Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"April release 'good morning' profile photos of Hyunjoo" plus 17 more

"April release 'good morning' profile photos of Hyunjoo" plus 17 more

April release 'good morning' profile photos of Hyunjoo

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 06:45 AM PDT

We now get to know the last but not the least member of April and she's the pretty Hyunjoo.

According to her profile, Hyunjoo was born on February 5, 1998 and is a charming B-type. She is 161cm tall and has one brother and one sister.

Now that we've got to know a bit more about the girls, let's anticipate their nearing debut.

BEAST win at 'Show Champion' #YeY1stWin

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 06:16 AM PDT

BEAST have just taken home their 1st win with their comeback album title track 'YeY' at Show Champion today.

Aside from this, the boys have actually won Inkigayo trophy for their pre-released track "Gotta Go To Work" on August 2 making fans hopeful to sweep this week's music shows. Meanwhile, also on the top 5 are Apink, AOA, GFriend and INFINITE.

The boys are extremely happy during their encore. Congratulations!

Wonder Girls are in chaos in 'Weekly Idol' preview

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 05:40 AM PDT

Wonder Girls are coming back to Weekly Idol after almost four years since their last appearance in 2011.

In the preview clip, the girls seem to be in chaos and have a mental breakdown during their random play dance. The girls randomly dance and are not syncing with each other.

It's been a long while so are you curious what interesting stories and games the girls are going to have? Don't miss their full hour episode next week!

Seoul's Mayor dances to Super Junior's 'Devil'

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 05:18 AM PDT

It seems like even the head of Seoul has to engage in Kpop trend thus we see Seoul's Mayor Park Won Soon dancing to a Kpop song.

In a video post by a Facebook page called 'Live Seoul', they wrote

"You are watching the mayor of Seoul dancing to Super Junior's music, "Devil".
The mask that he is wearing is "Hahoe mask" which represents one of the traditional Korean cultures."

Seems like Mr. Park has amused Kpop fans especially Super Junior's in his short performance in front of Chinese locals and officials, and media as a part of their publicity effort. Watch below:

SS501's Kim Hyung Joon to comeback after 2 years with new digital single 'Cross The Line'

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 02:30 AM PDT

SS501's Kim Hyung Joon will make his comeback as a soloist with a new digital single after 2 years.

The single is titled 'Cross The Line' and will feature rapper Kebee of Eluphant. A teaser image was also released today showing Kim Hyung Joon walking on a railroad track in a casual look.

Don't miss the release of 'Cross The Line' on August 17th at noon.

CNBLUE becomes the models for global brand 'STAYREAL' in Asia

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 02:00 AM PDT

CNBLUE has been chosen as the models for Taiwanese global fashion brand 'STAYREAL' in Asia.

The brand is currently spreading its branches in various countries in Asia such as Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and many more.

A rep from 'STAYREAL' said,"CNBLUE has been gaining much popularity not only in Korea but also in Asia thanks to their great music and fashion. With the brand's unique design and the group' gentle attitude and perfect neat visuals, we believe that they will lead a new Hallyu fashion trend".

Former Hello Venus's Yoo Ara to star alongside Kara's Youngji in new web drama 'Alchemist'

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 01:30 AM PDT

Yoo Ara will be making her acting return in new MBC Every1's web drama 'Alchemist'.

According to her agency on August 5th, Yoo Ara will be playing as Yoo Jin Ah, who is the bestfriend and roommate of Oh Young Ji, played by Kara's Youngji.

'Alchemist' is a youth melodrama focusing on the dating life of a 20-year-old college freshman Oh Young Ji, who falls in love at first sight with a senior, which leads her to join a 'No Dating' club in order to get close to him.

'Alchemist' is expected to air in the fall.

'Second Time Twenty Years Old' releases official posters featuring the main cast

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 01:00 AM PDT

tvN's upcoming drama 'Second Time Twenty Years Old' has released its official posters.

The first poster reveals Choi Ji Woo lying leisurely on a green grass full of flower petals scattering around, showing her bright smile. There's also a tag on the poster that reads 'Hi~ I'm freshman Ha No Ra'.

The second one is a group poster, featuring Choi Ji Woo, Lee Sang Yoon, Choi Won Young, Kim Min Jae and A Pink's Naeun resting on each other' legs, giving off a sweet atmosphere. Kim Min Jae and Naeun are even seen holding hands, showing their romantic chemistry.

'Second Time Twenty Years Old' will follow 'Oh My Ghostess' and broadcast on August 28th.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun, Park Ji Yoon, Joo Young Hoon, Shim Hyung Tak to guest on 'Radio Star'

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 12:30 AM PDT

The guest lineup for MBC's 'Radio Star' upcoming episode has been revealed.

According to the officials on August 5th, Girls' Generation's Seohyun, TV personality Park Ji Yoon, composer Joo Young Hoon and actor Shim Hyung Tak will participate in the recording of the show today.

As the guests are all from different areas, the viewers are looking forward to what kind of topic they will talk about in this episode.

'Radio Star' broadcasts every Wednesday at 11:15PM KST.

VIXX to make a possible comeback with a mysterious countdown

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 12:00 AM PDT

VIXX will be coming back soon?

On August 5th at midnight, Jellyfish Entertainment announced a mysterious countdown through their SNS with a message,'2015.08.07. 00am. Countdown. H-48 and tagged along the link to VIXX's official website.

In particular, the sihouette image revealed to be VIXX's group photo for 'Love Equation', so the fans have been speculating that this might be the hint for their upcoming comeback.

Stay tuned for more updates on this mystery!

Hello Venus teach their 'I'm ill' point dances

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 09:00 PM PDT

The gorgeous, bubbly and occasionally dorky beautiful girls of Hello Venus are here for their 'I'm ill' dance lessons!

Fans can get detailed tutorial of  'I'm ill' point dances from the ladies' themselves. Such an easy-to-follow and fun choreography! Let's learn together, shall we?

B1A4 drop 'Sweet Girl' MV teaser

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 08:16 PM PDT

B1A4 are exciting fans with their rather sexy concept photos and they are not disappointing you with their MV.

The teaser shows the boys holding mic stands on a theater's stage apparently getting ready to dedicate a performance to a girl. The boys are charming and romantic at the same time.

Their 6th album will be released on 10th.

2AM Changmin also leaves JYP Entertainment

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 07:48 PM PDT

Following the rest of 2AM members except Jo Kwon, Changmin also leaves JYP Entertainment.

According to multiple articles today, 2AM Changmin's contract expired last month and has decided not to renew. In late March, Seulong and Jinwoon decided to part ways with JYP Entertainment after their contract expired and have signed to agencies such as SidusHQ and Mystic Entertainment.

According to one official, Changmin has ended his 7 years career under JYP on the 10th of last month after thorough consultation and is now currently looking for a new agency. In regards to this, only Jo Kwon is the 2AM member left under JYP however, the agency has assured fans that even though they have different agencies, as long as they can work out their schedules, a 2AM album is still possible in the future.

All the best to the members' careers!

April release 'good morning' profile photos of Yena

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 07:31 PM PDT

Get to know the 5th member Yena!

A young lovely girl who was born on May 22, 2000 and indeed a millennium baby. Yena is 164 cm tall and A-type. She claims to be a timid/not timid type of a girl. Well let's find that out after her debut.

GDTOP 'Zutter' practice video

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 07:17 PM PDT

GDTOP are back with their latest release 'Zutter' for [MADE]series album 'E'.

Following their MV, the boys have already made fans get excited for their live stages as they release their flawless dance practice video!

Who's waiting for this duo to own the stage?

Yoona is a sexy High Cut girl

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 06:32 PM PDT

Girls' Generation's Yoona poses for the latest issue of High Cut magazine.

Check out the photos below

Hyuna shows off her curve for Clriden

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 06:12 PM PDT

Hyuna shows off her curvy figure for fashion brand Clriden.

She is seen posing in jeans in her latest photoshoot, garnering attention with her new hair color and curvy figure, check out for more photos below

GFRIEND celebrate 10,000 fan cafe members

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 06:03 PM PDT

GFRIEND reveal a video message to thank fans for joining their fan cafe, check out the video below as they reach 10,000 members!