Wednesday, August 17, 2016

“Vivian is Disappointed Being Called as 'Yuri's Cousin'?” plus 3 more

“Vivian is Disappointed Being Called as 'Yuri's Cousin'?” plus 3 more

Vivian is Disappointed Being Called as 'Yuri's Cousin'?

Posted: 17 Aug 2016 07:15 AM PDT

Model Vivian who is also known as Yuri's cousin reveals her honest thoughts about her family connection with the SNSD member.

On the new corner of OnStyle's "Get It Beauty" called "Beautiful Change", Vivian appeared as the first guest. She shares her candid thoughts, "Before, many people don't know about me. They know me as Yuri unnie's cousin. It's kind of disappointing.

Vivian also admits that people recognize her as Yuri's cousin and Kush's girlfriend. She expresses, "Through this filming (Get It Beauty), I'm thinking that I have to get my own color so it's a challenge."

CL Finally Confirms Official Debut Date in America with 'Lifted'

Posted: 17 Aug 2016 05:51 AM PDT

Finally! After the long wait, the date for CL's official in America has finally been slated on August 19.

YG reveals today that CL is releasing her first American single "Lifted" on August 19. According to YG's press release, "Lifted" is a pre-single which will be included later on in her upcoming American album. Before her debut album release, CL is expected to release more singles to hook the American market.

Meanwhile, many have anticipated CL's American advancement since the release of her pre-promotion single "Hello Bitches" last November. Fans are cheering for her American debut and hopeful for its success.

IPKN Replaces Tiffany as Their Exclusive Model Following SNS Controversy

Posted: 17 Aug 2016 05:23 AM PDT

It appears like the aftermath of Tiffany's controversial SNS post has taken effect to one of her exclusive endorsements.

Cosmetic brand IPKN, which SNSD's Tiffany has endorsed for three years, suddenly releases a notice of their upcoming new model. IPKN confirms to TV Report that Tiffany has been replaced as the brand's model. When asked about the reason, IPKN states, "We are currently organizing the official statement, we will announce it soon."

IPKN updates their website today with photoset of Tiffany and black squares with the texts, "Who's Next?" suggesting the revelation of their new model. Meanwhile, Tiffany has been slammed by netizens by posting Japanese Confederate Flag on her SNS on Korea's National Liberation Day.

[DKP Exclusive] SEVENTEEN Successfully Wraps Up Two-Day 'Shining Diamonds in Manila'

Posted: 17 Aug 2016 01:45 AM PDT

Only on their 2nd year, boy group Seventeen which is composed of thirteen multi-talented young boys, has stormed not only Koreans but also Asian fans with their hit songs and choreographies and now they are meeting their fans all over Asia through "2016 Seventeen Shining Diamonds 1st Asia Pacific Tour".

Seventeen has embarked on their 'Asia Tour - Shining Diamonds Fanmeet' and had their first stop in Singapore on August 13. The group made their 2nd stop in Manila, Philippines and met with their Philippine Carats for the first time with two shows on August 14-15 which were held at "The Theater at Solaire".

Except for Jun and The8, who unfortunately weren't able to join their Manila stop due to personal reasons, members S.coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Mingyu, DK, Vernon, Seungkwan, and Dino made unforgettable moments and blastful nights with their enthusiastic fans. For two days, the boys performed their hit songs "Shining Diamonds","Adore U", "Mansae", "Rock","Pretty U","Love Letter", "Popular Song","Healing" and their latest hit "Very Nice". S.coups, Vernon and Woozi also performed "Q&A" which is a duet with Ailee and had fans take over her parts. Moreover, main vocalists DK and Seungkwan also showcased their singing through their duet "Say Yes".

Aside from their high-quality performances, the boys also prove that they've got variety skills too and entertained their fans during the Q&A/fanservice segment led by their very own MC Boo (Seungkwan).  The boys were very passionate in speaking Tagalog phrases like "Mahal Kita (I Love You)", "Ingat Ka (Take Care)" and many more. Seventeen also engaged themselves in game of charades and fans had so much fun during the punishment portion.

During the show, Philippines fans had prepared a special event to express their love, gratitude and support for the members and threw out paper planes. Seventeen was moved by the gesture of their Philippine fans especially member Hoshi who expressed that he was touched by the paper planes and thanked everyone for their love. Members said that although it's their first time in the Philippines (except for member Mingyu who already visited before) ,they were overwhelmed by fans' enormous love and support and made a promise to their Philippines fans that they are definitely going back to the country next time to make even more memories together. After the show, some fans were also granted either photo-op and hi-touch which made Seventeen members' visit extra memorable.

Meanwhile, Seventeen is going to hold their next "Shining Diamonds Asia Tour" in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 20, followed by another show in Bangkok on August 21. The boys have also scheduled shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taiwan. It shows that Seventeen is indeed among the fastest growing and trending K-pop group of their generation.

See Daily Kpop News exclusive photos of Seventeen below:

*Daily Kpop News would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Three Angles Production for inviting us to cover the show. "Seventeen Shining Diamonds Asia Tour" is organized by Three Angles Productions. Check out their next big K-pop events by visiting their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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