Sunday, October 11, 2015

"AOA's first Oh Boy LIVE" plus 8 more

"AOA's first Oh Boy LIVE" plus 8 more

AOA's first Oh Boy LIVE

Posted: 11 Oct 2015 08:58 AM PDT

AOA reveal their first live performance for Oh Boy, check out the girls in action below:

TWICE reveals track list for 1st mini album

Posted: 11 Oct 2015 05:35 AM PDT

Nearing to debut girl group TWICE revealed the track list of their 1st mini album.

'The Story Begins' mini album has six songs with 'OOH-AHH' as its title track. The track list contains not just who created each song, but its lyrics as well. 'Do It Again' is produced by J.Y. Park himself.

TWICE's debut mini-album will be released on October 20th at midnight KST.


EXO is the 1st artist to hold a Dome concert in South Korea with its hugest attendees

Posted: 11 Oct 2015 03:30 AM PDT

EXO held their first ever Dome concert, which is very well-attended by their loyal supporters known as the EXO-L.

On October 10th, EXO was able to fill Seoul Gocheok Dome Baseball Stadium with its more than 20,000 attendance for their '2015 EXO-Love CONCERT in DOME.' EXO was the first artist/ group in Korea who was able to gather such huge number of audience in an indoor concert venue.

See the concert photos below:


Which APink girl has the best airport fashion?

Posted: 11 Oct 2015 03:14 AM PDT

APink are spotted at the airport as they are on their way to Japan, check out their photos here, who has the best airport fashion?

Taeyeon snaps adorable selcas with Kanto

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 09:41 PM PDT

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon snaps an absolutely adorable photo with rapper Kanto.

They show some cute poses together in their recent selcas.

Taeyeon is currently promoting her solo song I on various music shows, are you a fan of her new song?

UP10TION reveal dance practice for So Dangerous

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 07:07 PM PDT

UP10TION reveal 2nd dance practice video for their debut track So Dangerous, check out the boys in action below

[Hot] 17 nosebleed pics of Stellar at the boxing ring!

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 05:44 PM PDT

Stellar impress with their singing ability and figure at their recent event, check out all their hot pics here

[Hot Girl] 10 sexy pics of STELLAR's Minhee

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 05:33 PM PDT

STELLAR Minhee is one of the sexiest KPop idols, it's time for us to appreciate the beauty of Minhee, check out the photos here

[Birthday Girl] Happy Birthday to 9Muses Sojin

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 05:23 PM PDT

Birth Name: Cho So Jin
Stage Name: Sojin
Birthday: October 11, 1991
Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: AB