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"Hani & Minah bare faces on 'Laws of the Jungle'" plus 14 more

"Hani & Minah bare faces on 'Laws of the Jungle'" plus 14 more

Hani & Minah bare faces on 'Laws of the Jungle'

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 08:07 AM PDT

One law for females joining the jungle is to courageously bare their face and we have two beautiful girl group members challenging that.

On the premiere episode of 'Laws of the Jungle' in Nicaragua, EXID's Hani and Girl's Day Minah are seen without any make-up but still managed to face the camera. The two seem to be adapting well along with other male cast and are also active in searching food, setting up tents and etc.

The two are expected to charm the viewers with their beauty and survival skills!

Song Jihyo and Gary's surprising skinship and kiss?

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 07:38 AM PDT

The thirst is real for 'Monday couple'.

Running Man's in-demand couple Song Jihyo and Gary appeared as guests on Chinese talk show "Day Day Up" today.

Before the airing, the show already released photos that would definitely make fans giddy. In one of their couple games, Song Jihyo and Gary are opt to make skinship. According to the show's weibo update, Jihyo firstly hesitated saying that they only do skinship on Mondays but the host are very persistent calling them 'everyday couple' and even joked that they can air their episode on Monday.

Thus, the two do the cheeky couple game which is to hold an orange using their chins and bodies resulting to intimate skinship and made Gary and JiHyo almost kissed.

f(x) are in Jeju for MV filming!

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 06:52 AM PDT

f(x) has officially started gearing for their October comeback and first thing the agency lets fans know is Victoria, Krystal, Luna and Amber are going to film their music video.

According to SM Entertainment in a phone call with The Fact, "f(x) are in Jeju Island today to shoot their new song's music video." This further ignites the excitement to the group's comeback next month.

Meanwhile, f(x) are being anticipated for their new album comeback after revamping the group to four-member f(x). Let's look forward to upcoming updates!

Choi Yeo Jin shocks with her drastically skinny body

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 06:24 AM PDT

Actress and model Choi Yeo Jin recently shared a mirror shot of her while rigorously practicing pole dancing on her instagram.

However, although she captioned that her body is a result of 'crazy' workout in preparation for an upcoming challenge, she appeared drastically skinny. Netizens have been impressed with her fit body even though she's skinny but this time, it appears like she isn't being fit at all.

Some are anxious that she's becoming way too thin and point out that she is not looking healthy anymore. What do you think? Are netizens right?

[Photo] Kang Sora wows with her killer legs & perfect posture!

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 05:56 AM PDT

Not only she's a good actress but Kang Sora is undeniably one of the pretty faces among celebrities and she's got that "body-to-die-for".

Kang Sora attends an opening event of COURONNE's latest store as the brand's muse. Photographers capture Sora checking new bags while posing at the same time. Photos published from the event show Kang Sora boasting her proportioned body and killer 105cm legs. She is very sophisticated in a simple black top and black leather skirt with symmetrical design.

In every event she attends, Kang Sora is attracting attention by effortlessly standing in a very flawless posture. See photos below:

SNSD & Red Velvet group photo is love!

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 05:30 AM PDT

Visual overflows!

Girls' Generation and their pretty hoobaes Red Velvet is one group of visual slayage.

A group photo of the girls is posted making their respective fans overwhelmed. The photo is taken at waiting room from today's "Music Bank". SNSD are holding their no.1 trophy while in front line are the cute Red Velvet cheering for their unnies.

Red velvet also joined SNSD on their encore stage displaying some love!

Red Velvet go Dumb Dumb on Music Bank!

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 03:53 AM PDT

Red Velvet return with their new track Dumb Dumb on Music Bank, check out their performance below:

Seungho to possibly drop assault charges; only misunderstanding

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 09:39 PM PDT

MBLAQ fans are alarmed after the news of Seungho who got physically assaulted by his agency's president (A) is reported. He initially reported to the police that Mr. A hit him in the head with a glass but changed his statement during police questioning stating that he is slapped in the face.

However, after series of contacts and confirmations trying to reach J.Tune Camp for official statement, it is revealed that Mr. A is not a current employee and had left the agency two years ago.

