Tuesday, December 15, 2015

“Seventeen's S.coups garners attention with his pretty long eyelashes” plus 19 more

“Seventeen's S.coups garners attention with his pretty long eyelashes” plus 19 more

Seventeen's S.coups garners attention with his pretty long eyelashes

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 08:11 AM PST

Seventeen's leader S.coups, who belongs to the hip hop team of the group is garnering attention with his pretty long eyelashes to the point you can suspect them as fake (but no they're not!).

Girls know the power of long eyelashes because it doesn't only look pretty but emphasizes the eyes. So it's not surprising that most of them wear fake eyelashes. However, it's definitely envious if a guy naturally has those type of eyelashes.

For some lucky, heaven-sent reason, S.coups possesses both: pretty big expressive eyes and long eyelashes that everyone can notice in no time. A post on instiz compiles fantaken photos of S.coups featuring his eyes and eyelashes.

Netizens and Seventeen fans approve of this asset of him as they comment, "His eyes are so pretty and he's so handsome on top of that.","My heart beats Choi Seungcheol (S.coups real name).","I envy him","Please look at me with those pretty eyes!","He looks better than me in fake eyelashes.""Everything I want is in him, pretty big eyes, long eyelashes and dimples!"

S.coups must be the male idol with the prettiest eyes and eyelashes. Agree? See more photos below:

And yes.. dimples..

Fans adore 18-years old Twice Nayeon with bangs!

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 07:23 AM PST

Although it's already known to fans, netizens are amused to know that Miss A Suzy has done a CF together with her hoobae Twice's Nayeon.

TWICE fans perhaps can't keep a permanent bias because all the girls are charming and adorable.

However, Twice Nayeon has made some fans to adore her even more when a photo of her having bangs is posted online. Although Nayeon has been compared to other top visual celebrities like Eugene, Suzy, Sandara, Goo Hara and more she still has her own charm.

18-years old Nayeon is so lovely with bangs. Do you want to have her do this hairstyle again?

'The Fact' mistakenly headlines APink Chorong as 'Oh Hayoung'

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 06:39 AM PST

One of the well-established Korean news websites apparently makes a mistake of identifying an APink member with another member.

Apparently, The Fact makes a headline featuring APink's Naeun and Chorong photos attending tonight's "Korea Best Dresser 2015 Swan Award". However, the headline is read as "Apink Son Naeun-Oh Hayoung, "How's their black skirts?"

When it could have been considered as an honest mistake, two hours have already passed when fans and netizens started commenting that Oh Hayoung should be corrected as Park Chorong. It appears like the journalist is not aware or not attending the request. 

Netizens comment under the article, "Who are you looking at? She's indeed Park Chorong.","You recognize Park Chorong's face right?" "She's not Oh Hayoung, but Park Chorong. Please write their names properly."

Meanwhile, "The Fact" is known as one of the sources of celebrities dating scandals so it's quite puzzling that the journalist wasn't able to identify APink members. "The Fact" is not living up to its name.

Source: The Fact

[Breaking] Actress Kang Doo Ri died from an alleged suicide not car accident

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 06:17 AM PST

We are shocked by the sudden passing of a budding young actress Kang Doo Ri who appeared on the last episodes of "Sassy Go Go".

However, contrary to initial reports that her sudden death was due to a fatal car accident, new progressive reports after police investigation reveals that Kang Doo Ri committed suicide instead.

According to YTN, around 4PM (KST) of December 14, police received a report that the dead body of Kang Doori was found at their home. There was no traces of invasion that could lead to a murder case so it was reported as a suicide. Moreover, the police also stated that Kang Doori sent a message to a friend implying her plan to commit suicide thus the investigation is still ongoing.

The new report apparently dismisses the initial news that Kang Doo Ri died in a car accident and the grounds of this statement is still unknown. Let's pray for the soul of beautiful Kang Doo Ri. May she rest in peace.


APink visual duo Naeun & Chorong at '2015 Swan Award'

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 04:17 AM PST

The 'visual duo' of APink, Naeun and Chorong, attend the "The 30th Korea Best Dresser 2015 Swan Award" ttoday.

The girls are looking sophisticated in their black mini dresses with gold embellishments. A particular photo catches fans attention because Chorong seems to be assisting Naeun while walking down the stairs. Fans express, "Chorong makes sure Naeun won't fall today." Naeun is known to fans as the member who often trips on events.

See more gorgeous photos of the girls below:

iKON's Bobby & B.I, 2NE1's Sandara Park and more to guest on 'Happy Together 3 - Christmas Special'

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 01:00 AM PST

The guest lineup for the upcoming episode of KBS's 'Happy Together 3' has been revealed.

According to the officials from KBS, iKON's Bobby & B.I, 2NE1's Sandara Park, Kyung Soo Jin, Kim Do Kyun, Hwang Jae Geun will participate in the filming on December 19th.

Since it will be a Christmas Special, the filming will not take place at the set but at Jo Se Ho's house. The MCs and the guests will share their own stories related to Christmas.

This episode is scheduled to air on December 24th.

Sistar's Hyorin, Jooyoung, Bumkey release 'Love Line' MV teaser

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 12:30 AM PST

Sistar's Hyorin, Jooyoung and Bumkey have released 'Love Line' MV teaser.

