Saturday, September 24, 2016

“Irene Responds Whether She Feels Envious Of Bogum-Yoojung Couple” plus 1 more

“Irene Responds Whether She Feels Envious Of Bogum-Yoojung Couple” plus 1 more

Irene Responds Whether She Feels Envious Of Bogum-Yoojung Couple

Posted: 24 Sep 2016 09:06 AM PDT

On September 24th broadcast of KBS2 'Entertainment Weekly' a research on Park Bogum's charms is revealed. A staff brings up the actor's "Prince chemistry"comment upon meeting Irene for an interview.

Irene is asked what she thinks of Park Bogum's charm and she replies, "I think it's his stare." She explains further, "I like his eyes when he stares at people"

When asked if she feels envious of Young-On couple (Bogum-Yoojung couple in Love in the Moonlight drama), Irene says, "Not like that. They're cute." She adds, "Since we are able to make fun of each other during broadcast, we're no better."

Netizens Point Out DIA Chaeyeon's Unflattering Side Is Her Lower Body?

Posted: 24 Sep 2016 08:00 AM PDT

DIA's Chaeyeon has been receiving praises for her beautiful face but netizens point out one thing that they find unflattering from her appearance and that's her lower body.

In DIA's recent busking event in Hongdae and fansign today, the girls perform in the middle of the crowd wearing blue outfits. Upon seeing Chaeyeon's photos, netizens flock to comment on her appearance saying that she looks beautiful but her lower body is disappointing.

In particular, some comment, "Pretty but why is her lower body so unflattering?","Her legs are so short they don't complement her waist." "Her waist is big and long","Bad proportions.","I hope she stops wearing clothes like this."