for Sungjae-Joy couple

Posted: 18 Jun 2015 09:00 PM PDT

WGM excites BTOB and Red Velvet fans by releasing few preview still of Sungjae and Joy's first episode.

The photos show that both receive the news of joining We Got Married with their respective members. BTOB and Red Velvet look so excited and happy for Sungjae and Joy pairing up for the show.

What were their reactions? Don't miss the first episode of Sungjae-Joy couple tomorrow.

MAMAMOO go 'Um Oh Ah Ye' in new MV

Posted: 18 Jun 2015 08:29 PM PDT

MAMAMOO provide extra entertainment on their newest release 'Um Oh Ah Ye' MV.

The members fully transform themselves into different characters especially Moonbyul, Whee In, and Hwa Sa who appear as men. The hilarious plot starts with Solar seducing Moon Byul and a whole pack of entertainment plus overall performance take place. There's also a cameo from Park Boram!

You'll surely enjoy this. Watch below:

9MUSES continue to allure with members' teaser images

Posted: 18 Jun 2015 07:30 PM PDT

9MUSES release the rest of the members' solo teaser images for their 9MUSES S/S Edition album.

Hyemi, GeumJo, SungA, and Kyungri are readying fans for a hot summer in their bikini looks. Each ladies tell you what else to do aside from swimming on the beach or pool to make sure you enjoy your summer.

See photos of the stunning girls below:

JungKook teaser images for 'Sick'

Posted: 18 Jun 2015 07:11 PM PDT

Jungkook is already crowding the elevator as the latest Bangtan Boys member to have his teaser images for 'Sick' released.

It turns out Jungkook is a police officer and he's so fine in his uniform looking prim and respectable. Such a cool-looking police officer.

Want to guess the remaining members' professions? Let's find out in the next days.

Teen Top Ah Ah 2nd teaser

Posted: 18 Jun 2015 02:56 PM PDT

Teen Top reveal 2nd MV teaser for their upcoming hit song Ah Ah, check out the trailer below

AOA give more 'Heart Attack' in MV trailer

Posted: 18 Jun 2015 02:54 PM PDT

AOA continue to tease with the MV trailer for their upcoming song Heart Attack, check out the trailer below