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"[Photo] Fans swoon over pretty Jinwoo in crossdress" plus 14 more

"[Photo] Fans swoon over pretty Jinwoo in crossdress" plus 14 more

[Photo] Fans swoon over pretty Jinwoo in crossdress

Posted: 21 Sep 2015 08:42 AM PDT

WINNER fans have been spreading Jinwoo's super pretty appearance when he cross-dressed in their recent Japan tour.

On one of their special stage, flower boy Jinwoo wore a long wig with bangs and flashy jacket over a dress worn by 2NE1's Bom. But the fact alone that he's effortlessly beautiful and petite to fit in that dress is making fans enchanted for undeniable reasons.

How could he look so pretty? See fantaken photos below:

Credits on watermarks

GOT7 drop Jackson's & Jr's teasers

Posted: 21 Sep 2015 08:12 AM PDT

GOT7 unveil today Jackson's and Jr.'s teaser images and teaser videos escalating the anticipation and excitement for the remaining members.

The boys are looking so handsome carrying a quite serious and emotional expressions accompanied by equally dramatic background music. Towards the end, the beat gets intense and we see Jackson and Jr. getting furious and fierce.

Seems like their track "If You Do" will showcase a more mature image of the boys. Watch below:

APink are the new muses for 'Diamant' water

Posted: 21 Sep 2015 07:59 AM PDT

APink add another advertising deal to their list as they are chosen as the new muses for carbonated mineral water "Diamond".

A representative from HITE-Jinro states that the innocent and pure image of APink suit best with the sparkling water's concept. They exude charms which is pure yet bright and lively that would definitely enhance the image of the product.

"Diamant" is a French word for "Diamond" which was founded in 2009. Anticipate full-scale promotional and advertising activities as the new muse for "Diamant" next promo materials through online and offline.

Henry is very sweet to his pretty sister Whitney!

Posted: 21 Sep 2015 06:34 AM PDT

Henry and his sister Whitney are such as nice pair of siblings!

It seems like Whitney is visiting Korea and Henry picked her up from the airport today. So generous of him to share a photo with her and even let her give fans a greeting.

Through his flitto audio update, we can hear the sweet voice of his sister greeting everyone. According to them, his sister is sick so they ate Korean food first. His sister is also amazed by Korean airport.

On the other hand, the two look so close and sweet in the photo with Henry feeding Whitney while looking at the camera. They must have such a good relationship. Listen to the audio update HERE  for their full conversation.

Luhan surprises fans with sweet 'Your Song' MV

Posted: 21 Sep 2015 06:06 AM PDT

Former EXO member Luhan unveils the full music video on another track "Your Song" off his solo debut album "reloaded" in China.

Luhan firstly kicked off his solo promotion as a singer in China by releasing his album "That Good Good" which made fans daze with his upbeat dance track and sexy hip thrusts. This time, he shows a rather light atmosphere and cute charms which is surely captivating.

The song is very sweet which suits his vocals best. Check it out below:

Gorgeous Chorong for SURE Magazine

Posted: 21 Sep 2015 12:21 AM PDT

APink's Chorong showcases her charm in the latest issue of SURE Magazine.

Check out the photos here

Fruitful week for Red Velvet

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 10:23 PM PDT

Hard work pays off for Red Velvet as the girls won first place on various music shows.

The girls are seen posing with their trophy at the dressing room of M! Countdown and Inkigayo. The girls win fans' hearts with new song Dumb Dumb.

IU to comeback with a self-produced album this fall

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 09:19 PM PDT

IU is reported to be having a comeback this fall with a self-produced album.

Her agency LOEN Tree confirms, "IU is in the middle of producing an album all by herself so she's really hands-on with a quite heavy load on her shoulders." The agency adds, "The exact release date is still undecided but it is expected to be this fall."

Meanwhile, IU released her last album "Modern Times" two years ago so fans are excited with her next album added with much anticipation that it's going to be a self-produced one. Expect a high-quality album from IU!