Police also point out that Seungho was indeed hit by a glass after thorough investigation on both parties. In addition to that, they also relay that Seungho expressed he doesn't want any punishment thus further investigation might not be needed.

On latest statement from the agency, they say, "Seungho and Mr.A met up last night and had a catching up while drinking. Regardless of the reason, it's only a misunderstanding from both sides. In fact, Mr. A has already apologized after causing such news."

Read the initial news here.

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[Breaking] MBLAQ's Seungho is assaulted by agency's director

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 05:38 AM PDT

This is a developing story...

News reports that the president of MBLAQ's agency, J.Tune Camp, (A) has assaulted MBLAQ's leader Seungho and is now under police investigation.

According to articles, A hit Seungho in the head with a glass while drinking together at a bar around 3:10AM today. Seungho called 112 and reported the incident saying that he was hit in the head and hurt his ear.

However, during police questioning, he stated that he got slapped once in the face. It is revealed that A hit Seungho for being arrogant towards him. Meanwhile, a representative from J.Tune Camp responds that they are looking into the matter and will talk to Seungho to know what really happened.

UPDATE: Seungho to possibly drop assault charges; only misunderstanding

[Heartwarming] T-ara Jiyeon's brother underwent liver transplant as 'stranger' for their father

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 08:14 PM PDT

The extent of filial piety.

It is belatedly reported on 10th that T-ara Jiyeon's brother, model Park Hyo Joon had a liver transplant for their critically ill father in May.

The heartwarming news was initially published through military newspaper with the title "Parl Hyo Joon soldier". However, it is not known then that the soldier commended is indeed Jiyeon's brother.

According to reports, Park Hyo Joon, who is currently serving his military duties, had a successful liver transplant donating 70% of his liver to save his father's life. According to Hyo Joon's acquaintance, finding a suitable donor had been difficult for Jiyeon's family so when Hyo Joon's matched, he didn't think twice and received major surgery.

However, his father strongly objected considering the future career of his son but the latter insisted and still underwent surgery identifying himself as a "stranger donor". After the successful transplant, the father later found out that it's Hyo Joon.

Meanwhile, Park Hyo Joon resumed his military service and had recovered as well as his father.
We commend you for being such a courageous and kind son Park Hyo Joon! God bless you and your family!

Super Junior to return with 'Magic' on 16th

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 07:42 PM PDT

It's finally announced that Super Junior are releasing the PART.2 of their 10th anniversary special album.

Various media sites confirm that Super Junior's repackaged album "Magic" is going to be released on September 16. The album will contain a total of 14 tracks including the tracks from "Devil" as well as four new songs "Magic", "You Got It", "Dorothy" and "Sarang♥" .

The upcoming album is a present for fans expressing the boys gratitude before embarking of a long hiatus due to members' enlistments: Eunhyuk on October 13; Donghae on 15th; and Siwon on 19th.

[BFF Goals] BFF idols/celebrities doing pictorial together!

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 07:00 PM PDT

These photos of warm friendship between idols/celebrities doing pictorial together would make you grab your BFF's hand and go to a nearby studio right away!

How fun would it facing a camera doing your most candid and natural poses and expressions beside your bestfriend? It would be effortless getting photographed and having quality time with your friend at the same time. You can also assure that the photos would definitely turned out great.

Need inspiration? See these pairs or groups of idols/celebrities who are just simply having fun with their best buddies doing pictorial together! Didn't I mention that they are all good-looking??

Taemin & Kai

Bora & Tiffany

Heechul & Goo Hara

Lee Dong Wook & Cho Se Ho

Han Ye Seul & Jung Ryeo Won

Kim Young Kwang & Lee Soo Hyuk

79-liners Lee Hyori, Park Si Yeon, Maybee, and Ahn Hye Kyung

[Hot Pics] SISTAR shine at Seoul Drama Awards

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 03:35 PM PDT

SISTAR perform at the 2015 Seoul Drama Awards, check out the photos here

UP10TION reveal So, Dangerous MV

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 03:30 PM PDT

UP10TION reveal the full MV of their new song titled 'Son Dangerous', check out the boys in action below

Lovelyz's Shooting Star MV teaser

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 03:25 PM PDT

Lovelyz reveal MV teaser for Shooting Star, check out the girls in action below