Monday, September 26, 2016

“FNC's Upcoming Dance Group SF9 Unveils Title Poster 'Fanfare'” plus 4 more

“FNC's Upcoming Dance Group SF9 Unveils Title Poster 'Fanfare'” plus 4 more

FNC's Upcoming Dance Group SF9 Unveils Title Poster 'Fanfare'

Posted: 26 Sep 2016 05:24 AM PDT

FNC Entertainment is finally debuting their first ever male dance group SF9 and more details regarding the boys' debut are released.

SF9 is slated to have their official debut on October 5 with the release of their debut single album "Feeling Sensation". Today, SF9 reveals their title poster.

In the photo, we see a classroom setting with desks all over the place and blue confetti. A word "Fanfare" is also written which is the boys' title track. Aside from this, a motion film of their logo is also released. Meanwhile, let's anticipate what SF9 will release tomorrow at 9PM KST.

Han Sunhwa Leaves Message On Instagram Following Departure From Secret

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 10:32 PM PDT

Following the announcement of her departure from SECRET today, Sunhwa leaves a message on her instagram account expressing her gratitude and about embarking on a new start.

First, she greets their fans,

"To Secret Time fans whom I'm always grateful for and to everyone who support and encourage me...Hello I'm Han Sunhwa."

"I'm greeting you all with a careful heart unlike as usual. First of all, for the 7 years of being a member of Secret, thank you for the enormous love and interest which words can't express that I've received. Together with everyone, I could cry and laugh and for that I'm happy."

Sunhwa expresses that looking back at the past, she thought that she wouldn't have been able to do everything alone. She proceeds,

"Although it's a difficult choice to make and it's regretful.. I will treasure and cherish the memories of those times and starting from now I'm going to pour my passion and also in the future."

"For the new beginning ahead, although I'm lacking and inexperienced, I'll be the Han Sunhwa who returns everyone's support and work hard carefully anytime anywhere. Sunhwa ends her message with, "To TS family, my members and fans who are with me during those times, I sincerely thank you."

Meanwhile, Han Sunhwa's 7 years contract with TS Entertainment ends on October 13 and she decided not to renew.

Han Sunhwa Officially Leaves Secret, Group To Continue As Trio

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 10:32 PM PDT

TS Entertainment announces today that Han Sunhwa's 7 years contract ends on October 13 and Sunhwa has decided not to renew leading to her departure from Secret.

One official says, "Seems like Sunhwa will be focusing on her acting in the future." Jeon Hyosung, Song Jieun and Jung Hana, are continuing doing Secret group activities as 3-member group.

Meanwhile, Secret debuted in 2009 and have hit songs like "Magic", "Madonna" and more. The members are busy doing individual activities for the meantime.

Seolhyun Is Alluring And Full Of Elegance For 'W Korea'

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 09:16 PM PDT

AOA Seolhyun captivates with her versatile charms for "W Korea" pictorial.

Collaborating for accessory brand 'Muse', Seolhyun shows off elegant, chic and innocent charms through various and stylish outfits. She projects alluring poses effortlessly showing her flawless body line, Meanwhile, this pictorial will be available in October issue of "W Korea".

See below:

EXO Chen's Private Photos With Ex-Girlfriend Leaked On SNS

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 08:51 PM PDT

Netizens are flocking on SNS as EXO Chen's photos with his ex-girlfriend are being shared all over the web.

In the photos, Chen and his ex-girlfriend are looking affectionate together suggesting that they had a beautiful relationship. In a particular photo, Chen is backhugging the woman wrapping his arm around her. Chen also makes goofy face while taking selfie with her and the other photo is a screen capture of their video call.

According to some, his ex-girlfriend shared the photos to her friend after they broke up and that friend leaked the photos on internet.

Fans and netizens have contrasting reaction to this as yet another EXO member is belatedly revealed to had been in a relationship. Most fans are in Chen's defense claiming that it's the idol's private life and as long as being in a relationship doesn't affect the group, it's alright while netizens are expressing their disappointment thinking that Chen is one of nice members that wouldn't get into such scandal and reprimanding fans that they shouldn't be too delusional thinking that their idols aren't dating at all.

Note: We are not sharing the leaked photos of Chen and his ex in this post in respect to Chen.