Friday, November 27, 2015

"Netizens compliment Wendy's weight loss effort!" plus 15 more

"Netizens compliment Wendy's weight loss effort!" plus 15 more

Netizens compliment Wendy's weight loss effort!

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 07:34 AM PST

Red Velvet's main vocalist Wendy receives much compliment with her recent weight loss effort.

The photo above shows her figure from a performance which took place approximately 3 weeks ago, she was slightly chubby back then and here comes her amazing transformation.

The photos below are taken from her latest performance, having slimmer figure and ABS line, are you impressed?

B.A.P are Young, Wild & Free in dance practice videos

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 01:07 AM PST

B.A.P showcase their dancing ability in the dance practice videos of Young, Wild and Free, check out the boys in action!

MONSTA X Kihyun covers girl groups songs!

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 12:49 AM PST

MONSTA X Kihyun is such a shy boy.

She shows rookie groups such as Lovelyz, TWICE and Red Velvet some love with his adorable cover of their hit songs, check out the video below

TWICE foreign line dance to Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl!

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 12:44 AM PST

New girls TWICE are receiving a lot of love thanks to their hard work and talent.

This time the girls challenge their seniors Miss A's debut track Bad Girl Good Girl, rate their performance out of 10!

VIXX Chained Up (Chinese version)

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 12:36 AM PST

Thanks to their immense popularity in Taiwan and China, VIXX release the Chinese version of their latest hit song Chained Up, check out the full MV with sub below:

Is it as good as the original Korean version?

Tzuyu the new generation expression queen!

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 12:32 AM PST

TWICE Tzuyu garners much attention with her pretty face and well proportioned figure.

This time she's the main topic of discussion among fans again thanks to her playful expressions. Check out all the photos here,which one is your favorite?

Gong Seungyeon is an elegant beauty!

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 12:21 AM PST

Actress Gong Seungyeon showcases her elegance for the December issue of THE STAR Magazine.

She is seen showing some really strong gaze in her latest photoshoot, garnering much attention with her mature fashion sense.

Check out all her pictorials here

TWICE perform male group songs (EXO, VIXX, GOT7)

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 12:17 AM PST

TWICE prove that they are absolutely great dancers covering popular songs such as BTS' Dope, EXO's Call Me Baby, GOT7's If You Do and VIXX Chained Up.

Check out their special dance below

Red Velvet Seulgi looks adorable at the American Eagle Outfitters event

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 12:11 AM PST

Red Velvet's Seulgi garners much attention with her appearance at the American Eagle Outfitters event.

She is seen wearing absolutely simple fashion, plain white sweater and jeans yet she receives praises with her fashion sense.

Check out all her photos here

Yuri is so not Yuri in new photoshoot!

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 05:38 PM PST

Yuri is showing fans a different side of herself in her recent photoshoot.

She is featured in the December issue of ELLE Magazine, instead of portraying her feminine charm, she goes for a cooler style this time.

Fans praise her hairstyle and poses which fit absolutely well with the strong woman themed pictorials, amazing enough?

'Dear Santa', Tiffany is here!

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 05:35 PM PST

After announcing official comeback on 4th December, TaeTiSeo continues to provide fans with more eye candy, this time with Tiffany's individual teaser image.

She's seen lying comfortably in her latest pictorial with innocent gaze, fitting the Christmas themed pictorial absolutely well with her all white outfit.

Dear Santa, i bet you have sent the right gift this year!

Lovelyz reveals Sujeong's teaser image

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 05:31 PM PST

After teasing with Ji Ae's teaser pic for comeback, Lovelyz reveals the teaser image of main vocalist Sujeong.

Sujeong is seen posing elegantly in her teaser image, staring at the camera with mysterious gaze, fans are totally excited with the release of Lovelyz' upcoming song titled Lovelinus.

Do you anticipate their return?

APink Chorong impresses with her amazing figure!

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 05:25 PM PST

APink's charismatic leader Chorong appears in the December issue of SURE Magazine.

She has always been one of the most hardworking APink members, to achieve slim figure, besides dieting she spends a lot of time exercising to maintain her figure.

Her hard work is shown in this latest photoshoot, check out Chorong in action

Fans discuss Tzuyu & Sana's close friendship!

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 05:20 PM PST

TWICE's Sana and Tzuyu attract fans' attention with their adorable interaction.

The girls are seen having some great time together during an event. Sana is seen treating the maknae absolutely well by giving her a mouthful of ice cream.

Fans commented, 'friendship goals', ' cute cute cute' and etc.

Nana in upcoming movie Go La La Go 2015

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 03:28 PM PST

Nana's upcoming movie Go La La Go will premier on 4th December 2015, check out the trailer and posters of the movie below, anticipate her movie?

Fans discuss Lee Minho & Seolhyun's friendship

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 03:16 PM PST

AOA's Seolhyun has become one of the hottest keywords on Naver.

She grabbed much attention with her elegant dress for the 2015 Blue Dragon Awards, fans are paying more attention to her as she sat besides Lee Minho.

Fans commented, 'they look like really close friends', 'envy is the word', 'congratulations to both of them' and etc.