Friday, July 10, 2015

"INFINITE drop album preview for 'Reality'" plus 16 more

"INFINITE drop album preview for 'Reality'" plus 16 more

INFINITE drop album preview for 'Reality'

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 08:19 AM PDT

INFINITE let you listen to the snippets of their tracks from their upcoming album "Reality" which will be released on 13th.

Listen below and you'll definitely get even more excited for the release!

Hara has 'Choco Chip Cookies' in MV teaser

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 08:17 AM PDT

Hara releases the mouth watering MV teaser for 'Choco Chip Cookies'.

The teaser shows Hara having a wonderful time with her lover from couple outing. She looks sexy and adorable at the same time. Hara's debut album "Alohara" will be released on 14th.

Enjoy the teaser for the meantime:

Tao to make solo debut with 1st album on 13th

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 07:45 AM PDT

EXO's Tao surprises fans with the announcement of his solo album release in China.

A teaser image is released carrying the phrase "Z.Tao coming 7.13" along with a logo which combines the Z and T of his name. There is much detail about the release but Chinese media report that Tao is releasing a solo album which marks his solo debut. Meanwhile, let's find out more detials on his album release on 13th.

Are you excited for his solo career?

JYP releases prologue for 'TWICE TV'

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 07:13 AM PDT

JYP marks the 'new start' of their upcoming new girl group Twice by launching their 'Twice TV' and the prologue is now released.

The nine girls who emerged as the survivors for a spot for girl group Twice through 'Sixteen' are now embarking on a new start along with their fans. Through "Twice TV" the girls will reveal more of their personalities, their preparation prior to their debut and more.

Follow the episodes to know more about the girls by watching the prologue below:

Girl's Day and Koon apologize live on 'KoonTV'

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 06:21 AM PDT

Girl's Day have stirred attitude controversy on their July 7th appearance on internet live broadcast of Afreeca TV program hosted by Koon.

The controversy rooted from the girls' behavior towards the host which netizens claimed to be disrespectful. Following the issues, host Koon offered his apology and cleared up that it was a misunderstanding as the girls appear very candid for the broadcast.

However, netizens aren't convinced thus Girl's Day appeared on again on the same show today, July 10, to issue a public apology together with the host. The girls say, "We apologize for causing inconvenience and making the audience who want to watch a good program uncomfortable."

"In the future, we will work hard so that Girl's Day only show brighter image full of energy and will be careful on our broadcast appearance. Once again, (we) apologize." In addition to that, host Koon also points out his mistake and apologizes, "I too was very inattentive on what's going on during the broadcast." He continues that he should've monitored the comments of the viewers during the program so that he could adjust to the atmosphere.

Hara is a sexy darling in new concept photos

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 05:31 AM PDT

Hara releases new concept photos for her 'Alohara' solo debut and she is looking darling.

Hara is sexy and pretty displaying her petite body and doll-like face. Meanwhile, Hara is releasing her album on 14. Are you excited?

Secret's Song Ji Eun and Kim Jung Hoon to star in a new web drama

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 01:30 AM PDT

Secret's Song Ji Eun and actor Kim Jung Hoon will be starring in a new web drama together.

The web drama is titled 'Immutable Law of First Love' and is based on an original web novel of the same name. Kim Jung Hoon will play as Jongguk, a handsome genius man while Song Ji Eun will portray Yeori, a woman who is always hurt by seeing her boyfriend together with other girls.

'Immutable Law of First Love' will run for 11 episode and is scheduled to broadcast at the end of August or early September through Naver TV Cast.

Leessang to comeback after 3 years with new digital single 'Kaleidoscope'

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Hip hop duo Leessang will finally make their return to the music scene after 3 years.

Leessang Company announced on July 10th."Leessang will release new digital single 'Kaleidoscope' on July 14th at midnight on music sites".

'Kaleidoscope' is about looking back on the past that passes by quickly. The agency said,"Even though the song won't be public friendly, but it will sure touch the public' hears with Leessang's unique charms".

The rep continued,"As Leessang has been in their 13th year since debut, the song will be representing the 'second half' of their music careers. The song is deeply meaningful as they are cleaning up their past and are showing their determination for a new start".

Don't miss the release of 'Kaleidoscope' on July 14th.

Song Ji Hyo leaves C-Jes Entertainment; confirmed broken up with her CEO boyfriend 2 years ago

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 12:30 AM PDT

Actress Song Ji Hyo revealed to have ended her contract with C-Jes Entertainment.

A rep from C-Jes Entertainment stated on July 10th,"We have ended our management with Song Ji Hyo after 4 years. We will continue to support her future activities and will proceed with related services until she finds a new agency".

In particular, it was revealed that the actress also ended her relationship with CEO Baek Chang Joo 2 years ago. Since it's something related to their privacy, the matter has been kept in secret for a long time until now.

Song Ji Hyo is currently active as a member of SBS's 'Running Man'. Her latest drama work was tvN's 'Ex-Girlfriend Club'.

Super Junior to collaborate with various top artists for special album 'Devil'

Posted: 10 Jul 2015 12:00 AM PDT

Super Junior has collaborated with a line-up of top artists in Korea for upcoming special album 'Devil'.

To commemorate the group's 10th anniversary, 'Devil' will include songs from various musicians, from top veteran like Lee Seung Hwan to indie artists such as Rose Motel, Jaurim's Kim Yoon Ah and Epitone Project.

Korea's representative singer - songwriter and producer Lee Seung Hwan has written the track 'We Can', an emotional rock ballad for Super Junior - K.R.Y. The lyrics are about the 10-year friendship between the members as well as their hope for the future.

Indie rock band Rose Motel will collaborate with Super Junior's trot subunit Super Junior-T for the track 'Love At First Sight', an acid pop track filled with humorous and witty lyrics that will highlight Super Junior-T's comic charms.

Rock band Jaurim's Kim Yoon Ah has created 'Rock'n Shine', a hard rock song with base in blues genre. The lyrics are about gaining courage through music and love to run into the world.

Singer-songwriter project group Epitone Project has contribute a song called 'Star Rising' on the album, describing the overwhelming feelings of Super Junior as they look back on the 10 years with the people whom they have worked with.

'Devil' will come out on July 16th.

'Hyoyeon's Million Likes' takes us to their MV filming

Posted: 09 Jul 2015 09:14 PM PDT

The 5th episode of 'Hyoyeon's Million Likes' takes us to the fun filming of SNSD's "Party" music video in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Hyoyeon shares her thoughts on their first overseas MV filming since debut and the rest of girls are all very excited. Hyoyeon also shares what happens upon their arrival like their beautiful resort, her soulmate Seohyun, even her bikini look and other members business.

Teen Top release free version of 'Ah-Ah' MV

Posted: 09 Jul 2015 08:46 PM PDT

Teen Top release a very special fan-version of "Ah-Ah" music video in time for celebrating their 5th anniversary.

The new version has the boys all dancing and goofing around showing their mischievous image their fans are all aware of. This version if full of entertainment so enjoy!

AOA release sparkling version of 'Heart Attack' MV

Posted: 09 Jul 2015 08:27 PM PDT

AOA prepare a special sparkling version of their 'Heart Attack' MV.

If you aren't satisfied from their MV, see the girls dancing to their choreography in different angles, making funny gestures, being hyper and excited and more all for fans to enjoy.

Check it out!

Sonamoo release more teaser images for 'Cushion'

Posted: 09 Jul 2015 08:08 PM PDT

Sonamoo drop more teaser images for 'Cushion' featuring members High.D, Eui Jin, and Min Jae.

The girls are all looking fresh and bright in their youthful image and stylish fashion making the atmosphere even more livelier.

Sonamoo are coming back with 2nd mini album "Cushion" soon! For more information about their comeback follow their newly created Instagram account. @SONAMOO_Insta

BTS upcoming coming Hong Kong concert and Hi-touch event

Posted: 09 Jul 2015 07:30 PM PDT

BTS will be holding the final stop of  their world tour, 2015 BTS Live Trilogy "Episode II: The Red Bullet" on 29th August 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong. The event is organised by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

The admission tickets are priced as following: HKD 1580 (VIP) / 680/ 480/ 380Only 300 VIP ticket holders are eligible for the Hi-touch event.

So, stay tuned to our website for more surprises and details regarding the concert.

GOT7 release highlight medley for 'Just Right'

Posted: 09 Jul 2015 07:00 PM PDT

Listen to previews of GOT7's upcoming 3rd mini album "Just Right".

The album includes a total of six tracks which genres vary from RnB, Hip Hop, mid-tempo pop, and more. The full album will be released on 13th.

VIXX Error Chinese version

Posted: 09 Jul 2015 02:53 PM PDT

VIXX reveal the Chinese version MV of Error, check out the MV below: