Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Adorable Asher with Daddy Kai or Kai hyung?" plus 16 more

"Adorable Asher with Daddy Kai or Kai hyung?" plus 16 more

Adorable Asher with Daddy Kai or Kai hyung?

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 07:02 AM PDT

Ricky Kim expresses his gratitude towards EXO's Kai for watching over Asher and having fun with his son on their recent "Oh My Baby" filming.

Through his weibo and instagram accounts, Ricky shares some adorable photos of the two enjoying their time outdoors. The two definitely look like they are natural close with each other.

Kai feeds Asher some food, strolls with him, and effortlessly carries him as if he usually does it. They must have clicked the first time they saw each other. Kai would be a perfect older brother and a father! Do you agree?

Red Velvet's showcase outfits are plagiarized?

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 06:49 AM PDT

With the heated controversy of a certain actress's design being plagiarized, journalist and netizens seemed to be extra keen on idols' outfits and unfortunately, they target on Red Velvet who recently had their comeback with "The Red".

The five young and pretty girls attended their comeback showcase, however aside from their lively appearance and performances, netizens accused Red Velvet's stylist of plagiarizing other's design.

In particular, netizens put up a comparison of the girls' outfits and runway models wearing similar designs from 2015 S/S collection of French fashion brand OLYMPIA LE- TAN. Red Velvet's are quite different but the details and patterns are exactly the same.

In response to this, SM Entertainment clarifies that the outfits were purchased by the stylists and customized it a bit that's why it's not exactly the same.

[Guess Who] Puberty days of your maknae idols!

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 06:05 AM PDT

Maknaes of idol groups sometimes get the most attention since they are mostly the ones who are often mischievous, devilish, vitamin of the group, and of course who take care of aegyo among their hyungs and eonnies.

Anyone comes across you mind? How about we share their adorable photos during their puberty days? Do you think you can name them all? Try below!

Kyuhyun to release 2nd solo album this fall!

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 05:09 AM PDT

After the immense success of Super Junior main vocalist Kyuhyun in his solo debut "At Gwanghwamun", many are already anticipating his next album. Apparently, fans wouldn't have to wait long.

According to some reports, Kyuhyun is already prepping for his next solo album release and SM Entertainment confirms. According to the agency, "It is correct that Kyuhyun is preparing for his solo album. However, the exact schedule is still not decided."

On November 13, 2014, Kyuhyun melted the hearts of many with his debut EP and the next album is said to be aiming for a fall release as well. Meanwhile, Kyuhyun is acting in his first webdrama scheduled to premiere early next year, aside from his musicals, and Super Junior are expected to release the PART2 of their 10th anniversary album this month.

You're not that busy. Aren't you Kyuhyun?

Ailee to proceed with comeback schedule as planned despite injury

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 01:00 AM PDT

Ailee previous revealed to have sustained a foot injury during new music video filming, which led to the delay of her comeback. However, the agency has announced today that the schedule will still go on as planned, due to Ailee's strong will.

YMC Entertainment said on September 9th,"While being hospitalized, Ailee expressed her strong determination to continue with the original schedules in order to keep her promise to domestic and international fans who have been waiting for her performance".

The agency continued,"In order to respect her wish, we will proceed with the schedules as planned. She will also focus on the treatment, in order to fully recover as soon as possible".

Ailee will drop her new full-length album on September 30th.

iKON to hold debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 12:30 AM PDT

iKON will be the first rookie group to hold a debut concert at Olympic Gymnastic Arena.

On September 9th, YG Entertainment announed that iKON will be holding their debut concert 'Showtime' at Olympic Gymnastic Arena on October 3rd at 6PM KST. The ticket sale will be opened through Interpark on September 16th at 8PM KST.

iKON members will be spending a meaningful time with the fans, who have been patiently waiting for their debut. They will be perfoming songs from their debut album 'Welcome Back' at the concert.

As it was previously revealed, iKON will pre-release the warm-up single as well as the music video on September 15th, before dropping their debut album in two parts on October 1st and November 2nd.

Are you excited for iKON's debut?

Shinhwa's Junjin to launch '#REAL' Asia Tour

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 12:00 AM PDT

Shinhwa's Junjin will expand his solo comeback promotions with upcoming Asia Tour.

He will kick off the tour with a concert at Ewha Woman's University's Welch-Ryang Auditorium on October 24th titled 'JUNJIN 2015 ASIA TOUR #REAL# IN SEOUL'.

Following Seoul, he's also planning to bring the concert o Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

An official said,"For this tour, the fans will not only see Junjin's signature delicate performances but also ballads, acoustic sounds and medium-tempo pop songs as well. He will present various charms that he has never shown before. He will also prepare surprise events for the fans".

The ticket sale for Junjin's Seoul concert will be opened through Interpart on September 16th at 8PM KST.

Red Velvet's Irene reveals predebut pics

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 09:11 PM PDT

Red Velvet's Irene impresses fans with her predebut photos.