As it was previously revealed, 'Love Line' is a special collaboration between Hyorin, Jooyoung, Bumkey and world-class producer Da Internz. Based on the teaser, it will be an upbeat R&B track accompanied by the three's wonderful harmony.

'Love Line' will be released on December 18th.

Red Velvet to release ballad track 'Wish Tree' for 'Winter Garden' project

Posted: 15 Dec 2015 12:00 AM PST

Red Velvet is up next for SM's 'Winter Garden' project.

The song is titled 'Wish Tree' and is described as a warm pop ballad that blends the acoustic sound with the Red Velvet members' voices, with the lyrics about making a wish upon a wish tree to be always with the person you love.

'Wish Tree' will be available at midnight on December 18th.

Lee Moon Sae, Roy Kim and Hanhae release 'This Christmas' MV

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 11:30 PM PST

Veteran singer Lee Moon Sae collaborates with Roy Kim and Phantom's Hanhae for 'This Christmas'.

'This Christmas' is a part of Lee Moon Sae's newest single album 'New Direction 15(Winter Special)'. The other track is the piano version of 'Farewell My Love', which was included in his 'New Direction' album released last April.

You can watch the two MVs below

Yoo Jae Suk is a researcher in 'NeNe Chicken' new CF

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 11:00 PM PST

Yoo Jae Suk is a chicken expert in the latest 'NeNe Chicken' CF.

The video shows Yoo Jae Suk and his team going through various experiments in order to create new chicken flavors. We also get to see them doing to the chicken dance cutely as a bonus at the end.

Check out the CF below

NEOZ introduce members Tae Yang, Ju Ho, & Cha Ni

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 07:23 PM PST

FNC Entertainment's first boy group NEOZ introduces the first three out of 11 members through a profile photo and video teaser.

The members are Tae Yang, Ju Ho and Cha Ni. Aside from Cha Ni who is well-known as the child actor Kang Chan Hee, Taeyang impresses with his smooth dance moves while Ju Ho who is said to be among the rapper line is already attracting fans with his visuals.

The first three members are already raising anticipation for the following ones.

Eunji's co-actress Kang Doori passes away in a car accident

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 07:08 PM PST

Actress Kang Doori, 22, passed away on December 14 from a fatal car accident.

Her recent project is the drama "Sassy Go Go" which starred APink's Eunji, Lee Won-Geun, Chae Soo Bin, Cha Hak Yeon and more. She appeared on episode 10-12. She was also active as broadcast jockey on Afreeca TV.

Meanwhile, Kang Doo Ri's wake is currently at the St. Mary Hospital in Incheon and the funeral will be on until December 16 KST.

Such a young age. May you rest in peace Kang Doo Ri. Condolences.

Males go crazy with actress Lee Yoo Bi's body!

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 06:47 PM PST

Actress Lee Yoo Bi is stirring attention with her sexy figure.

A post on instiz which shows Lee Yoo Bi in a skimpy outfit for a endorsement pictorial is garnering comments praising her petite but voluptuous body. The photos were taken in July but was once again brings back discussion on how great her figure is.

Especially male netizens who are speechless but praise her saying, "She's skinny but she has great figure.","I don't know where to look.","I didn't know she is this sexy.","She's a great actress, pretty and sexy!"

See more photos below, can't blame them!

Eugene reveals her 8-months old baby who'll join 'Superman Returns'

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 06:20 PM PST

After confirming their casting, Eugune and husband Ki Tae Young have already receiving warm welcome from netizens who are excited to meet their baby.

In response, Eugene shares a photo of her 8-months old Rohee on her instagram to let "Superman Returns" viewers see how adorable the baby is. Rohee is a plump and a very charming baby girls. Her big eyes are very attractive. A photo of her sleeping in Eugene's arms is very heartwarming.

Netizens are already captivated by Rohee as they comment, "It's so heartwarming to see them.","She looks pretty like her mom.","Her lips is cute.","I can't wait for this family!" and so on.

Lovelyz receive warm welcome in the army!

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 04:26 PM PST

Lovelyz perform on special show Army Entertainment Show, as expected, the 8 lovely girls receive warm welcome from the nation's heroes, check out their performance below

GFRIEND are adorable girls next door in 2016 Season Greeting preview

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 04:22 PM PST

GFRIEND look as adorable as usual in their 2016 Season Greeting preview, check out the girls in action below

f(x) release Christmas song Wish List

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 04:18 PM PST

f(x) reveal their Christmas song Wish List, check it out below

MC TZUYU interviews TWICE in Chinese

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 04:14 PM PST

Maknae Tzuyu is an MC in TWICE's latest interview clip.

The girls greet fans through 'I Love Idols' and reveal some information regarding their debut album, check out the video below.

MC Tzuyu is so cute!

BTS greet Chinese fans!

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 04:09 PM PST

BTS showcase a bit of their Chinese in their latest greeting video, check out the boys in action below

Tiffany greets fans cutely with fluent English + eye smile!!!!

Posted: 14 Dec 2015 04:05 PM PST

Tiffany is chosen as the cover girl of the December issue of Marie Claire magazine, she announces the news and wishes fans a Merry Christmas, check out the video below