Tuesday, September 6, 2016

“GFriend Yerin Sheds Tears As She Steps Down As 'The Show' MC” plus 12 more

“GFriend Yerin Sheds Tears As She Steps Down As 'The Show' MC” plus 12 more

GFriend Yerin Sheds Tears As She Steps Down As 'The Show' MC

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 09:41 AM PDT

GFriend Yerin had her last broadcast last night as MC of "The Show" and she couldn't help but shed tears.

Yerin expressed her grateful heart to the director and staff  especially those who are working behind the camera for guiding her well during her first time as MC. She also thanks their fans Buddies who always support her and makes sure that she will work harder in the future.

Meanwhile, Yerin had been the MC for "The Show Season 5" alongside ZhouMi since January 26 this year and stepped down on September 6.

You did a great job Yerin!

Bobby Makes Solo Debut With 'Holup!' + MV

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 09:06 AM PDT

iKON's Bobby officially made his solo debut with the release of his digital single "Holup". The single is also accompanied with a music video where Bobby showcases his rapping skills. The song has an intense beat that would hype you up.

Watch below:

Red Velvet Are Bubbly in 'Russian Roulette' MV

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 08:54 AM PDT

Red Velvet releases their new album "Russian Roulette" along with the music video. The girls are looking lovely as ever with their bright and bubbly 'red' concept combined with their witty blank expressions. The song is very pop and addictive and the choreography is also fun.

Watch below:

Jiyoon Shines in 1st Magazine Pictorial After 4-minute Disbandment

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 06:36 AM PDT

After her new profile photos under new agency JS E&M, Jeon Jiyoon also shares photos from her first solo magazine pictorial after 4-minute disbandment.

In the photos, Jiyoon slays the chic street-syle and sophisticated concepts for "bnt" pictorial. Meanwhile, Jiyoon is making her solo debut with an album release in October.

For the meantime, check her photos below:

Secret Hana Shares Latest Sexy Pictorial Photos

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 05:43 AM PDT

Secret Hana shares on Twitter some photos from her recent pictorial and she's looking chic and very sexy. Hana tags the photos as "gift" apparently for her fans and followers.

See photos below:

IU & Kang Haneul Enchanting Appearance In 'Scarlet Heart Ryeo' Still Cuts

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 05:25 AM PDT

"Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" releases new still cuts featuring IU and Kang Haneul and they look enchanting in the snow.

The still cuts signal the loveline that will surround IU and Kang Haneul's characters as they seen facing each other under the snow. This also suggests a competition between Kang Haneul (Wang Wook) and Lee Joon Ki (Wang Woo) to win IU's (Hae Soo) heart. The meeting will unfold the story of love and friendship between the three characters.

Are you following the drama?

Black Pink to End Their Promotions With Goodbye Stages At 'Inkigayo' on Sept 11

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 04:41 AM PDT

YG's rookie girl group Black Pink is reported to be wrapping up their promotions for debut single album 'Square One' this week with  goodbye stages for "Whistle" and "Boombayah" at Inkigayo on September 11.

According to a YG representative, they are very thankful for the unexpected huge support from the fans and apologizes for the lack of promotions and not satisfying fans' expectation. "We have extended the promotions longer than the initial plan but it's still lacking, we apologize."

On the brighter note, the representative also informs that Blank Pink will eventually prepare for their next comeback with upgraded quality music and various activities for new album to repay fans' love and support.

Gain is All Nude in 'Carnival' Preview Clip

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 04:13 AM PDT

Gain is raising anticipation for her upcoming first album release with her mysterious yet beautiful concept.

Today, a preview for "Carnival" is released showing Gain in all nude with only a veil covering her delicate-looking body. In the video clip, she is lying down and surrounded by shattered glasses and flowers. The phrase "Be More Beautiful Than Death" is also eye-catching and the background music is very classic and dreamy.

Meanwhile, Gain is releasing her new album "End Again" on September 9 and it is said to be the first part of her first full album with "Carrie" and "Carnival" as prequel tracks. The 2nd part "Begin Again" will be released later on.

2PM Previews Their Luxury Album Boxes For 'Gentlemen's Game' + Nichkhun & Chansung Teaser Images

Posted: 06 Sep 2016 03:52 AM PDT

Hottest would surely want to have 2PM's upcoming album "Gentlemen's Game" on hand as the album packaging is very tempting.

As the pre-order for album opens today, the packaging and inclusions are released and fans are very impressed with the classy and luxurious presentation. The album comes in two versions: regular black and limited edition blue luxury boxes.

Both boxes come with photobook, photocards, poster and CD. The limited edition blue classy box on the other hand has a special set of members' photobook cover. Not only the album packaging is classy but the members are all looking masculine and dashing in the photos as well.

Meanwhile, Nichkhun and Chansung teaser images are also released today. "Gentlemen's Game' will be released online on 13 and offline on September 14.

[DKP EXCLUSIVE] 'MBC SHOW CHAMPION' Storms Manila With Overwhelming Idols & Performances @AllAccessProdPH

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 11:20 PM PDT

MBC Music celebrated "Show Champion" 200th episode in Manila, Philippines packed with vibrant and special stages from the biggest and trendiest Kpop groups! The show that heated up the night of September 3 at MOA Arena was filled up with awe-strucking line up including trending rookies Gugudan, Astro, Sonamoo, KNK and the hottest groups M&D, AOA, BAP, VIXX and BTS. The big event was hosted by "Show Champion" MC Kim Shin Young with special host none other than Super Junior's Heechul.

See our exclusive photos below and relieve the moments from one of the biggest and unforgettable Kpop show! Below is also the song list of the songs performed.

Cat's Eye

I Like You Too Much
Round N Round

M&D (Heechul & Jungmo)
Close Ur Mouth

Good Luck
Heart Attack
Like A Cat

Love Me Do

Young, Wild and Free
No Mercy
Bang Bang
That's My Jam

Save Me


Back Again

**Daily Kpop News would like to thank All Access Productions for the media accreditation and for one big successful show! 

After School Lizzy Denies Face Contouring Surgery, 'Only Got My Eyes Done'

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 11:09 PM PDT

After School Lizzy clears up rumors that she did face contouring surgery at the recording for her show FashionN's "Please Take Care of My Vanity 2".

At the studio, Lizzy appeared as MC alongside Super Junior Leeteuk and Han Chaeyoung. Before the broadcast, Leeteuk courageously asked, "Where else you get (something) done?", in which Lizzy honestly and wittily replied, "Borrowed a (surgeon's) hand a bit".

Lizzy then clarifies, "Except for eyes, I didn't get anything done." "There are many talks about face contouring but it's definitely not true." Meanwhile, the 2nd season of "Please Take Care of My Vanity " premieres on September 8.

Daehan, Minguk and Manse Enjoy Sunlight, Bring Joy With Their Speedy Growth

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 10:33 PM PDT

A new photo of the beloved triplets, Daehan, Minguk and Manse, is shared through instagram and it's undeniable that they have really grown a lot.

The caption reads as "At a fall threshold in the afternoon today...On the way to swimming and strolling with Dad~^^." In the photo, the three kids are photographed candidly under the beaming sunlight.

Netizens comment, "They've really grown so fast..","Thank you for always updating us with their photos..","Please let us see them again even if they appear as just guests," "Please grown up well just like you are today.","I miss the triplets so bad".

Do you miss them too?

'MOBB', Mino & Bobby, Reveal Title Tracks for Duo Debut

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 10:14 PM PDT

MOBB, a duo composed of Winner's Mino and iKON's Bobby, reveal the double title tracks for their duo debut and these are "Full House" and "Hit Me".

Mino and Bobby both participated as lyricists and composers for the songs. Kush will be featured in MOBB's "Hit Me". Aside from the double digital title tracks, MOBB will also release two music videos.

Meanwhile, MOBB is set to debut as a duo on September 9 following Bobby's and Mino's respective solo debuts on 7 and 8.