She is seen posing shyly in her old pics, fans mention that she looks absolutely innocent in the photos above.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet's new song Dumb Dumb ranked high on various charts, congratulations.

Adorable Hyeri in retro fashion during 'Reply 1988' filming

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 09:11 PM PDT

Girl's Day Hyeri transforms into a 1980s teenage girl in her perfect retro fashion during the filming of "Reply 1988".

In the photo released, Hyeri is sporting a retro fashion with eye catching appearance wearing a knitted vest over a black and white polka dots long sleeves. She is also wearing the high-waisted straight cut jeans along with the other actors.

Hyeri's adorable expression is also captured while sporting her bob cut hairstyle. Meanwhile, "Reply 1988" is the 3rd series following "Reply 1994" and "Reply 1997". For this series, the plot sets in 1988 in Dobong-gu Ssangmun-dong, Seoul will draw a heartwarming family story and it's expected to premier in October.

Kyuhyun & Yoon SoHee couple in 'Bongsun' first still cuts

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 08:56 PM PDT

Super Junior Kyuhyun is challenging acting in TV dramas after his skilled experience in musicals.

To hype up the excitement and anticipation, the first still cuts of Kyuhyun along with his heroine actress Yoon So Hee are released. The couple's first appearance is already amusing as we see Kyuhyun struggling to support the drunk SoHee while busy on his phone.

It appears like their first meeting is not as smooth as we expected which leads to even more curiosity on their loveline's progress. The first meeting is described as Kyuhyun getting frustrated with drunk Yoon SoHee who doesn't care about her condition leaving Kyuhyun no choice but to take care of her.

Their first shooting finished with a rigid acting scenes both Kyuhyun and SoHee flawlessly delivered. Meanwhile, UHD's new webdrama  "Bongsun, A Woman Who Dies When She Loves" plots the story of an IT genius programmer Kim Joo Sung (Kyuhyun) and cyborg flower girl Woo Bongsun (Yoon SoHee), whose power will be turned on if she falls in love. The 15-episode webdrama is expected to air early next year.

Tiffany floods with pretty selfies #cantbelieveitsover

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 08:18 PM PDT

SNSD is on roll today! or perhaps she's gloomy that "Channel SNSD" is over.

Their first reality show as a whole group had its last broadcast yesterday and Tiffany, in grateful mood, is releasing selfies she has taken during their filming. Through her instagram, Tiffany has posted four pretty selfies so far, and the photos are not even taken from the same day.

Fans love the different appearance of Tiffany from her selfies and they can't help but to sympathize on her hashtag #cantbelieveitsover. Fans even demand that there should be a season 2 of "Channel SNSD" and... WHY NOT?

While, the staff and members (haha) are pondering on that, let's see the beauty saying hello to us.

Sunye is 8 weeks pregnant with her 2nd angel!

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 08:03 PM PDT

Wonder Girls former member Sunye is embracing her motherhood!

An representative form Sunye's side relays the good news saying, "Sunye is 8 weeks pregnant with her second child." It is also reported that Sunye is currently staying with her family in Gyeonggi-do.

The angel on her womb is the second child the couple is anticipating after their first daughter Park Eeun Yoo/Hailey was born in October, 2013. Ever since then, Sunye has been a hands-on mother and wife to her wonderful family which led to her official withdrawal from the group, which the members absolutely supported.

Congratulations on your second pregnancy Sunye! Stay healthy!

f(x) confirm comeback in October!

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 07:44 PM PDT

What a great new for f(x) fans!

SM Entertainment has just confirmed that f(x) are finally coming back with their 4th album in October as a revamped four-member group!

The agency points out that f(x) are preparing at the moment and aim to release their album sometime in October though they are still coordinating with the exact schedule.

On August 7, the members discussed about their future acitvities with Sulli. However, the latter decided to withdraw from the group and focus on acting career . Victoria, Luna, Krystal, and Amber respect Sulli's decision.

Meanwhile, f(x) released their 3rd album "Red Light" last year but the promotion was abruptly stopped due to Sulli's hiatus.

[Beauty] 5 Angelic IU pics

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 06:10 PM PDT

IU showcases her feminine charm at her recent event!

She is seen wearing a white dress at the event, showing off her charm and smile throughout the event, check out the photos here

Lovely Girls' Generation group photo!

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 05:15 PM PDT

The members of Girls' Generation pose together for a lovely group photo.

The girls are seen showing their bright smile in their recent photo, it's taken to celebrate the highest view count award, the girls thank fans for everyone's support.

Meanwhile, the girls' latest hit song Lion Heart is still ranked top on various music charts

Sunmi's red sexy lips!

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 05:11 PM PDT

Sunmi garners much attention with her recent selcas.

She shares 2 new photos as shown here on her Instagram,  garnering much attention with her red lips which match her outfit.

Pretty seductive right?

Silver beauty Song Hye Kyo!

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 05:07 PM PDT

Song Hye Kyo graces the J.Estina event in a elegant silver dress.

She carves an angelic smile to the camera and poses prettily, check out the photos here