Wednesday, August 31, 2016

“Siwon and Changmin Mesmerize With Dapper Visuals in Police Uniform” plus 5 more

“Siwon and Changmin Mesmerize With Dapper Visuals in Police Uniform” plus 5 more

Siwon and Changmin Mesmerize With Dapper Visuals in Police Uniform

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 04:50 AM PDT

Super Junion Siwon and TVXQ's Changmin mesmerize netizens with their dapper and outstanding visuals while wearing their police uniforms at "The 5th Police Human Rights Film Festival" today.

Although the two gentlemen didn't appear before the public as celebrities but honorable policemen, netizens couldn't keep their compliments among themselves and express "Even if they weren't celebrities, they'll still catch attention!","Unbelievable visuals!","They look so honorable in uniforms!","Serve your duties proudly and  come back to us!"

See photos below:

D-3 to MBC Music 'Show Champion in Manila' @AllAccessProdPH

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 01:25 AM PDT

Only three days to the biggest (yet) K-pop event to hit Philippines this year as MBC Music is bringing "Show Champion" in Manila on September 3 for their special 200th episode.

"Show Champion Manila" will definitely tear the roof as 9 promising and trendiest groups filling up the line up such as BTS, VIXX, B.A.P, AOA, M&D, KNK, Astro, Sonamoo and Gugudan. The event will be hosted by Show Champion MC Kim Shin Young. Anticipate the brightest special stages from these groups.

Tickets are still selling hot! Get your tickets through SM Ticket outlets or purchase online HERE.  'Show Champion in Manila' is happening on September 3 (Saturday) at 7PM in SM MOA Arena.

Get updates from /AllAccessProdPH/ for more details and upcoming giveaways!

Mamamoo Releases 1st Unit Album & MVs for 'Angel' and 'Dab Dab'

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 09:52 PM PDT

Mamamoo finally releases the anticipated first unit album containing double title tracks by vocal line Solar and Wheein and rapper line Moonbyul and Hwasa.

The tracks "Angel" and "Dab Dab" were first performed at Mamamoo's "Moosical" concert. The girls decided to officially release the songs as a way to thank their fans for their unwavering love and support.

Watch the MVs below:

YG Drops Winner Mino's Teaser for Solo Release

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 08:49 PM PDT

Following iKON Bobby's teaser images, next up is Winner's Mino.

Mino's first teaser for his upcoming solo debut is released today. Like Bobby's, Mino's teaser image is scribbled with seems to be song lyrics.

It is in blue color and the words written on Mino's hands and face are also eye-catching giving a softer feel compared to Bobby's.

Meanwhile, YG revealed before that Bobby and Mino are making their official solo debuts and it's also hinted that the two will release a collaboration track. Although, not much details are revealed yet, such as song titles, release dates and concept, fans are curious how the two will be making their debuts as comparison is going to be inevitable.

Oh My Girl JinE's Weight Revealed, WM Updates on Her Anorexia Condition

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 01:06 AM PDT

Oh My Girl agency, WM Entertainment gives updates regarding the heath condition of JinE, following her break due to signs of anorexia.

According to the agency, JinE is receiving outpatient treatment and is in the care of her family at her hometown in  Pohang. "JinE is getting better and we're monitoring her condition. The agency is doing its best since health is the priority."

Moreover, the agency also reveals more details about JinE's anorexia and states, "JinE's weight entered the lowest range of 40kg. She had struggles weighing less than 40kg.We are hopeful that she can return after recovering."

DIA Preps for 'Spell' Comeback, Anticipate Suspender Dance

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 08:23 PM PDT

Rookie girl group DIA announces comeback with their 3rd mini album "Spell" and reveals more details.

On August 31, DIA announces that their third mini album is "Spell" with title track "Mr. Potter". Moreover, DIA is set to hold comeback showcase on September 12 with 2000 seats at Yongsan Blue Square Samsung Card Hall before the album release on 13th.

The girls' new choreography is being anticipated as it is revealed to be a "suspender dance". A group photo of DIA is unveiled as well where the girls are wearing pretty pastel-colored outfits and suspenders.