Friday, July 3, 2015

"BTS to release '2015 Summer Package'" plus 17 more

"BTS to release '2015 Summer Package'" plus 17 more

BTS to release '2015 Summer Package'

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 08:00 AM PDT

Bangtan Boys have prepared some keepsake for fans to treasure.

The boys have documented their summer vacation in Kota Kinabalu to share their fun holiday and moments together with fans. The boys absolutely had fun at their summer vacation as seen in the preview clip and fans would definitely enjoy watching it as well.

The "2015 BTS SUMMER PACKAGE in Kota Kinabalu" includes a 100-page photobook, 64mins DVD, and some special goodies such as travel set. It will be released on July 22 but pre-selling takes place on July 7.

Should you have a copy? Yes you should if you want to see bunch of dorky boys having pure fun!

9MUSES 'Hurt Locker' pictorial filming

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 07:20 AM PDT

genie Magazine lets us in to 9MUSES' jacket pictorial for their latest song "Hurt Locker".

The girls are dolled up with sexy and lovely swimwear and appears appealing and sexy. 9MUSES enjoy their group, pair and solo pictorial while enjoying the pool. Hope you enjoy watching too!

Teen Top 'Ah Ah' dance practice video

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 06:45 AM PDT

Teen Top release the dance practice video of their 'Ah Ah' choreography.

The boys are on their most casual and simple get up wearing white shirts and jeans. The synchronize movements are very apparent since the boys are dancing flawlessly.

Check it out!

Sungjae & Joy couple's first skinship

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 06:13 AM PDT

We Got Married's young couple Sungjae and Joy are going to have you anticipate their upcoming episode as they make their first move to show affection to each other.

Seems like the two youngsters are getting much closer and comfortable now as they are going on a date. Sungjae and Joy are going to have a sweet date as they stroll along the street and eat tteokbokki.

To Joy's surprise, Sungjae suddenly feeds her and gets embarrassed. They are also reported to be holding hand for the very first time. So don't miss the upcoming episode tomorrow at 4:55PM kst.

SISTAR 2nd win at Music Bank!

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 05:16 AM PDT

SISTAR take their 2nd win consecutively at "Music Bank" today with their song "Shake It".

SISTAR and AOA are both nominated for the trophy but SISTAR win afterwards. They also won yesterday at M!Countdown. Congratulations!

SNSD get to 'Party' in MV teaser

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 05:02 AM PDT

It's "Party" time in the beach for Girl's Generation.

The MV teaser of SNSD's "Party", one of the most anticipating summer tracks is now released. The girls are very fresh and all pretty hanging out in the beach while dancing to the picturesque view of the the shore.

The song is very fun and makes cheerful atmosphere. Check it out!

Super Junior reportedly to comeback in the third week of July; SM says it's still unconfirmed

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 02:30 AM PDT

SM Entertainment has released an official statement on Super Junior's upcoming comeback schedule.

The agency said on July 3rd,"The date for Super Junior's new album hasn't been confirmed yet. The decision on releasing schedule is expectec to come out early next week".

Super Junior was earlier revealed to make their comeback in the third week of July. According to the report, it won't be a regular album but more like a special album to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will hold 'Super Show 6' encore concert in Seoul on July 11th and 12th.

Kara's Youngji is a lovely girl for 'International bnt'

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 02:00 AM PDT

Kara's Youngji flaunts her various charms in the latest pictorial for 'International bnt'.

From lovely and youthful to mature and elegant, Youngji managed to pull of all the concepts with the contribution of various kinds of outfits and backgrounds.

During the interview, Youngji talked about how she maintain her figure,"I used to starve myself to diet, so I would see stars after a performance. Hara unnie gave me 10 tickets for pilates lessons".

When asked about how she became an idol, Youngji shared that she wasn't interested in idols in the past, until she came across a Big Bang concert video while she was studying in New Zealand. She later became a trainee for four years before joining Kara.

Youngji continued talking about her chemistry with Seungyeon,"It's like Seungyeon unnie and I are dating", showing their close relationship. She also expressed her desire to join 'Roommate' season 3.

The idol later revealed Kim Soo Hyun as her ideal type,"I have liked Kim Soo Hyun since I saw him acting in 'The Moon Embracing The Sun".

Lastly, she said how she wanted to receive love from the entire nation like Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong.

Check out for more photos below

Miss A's Suzy in talks to sing an OST for 'The Time We Were Not In Love'

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 01:30 AM PDT

Miss A's Suzy might release a new OST for SBS's 'The Time We Were Not In Love'.

According to JYP Entertainment on July 3rd, Suzy has received an offer to sing an OST for 'The Time We Were Not In Love', and is currently positively considering it.

Suzy previous sang the OSTs for dramas she starred in such as 'Dream High', 'Big' and 'Gu Family Book'.

Meanwhile, 'The Time We Were Not In Love' starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10PM KST.

