Saturday, July 2, 2016

“Happy Birthday To Roy Kim!” plus 24 more

“Happy Birthday To Roy Kim!” plus 24 more

Happy Birthday To Roy Kim!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 08:11 AM PDT

Real Name: Kim Sang-woo
Stage Name: Roy Kim
Birth Date: 03-07-1993
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A

[Special Stage] Jun.K and GOT7’s Special Collaboration Stage!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 07:28 AM PDT

Who's The Only Woman That Xiumin Can Touch Freely?

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 06:43 AM PDT

"Noonim~ should I drive you?"

This Idol Updates Fans With 3 Beautiful Selcas

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 06:19 AM PDT

[Eye Candy] 9 Sexiest Moments Of Red Velvet Joy!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 05:28 AM PDT

Gong Seung Yeon And Jungyeon Shared A Lovely Sisterhood Clip!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 04:57 AM PDT

[Airport Fashion] T-ara Hyomin, Jiyeon And Eunjung Are Heading To Thailand!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 04:14 AM PDT

SISTAR 'I Like That' Screen Caps!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 04:01 AM PDT

The Most Popular Korean Variety In China?, Korea VS China!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 03:13 AM PDT

Source: Nate

Favorite actor
Korea: Ahn Sung Gi, Song Joong Ki, Song Kang Ho
China: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Gyo, Lee Min Ho

Favorite singer
Korea: Jo Yong Pil, Psy, Big Bang
China: Big Bang, G-Dragon, Hwang Chi Yeol

Favorite drama
Korea: The Great Jang-geum, Descendants of the Sun, Winter Sonata
China: Descendants of the Sun, You Who Came From the Stars, The Great Jang-geum

Favorite variety
Korea: Infinity Challenge, Running Man, 1N2D
China: Running Man, Infinity Challenge, I Am a Singer

Seohyun And Chanyeol Chinese Movie Hits 4.8B Won In Just One Day!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 02:43 AM PDT

Source: Nate

[+499 -12] China is such a golden market for Hallyu stars...

[+460 -13] 4.8 billion won in just a day... normally Korean movies cost about 10 billion won to produce, now they managed to make half of that back in just a day. I guess that's why all the stars are leaving for China now...

[+267 -30] Seohyun's playing Irene, hmm? Fun hhkk

[+44 -8] Beautiful Seohyun! EXO and Soshi are hitting daebak with their movie

[+31 -39] Seohyun had the same "really" facial expression since her debut with her hands in front of her face like that... a bit bored of it now.

Gong Yoo For 'Marie Claire' BTS Clip!

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 02:24 AM PDT

Kim A Joong Showcases Her Curvy Figure In 'Laurel Crown' Photo Shoot! + BTS Clip

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 12:02 AM PDT

NCT 127 Reveals Second Member Yuta!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 09:43 PM PDT

Kim So Hyun And 2PM Taecyeon Perform 'Shy Shy Shy'!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 09:22 PM PDT

Taeyeon Shares A Selca With Tiffany!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 09:16 PM PDT

shut up and why 💋

Sexy Kyungri Models For 'Nosebleed Men'

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 09:07 PM PDT

I.O.I Showcase Their Nice Figure For Auction!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 09:05 PM PDT

KPop Fans Are In Love With This Cute Idol

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 05:09 PM PDT

Hani's Adorable Smile!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 05:04 PM PDT

This Idol Impresses With Her Hot Figure!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 05:03 PM PDT

Fans Claim That She's The Prettiest Chinese KPop Idol!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 04:57 PM PDT

Brave Girls Reveal Acoustic Version 'High Heels' MV

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 04:54 PM PDT

MATILDA 'Summer Again' MV Teaser

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 04:52 PM PDT

SISTAR Perform On Sketchbook!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 04:50 PM PDT

Netizens Praise The Beauty Of This Rookie Idol!

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 04:49 PM PDT