1Punch's One is now a YG Entertainment's artist

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 09:23 PM PDT

One (Jung Jaewon) of 1PUNCH is reported to  have signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and now labelmates with Big Bang, 2NE1, Winner, iKON, and more.

One originally debuted under D-Business Entertainment, but upon agreement with YG Entertainment, he will continue his activities as YG artist from now on.

After debuting as a duo 1PUNCH, formed by Brave Brothers and D-Business on January 22 this year with Punch (Samuel), One joined "Show Me The Money 4" to showcase his rapping skills and YG Entertainment saw potential in him as an idol rapper and currently training him.

UPDATE 1: Brave Entertainment confirms that 1PUNCH has naturally disbanded and One has not signed exclusive contract with them. On the other hand, PUNCH is preparing for a separate comeback.

UPDATE 2: YG confirms to MBN Star that One has indeed signed contract with them but album release date and promotions are not yet decided.

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Ailee is a 'Vivid' beauty in comeback teaser image

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 08:15 PM PDT

Ailee is coming back!

YMC Entertainment has just unveiled the first concept image of Ailee for her first album comeback "Vivid" which is set to be released as planned on September 30.

Ailee is looking elegant in this close-up photo of her which emphasizes her prominent side profile. Her hair is styled like those of pin up girls with retro feel but her eye-catching make-up makes her beauty dazzles.

Meanwhile, Ailee is releasing her album despite her recent injury so let's hope for her quick recovery.

Amber has gone mad & has a message to a sasaeng fan

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 07:30 PM PDT

Amber has just celebrated her beautiful birthday but a particular someone is frustrating her and she vented it out on her twitter.

Yesterday, Amber firstly tweeted, "Whoever is calling/texting me, stop it," in hope that the person bugging would stop. However, it doesn't seem likely as she followed up a rather warning message along with the caption,

"Educate yourself.  Shoutout to the REAL fans out there. You guys are the best. 👊 "
Towards a sasaeng fan who is apparently going out of line, she wrote,

"I have no tolerance for people who invade other people's privacy. If you think you're supporting your artist by hacking their accounts, calling or texting them, or talking to their friends, well sorry to break it to you, but you're doing the exact opposite. I've let a lot of sh** go but I'm not afraid to stand up for myself. All in all what you're doing is ILLEGAL. I repeat ILLEGAL. So stop."

Amber's words appear like warning by emphasizing that invading someone's privacy is illegal thus if the person won't stop, she might take legal action. Hopefully, it won't come to that point.

SISTAR suffer yet-again slippery stage at 'Hallyu Dream Festival'

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 07:00 PM PDT

Oh another slippery stage! What's going on?

On last night's "Hallyu Dream Festival", SISTAR was a victim of a slippery stage during their performance of "Shake It".

Their song is an upbeat dance track and the ladies are wearing heels. Even from the beginning of their stage, it was obvious that they were already cautious. However, since their choreography requires big movements, some members especially Soyu slipped and lost her balance during her part.

Fortunately, Bora and Hyolyn were quick to pull Soyu preventing her from a serious fall but the rest of their stage ended with everyone of them clinging to each other whenever they felt like slipping making it a very uncomfortable and worrisome stage for fans who are watching.

SISTAR still managed to perform despite difficulties and only laughed in between their parts.

[Hot] 7 Stunning APink Dream Concert pics

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 06:30 PM PDT

Check out some photos of APink at the 2015 Dream Concert!

Seohyun is a Singles lady!

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 05:50 PM PDT

Girls' Generation's Seohyun shows her mysterious charm in the latest issue of Singles magazine, check out her photoshoot here

[Birthday Girl] 10 Stunning pics of AOA Mina

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 05:10 PM PDT

Birth Name: Kwon Min A
Stage Name: Mina
Angel Name: Minaring
Birthday: September 21, 1993
Position: Vocalist, Bassist, Dancer
Height: 160 cm (5'2")
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)