Thursday, August 25, 2016

“Hyoyeon,Min&JoKwon Perform 'Born To Be Wild' Debut Stage on M!Countdown” plus 2 more

“Hyoyeon,Min&JoKwon Perform 'Born To Be Wild' Debut Stage on M!Countdown” plus 2 more

Hyoyeon,Min&JoKwon Perform 'Born To Be Wild' Debut Stage on M!Countdown

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 05:59 AM PDT

With their unit alias Triple T, SNSD's Hyoyeon, Miss A's Min and JoKwon perform their debut stage "Born To Be Wild" at M!Countdown.

The song is a collaboration between SM and JYP that was released for SM Station. The performance is very refreshing and groovy! Many fans are anticipating for their stage so watch below:

EXO Nabs First 'Lotto' Win at M!Countdown #Lotto1stWin

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 05:45 AM PDT

EXO gets their first win with 'Lotto' from M!Countdown today. To celebrate, fans trend #Lotto1stWin on Twitter and it shoots up to no.1 worldwide immediately.

For this week's chart no.1, EXO was up against Black Pink. Congratulations to the boys! Watch their performance below:

Oh My Girl JinE to Halt Activities Due to Anorexia

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 05:13 AM PDT

Oh My Girl agency, WM Entertainment informs that member JinE will be halting her activities due to signs of anorexia.

The news is made through the girls' official fancafe and website. WM Entertainment states that JinE will temporarily suspend all her activities due to health reasons. "First, we apologize for conveying this  abruptly to the fans who love Oh My Girl and JinE".

The agency explains further that JinE has shown signs of anorexia after debut and went to hospital to receive diagnosis and treatment. During those times, they have been worrying for a long time thus they discussed the matter sternly and came up with the decision to temporarily halt JinE's activities. WM says, "Our artists' health is our priority."

In regards to the future group activities, the agency explains that Oh My Girl will continue as 7 members without JinE for the meantime as they cheer on her treatment and recovery.

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl is promoting their latest track "A-ing". Let's pray for Jine's full and fast recovery.