Friday, September 2, 2016

“Hyosung is Glamorous and Sexy in White Dress” plus 10 more

“Hyosung is Glamorous and Sexy in White Dress” plus 10 more

Hyosung is Glamorous and Sexy in White Dress

Posted: 02 Sep 2016 07:09 AM PDT

Jun Hyosung attends KBS "The 43rd Korea Broadcasting Awards" and presents an award today.
She is looking glamorous and sexy in her white dress. See her photos below:

Fans Disapprove AOA ChoA's New Hairstyle, Barely Recognizable Appearance

Posted: 02 Sep 2016 05:30 AM PDT

Fans are calling out the hairstylist of ChoA today.

AOA appears at Incheon Airport before departing to Manila for MBC Music "Show Champion in Manila". The girls are looking all lovely but fans are quite taken aback seeing ChoA's new hairstyle.
Some even claim that they didn't recognize her at first.

Apparently, ChoA dyed her hair gray with blue streaks and wears it in a bun for today's airport fashion but fans express their disapproval saying that her new hair makes her look like a grandma. What do you think? See more photos below:

Snuper's Level of Fanservice is Something Every Fan Dreamed Of

Posted: 02 Sep 2016 04:59 AM PDT

You might want to be a Snuper fan for a day after knowing how the boys are generous with fanservice.

It must be because Snuper boys really love doing conversation or love their fans so much or just simple a "fan-babo", because the level of their fanservice is very impressive.

Dispatch caught Snuper at Gimpo airport today departing to Japan for their Tokyo fanmeeting. The atmosphere between Snuper members and their fans are really warm.

Boys are seen smiling brightly and conversing casually without minding skinship and personal space at all. As they head to the departure area, they walked along with fans while chatting and even making eye contact.

Snuper fans are lucky!

Infinite Dongwoo's Father Has Passed Away

Posted: 02 Sep 2016 04:12 AM PDT

Woollim Entertainment informs that Dongwoo's father passed away in the morning of September 2 due to chronic illness.

The agency adds, "Donwoo was in Tokyo, Japan for the group's Japanese schedule but returned to Korea urgently to be at the funeral. It is not yet clear whether Dongwoo will participate in upcoming Japanese concert.

As Dongwoo is currently mourning for the passing of his father, Woollim hopes that everyone can cheer on him so he can return in healthy condition.

Condolences to Dongwoo and to his family and may his father rest in peace.

SNSD Yoona Charms in Her Comfy Airport Fashion

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 10:37 PM PDT

SNSD's Yoona appeared in her casual fashion at Incheon Airport today. She is wearing a one piece black dress and covers it up with a denim jacket. She also looks so comfy in her black sneakers. Netizens are once again charmed by Yoona's beauty and lean body figure.

Meanwhile, Yoona is travelling to Spain for the filming of her new tvN drama "The K2" which also stars actor Ji Chang Wook.

CL is Epitome of Sexy & Bold for '#legends' Unconventional Pictorial

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 09:16 PM PDT

CL takes pictorial to the next level by doing exceptional pictorial concept for the September issue of Hong Kong magazine "#legends".

CL wears unconventional fashion pieces and wears heavy make ups. Aside from the unique pictorial itself, CL confidently flaunts her sexy figure through bodysuits and sexy one piece.

See more photos below:

YG Releases Official Poster for 2016 Sechskies Concert 'YELLOW NOTE'

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 08:50 PM PDT

YG Entertainment is prepping the very first official group activity of veteran group Sechskies in 16 years, and it's a solo concert.

As announced before, Sechskies are making their most-anticipated return to the music industry by holding a solo concert of September 10 (6PM) and 11(5PM) at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Today, the official poster is finally released. Five members Eun Ji-won, Lee Jae-jin, Kim Jae-duc, Kang Sung-hoon and Jang Su-won are dashing in their suits. Their official color "yellow" is also emphasized in the black and white image.

Meanwhile, Sechskies is expected to reveal their new song produced by Tablo at their concert.

iKON's Bobby Announces Solo Debut Date

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 08:27 PM PDT

After confirming September 8 as the date of WINNER Mino's solo debut, Bobby has also revealed the date for his.

YG releases a new teaser image for Bobby and the date of his official solo debut which is on September 7. The anticipation for Mino and Bobby's solo debuts are rising as there's only a day gap between the release of their debut singles.

Meanwhile, YG also hinted before that the two are up for a collaboration single. Fans can take it as a healthy competition. Way to go!

Kanto Announces Comeback After 2 Years ft. Seventeen's Woozi

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 08:20 PM PDT

Kanto of TROY's first comeback in two years is just around the corner and he will be featuring the talented Woozi from Seventeen.

In the morning of September 2, Brand New Music tweets a photo of Kanto and Woozi taken during their recording along with the announcement of their collaboration. Kanto is releasing a single titled "Nowadays" (unofficial title) on September 6. The song is said to be a medium hip hop that will showcase the synergy of Kanto's rap and Woozi's vocals.

Seventeen Woozi has gained praise for his producing and composing skills and he is also responsible for Seventeen's hit songs. Kanto and Woozi's collaboration is being anticipated and it's mentioned that the two had a good chemistry during the production.

APink Announces 3rd Full Album Comeback

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 07:59 PM PDT

APink will be having a full-pledge comeback with their 3rd studio album on September 26.

APink's agency, Plan A states, "APink is finally making a domestic comeback on September 26. They are meeting their fans through their 3rd studio album."

Meanwhile, APink has been doing promotional activities in Japan and it's been a year and 2 months since they released their 2nd studio album "Pink Memory". During those times, members have focused on individual activities like drama, variety, solo album and more.

Irene is Like A Doll in Teaser Images for 'Russian Roulette'

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 07:45 PM PDT

Following Joy, Irene's teaser images for "Russian Roulette" are also released.

The girls never fail to captivate fans with their charms and Irene is looking lovely and pretty in her photos.

Her doll-like appearance is very eye-catching. Meanwhile, Red Velvet is going to release their 3rd mini album "Russian Roulette" on September 7. See Irene's photos below: