Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Stunning keyboardist YeEun for comeback teaser" plus 20 more

"Stunning keyboardist YeEun for comeback teaser" plus 20 more

Stunning keyboardist YeEun for comeback teaser

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 08:05 AM PDT

Wonder Girls band is complete with the release of the four members' comeback teaser clips.

We have seen sexy bassist Sunmi, drummer Yubin, guitarist Hyerim and now we are going to be captivated by the ever beautiful and stunning keyboardist YeEun.

The girls are ready to slay along with their instrument soon! Are you ready?

Kwangsoo, D.O and Jo InSung reunited for drama's 1st anniversary!

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 07:35 AM PDT

Former co-actors of "It's OK It's Love' and now close friends Lee Kwangsoo, actor Jo InSung, and EXO's D.O  recently met with each other and reunited after some time.

Kwangsoo shares the photos on his instagram to celebrate the anniversary of their starring drama which first episode aired on July 23 last year. In the photo, the three handsome men are very bright as D.O holds a cake in between. The three are showing heartwarming friendship.

They must be treasuring the drama so much as it's the venue where the three tighten their friendship.
Friendship goals?

T-ara's upcoming sister group DIA release group image

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 07:18 AM PDT

T-ara's sister group DIA, who is now preparing for their debut has released a group teaser image.

In the new profile picture of the group, the six girls are looking pretty cool in their simple casual wear and caps. Jenny, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunice, Eun Jin, and Cathy are indeed charming, aren't they?

Are you excited for their debut?

Tao releases solo MV; blunt lyrics?

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 06:10 AM PDT

Tao has finally made his solo debut as Z.Tao in China and releases the music video for his song T.A.O.

Aside from the catchy beat and intense singing and powerful dancing, the lyrics of the song made some fans caught off guard. Some assume that the song written by Tao is expressed personally about his experience when he was still in EXO.

The particular line which is translated into "..the time I have wasted, the life that can't be brought back, the memories of the past, I don't want to think about that anymore..." is specifically emphasized by fans.

Do you have the same first impression too? Read the whole English translation below and watch the MV too!

UP10TION introduce 5th member Gogyeol

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 05:45 AM PDT

Half of UP10TION's members are now revealed with the latest introduction of member Gogyeol.

Gogyeol must be oozing with masculinity with his sharp good-looking visual but charming at the same especially when he smiles. However, behind his manly image is his powerful, sensitive and emotional vocal which impress fans.

Now we met Wooshin, Hwanhee, Jinoo, Bit-to and Gogyeol. Are you excited to see the rest?

APink 'Remember' dance practice video

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 05:00 AM PDT

APink release the dance practice video for their 'Remember' choreography.

Fans would surely get an extra feast as the girls are naturally having fun in candid way before starting their practice video. Check it out!

Yoo Seung Woo to release third single album 'Beautiful' and launch a small concert on July 29th

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 02:30 AM PDT

Yoo Seung Woo will be holding a small concert to commemorate his upcoming single album.

According to Starship Entertainment, the third single album is titled 'Beautiful' and it will be released on July 29th, same day as his small concert at 'M Concert Hall' in Apgujeong.

The agency said,"His 'small concert' will be the place where Yoo Seung Woo will reveal the title song as well as other tracks from his new single album 'Beautiful' for the first time. He will showcase a mature look musically and visually. Geeks' Louie and genius guitarist Sungha Jung will appear as special guests".

Be sure to check out Yoo Seung Woo's new single album later this month.

Girls' Generation's Yuri and announcer Bae Sung Jae to host new driving audition program 'The Rallyist'

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 02:00 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Yuri and announcer Bae Sung Jae will become the MCs for upcoming SBS's driving audition program 'The Rallyist'.

'The Rallyist' will be the first survival audition program that will discover rally drivers. Candidates for the show were recruited from May to June. The finalists will be trained as sports drivers and sponsored by Hyundai Motors as well as receiving an European local rally driver training program. They will also have the opportunities to participate in the rally tournaments.

'The Rallyist' will premiere on October 10th.

Jun Ji Hyun revealed to be 10 weeks pregnant with her first child

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 01:30 AM PDT

Jun Ji Hyun and her husband are expecting their first child together.

It was revealed that the actress is currently in her 10th week of pregnancy after marrying her husband Choi Joon Hyuk for 3 years.

According to a source, Jun Ji Hyun kept the news of her being pregnant quietly due to the promotions for her movie 'Assassination', which premiered on July 22nd. She carried out all the tough schedules and interviews for the movies as she didn't want to become a liability.

Her agency said,"Since it's still the beginning of her pregnancy, so they're being very careful. She will focus on her health and the baby for the time being. We sincerely thank everyone for their interest".

Congratulation to Jun Ji Hyun and her husband!

GD&TOP to comeback after 5 years with a new song included in Big Bang's 'E' of 'MADE' series

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 01:00 AM PDT

GD&TOP will join forces once again for a new song after 5 years!

According to sources, GD&TOP will release a new song, but it will not be a seperated single but rather be included in Big Bang's single album 'E' of 'MADE' series, which is scheduled to come out in August. The two also revealed to already started their music video filming.

GD&TOP first debut as a unit with first album 'GD&TOP' in December, 2010.

EXO's Xiumin to guest on 'Mickey Mouse Club'

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 12:30 AM PDT

EXO's Xiumin will be making a guest appearance on 'Mickey Mouse Club' on Disney Channel Korea.

According to multiple broadcasters on July 23rd, Xiumin finished the recording for 'Mickey Mouse Club' recently but the broadcast date is still undecided.

Xiumin will appear in 'Mickey Mouse Club's Star Lecture Show', a segment in which the invited guest stars will convey their diverse know-how.

SHINee's Key previous showcased his 'Airport Fashion' in the first episode, so many fans are looking forward to what kind of topic Xiumin will present on the show.

'Mickey Mouse Club' has 2 pilot episodes and a total of 10 regular episodes. The show will premiere on July 23rd at 8PM KST on Disney Channel and Naver TV Cast.

MBK Entertainment releases official profile photos for upcoming girl group DIA

Posted: 23 Jul 2015 12:00 AM PDT

MBK Entertainment has released official profile photos for their new girl group DIA.

DIA consists of 6 members Chaeyeon, Yebin, Eunjin, Jenny, Cathy, Eunice. Their group name is short for 'diamond' as they wish to shine and receive much love for a long time just like the jewel.

According to the agency, DIA will depart to Hong Kong-Macau on July 27th. They will stay there for 4 nights and 5 days for two music videos filming as well as pictorial shooting.

Meanwhile, DIA revealed to make their official debut in August.

APink reveal dance practice video for Remember

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 10:32 PM PDT

Apink reveal the choreography video of their latest hit song Remember, check out the practice video below

BEAST are carefree in new teaser images

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 09:00 PM PDT

BEAST turned their initial sexy and fierce image in this B version of their 'Ordinary' pictorial.

The members are looking carefree and easygoing in their street and funky fashion while beaming lively and cheerful expressions. Meanwhile, BEAST are returning with 8th mini album on July 27 with the title track "YeY".

See more photos below:

G-Friend say 'Me Gustas Tu' in lovely MV

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 08:20 PM PDT

G-Friend are here to charm you with their lovely and sweet 'Me Gustas Tu' music video.

The lovely members are looking all pretty and their choreography is very energetic as ever. The atmosphere makes you want to hang out with your girl friends! Watch below:

Park Myung SooXTeen Top release 'Myungsoo Affair' MV

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 08:02 PM PDT

The collaboration MV 'Myungsoo Affair' of Park Myungsoo and Teen Top is now released.

The EDM track is very groovy with a very addictive beat and lyrics. The song's lyricist is L.Joe and composed by G-PARK while Park Myung Soo takes on DJ-ing!

Teen Top boys are extra energetic in the video so check it out!

April's 4th member is Chaewon

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 07:30 PM PDT

DSP Media's upcoming girl group April are boasting pretty faces ever since the first member Somin was announced and it appears like we're getting charmed further as the 4th member Chaewon is equally pretty as well.

Chaewon is very charming in her introductory clip. She looks adorable while cuddling some puppies. Meanwhile, we have seen Jinsol, Somin, Naeun, and Chaewon. Are you excited to meet the rest of the girls?

Hyerim strums and plucks her guitar in comeback teaser

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 07:00 PM PDT

Wonder Girls continue to amaze fans with their instrumental teaser clips for their nearing comeback.

We were mind-blown by sexy and fierce bassist Sunmi and drummer Yubin and here's Hyerim powerfully strumming and plucking her electric guitar intensely while appearing like a sexy rock star.

Check it out!

Shin Se Kyung looks flawless for Cosmopolitan

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 05:05 PM PDT

Shin Sekyung looks stunning as usual for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

She showcases her feminine charm in her new pictorials, garnering much attention with her confidence and style, check out the photos below

UEE looks cool for ELLE

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 05:02 PM PDT

After School's UEE shows off her feminine charm for ELLE magazine.

Check out the photos here

APink sing Remember LIVE on Kiss The Radio

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 04:47 PM PDT

APink impress with their amazing live singing ability on Kiss The Radio, check out the girls in action below