Thursday, August 13, 2015

"LR are broken in 'Beautiful Liar' MV teaser" plus 14 more

"LR are broken in 'Beautiful Liar' MV teaser" plus 14 more

LR are broken in 'Beautiful Liar' MV teaser

Posted: 13 Aug 2015 08:27 AM PDT

LR release the MV teaser for their unit debut single 'Beautiful Liar'.

Based from the clip, it is going to be a soulful RnB track full with sensitive rapping from Ravi and emotional singing from Leo. As for the drama plot, the duo seems to have become heartbroken men after the girl left.

'Beautiful Liar' will be released on 17.

Yoona is a gorgeous Grazia girl

Posted: 13 Aug 2015 07:45 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Yoona impresses with her latest magazine cover.

She is seen posing in fashionable outfits in the photo above, she receives praises with her slim figure and stylish fashion.

More photos will be released, so stay tuned.

SHINee release performance version Married To The Music MV

Posted: 13 Aug 2015 07:08 AM PDT

SHINee release the performance version MV for Married To The Music, check out the video below:

Block B's Zico, Sistar's Hyorin, Paloalto to collaborate for a hip hop project single

Posted: 13 Aug 2015 01:30 AM PDT

Block B's Zico, Sistar's Hyorin and rapper Paloalto will join forces for a project single.

Starship Entertainment announced,"Sistar's Hyorin, Zico and Paloalto are currently preparing for a special project at the end of this month. They will present a special hip hop collaboration on a different 'class', so you can look forward to it".

Zico and Paloalto are currently working as one of the producers team on Mnet's 'Show Me The Money 4', so many people are very looking forward to their performance on this collaboration.

What do you think of this combination?

f(x) and Red Velvet reported to make their comebacks in September

Posted: 13 Aug 2015 01:00 AM PDT

As we already know that both f(x) and Red Velvet will be making their comebacks this year, and today more details on their upcoming promotions have been revealed.

According to Sports Donga, f(x) will be returning as a 4-member group with a new album at the end of September. The infor has earned more credits as f(x) also announced that they will have a comeback this fall at '2015 London Korea Festival' as well as SM Entertainment when they gave their statement regarding Sulli's departure from the groups few days ago.

Red Velvet is also said to make a comeback in early September or early October unless there's a delay in the preparation process.

It seems we will be crammed up with comebacks from SM girls group this fall.

Fly To The Sky to comeback with a new mini album in September

Posted: 13 Aug 2015 12:30 AM PDT

R&B duo Fly To The Sky will be making their comeback after 1 year.

According to multiple broadcasters, Fly To The Sky has been confirmed to come back with a new album in mid-September, which is one year later since their best album ' Back in Time' in October last year.

It will come out as a mini album. Hwanhee and Brian are said to be in the midst of their recording process.

Fly To The Sky reunited after 5 years for their 9th album 'CONTINUUM in May 2014. Their title track 'You You You' achieved an all-kill on all online music charts, proved their unchanging popularity.

AXODUS debuts with 'Hold On' featuring SHINee's Key

Posted: 13 Aug 2015 12:00 AM PDT

AXODUS(Don Spike and DJ Hanmin) has released their debut single today.

'Hold On' described as an EDM track with a strong beat in the emotional progressive house genre. The song delivers an unique charm as it combines a guitar sound with synth sound with Key's dreamy voice, creating an alluring atmosphere.

Check out the MV below

Mina, N, & Hayoung selected as co-hosts of 'Weekly Idol'

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 09:43 PM PDT

T.N. Corrected from the first translated article which reported AOA's Jimin instead of Mina.

AOA Mina, APink Hayoung and VIXX N have been picked as the sub-MCs of 'Weekly Idol'.

The three of the trending idols of today are filling the vacancies APink Bomi and BTOB Ilhoon left and will host 'Weekly Idol' alongside MCs Hyungdon and Defconn. Mina, Hayoung and N are going to meet 'Weekly Idol' viewers starting on September 2 at 6pm.

Meanwhile, next week's "Weekly Idol" excites viewers especially Girls' Generation fans as the girls are appearing for the first time on the show.

Sources 1 

Yet-to-debut DIA score first endorsement deal

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 09:25 PM PDT

T-ara's upcoming sister group DIA, who haven't even debuted yet have already made their first endorsement deal.

On 13th, it is reported that the girls signed an exclusive four-months contract
with the chicken franchise company "Gibalhan" worth 250 million won. Thus, DIA are going to be the face of the brand's materials and will engage on its promotional activities for four months.

According to a representative of "Gibalhan", DIA suit the energetic and youthful image which is the premise of the company. Meanwhile, DIA are expected to debut in September.

K.R.Y drop promo clip for ~Phonograph~ in Seoul ft. Ryeowook

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 08:39 PM PDT

Following Kyuhyun's, K.R.Y excite fans more by unveiling the promotional clip for "SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. ASIA TOUR ~Phonograph~ in SEOUL" featuring Ryeowook.

Ryeowook enters accompanied with a very sensitive and emotional music and we see him shouting in pain as he drops his headphone on the ground.  One liners such as "even if the whole world loses its voice" followed by "i hope i won't lose yours" convey a deeper yet dramatic feelings. Towards the end, Ryewook leaves carrying a symbolic phonograph.

K.R.Y surely are promising a very emotion-filled performances on their first concert in Seoul which is happening on August 22 and 23 at Olympic Hall.

[Breaking] Lee Seunggi & Yoona have broken up; SM confirms

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 07:52 PM PDT

One of the wonderful celebrity couples who confirmed their relationship in public last New Year's Day, Lee Seung Gi and Girls' Generation Yoona, has been reported to have broken up after dating for one year and 9 months since October,2013.

Starnews reports that the reason is due to the busy schedules the two weren't able to overcome. Yoona has been very busy filming her drama in China and came back to Korea to focus on Girls' Generation activities and promotions. On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi has as well released his recent album in June and worked on his film "Love Forecast" leaving ample time for them to meet.

The two hallyu stars have decided to focus on their career and decided to break up recently. SM Entertainment confirms the report today and states that Lee Seung Gi and Yoona broke up in good terms and decided to stay friends.


2PM Junho to hold solo concert in Seoul

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 07:17 PM PDT

2PM Junho is holding a solo concert in Seoul titled "Last Night in Seoul".

VIPs can enjoy the full packed live performances of the very talented 2PM member. Junho will perform songs from his Japan best album which will be released in Korean version later on. "Last Night in Seoul" is happening on September 19-20 at Olympic Hall.

Don't miss this!

Yusun challenges Big Bang's Bae Bae

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 06:50 PM PDT

Actress Yusun appears on Radio Star!

She challenges Big Bang's popular song Bae Bae on the show, check out her entertaining performance below

Hyuna releases more seductive teaser images for A+

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 06:11 PM PDT

4Minute's Hyuna continues to tease with more images for A+.

She's seen posing sexily in her latest set of pictorials, fans are absolutely excited for her comeback on 21st August.

Check out more photos below

Juniel reveals blonde hairstyle

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 05:07 PM PDT

Singer Juniel surprises fans with her new photo.

She has a blonde hair transformation in her latest selca, fans are surprised to see her in new hair color.

Netizen commented, 'she suits blonde so much', 'we need a comeback now' and etc.

Do you like her new hair color?