Thursday, July 21, 2016

“Nine Muses drops the first teaser image for sub-unit” plus 7 more

“Nine Muses drops the first teaser image for sub-unit” plus 7 more

Nine Muses drops the first teaser image for sub-unit

Posted: 21 Jul 2016 09:13 AM PDT

Nine Muses has unveiled the first teaser images as well as members for their first sub-unit.

The image shows the girls in four distinctive stylings lying on the grass with their eyes closed. The members are also confirmed to be Kyungri, Hyemi, Sojin and Keumjo. Their unit name Nine Muses A is said to stand for Nine Muses Amuse.

The title track is called 'Lip 2 Lip' and is set to be released on August 4th at noon.

Are you excited for Nine Muses A?

f(x) jamming to 'All Mine' in new MV for SM STATION

Posted: 21 Jul 2016 09:04 AM PDT

f(x) has released the full MV for 'All Mine'.

The MV features the members doing self-cam in various places while happily singing and dancing to 'All Mine'. The song is of EDM genre which was composed by UK producing team LDN Noise.

Check out the MV below

EXO Chen Politely Declares That He's Refusing Fangifts

Posted: 21 Jul 2016 07:12 AM PDT

EXO Chen's heart is already a gift to fans.

On 19th, EXO Chen posted a message on EXO-L website to update their fans about their concert preparation. First, Chen shared that they are doing well and both excited and nervous.

He followed up by taking the opportunity to express what he really wanted to say. Chen wrote that he and the other members have been very thankful for the gifts they received from EXO-Ls but it's now enough to receive only their hearts suggesting fans to refrain from sending him gifts anymore.

As for the reason, Chen expressed that although he wanted to show to the fans that he is using their gifts, it's hard to do so and there might be some misunderstanding in the future. Chen also made sure that he treasures every little presents he received as he knows the meaning fans put on it.

Lastly, Chen hoped that fans wouldn't be upset with his decision since he can feel fans' love and support on their stage and not only through gifts. What a thoughtful guy!

DIA's Chaeyeon Flaunts Her Slender Body

Posted: 21 Jul 2016 06:28 AM PDT

DIA's Chaeyeon is not just pretty face but she has pretty body too and she's proud enough to show it to you.

Chaeyeon shares a photo on her instagram with the caption "Finished preparing for holiday! But where to go?" In the photo, Chaeyeon looks innocently pretty but her slender body and tiny waist are also attractive.

Where do you think she'll spend her holiday?

Dara Looking Bold in Pictorial Preview with a Harem of Cats

Posted: 21 Jul 2016 06:00 AM PDT

2NE1's Dara is going to stun us once again with her upcoming pictorial for L'officiel Singapore. According to the teaser, Dara is going to do a

"bold transformation from gamine songstress to sensual feline, alongside a charming harem of cats." In the preview clip, we can see Dara sporting a platinum bob cut hair with bold make up and stylish outfits surrounded by cats.

It's gonna be one epic pictorial! Don't miss their August issue! See the clip below:

Kris and Luhan Reach Settlement with SM Entertainment With Some Conditions

Posted: 21 Jul 2016 05:30 AM PDT

The long legal endeavor has now come to an end. Kris and Luhan are officially no longer associated with EXO  after reaching settlement with SM Entertainment along with some conditions.

Today, July 21st, both sides of Luhan and Kris release official statement regarding the matter. The contract dispute the two former EXO members filed are now dismissed and both can continue their career freely except in Japan and Korea. In regards to the existing contracts of Luhan and Kris with SM Entertainment, they are to remain artists under SM Entertainment until 2022 but won't be no longer a part of EXO.

According to a legal representative from SM, the specific details regarding the settlement cannot be disclosed but it's a fact that Kris and Luhan have to maintain their exclusive contract with SM until 2022 meaning, Luhan and Kris can now freely work as individual artists but will keep the revenue distribution with SM Entertainment until their exclusive contracts expire in the said year.

In short the settlement conditions are as follow:

1. Maintain the contract validity until 2022.
2. Wu YiFan and LuHan can continue their career and respective activities without SM Entertainment's consent anywhere except Japan and Korea.
3. Must distribute their revenue with SM Entertainment until 2022.

Phantom's Hanhae to feature in Hyuna's new solo album

Posted: 20 Jul 2016 08:01 PM PDT

Rapper Hanhae will participate in Hyuna's upcoming solo album.

According to the music industry officials, Hanhae will feature in the track 'Wolf' of Hyuna's new album. He has been gaining much popularity through 'Show Me The Money 4' so many fans are very anticipating to this collaboration.

Hyuna is currently gearing up with the preparations for her first full album. Her comeback date is set to be on August 1st.

Amber to direct f(x)'s new MV for SM STATION

Posted: 20 Jul 2016 07:21 PM PDT

f(x) will release a new song for SM STATION.

In particular, the music video was revealed to be directed by Amber herself. It will come out like a documentary film as it features footage of f(x) from various overseas activities, expecting to show more candid charms of the members.

'All Mine' will be available on July 22nd at midnight.