INFINITE announces 'Bad' as the new title track along with the third teaser image

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 01:00 AM PDT

INFINITE has revealed the title track for their upcoming album 'Reality'.

'Bad' is composed, written and arranged by producer Rphabet, who previously worked on INFINITE' hit songs 'Destiny' and 'Back'. For this comeback, INFINITE will undergo a drastic transformation, showcase an upgraded music.

Woollim Entertainment said,"This time, it won't be an average dance track but an experimental sound and composition that took a lot of time to organize".

Meanwhile, 'Reality' will be releasing on July 13th through various online music sites.

Girls' Generation to launch new reality show 'Channel Girls' Generation' on OnStyle

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Girls' Generation will be launching a brand new reality show later this month.

The show is called 'Channel Girls' Generation' and it will be the first reality show that will star all eight members. The members will directly plan and produce digital contents on their own areas of interest. Prior to the broadcast, they will reveal their videos and compete for the highest number of views.

A staff said,"During the meeting, as if they were waiting for it, the members poured out endless ideas and we were very surprised at their enthusiasm. With the members creating their own contents, it will be a colorful program full of their bubbly charms, characteristics, interests and lifestyles".

'Channel Girls' Generation' will be airing on July 21st at 9PM KST.

SPICA's Jiwon involved in a minor car accident; agency updates on her condition

Posted: 03 Jul 2015 12:00 AM PDT

SPICA's Jiwon reported to have been involved in a minor car accident due to her dozing off while driving.

According to Seoul Gangnam Police Station on July 3rd, Jiwon's Chevrolet crashed into two taxis that were waiting for the red light in the line next to her, causing a three-vehical collision at around 11:30PM KST on July 2nd from the direction of Seongsu Bridge, Apgujeong to Seongsu-dong.

A total of four people including Jiwon involving in the accident revealed to have sustained minor injuries in their necks, arms and knees while the singer was said to have experienced a pain in her wrist. They were all quickly transfered to a hospital for treatments.

The police also confirmed that Jiwon didn't drive under the influence of alcohol after measuring her blood alcohol level.

B2M Entertainment later updated on Jiwon's condition,"Jiwon only sustained a minor crack in her finger. She has been discharged and is currently resting at home after getting a cast for her injury. Once she's recorvered, she will resume the practicing for SPICA's upcoming comeback this year".

GOT7 are so refreshing in solo teasers

Posted: 02 Jul 2015 09:00 PM PDT

GOT7 release another batch of teaser photos for "Just Right".

The individual concept photos of the boys make fans even more excited as each of them are looking so youthful and refreshing in addition to their adorable and cute expressions.

Are you looking forward to this comeback? Anticipate their change of image with "Just Right" coming on July 13.

APink unveil 'Pink Memory' concept photos

Posted: 02 Jul 2015 08:30 PM PDT

APink generously release individual and group concept photos for their upcoming 2nd album "Pink Memory" through Naver.

The girls are chic in their outdoor and street outfits while looking a bit funky as well. The "skateboard concept" seems to be fitting the girls are they all look free-spirited and youthful in the photos.

The girls are returning on 16th so enjoy the releases until then.

Secret's JiEun drastic change of look

Posted: 02 Jul 2015 08:00 PM PDT

Secret's Song JiEun shocks netizens with her recent 'unrecognizable' appearance.

JiEun is photographed in the morning today while she's arriving at KBS for "Music Bank" rehearsal. However, she catches media attention as she looks barely recognizable.

JiEun's face is apparently looking rounder and chubbier than ever. Netizens quickly assumed that she has had fat injection to make herself look younger and baby-faced. However, some fans claim that she might have gained weight. Regardless, majority expressed that JiEun definitely looks a different person with her drastic change of look.

See the comparison below from when she was promoting her solo single "25".

Girl's Day are sexy and hot in 'Ring My Bell' MV teaser

Posted: 02 Jul 2015 07:45 PM PDT

Girl's Day have finally teased the MV of their upcoming summer track "Ring My Bell" and they are promising fans a hotter and sexier appearance.

The music is upbeat and the chorus is addictive. The ladies are looking so much prettier and hotter in their sexy outfits while dancing to their sexy moves.

Watch below while we wait for full release on 6th.

SNSD release Yoona's & Yuri's & teasers

Posted: 02 Jul 2015 07:31 PM PDT

The last batch of SNSD's individual teaser images for "Party" are now released with Yoona's and Yuri's.

While Yuri is giving off a sexy and fit image in her sporty swimwear, Yoona is looking lovely while enjoying her sunbathing in an inflated beach chair.

Meanwhile, SNSD are releasing the MV teaser for "Party" at 7PM kst today.

AOA impress with Heart Attack live!

Posted: 02 Jul 2015 02:53 PM PDT

AOA impress with the live performance of Heart Attack on Cultwo show, check out their performance below: