Monday, December 7, 2015

"myB poses for BNT International" plus 12 more

"myB poses for BNT International" plus 12 more

myB poses for BNT International

Posted: 07 Dec 2015 06:50 AM PST

Girls group myB showcase their charm for the latest issue of BNT International, check out their pictorials here

Lim Kim to comeback with new single 'Stay Ever' featuring Verbal Jint

Posted: 07 Dec 2015 01:00 AM PST

Lim Kim will collaborate with Verbal Jint for her upcoming song this month.

The song is titled 'Stay Ever' which is described as an R&B track with dreamlike atmosphere. This will mark her comeback after 8 months since mini album 'Simple Mind' in April.

With Yoon Jong Shin and Jung Suk Won as composers while Verbal Jint and Jang Jae In penned the lyrics, the anticipation for this song has been risen even more.

'Stay Ever' will be released on December 9th.

Younha releases 'Hashtag' MV teaser

Posted: 07 Dec 2015 12:30 AM PST

The teaser video for Younha's 'Hashtag' has been released.

'Hashtag' will be another collaboration between Younha and Epik High's Tablo. In particular, if you watched Younha's previous MV 'Thinking About You', you can see that 'Hashtag' seems to follow the same story but in the man's perspective.

'Hashtag' will come out on December 10th at midnight.

B1A4 to release a Christmas song on December 10th

Posted: 07 Dec 2015 12:00 AM PST

B1A4 will release their first Christmas song since debut this Thursday.

WM Entertainment announced that B1A4 will drop digital single 'It's Christmas' at noon on December 10th. This will be their first official release in 4 months since 'Sweet Girl' in August.

Just like their other songs, 'It's Christmas' is also composed and written by leader Jinyoung. Its witty lyrics about not wanting to stay in the house while it's snowing outside were inspired by the movie 'Home Alone'.

Don't miss B1A4's 'It's Christmas' on December 10th!

EXO reveals more details on 'Sing For You' album

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 11:30 PM PST

More details on EXO's winter album 'Sing For You' have been revealed.

The album will have 5 tracks in total 'Sing For You', 'Unfair', 'Girl x Friend', 'On The Snow' and 'Lightsaber' in which the first two will serve as double title tracks. 'Sing For You' features the sound of the acoustic guitar that matches well with the members' voices, while 'Unfair' is a medium pop song with trendy and bright melody that will highlight harmony patterns.

'Girl x Friend' is an R&B track about a man wanting to develope from a friend to a lover. 'On The Snow' is a pop song telling the story of a man who is faraway from a lover and wants to chase after her by following her footsteps on the snow.

'Sing For You' will be released on December 10th through various online music sites.

f(x) reveals as the first group for 'Winter Garden' project + more hints from SM Entertainment

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 11:00 PM PST

f(x) will gift fans with a winter song this month.

On December 7th, SM Entertainment announces that f(x) will be the first group to release a single for 'Winter Garden' project. Based on the first teaser images few days ago, it seems f(x)'s new song will be released on December 15th.

In regard to the remaining two artists, a second teaser image was revealed today which is basically the same as the first one, but instead of the dates, we get three letters "F", "R" and "B", and later those are confirmed to be f(x), Red Velvet and BoA.

Are you excited for this winter project from SM?

MINX Ji U Only Wanna Give It To You

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 10:06 PM PST

MINX Ji U covers Elle Varner's popular song Only Wanna Give It To U, check out her practice video below

SISTAR Dasom & Hyolyn show off their swimsuit figures

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 10:01 PM PST

SISTAR's Dasom and Hyolyn show off their amazing figures.

The photos were taken in Singapore as they attended their fanmeet event with Monsta X on 6th December.

Fans are totally amazed with their figure, they commented, 'sexy', 'amazed', 'wow in Singapore' and etc.

[Birthday] GFRIEND's long legs leader Sowon!

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 06:15 PM PST

SoWon (Kim So Jung)
1995. 12. 07
Position : Leader / Rap
Height : 172 cm
Blood Type : A

[MUST WATCH] Girl's Day's Hyeri funny dance

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 06:07 PM PST

Girl's Day's Hyeri showcases her amazing dance moves in the Da Bang App CF, check out her dance moves below

B1A4 transform into handsome pizza princes!

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 05:59 PM PST

B1A4 showcase their funny side in the latest CF of Dderak Pizza, check out the boys in action below

AOA are the lovely girls next door!

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 05:51 PM PST

AOA show their adorable smile in their latest Chicken Mania CF, check out the girls lovely moments below

Sunny & Tiffany look like twins in their latest selca

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 04:30 PM PST

Girls' Generation's Sunny and Tiffany garner attention with their recent selca.

The girls pose together showing the blank expression in their recent photo, receiving compliments from fans.

Fans commented, 'are they twins?', 'my girls look absolutely gorgeous', getting ready for party?' and etc.