Saturday, August 27, 2016

“Nana Still Looks Good in Sleepwear Fashion” plus 2 more

“Nana Still Looks Good in Sleepwear Fashion” plus 2 more

Nana Still Looks Good in Sleepwear Fashion

Posted: 27 Aug 2016 05:56 AM PDT

After School's Nana, who is garnering positive feedback as an actress, attends the wrap-up party for her starring tvN's drama 'Good Wife'today.

Although Nana surprises with her unusual sleep wear fashion and casual style, netizens are still captivated by her beauty and shower her praises. Some comment, "For women, height is important.","Whatever she wears, skinny jeans, shorts, hot pants, etc will still look good on her. Height is important.","Will I look that good if I wear it?","Even in clothes, people are cool!"

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Laboum's Solbin Praised for Her Proportioned Body, 'Hyeri-Suzy' Look-Alike?

Posted: 27 Aug 2016 04:49 AM PDT

LABOUM has participated in the recording for MTV Taiwan "Idol of Asia" today at a cafe in YTN Media Center in Seoul.

Each member poses for camera but Solbin gets attention from netizens for her proportioned body and pretty face. One netizen even comments, "Some time ago I saw her on the streets and I was so surprised. She's really pretty in person." Some even express, "She looks like Hyeri+Jiyeon.","At first she looks like Hyeri but in this picture she looks like Suzy".

While others also praise the group and other members, "Laboum's songs aren't bad actually and members are pretty.","Yujeong is also pretty."

Suzy Flaunts Her Sexy Leg Line for 'Guess'

Posted: 27 Aug 2016 03:54 AM PDT

Miss A Suzy flaunts her flawless legs in the new promotional ads for new fall collection of 'Guess' denims. Suzy is looking chic and casual wearing stylish and trendy denim jackets and pants.

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